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					                         Instructions for Completing Promissory Note
                               And Rights and Responsibilities

Enclosed are the Promissory Notes and Rights and Responsibilities Statement for the Perkins Loan
you are receiving through our ofice. Below are instructions for completion of the Promissory Note
and Rights and Responsibilities Statement.

Perkins Promissory Note: On the front of the note, sign your full legal name, as printed on the
MPN, for the loan in the designated places. You must also date the form.

Rights and Responsibilities: At the bottom of the front side, please complete your full legal name
and the date you are completing the form. When you turn over to the back of the form, ALL sections
must be completed or the form will be returned to you. You should keep a copy for your records.

Helpful Hints for Completing the Rights and Responsibilities Form:

1. All parental information must be completed. If 'deceased' or 'unknown' please write this on the
   name line.
2. References may not include students at UNCW or other post secondary institutions.
3. If you do not have a driver's license, please indicate not applicable @/A).
4. If you do not have a local address when completing this form, you may write 'NA' for local

Remember- If all sections are not completed, the forms could be returned to you. This will delay
the transfer of your student loan to your student account.

   Rev: 02/27/08

                              F I N A N C I A L A I D & V E T E R A N S S E R V I C E S OFFICE

           601 SOUTHCOLLEGE ROAD WILCIIINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA  28403-5951 910-962-3177 FAX910-962-3851
                                        edu veteranstluncw edu www uncw edu / tlnaid
                      Perkins Statement of Borrower's Rights and Responsibilities
                                         Disclosure Statement

                                           Typical Repayment Plans
                                      Federal NDSUPericins Loan Repayment Schedule
                                             Sample Repayments at 5% Interest
            Amount            Monthly                  Total #               Total Int.       Total Paid
           Borrowed           Payments                Payments                 Paid           Prin. + Int.
            $15,000             $159                     120                  $4,080           $19,080
             16,000              170                     120                  4,400             20,400
             17,000              181                     120                  4,720             2 1,720
             18,000              191                     120                  4,920             22,920
             19,000             202                      120                  5,240             24,240
            20,000              213                      120                  5,560             25,560

                                      What you can afford to borrow?
    Like any debt, your student loan is a serious financial and legal obligation. Plan for repayment
    carefully with a budget based on your expected starting and potential income. Subtract all necessary
    living expenses from that income such as housing, clothing, food, insurance, transportation, etc. The
    remainder is your "discretionary" income. The chart below lists some average entry-level salaries
    and average discretionary amounts:

                                   What can you afford to pay?
                            Estimated average entry level yearly salaries
                       (Source: ~ c c u ~ a t i o nOutlook and book 2008-2009)
                                Annual Gross Salary with          Annual Gross Salary with
            Occupation               Bachelor's Degree                 Master's Degree

I          Social Scientist       1     $28.862       1     (2007)       1    $43.731     1   (2007)     1
                                                                                                               Aid Year:
Federal Perkins Loan Program
Statement of Borrower's Rights and Reswnsibilities

A loan is a serious obliwon. It is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities before you receive a Federal Perkins Loan. Please read
the following information carefully. When you sign this statement, you will be indicating your understanding of the conditions of the loanand your
willingness to accept your responsibilities as a borrower. The conditions and terms listed below will be of particular interest. You should refer to your
copy of the promissory note as you review these items. The appmprhte sections of each note are referenced below. Be sure to keep copies of this
statement and your promissory note for future reference.

I have read and undatand the following conditions and terms of the loan as stated on the oromissorv note:

1.    Principal amount of the loan is under scheduled amount;

2.    Interest rate and periods during which interest will accrue as stated in Section l, "Interest";

3.    Repayment;

4.    Late Charges;

5.    Requests for Deferment, Cancellation or Forbearance;

6.    Default;

7.    Change of Status;

8.    Assignment;

9.    Promise to Pay;

10.   Hardship Repayment Options;

11. Grace Periods;

12. Minimum Monthly Payment;

13. Forbearance,

14. Deferments;

15. Cancellations.

I also understand the following remiremenis of this loan v r o m :
       I must report to the Office of Scholarships62 Financial Aid any change in my student status, such as withdrawal from school, transfer to another
       school, reduction of c o m e load to below half-time status or completion of my studies.

      Before I graduate or withdraw from UNCW, I must either anange for an individual exit interview with a r e p w i v e of the Office of Scholarships
      62 Financial Aid or attend one of the loan conferences scheduled to replace the individual exit interview. If 1fail to cunplete an exit intenriew, my
      academic record will be flagged accordingly and tranwipts will not be released.
-                                                                  balance owed on my account and any estimates of monthly payment amounts
      I may contact UNCW at any time to request the total cumulat~ve
      needed to repay that balance.

      I authorize UNCW to contact any school, which I may attend, to obtain information concerning my student status, dates of attendance, graduation,
      withdrawal, transfer to anather school or cunmt address.

      I understand that my loan is reported to the Credit Bureau when fUndsare disbursed to my student account

If I am a tirst t m borrower, I aekoowledge that I received the Entrance Interview.

 Signahue of Borrower                                                                   Date

Print name                                                                               Student ID
Personal Idonnation                                                                          Aid Year:               Term:
l%e information requested below must beprovided before loanfunds will be disbursed.

Date:         -                   -
Full Name of Borrower (include middle name)

Student ID                                               Birthdate                        Sex

Local Address                                                                                                -   -

City:                                 State:                    Zip:                       Telephone

Permanent Address

City:                                 State:                    Zip:                       Telephone

Driver's License #                                   S t a t e UNCW Class: Fresh. -Soph.           Jr.     Sr.        Grad.-

UNCW School (Dept.) Major:                                              Anticipated Graduation Date

Name and Address of Employer (if employed, full or part-time)

City:                                 State:                    Zip:                       Telephone

Spouse's Full Name                                                                  Maiden Name

Name and Address of Spouse's Employer

City:                                 State:                    Zip:                       Telephone

Father's Name                         - -      " -

Father's Address

City:                                 State:                    Zip:                       Telephone

Name and Address of Father's Employer

City:                                 State:                    Zip:                       Telephone

Mother's Name

Mother's Address

City:                                 State:                    Zip:                       Telephone

Name and Address of Mother's Employer

City:                                 State:                    Zip:                       Telephone

Names, Addresses, and Telephone Numbers of Brothers and Sisters over 18, not living at home:

Name and Permanent Addresses of two references (not previously listed on this page and     students) who will know your address:

1. Name                                                              Relationship

City:                                 State:                    Zip:                       Telephone

2. Name                                                              Relationship

City:                                 State:                    Zip:                       Telephone

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