Water Well Test Pumping by ivq1Cu


									Aztec Engineering Co., Ltd.
   Water Well Test Pumping
Aquifer Tests
       Aquifer tests are designed
         to determine:
       • The amount of storage
         available in an aquifer
       • The rate at which water
         can flow through an
       • The Radius of Influence
         i.e. the distance from a
         well to the limit of the
         cone of depression
            Aztec Test Pumping
•   Pumping rates from 1 L/s to 100 L/s
•   Fully digitized data recording – Flow & Level
•   Electronic pump speed control.
•   Pumping units come fully equipped, ready for
•   Truck mounted cranes up to 16 ton lifting
•   All weather operation, -50°C to +50°C.
•   Satellite Communications – voice & internet.
            Test Pumping Units
Aztec have 3 separate pumping units available.
• Unit 1 – flow rate up to 45 L/s, 4” manifold
• Unit 2 – flow rate up to 17 L/s, 3” manifold
• Unit 3 – flow rate up to 100 L/s, 6” manifold
  Fully Digitized Data Recording
• Water Level – down hole pressure
  transducers with on board
  memory, direct read cables.

• Flow Rate – Turbine flow meter
  with integral reed switch
  connected to data logger.
  Ultrasonic flow meter with on
  board data logging.
    Electronic Pump Speed Control
• Aztec utilizes ABB manufactured variable speed
    drives (VSD).
•   Smooth step test transitions
•   Constant flow (+/- 1%) for duration of constant
    rate test.
•   No flow control valves required in flow manifold,
    which eliminates flow rate inconsistencies when
    using valves.
                 Fully Equipped
• Gensets – 2 x 50KVA, 150KVA,
•   Pumps – 3” to 12” diameter. 1
    L/s to 100 L/s
•   Franklin Hi-Temp submersible
•   Column Pipe – 2” ID to 8” ID.
•   5” to 8” column pipe with
    integral 1” tubes for dipmeters,
    transducers, etc.
•   All handling tools
•   Certified lifting slings for all
         Truck Mounted Cranes
• Tadano - 5 ton lift capacity

• XCMG - 16 ton lift capacity
           All Weather Operation
• Capable of continuous operations through
    temperatures of -50°C to +50°C.
•   Control cabins and generator housings are fully
        Satellite Communications
•   Aztec uses BGAN satellite communication.
•   Voice & internet/email, anywhere on the globe.
•   Daily Reports…..daily!
•   Test pumping data as requested.
 Pumping Test Data Presentation
• All depth & flow data are collated in MS Excel and
  graphically displayed.
 Pumping Test Data Presentation
• All depth & flow data are in tabular form also for
  pasting into most aquifer test analysis programs.
          Shipping & Transport
• All pumping units & equipment are housed in
    standard 20’ shipping containers.
•   International & Domestic transportation handled
    with ease.
          Photographs - Mongolia

Installing 75kW Submersible Pump

                                   Installing 37kW Submersible Pump
   Photographs - Mongolia

Pumping Unit No. 1

                     Pumping Unit No. 1 Interior
   Photographs - Mongolia

Pumping Unit No. 2

                     Pumping Unit No. 2 Interior
  Photographs - Mongolia

Pumping in -40°C

                   Pump Discharge
      Photographs - India

Well Development

                   Water Discharge Pit
     Photographs - India

External Set Up

                  Water Discharge Pit

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