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									                                                                                              November 23, 2011

Don’t know squat about how to make customer payments painless?
Collect fees fast—and save big—with GMS.



You need every possible advantage to stay strong during this challenging economy. While
feeling the burn is a good thing when you’re working out, collecting payments should be pain-
free for you and your customers, especially if you want to build a healthy base of loyal
members. If you’re:

   Struggling with how to streamline monthly payments so they’re easy and secure
   Looking for ways to hold on to members longer?
   Paying too much with your current payment provider?
   Not yet offering your customers the flexibility and convenience of automatic payments

Then it’s time to call Gulf Management Systems (GMS) to see how just how easy and affordable
collecting payments can be.

Count on GMS to get your bottom line in great shape

With GMS, saving time and money is an easy exercise. Get great rates and personal service,
whether your customers pay by check, credit card or ACH. Plus collect monthly membership
fees—automatically. GMS does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on building your business
and helping members be their personal best.

No setup cost. No software to buy. No sweat.
Call 800-947-3156, or email mmussett@gulfmanagementsystems.com today.

Here’s to fitness in every form!

Matt Mussett
Gulf Management Systems

P.S. Call by June 15, 2010, and get your first two months of ACH processing—FREE!*
*Up to $25.00

        2753 State Road 580, Suite 212, Clearwater, FL 33761 ~ (800) 947-3156 ~ www.gulfmanagementsystems.com

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