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					8 th
November 30, 2010
Dr. Kieran McGuire                          Mr. H. Thomas Hogan
    High School Principal
                                                Middle School Principal
Mrs. Rebecca Gottesman
   High School Assistant Principal          Ms. Rachel Green
                                               Middle School Assistant Principal and
Mr. Robert Presland                            K-12 Coordinator of Foreign Language and ESL
    High School Assistant Principal

Mr. Robert Buonaspina                       Mr. Michael LoGerfo
 IB Coordinator                                 Middle School Dean

Mr. Ken Packert                             Mrs. Jennifer Tichy
    K-12 Coordinator of Science
                                               Middle School Guidance Counselor
Mr. Edward Cannone
    K-12 Coordinator of English             Mrs. Kelley Grassi
                                               Middle School Guidance Counselor
Mr. David Ethe
    K-12 Coordinator of Social Studies

Mr. Robert Teseo
    K-12 Coordinator of Math and Business
 The  Transition into 9th grade
 High School Graduation requirements and
 Programming for next year
 Overview of High School Curriculum
 Naviance
 College Admissions Process
     Transition into 9th Grade
 Naviance   Training

 Student   to student small group orientation

 MiddleSchool to High School Counselor
 caseload articulation
                 REQUIRED COURSES
                   22 Credits Minimum
 Advanced Regents Diploma                  Regents Diploma
English                     4    English                         4
Social Studies              4    Social Studies                  4
Math                        3    Math                            3
Science                     3    Science                         3
Foreign Language            3    Foreign Language                1
Art/Music/DDP               1    Art/Music/DDP                   1
Health                    0.5    Health                        0.5
                            2                                   2
Phys. Ed.           (0.5/year)   Phys. Ed.              (0.5/year)
                    Minimum                             Minimum
Electives           1.5          Electives              3.5
 Final GPA is calculated based on the first six semesters - Grades 9, 10, and
  11 - and is generated in fall of the senior year
 Regents exams and final exams count as 20% of the yearly grade

                    HONOR ROLL
        High Honor Roll                 Honor Roll

    *Quarterly average must be              *Quarterly average must be
     89.5 or higher                          84.5 or higher
                                            *No incomplete grades
    *No incomplete grades                   *No failures
    *No failures

   Scholarship (students must earn a minimum
    GPA of 85 to be considered)
   Service
   Leadership
   Character
   Citizenship

Please see http://www.lvcsd.k12.ny.us/page.cfm?p=637 for details.
 SAT Reasoning Test
 SAT Subject Tests
 AP
 IB
 Students with an IEP or 504 Plan may qualify for
  accommodations for College Board (PSAT/SAT
  Reasoning Test/SAT Subject Tests/AP), ACT, and IB
 With regard to other tests, students must APPLY for
  these accommodations – they are not granted
 With regards to IB exams, accommodations are
  automatically applied for the student by Ms. Mulstay
  & Mr. Buonaspina after receiving parental consent
 If a student is approved for accommodations for
  College Board exams, (s)he may not necessarily be
  approved for ACT accommodations and vice versa.
  There is a separate application process for each!
 When a child is approved by College Board, (s)he is
  given an SSD #, which must be indicated each time the
  student registers for any College Board exam.
 If your child has not yet begun the application process
  for College Board accommodations, please contact
  Mary Jane Mulstay (mmulstay@lvcsd.k12.ny.us), SSD
  Coordinator, or the Guidance Office to begin this
 Students may apply for ACT accommodations in fall
  of 11th grade
 If your child has not yet begun the application process
  for College Board accommodations, please contact
  Mary Jane Mulstay (mmulstay@lvcsd.k12.ny.us), SSD
  Coordinator, or the Guidance Office to begin this
 Students may apply for ACT accommodations in fall
  of 11th grade
     Programming for 9th Grade
 Week   of December 6th 2010:
    High School and Middle School Counselors
     will meet with all 8th grade students.
    Counselors will visit Social Studies
     classrooms to program for 9th grade.
    Course guides and programming sheets have
     been sent home. Please let us know if you
     have not received one.
     Sample 9th Grade Schedule
Period           A Day                   B Day
  1      English                English
  2      Global History         Global History
  3      Integrated Geometry    Integrated Geometry
  4      Foreign Language 2     Foreign Language 2
  5      Lunch                  Lunch
  6      Chemistry/E. Science   Chemistry/E. Science
  7      Physical Education     Chemistry/E. Science Lab
  8      Art/Music/DDP          Art/Music/DDP
  9      Elective               Elective
International Baccalaureate Program
       Mr. Robert Buonaspina
International Baccalaureate Program
       Mr. Robert Buonaspina
K-12 Science Coordinator
     Mr. Ken Packert
K-12 English Coordinator
  Mr. Edward Cannone
K-12 Social Studies Coordinator
        Mr. David Ethe
K-12 Social Studies Coordinator
        Mr. David Ethe
K-12 Foreign Language Coordinator
         Ms. Rachel Green
K-12 Math and Business Coordinator
         Mr. Robert Teseo
   Naviance: Family Connection
 Track activities and build resume
 College Search
 College Statistics and scattergrams
 Emails to keep you informed
 Update college list
          College Planning
   Common Application

   Counselors
     Visit college campuses and meet with our
      admissions representatives
     Attend conferences and network
     Investigate and research the trends and changes in
      the admissions process
              RESOURCES IN THE
                HIGH SCHOOL

 Principal– Dr. Kieran McGuire
 Assistant Principal – Mr. Robert Presland
 Assistant Principal – Mrs. Rebecca Gottesman
 School Psychologist – Dr. Adriana Franco
 Social Worker – Ms. Marianne Masopust
 School Nurse – Ms. Arlene Longo
              Academic Resources
   Director of Special Education Services – Mr. Richard Miller
   Art Department Supervisor – Mr. Tom Hogan
   Technology Supervisor – Mr. Michael LoGerfo
   Business & Math Department Director - Mr. Robert Teseo
   English Department Director - Mr. Ted Cannone
   Family and Consumer Science & Social Studies Department Leader -
    Mr. David Ethe
   Foreign Language Chairperson & ESL Coordinator - Ms. Rachel Green
   Health & Physical Education Department Director - Mr. Mark Dantuono
   Music Department Chairperson - Mr. William Margiotta
   K-12 Coordinator of Science - Mr. Ken Packert

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