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					Newsletter - Newsletter 9/9/11

Well the Commissioner FINALLY picked a winner as my favorite Driver, Jeff Gordon, took
the checkers at Atlanta and helped return me to respectability in the Steak Bet. A good
race for the #24 team as they head into Richmond for the final race before the Chase.
Could that elusive 5th Championship be just around the corner? The world can only hope!
Meanwhile, there is a lot of hope going on in KP’s NASCAR Fantasy League as several
Players are coming down to the wire with a shot at immortality. Well, maybe not immortality
but at least a shot at the $1,000.00 first prize! A full 29 Players are battling for the 12 Chase
positions as we head into this week’s race. I couldn’t have asked for a better scenario
when this League went to the Chase format. Best of Luck to all the contenders!

I could have been a contender! Name the movie (answer below).

All scores will become final on Wednesday, September 14 th. This is the last chance to
check your scores for any mistakes. Should you find a discrepancy, let me know ASAP. I
have some work to do on the charts this week to set up the Chase Players and re-set the
Division Leaders. Once Wednesday rolls around, there will be no changes made and
scores will be official up through Race 26. Speak now or forever hold your peace!

Driver selections will be due tonight at Midnight for the Saturday night race at Richmond.
Got a lot of work to do on the bike for Lansdale Bike night (Saturday, Sept. 10th) which
means the chart will be coming out early on Saturday morning. Got caught in the rain
coming home from “Momma Pittsburgh’s” house on Monday and with the continued rain all
week, haven’t had a chance to clean the Harley. Can’t go to the bike show with a dirty
bike! Bike night in Lansdale is the biggest one day motorcycle event on the East Coast.
Lots of vendors, food, entertainment and of course, MOTORCYLES!!!!! A great time and
keeping my fingers crossed that the rain will stay away.

“Momma Pittsburgh” and “Patti Pittsburgh” did a wonderful job feeding the eight of us that
trekked across the State. Joining me where Blonde Deb 28, Doug Kulp, Kevin and Melissa
Halter, Chris Hawley and Deb and Dave McMullen. Did a total of 900 miles over the four
days and came home hungry and thirsty. Spaghetti dinner on Saturday night hit the spot
along with the cold Miller Lites. A BBQ on Sunday night completed the day’s events as
chicken, pierogis, corn on the cob, burgers and dogs and many other tasty dishes were
served. And that doesn’t even count the eggs, French toast, fried potatoes, bacon and
sausage that we had for breakfast both days. A special thanks to brother Mike, sister Joan
and the Web Mistress for providing a roof over our heads. Looking forward to the 2012
Labor Day trip!

Movie Trivia answer: “On the Waterfront” starring Marlon Brando and made in 1954. Stay

Talk to you later and as always,
LET’S GO RACIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Newsletter - 9/14/11

LEAGUE. Since there were no corrections to be made because I’m pretty damn good at
scoring this League, all scores through Race 26 are now official. See the Players Page for
a list of the Players that have a chance to claim the $1,000.00 first prize and be crowned as
the 2011 NASCAR Fantasy League Champion. A lot of Chase positions were decided at
the wire as 29 Players had a shot going into the final week. A GREAT job by all Players
involved! Chase Players will start the Chase with 2,000 points plus 3 points for every
winning Driver that was selected over the first 26 Sprint Cup races. The only exception is
Maniac who got into the Chase as the Wild Card who will only receive 2000 points in
accordance with NASCAR rules.

Since the Chase contenders have been moved into the Chase Division, all non-Chase
Players will be vying to win the title in the Chevy, Ford, Dodge and Toyota Divisions.
Winners of the Divisions will take home a prize of $100.00 with second place Division
finishers taking home $50.00. Only one Player has been eliminated from the Division title
and he hasn’t selected since Week four. Also up for grabs are the Top Ten, Laps Led,
Second Half Point Totals and Lucky Dog awards. Be sure to get your picks in to have a
shot at one of these prizes.

Next up is the Chicago Race this Sunday, September 18th. Driver selections will be due no
later than midnight on Saturday for the Sunday afternoon race. As we are getting to a very
critical stage of the season with money on the line, I highly recommend that YOU keep a
record of the time and Driver that you select each week. E-mails, text messages and phone
calls all log the time the call was made. Hold onto that in case your pick does not get to me
for whatever reason. If you select on the website, I would also choose another method just
to verify that the pick went in, especially if your name is not in Green on the Players Pick

Had a winner in the Dead Pool as Chris Hawley’s “contestant” passed away of natural
causes at the age of 88. Cliff Robertson was an Academy Award winner for his lead role in
the 1968 movie “Charly.” He also portrayed Lt. John F. Kennedy in “PT-109” which I
remember watching at a young age. If anyone is interested in getting information on the “I’ll
Sleep When I’m Dead Pool” shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send you the Chart. Currently have
about 25 slots available with all “contestants” over the age of 80. It’s not morbid!!!!! It’s
being Lucky.
Weekends to ride the Harley are winding down and this one appears to be a good one as
the temps will be in the low 70’s. Perfect weather to cruise the mountains and enjoy the last
days of Summer. Get out and enjoy the outdoors. It won’t be long before we’ll all be stuck
in the house! Can you believe that Xmas is only 102 Days away!

What the hell happened to my Steelers?????? Also Kansas City knocked me out of the
Suicide Pool in the first week. The NFL season is NOT getting off to a good start for KP!
Oh well. Wouldn’t want to be a Seahawk this Sunday in the big Ketchup Bottle (sorry Mr.
Berman). Go Pittsburgh!..........and Go Eagles and Phillies too!

Talk to you later and as always,

LET’S GO RACIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Newsletter - 9/19/11

Don’t forget that this Saturday is Burger Day for the Troops at Suspenders Bar & Grill on
Allentown Road in Franconia. Join the Commissioner and some friends at the
“Cowaburger” event and get one of the best tasting burgers around. Make a donation for
the Troops overseas and like Burger King, you can have it YOUR way! All donations go
towards the purchase of care packages to send our Troops serving our Country in
Afghanistan. Help to send them a little taste of home for their contributions in keeping
America the Land of the Free! Start time is 2:00 PM and just so happens to coincide with
Suspenders Happy Hour from 2-4 PM. Great Burgers, Cold Beer, Good Friends and a
Good Time at Suspenders this Saturday. Don’t forget to get your cow plop tickets! A little
plop can pay a lot! Hope to see a few of you there.

Rain is definitely cutting into my NASCAR viewing as the lap-by-lap reporting on my cell
phone just doesn’t cut it. This week’s race in Chicago is the second in three weeks to be
run during work hours. Hard to report on anything that you can’t see with your own eyes! I
did watch qualifying thus my selection of the #17 of Matt Kenseth. Unfortunately for Jerry
Buchanan, the only Chase Player to agree with my selection, I don’t have a very good track
record of selecting Drivers. Hopefully, the #17 will give us both a decent finish to keep him
in the running for the Chase Championship and me in the running for a free steak!

Race #2 will be this week in Loudon, New Hampshire. Driver selections will be due no later
than midnight on Saturday for the 2:00 PM race on Sunday, September 25th. A nice job by
all the Players this week getting their picks in on time. I did have a slight problem with the
website forwarding the picks to my Explorer account but I was able to retrieve them by
logging into Go Daddy! All Chase Players should make sure that their picks are confirmed
and I can’t do that from the website (working on that for next year). I recommend texting
your pick because that is most definitely the best way to get a response from me quickly.
The number is 215-872-2714 for those of you who haven’t put me in your phone. Just want
to make sure there are no incidents as we bring this year’s NASCAR Fantasy League to its

Well just saw the lap-by-lap finish of the Chicago race and sure enough, I jinxed Jerry
Buchanan with the #17. Looks like he ran out of gas on the last lap and went from second
all the way down to 21st. “If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Gloom despair
and agony on me!” I give up on NASCAR and highly suggest that other Players do not
choose the same Driver that I do. As a heads up, I will be taking the #16 of Greg Biffle next
week at Loudon without looking. No more research for me, so if you want to go down with
KP’s ship, jump on the #16 next week.

Oh well, at the least the Steelers dominated the Sea Chickens and hopefully will do the
same to the Indianapolis Colts on the road next week. The Phillies won the Division and
should be on the way to the World Series and Hockey is just around the corner. Best time
of the year to be a Sports fan! Just not a NASCAR fan………………………..

Talk to you later and as always,

LET’S GO RACIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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