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									                                EDC 317
                   Introduction to Instructional Media
EDC 317- Section 002
MW: 1:00-2:20 (10/6-11/05)
Instructor: Amanda Heywood
Office: Dickey Hall room 13
Office Hours: Please email to set up a time.
Office Phone: 257-9774
Email: amanda.heywood@uky.edu
Class Web Site: http://sweb.uky.edu/~amhe223

Text: All course readings are available online. See the class web site for instructions
on accessing these articles.
    Jenkins, H. (2006) Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media
      Education for the 21st Century
    Jones, K. (2007) Techno Tips: Ideas for Integrating Technology Education into
      Everyday Learning
    Kingsley, K. (2007) Empower Diverse Learners with Educational Technology and
      Digital Media
    Schrock, K. (1999) Teaching Media Literacy in the Age of the Internet: The ABCs
      of Website Evaluation
    Tyson, Jeff (2007) How PCs Work

Course Description
This course is required for the UK Teacher Education Program. It provides an overview of
the use of technology in education and will give you practical experience in integrating
common computer applications in your teaching and in your educational studies, in
compliance with The Conceptual Framework for the Professional Education Unit: Research
and Reflection for Learning and Leading.

Course Objectives
At the end of this course, the student will be able to:
    1. Identify the Kentucky Academic Expectations and Core Content.
    2. Recognize and implement the goals and objectives of the Kentucky Educational
       Technology System.
    3. Demonstrate the ability to use the computer as a tool for producing instructional
    4. Manage and present instruction: creating, saving, retrieving, manipulating, and
       printing files using an integrated applications program (including word-
       processing, data base, spreadsheet, and slide show applications).
    5. Discuss the implementations of technology in the classroom.
    6. Demonstrate a positive attitude toward the use of technology in teaching.
KERA Initiatives
This course will provide students an opportunity to advance their knowledge and
mastery of the tools associated with Kentucky education reform, including the Kentucky
Learning Goals and Academic Expectations (LGAE), the Kentucky Program of Studies
(POS), and the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System (CATS), which includes
the Core Content for Assessment. As students carry out projects and complete
assignments that involve instructional activities for P-12 students in Kentucky schools,
they will address one or more components of the KERA initiatives.

Themes of Diversity, Assessment, and Technology
All UK professional education programs address and affirm the value of diversity in
education, the use of technology to support all aspects of instructional programming,
and the importance of attaining high levels of skill in assessing the outcomes of
instruction. This course will provide students an opportunity to demonstrate attention to
these themes and reflect on the mechanisms that this course has provided to
demonstrate improved skills in these areas.

Class participation is essential for discussion; therefore, class attendance is required.
Attendance will be taken at each class meeting and will be considered part of the
course grade. Each unexcused absence will result in a 5-point deduction from the final
course grade. In the event of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the
instructor to obtain any information or handouts presented in class the day missed.
Emergency absences will be excused with proper documentation.

See the “Assignments” page on the class web site for specific requirements.
  1. Internet Resources (50 pts) - Select five web sites that you could use as a
      teacher. Assess each using the web site evaluation form located on the class
      web site. Click here to get evaluation form

   2. Microsoft Projects (360 pts) - A project will be required for Word, Excel,
      PowerPoint, and Access.
          Word (100 pts) - Create a useful web site for your future classroom
          Excel (100 pts) – Create a spreadsheet relevant to your teaching area
          PowerPoint (100 pts) - Create a presentation relevant to your teaching
          Access (60 pts) – In class assignment
   3. Lesson Plans (25 pts each) - Using the KTIP lesson plan format, generate two
      lesson plans integrating two different software programs used in class (excel and

   4. Reading Responses (10 pts each) - Choose two of the required readings and
      complete a reading response form for each. The reading response form is
      located on the class web site under the “Assignments” section. Click here to get
      response form
   5. Quiz (50 pts) - Will cover terminology and concepts from the assigned readings
      and material covered in class.

Late Assignment Policy
All assignments must be turned in on the due date. Any late assignments will be
penalized 10 points per day. In the event of an excused absence, the assignment may
be turned in during the following class period without penalization.

A        495 - 530
B        440 - 494
C        385 - 439
D        330 - 384
E        275 - 329

Important Information for Students
If you need an accommodation for a disability that limits your ability to
participate fully and meet the expectations of this class, you must first go
through the University of Kentucky Disability Resources Center, located at
#2 Alumni Gymnasium (257-2754).

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