Sugar Island Preserve Established by linxiaoqin


									                                                         LITTLE TRAVERSE
                                        A Quarterly Newsletter - VOLUME XXVI, No. 3 - Fall, 2004

   Sugar Island Preserve
A view from a recently acquired tract of land on Sugar Island. The 202-acre
tract includes nearly a mile of St. Mary’s River shoreline and is one of four
preserves owned by the Conservancy on the island (see map to right).

           202-acre property with nearly a mile of Lake Huron/St. Mary’s
           River shoreline was recently purchased for protection. The pur-
           chase was made possible with a significant grant from Professor
and Mrs. John A. Woollam and the J. A. Woollam Foundation, Inc. as
well as federal wetland protection funds. The island is well known as a hot
spot for viewing migratory great gray and snowy owls.
           The new preserve is primarily composed of shoreline-associated

                                                                                                                                   Charles Dawley
wetlands which are of vital importance to many wildlife species. The habi-
tat is ideal for bird species including spruce grouse (Michigan special con-
                                     cern), many duck species, black terns
    ALSO INSIDE...                   (Michigan special concern), sedge wren,
                                     long-eared owl, and many more. In addi-
    Bear River Property Protected —2 tion, marshes of the St. Mary’s River are known to be critical as nursery habitat for
    Land Protected Near Wilderness   Michigan sport fish species.
       State Park —3                         “Sugar Island is uniquely situated a short distance from the Canadian boreal forest
    Trustee Profile —4               in the middle of the St. Mary’s River migration corridor,” said Dr. Tom Allan, Associate
    Annual Meeting Report —7
                                     Professor of Biology at Lake Superior State University. “Migrating birds hit the island and
    Summer Photos —pages 9 & 11
    From Texas to Michigan —10       find a good mix of habitat appealing to a wide diversity of wildlife.”
    Special Gifts —pages 12 & 13             The Conservancy currently owns three other preserves on Sugar Island: the 85-acre
    Director’s Column —14            Pickering Hay Point Preserve, the 38-acre Cook Island Preserve, and the 20-acre Koren
    Fall Field Trips—back cover      Preserve (see map). In addition, the new preserve is in close proximity to large blocks of
                                     land owned by the University of Michigan Biological Station.
                                          L A N D           P R O T E C T I O N


                                     Bear River Land Protected

                hat does the Bear River mean to north-
                western lower Michigan? The Bear River
                connects two of our most beautiful bodies
    of water: Walloon Lake and Lake Michigan’s Little
    Traverse Bay. In fact, its 12-mile stretch constitutes
    the largest tributary draining into Lake Michigan’s
    Little Traverse Bay.
         The Conservancy is pleased to announce that a
    bargain sale* from Petoskey residents Ken and Darlene
    Sieradski has resulted in the permanent protection of
    more than one of those 12 river miles and 225 acres
    of Bear River Watershed.
         An avid outdoorsman who enjoys viewing wildlife
    with the aid of his dogs and his camera, Ken Sieradski
                                          and his family have
    “Once I got to know the come to know the
    land better, I realized               Bear River
    that nobody should live               Watershed well.
                                          Ken recalls a time
    out there. It needed to
                                          when he was follow-
    stay the way it was.”                 ing the trail of a
              –Ken Sieradski              bobcat and ended
                                          up falling through
    the ice and into the river. “There I was waist deep in
    water and the thought that crossed my mind was how
    beautiful that land was,” Ken said.
         Soon afterward, he purchased the property with
    the idea of using it for recreation. “Originally, we
    thought me might want to build there, but once I got
    to know the land better I realized that nobody should
    live out there. It needed to stay the way it was.”

                                                                                                                                           photos by Ken Sieradski
         Dominated by northern white cedar, the property
    includes a mix of spruce, fir, and tag alder. “This prop-
    erty provides an important link between the Bear
                                     River Swamp region to
                                     the north and State of
                                     Michigan forest land to       A view of the Bear River on property recently purchased by the
                                     the southeast,” said Ty       Conservancy. The black bear and bobcat were photographed on the
                                     Ratliff, Conservancy          property by the seller, Ken Sieradski.
                                     land protection special-
                                           Currently, the property is         “The Sieradski property was one of the largest remaining
                                     held by the Conservancy and         undeveloped private stretches of land still available along the
                                     will ultimately either be pro-      Bear River, and was identified as very high priority for pro-
    tected as a nature preserve or sold to the State of Michigan.        tection,” Ratliff added. “We should all be grateful that Ken
    Its location off River Road puts it just minutes from down-          and Darlene were willing to think about the long-term bene-
    town Petoskey and even closer to Walloon Lake Village. One fits of keeping it in a natural state.”
    stretch of river shoreline on the protected land provides an                                             j
    excellent entrance or stopping site for canoers.                     *Sold for a price less than appraised value.

                                                     L A N D          P R O T E C T I O N

                                                                         PURCHASE ADDS TO PROTECTION
                                                                           OF WILDERNESS STATE PARK

                                                                                 Conservancy Acquires
                                                                                   Strategic Parcel
                                                                           A 142-acre property adjacent to Wilderness State Park land has
                                                                     been purchased for protection through the Conservancy (see map to left).
                                                                     Originally purchased as hunting land by a group of eight shareholders,
                                                                     the group did not want to see the property sold and subsequently split
                                                                     into developed parcels.
                                                                           “This property easily fits into Conservancy priority lands because of
                                                                     its size and because it is adjacent to state land on all four sides,”
                                                                     explained Kieran Fleming, Conservancy land protection specialist. In
Charles Dawley

                                                                     addition, Fleming noted that the land provides exceptional wildlife
                                                                     habitat and scenic road frontage in a “wilderness” area.
                                                                           The Conservancy hopes that the newly-protected land will eventu-
                                                                     ally fall into state ownership.

                                               Crooked Lake Marsh
                                           Protected with New Preserve
                      Thanks to generous donations from friends of the            appraised value).
                 Conservancy and from the US-31 Scenic Corridor                        Doug Fuller, local aquatic specialist, points out that this
                 Protection Program, the Conservancy has purchased an eco-        particular spot merges a diversity of habitat types, making
                 logically significant tract that includes 600 feet of highway    the area very attractive to both aquatic and terrestrial life.
                 frontage and 800 feet of Crooked Lake frontage.                  “Generally, stream mouths are ecologically very important
                      “This tract of land includes the mouth of Round Lake        areas,” Fuller said. “They are similar to the estuaries of the
                 Creek,” said MaryKay O’Donnell, director of land protec-         seacoasts (the only real difference being that estuaries are
                 tion. “The creek connects Round Lake with Crooked Lake at        technically defined by a gradient of increasingly salty water).
                 the top of the Inland Waterway, thus anything that affects it    In fact, many of the most important of these ‘freshwater estu-
                 can potentially have an impact on all that occurs further        aries’ were used as village sites by native Americans due to
                 down the waterway.”                                              the abundance of fish and game.”
                      In addition to the funders, O’Donnell credits landowners         The new preserve is across from the 243-acre Fochtman
                 Jerry and Linda VanTreese with making the project feasible       Preserve which was established in 2001 and provides a half
                 through a bargain sale (a sale price less than the property’s    mile of protected US-31 frontage near Oden.
                                                                                                                                 j                   3
                                           T R U S T E E                  P R O F I L E

                                                      Building Bridges
                                                      Jim Bartlett

              onservancy’s incoming chair, Jim (J.B.) Bartlett, first   of the board since the beginning. They have known what
              came north following a passion to ski. The oldest of      their job is and haven’t tried to ‘drag the train off the tracks’
              eight children growing up in the Detroit area, he rel-    so to speak.”
    ished the newly-found freedoms of college and the outdoors.              Jim and his wife, Nancy, continue to enjoy the outdoors
    His love of skiing, combined
    with a gift for business, result-
    ed in three decades working
    with northern Michigan’s ski
    resorts, primarily at Nub’s Nob
    where he will be starting his
    18th winter as general manag-
    er this year.
          Jim has been a
    Conservancy trustee since
    1996. “For me, working with
    the Little Traverse
    Conservancy has been one of
    the most rewarding ways I
    could volunteer my time,” Jim
    said. “Generally, most folks feel
    that the land is the reason we
    live and work here. It is a ‘sell’
    you don’t have to sell.”
          Land protection, in Jim’s
    view, is part of a multi-pronged
    approach that many people are
    taking to help keep the north
    country the special place that
    it is. In addition to his
    involvement with the                 Jim Bartlett
    Conservancy, he is on the
    West Traverse Township Planning Commission, chair of the            with their two children: Drew (21) and Jessica (20). In addi-
    Harbor Springs Harbor Commission, and on the board of               tion to their time on the slopes, the family spends quality
    HARBOR Inc., a local group that helps build bridges                 time on annual boating excursions to the North Channel.
    between the various units of government, property owner                  “As I’ve gotten older, it has become more important to
    associations, residents, and others during decision making          me to give back to this community,” Jim said. Jim is especial-
    that affects the greater community.                                 ly grateful to his employer and community icon, Walter
          “The Conservancy’s work is one piece of the picture. It       Fisher, who encourages this giving back.
    is a piece that works very well because it is positive and               “I think we all recognize that the natural beauty of this
    involves people across the spectrum. It is such a pleasure to       area brought and keeps us here. It is about driving north on
    watch people choose land protection as their answer.                US-131 and cresting the hill for that view of the bay. We
          “What the Conservancy does is right on track. My job is       have tremendous challenges ahead of us, but I see a bright
    not to mess it up. I attribute a lot of its success to the focus    future.”

                                              L A N D           P R O T E C T I O N

                                    Cheboygan River Watershed
                                                        Partnership Update

                 he large inland lakes, spring-fed rivers, vibrant wetlands, and deep
                 forests that comprise the Cheboygan River Watershed are the
                 backbone of the local economy and provide numerous recreational
         opportunities. While these resources are essential, their own attractiveness
         puts them under threat from continued expansion of residential, commer-
         cial, and recreational development.
              Since 2001, the Little Traverse Conservancy has been a key player in
         the Cheboygan River Watershed Partnership. This collaborative effort
         brings together the talents of many organizations, including the Tip of the
         Mitt Watershed Council, Headwaters Land Conservancy, Huron Pines
         Resource Conservation & Development Council, the Michigan
         Department of Natural Resources, Northeast Michigan Council of
         Governments, The Nature Conservancy, and the Upper Black River
         Watershed Restoration Committee. The partnerships created through
         these groups expand the level of effort and increase overall efficiency.
              On the land protection front, the Little Traverse Conservancy has
         been very successful in the Cheboygan River Watershed in recent years.
         Along with Headwaters Land Conservancy and the DNR, Little Traverse
         Conservancy has been heavily involved with efforts to reach out to pri-

                                                                                                                                               Sheryl Marsh
         vate landowners around Pigeon River Country. Since 2001, the
         Conservancy has worked with landowners to protect a total of 2,402 acres,
         .65 miles of inland lake frontage, and 6.2 miles of stream frontage (includ-
         ing 4.8 miles on the Pigeon River) throughout the Cheboygan River              Many anglers, such as this new angler on the
         Watershed.                                                                     Sturgeon River, get their start within the Cheboygan
              An informational brochure about the Cheboygan River Watershed             River Watershed.
         Partnership is available through Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council by
         calling (231) 347-1181 ext. 115.
                       PETOSKEY                  AREA          OPEN           SPACE            TASK           FORCE
                                             Study Findings Available
                                                                           After a two-year study funded by the Kellogg Foundation’s
                                                                      People and Land (PAL) program, the Petoskey Area Open Space
                                                                      Task Force has completed a Conservation Plan to guide the commu-
                                                                      nity’s open space protection efforts. The members of the Task Force
                                                                      will present and discuss the plan at a public meeting on Thursday,
                                                                      September 30 at 7 pm in the library conference center at North
                                                                      Central Michigan College.
                                                                           In response to growing citizen concern about the loss of farm-
                                                                      land and open space in the community, Bear Creek Township,
                                                                      Resort Township, the City of Petoskey, and the Little Traverse Bay
                                                                      Bands of Odawa Indians joined together to create the Open Space
                                                                      Task Force. A survey of the public was completed and an over-
                                                                      whelming majority of citizens voiced their concern about the loss of
Todd Parker

                                                                      natural land in the Petoskey area and expressed support for a public
                                                                      effort to protect our open spaces.
                                                                           The Conservation Plan includes 14 recommendations to the
                                                                      community to take decisive action to protect scenic views, natu-
                                                                      ral lands, farmlands, and open spaces.
                                                                                                               j                           5
                                                                   M E M B E R S H I P
Todd Parker

                Membership                                We would like to welcome the following new members who joined our
                                                          organization during the period of May 1, 2004 to August 31, 2004

              New Business and Professional        Ms. Ruth Bellisimo                    Dr. Lewis Harp                   Hank and Pringle Pfeifer
              Members                              Ms. Catherine Bennett                 Ms. Barbara Hazelworth           Mr. Mark Potter
              Business Friends and                 Mrs. Janet Bernard                    George and Mary Helliesen        Lee and Donna Prested
              Benefactors                          Wayne and Carole Beuthin              Mrs. JoAnn Hewitt                Michael and Caroline Pyle
              First Community Bank                 Mr. and Mrs. Shaun J. Bezilla         Ms. Veronica High                Michael and Marianne Raab
              Site Plannning & Development         David and Sharon Biek                 Mr. and Mrs. John Hoffman        Mrs. Brenda J. Ramsby
                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Ed Boyer                 Ms. Deborah Horn                 Mrs. Marianne Ray
              Business Members                     Michael and Lisa Brode                Mr. Leroy A. Howard Jr.          Ms. Amelia Reid
              Leo's Sports Bar                     Richard F. and Karen Brown Jr.        Stephen and Kimberly Hudolin     Charles Otis and Jeff Reider
              Stone Funeral Home                   Mr. William Bulger                    James and Kathleen Huston        Mr. Richmond Riggs
              Waldvogel Insurance Agency           John and Barbara Burgdorfer           Del and Robin Ingalls            Bruce and Linda Riley
                                                   Thomas A. and Nancy Burke             Lambert and Cheryl Johnson       Mr. Douglas S. Robinson
              Individual and Family Members        Ms. Julia Caldecott                   Ms. Rosalynde Johnston           Milt and Sheryl Rogers
              New Friends and Benefactors          Ms. Janet Cattel                      Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kauper       Robert and Marilyn Roll
              The following are new Friends or Mrs. Catherine Cheff                      Mr. Mark H. Kelly                Ms. Donna Rumely
              Benefactors, or previous mem-        Ms. Ellen W. Child                    Mr. Joe L. King                  Ms. Roxana Safipour
              bers who have moved up to these Dale and Joan Christenson                  Mr. Scott Kingdon                Don and Judith Schneider
              categories in their annual giving.   Mrs. Marilyn Cimmerer                 John and Kelley Korch            Mrs. Aida Schodde
              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Amy           Mrs. Ann McKee Coffin                 Ms. Anne S. Kuntz                Jim and Kathy Schroeder
              Roy and Patti Barbier                Howard and Patricia Colthurst         Keehn and Judy Landis            Ms. Mariah K. Shafer
              Mrs. Wallace H. Cole, Jr.            Mr. Steve D. Craddick                 Ms. Phyllis H. Ledyard           Mrs. Frances Simmons
              Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Cottrell, Jr. Robert and Sydnie Crane               Eugene and Arline Lee            Bud and Susan Siudara
              Mr. and Mrs. Millard Cox, III        Mr. David L. Cummings                 Ray and Marybeth Leet            Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Smith
              Mr. and Mrs. John R. Danly           Ms. Judith Cummings                   Pete and Sheri Loubert           Ellen Schmier and Sally Soverinsky
              Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dean            Dave and Patti Dahl                   Ms. Sandra A. Lozow              Edwin and Ruth Strojny
              Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Edsell       Nick and Diane Dakins                 Ms. Mary Lutzenkirchen           Bill and Jean Thompson
              Donald and Diane Ewing               Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P.F. Davenport   Walter and Christine Lynch       Dr. and Mrs. Walter Thomson
              Ms. Catherine T. Freebairn           Mrs. Donna Davis                      Craig and Laurie Maass           Michael and Kim Thoresen
              Dr. John Paul Jones                  David and Amy DeGraaf                 Mrs. Paula Maczka                Mark and Francine Thuston
              Ms. Shelia M. McColley               Ron and Nancy DenBesten               Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Marxer   Ben and LaVaun Tumminello
              Mr. and Mrs. Reuben M. Morriss, III Arch and Elaine Dettman                Nathan and Molly Matelski        Henry and Joyce VanderWerp
              Thomas and Ellen Noneman             Yukimi and Robert Dudd                Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mathews     Mrs. Mikki Snyder VanVuren
              Ross and Donna Roberts               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Duke              Mrs. Noreen McCauley             Mr. Jack Wagner
              Mr. R. Hamilton Schirmer             John and Margaret Emley               Joseph H. and M. Kathryn         Bill and Sandi Wallace
              Philip and Ardele Shaltz             Jerry and Mary Jean Esselman              McCulloch                    Ms. Emily Warrington
              Mr. and Mrs. George B. Sloan, Jr. Mr. Victor Fabro                         Joshua and Mary Jean Meyerson    John A. and Marlene Warzecha
              Mr. and Mrs. Byron W. Trerice, Jr. Mrs. Florence J. Farr                   Mr. George R. Miller             Chris and Nancy Weber
              Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Troth         Richard and Sandi Ferguson            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mincher     The Gregory Welch Family
                                                   Richard English and Christine Files   Mr. and Mrs. John W. Moeller     Mrs. Jane C. Wells
              New General Members                  Fred and Barb Flavell                 Pete and Carrie Mogavero         Ms. Sherri J. Wiegman
              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Abbott        Ms. Karin W. Flint                    Ken and Dawn Morris              Mr. Alan J. Wilhere
              Ms. Irene Adaline                    John G. and Jaye Francis              Gayle R. Miller and Tom          Keith and Karen Williams
              Ms. Marti Adrian                     Boyd and Sally Frazier                Mroczkowski                      Michael and Karen Winzloff
              Mr. Roy M. Alexander                 Paul and Olga Friedman                Ms. Robin Myers                  Ms. Ruth Worthington
              Mr. and Mrs. James B. Angell         Mr. Charles G. Frurip                 Mr. Harry H. Nault               Tom and Sandy Youngblood
              Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Anthony         Dr. Richard J. Gardner                Ms. Sharon Noffsinger            Mr. Victor L. Yowell
              Pat and Diane Arsenault              Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Greenberg        John and Nancy Norton            Dr. and Mrs. Demetrios Zestos
              Bob and Teri Bach                    Jim and Alice Grogan                  Ms. Tricia Nows                  Bob and Fran Zielsdorf
              Dale and Carla Bauer                 Mr. and Mrs. H. Edwin Gullekson       Mr. John F. O'Donnell            Zoo de Mackinac, Inc.
              Sydney and Mary Baxter               Dr. Howard Hague                      Bill and Josie Paddock           Bob and Fran Zielsdorf
                                                   Ms. Jill M. Hanna                     Ms. Dani J. Peterson             Zoo de Mackinac, Inc.
                       A N N U A L            M E E T I N G

                                  C E L E B R A T I N G                    3 2      Y E A R S
                                        Annual Meeting 2004
                              n celebration of the connection between nature and the arts, this year’s annual
                              meeting was held at the newly renovated Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey.
                              Members were able to enjoy the beautiful exhibits of Ruth Petzold Under the
                          Sea, Paintings from the Manoogian Collection, and the photography and writing of
                          Jay Wright.
                               In addition to reports by staff and board, members were given the first viewing
                          of a new DVD created by Dianne Litzenburger and Randy Calcaterra. The DVD
                          highlights the history of the Conservancy and includes interviews with founding
                          members and donors along with beautiful shots of Conservancy-protected properties.
                               Outgoing board members Mike Cameron, JoAnne Cromley, and Tucker Harris
                          were thanked for their years of service and hours of volunteer time to the organiza-
                          tion. A big welcome to new board members George Jury and Rob Mossburg. George
                          Jury, a long-time Conservancy supporter, previously served on the board in the
                          1980s. His wildlife sanctuary near Wolverine has been the site of many Conservancy
                          field trips helping to inspire others to nurture and protect wildlife.
                               Rob Mossburg, Harbor Springs resident and owner of The Cottage Company, is
                          well aware of the environmental impacts of home construction and takes extra effort
                          with his own business to give back whenever possible. Most recently, Mossburg used
                          proceeds from an in-town development to go toward the purchase of development
                          rights on a centennial farm just outside of
                          Harbor Springs.                                      Copies of the new
                               The Conservancy extends a huge thank            20-minute Conservancy
                          you to outgoing Chair Dianne Litzenburger.           DVD will be available in late
                          In addition to normal “chair” duties, Dianne
                                                                               September. A donation of
                          has played a large role in communications
                                                                               $20 is requested to cover
                          and outreach. Her input has been - and will
                                                                               production, shipping, and
                          continue to be - extremely valuable to the
                                                                               handling. For more informa-
                          Stewardship Specialist Cindy Mom addresses the
                                                                               tion, please contact the
                                                                               office at (231) 347-0991.
                          annual meeting audience (top photo). A catered
                          lunch was enjoyed inside the Arts Center.

Since 1972,
the Little Traverse Conservancy has protected:
23,132 acres of land in Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Chippewa, Emmet, and
Mackinac counties. This includes:

·   70 miles     of shoreline
·   145 conservation easements protecting more than 10,000 acres
·   154 nature preserves protecting nearly 8,000 acres
·   46 transfer and assist projects protecting nearly 5,000 acres

                                               S A V E              t h e       T R E E S

                                                          Fifteen Years of Giving Back

                                                               oday, we hear the lament that the younger generations don’t appreciate
                                                               what they have and are not as charitable as previous generations. We
                                                               offer an example to the contrary.
                                                           As a very young adult, Shelagh (Smith) Luplow recognized this area was
                                                       special because of its natural beauty, and she thought it was all of
                                                       our responsibility to give back. To that end, Shelagh kicked off
                                                       the first Save the Trees benefit for the Conservancy in 1989.
                                                       Since then, the volunteer-driven event and the Conservancy’s
                                                       only formal fundraiser has raised more than $250,000 for land
                                                       protection efforts in our region.
                                                           The 15th annual Save the Trees party was attended by 200
                                                       people and raised nearly $17,000 for the Conservancy’s land
                                                       protection efforts. This traditional event has become a gen-        Shelagh (Smith)
                                                       erous way for the Harbor Springs community to celebrate           Luplow in 1989 at
                                                       land protection in our region.                                     the first Save the
        Artist Trisha Witty and Conservancy                Our thanks to the benefit committee, co-chaired by             Trees fundraiser.
          associate director Tom Lagerstrom            Shelagh and Gow Litzenburger, to Trisha Witty who donated
       next to Witty’s donated painting (top).         a painting for special auction at the event, and to all of the local merchants
    Shelagh Luplow, third from right, shown with       and artists who so generously donated toward its success.
    family members at this year’s event (bottom).

                                             2004 Business Sponsors
    Business Sponsors                Morning Star Jewelry                   Pam and Bob Moorhead                   Northern White Cedar
    Irish Boat Shop                  Nub’s Nob                              Shannon and Steve Nolan                Ms. Cynthia Ballantyne
    Graphic Printing                 NutMeg's Food & Wine                   Cindy and Jim Peery                    Mrs.William Barnes, III
    Gurney’s Harbor Bottle Shop      Out to Lunch                           Laurie Seltenright                     Mr. Frank C. Bielman
    Litzenburger Landscape           Patricia Wood & Co.                    Margie and Pat Smith                   Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Carruthers
    Trisha Witty                     Polar Bear Ice & Fitness Center        Peter Stenger                          Mr. and Mrs. Mark Townsend Driggs
    John Wooden Photography          Ed Reams                               Krissie and Dan Verbic                 Walter and Jane Enterline
                                     Roast & Toast                          Audie and Gill Whitman                 Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Evans
    Silent Auction Donors            Shepler's Ferry                        Julie and Bill Zoerhof                 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Fisher
    Another Day in Paradise          Stafford's Bay View Inn                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. Ford, Jr.
    Anchor                           The Bistro                             Giving Tree Program Sponsors           Arthur and Becky Hailand
    Bay View Association             The Grand Hotel                        White Pine                             James and Mary Hammond
    Between The Covers               The Outfitter                          Mr. and Mrs.Thomas H. Carruthers, IV   Mr. and Mrs.Wesley Dean Hovey
    Birchtree Studio                 The Original Pancake House             Jim Offield and Sujo Parmenter         Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Hudson, Jr.
    Bristly Thistle                  The Spa at The Inn at Bay Harbor                                              Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kopka
    Carol Marie Costello Catering    The Terrace Inn at Bay View            White Birch                            Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kroha
    Charlie Paige                    Tom's Mom's Cookies                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Aikens          Mr. and Mrs. Bim Lansill
    Computer Friendly Services       Turkeys Café & Pizzeria                Mrs. Lisa Bowman                       Mrs. Elizabeth C. Larson
    Cornichons Market LLC            Woolly Bugger                          Peg Demmer and Brad Breuer             Mrs. Lawrence W. Lovell
    Fleming Feirm                                                           Michael and Martha Cameron             Mr. and Mrs. Russell N. Luplow
    Gurney’s Bottle Shop             Benefit Committee Members              Mrs. Catherine Curran                  Mrs. Harry W. Mellen
    Harbor Pointe Golf Course        Shelagh Luplow, co-chair               Ms.Tara Dunne                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Morey
    Helping Hands                    Gow Litzenburger, co-chair             Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Edsell         Mr. and Mrs.William A. Morrow
    Howe's Candy Haus                Debbie and Walker Bagby                Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fischer           Al and Pat Olofsson
    Huzza                            Mike and Martha Cameron                Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. FitzSimons     Jim and Cindy Peery
    Island Bean                      Sarah and Bob Dodge                    Mr. Fred S. Ford, Jr.                  Rick and Cindy Portwood
    Jesperson's Restaurant           Mark and Kathy Driggs                  Dr. and Mrs. Henry H. Hamilton         Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rasmussen
    Juilleret's of Harbor Springs    Tara Dunne                             Brian and Jean Hunt                    Walter and Toni Robinson
    Kilwins of Harbor Springs        Lesley Fischer                         Mr. Michael K. McMurray                Al Dika and Cynthia Rutherford
    Lesley Fischer                   Sis and Walt Fisher                    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Neff             Mr. John F. Schaefer
    Little Traverse Sailors          Debra and Gregg Garver                 Shannon and Steve Nolan                Mrs. Mary Schubert
    Litzenburger Landscape           Jan Gucky                              Ms. Ruth H. Petzold                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Taunt
    Lorenzo's Italian Restaurant     Harley Luplow                          Bill and Jane Petzold                  Ms. Place Tegland
    A Touch of Amish Quilt Shop      Tiny and Russell Luplow                Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Sincock          Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Titcomb
    Mary Ellen's                     Rad and Kate MacCready                 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Smith             Mrs. David L.Truog
    David McVicker                   Yvonne and Mike McCready               Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Verbic          Mr. and Mrs.Van Williams
    Monogram Goods                   Dave McVicker                                                                 Ken and Ginger Winter
E N V I R O N M E N T A L              E D U C A T I O N

                                     “There is a tendency to inform children of the problems
                                     concerning the human-nature relationship while failing
                                     to share with them its beautiful possibilities.”
                                                                 –David Sobel

                               Fall Outing
                      Calling all Young Naturalists!
                           Please join us for our fall outing:
                         Location: McCune Nature Preserve
                   Date: Saturday, October 16, 2004 10 am-noon
                     Theme: Mushrooming with local mycologist
                          (mushroom expert) Marilynn Smith
                       (look to back cover for the October 2
                      community field trip also led by Marilynn!)

                 Summer Nature Program Series Big Success!
                 More than 50 young people participated in our summer series of six
                 nature programs in June and July. Visiting six different preserves in
                 Emmet and Charlevoix counties, the programs covered themes includ-
                 ing senses, wildflowers, bugs, sand dunes, habitats, and creative out-
                 door play (see photos to left). Fifteen new members joined the
                 Conservancy’s Young Naturalist Club. This club is open to all 8-12
                 year olds who live within the Conservancy’s service area of
                 Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Chippewa, Emmet, and Mackinac counties.
                 To find out more, please call our office at (231) 347-0991 or visit our
                 website at

                Thank you to the following individuals
                who sponsored a NaturePak this summer:        Nature Discovery Boxes and
                                                              other items are available on loan
                John W. Fischer
                                                              throughout the school year.
                Kathrine & Peter Haensel
                  (in memory of Ann C. Butler)                Conservancy naturalists can also
                Lisa Loyd                                     be scheduled for classroom visits
                                                              with loan items. To borrow an
                There are now three paks available for
                                                              item or to schedule a classroom
                loan periods of three days. For more
                                                              presentation, please call Alison or
                information, please contact the office at
                (231) 347-0991.                               Marci at (231) 347-0991.
                                                  S T E W A R D S H I P

                                        SEASONAL INTERNSHIP
                                    From Texas to the North Country
     W       hen I first arrived in Michigan, stepped out of my car
             and realized it was 40 degrees cooler than my home in
     Texas, I knew it was going to be a great summer! Of course, it
                                                                          way to help me get the most out my time here and have a
                                                                          meaningful, well-rounded and fun internship.
                                                                              I found the work, while sometimes physically demanding,
     has warmed up considerably since my arrival, but neverthe-           to be very rewarding. The opportunities to see the effects of
     less, I have had a wonderful                                                                      my work firsthand and to
     summer experience.                                                                                expand on my limited mechani-
          Working primarily with                                                                       cal know-how were especially
     stewardship during my intern-                                                                     valuable. Also, I’ve learned a
     ship, I’ve gained an invaluable                                                                   great deal about managing land
     view into a land trust. Prior to                                                                  once it is acquired as well as
     investigating my internship and                                                                   keeping tabs on land with con-
     the role of LTC, I really had no                                                                  servation easements.
     idea what a land trust actually                                                                         Now the question is how
     did, much less what a conserva-                                                                   am I going to use all this? My
     tion easement was. Not only do                                                                    answer is, I don’t know yet, but
     I now have an extensive under-                                                                    I’m excited to find out! That
     standing of both of these                                                                         said, here is what I think so far:
     things, but I’ve also learned a                                                                   first, to educate, inform and
     great deal about land steward-                                                                    spread awareness about the
     ship. I’ve greatly enjoyed being                                                                  good work that land trusts are
     able to work outdoors and in                                                                      doing; and second, to use LTC
     doing so, getting to know parts                                                                   as an example to try to make a
     of northern Michigan.                                                                             similar difference in other
          I’ve been told “you don’t                                                                     places like my home in South
     have to be crazy to work here,       Julie Bollman, a native Texan and student at Austin           Central Texas or countless
     but it sure helps!” While            College, experienced a northern Michigan summer               other places all over the world
     “crazy” seems a bit strong, a        through a stewardship internship with the Conservancy.        that aren’t fortunate enough to
     great sense of humor does not,                                                                     have a LTC in their area.
     nor do “extremely hard working” and “dedicated”, nor “gra-               I hope to work with a land trust in the future, though I
     cious and helpful” and “very passionate about their work.” In        know it will be hard for them to measure up to the high
     my own experience, everyone on staff really went out of their expectations I have acquired from working at LTC .
                         New Leg added to Stutsmanville Bog Trail
                                                                     A new segment added to the Stutsmanville Bog trail
                                                                     (shown left) was one of the accomplishments of the stewardship
                                                                     crew this past summer. Other activities included:
                                                                     · Removal of a bridge at the Rufus Teesdale Preserve. The
                                                                        materials were reused for a new bridge at the Chaboiganing
                                                                     · The accuracy of preserve trails was clarified using the new
                                                                        Global Positioning System.
                                                                     · A portion of the Sleepy Hollow Preserve trail was re-routed.
                                                                     · Boardwalk at the Little Sand Bay Preserve was repaired and
                                                                     · 13 preserve stewards helped monitor and maintain trails and
                                                                        six new preserve monitors joined our efforts.
                                                                     · 12 new logo signs were completed and are being assembled
10                                                                      and installed.
      F R O M           t h e     F I E L D

The Gifts of Nature Preserves

            etting outside to enjoy one of the Conservancy’s more than 150 nature preserves
            is on many people’s “to do” lists for the summer and the fall. Here are snapshots
            from some of the activities sponsored by the Conservancy in recent months.

    Clockwise from top left:
    Local artist and wildlife rehabilitator, Glen McCune, shares information about red-tailed
    hawks at East Park near Bay Harbor.
    Forester Dave Wellman explains how the removal of diseased trees and stand thinning
    will improve the health of the trees at the McCune Nature Preserve near Petoskey.

    Bikers enjoy a guided tour of a section of the Little Traverse Wheelway that takes them
    along the Fochtman Nature Preserve between Harbor Springs and Petoskey.
    Conservancy trustee Dr. Ed Voss led one of his ever-popular botany walks at the McCune
    Nature Preserve after the annual meeting in August.

    Left: This work crew cleared a new trail at the 775-acre Round Island Point Nature
    Preserve in Chippewa County.

                                                      S P E C I A L                 G I F T S

     JOAN ALLEN                                                                                                     HAROLD GEARY
                                                       The gifts listed on these pages were received
     Mrs. Virginia Austin                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John Schmidt
                                                              June 1 to August 31, 2004
     DR. ELIZABETH WHEELER                                                                                          GLENN H. GRIFFIN
     ANSPACH                                                                                                        Bob and Gretchen Breese
     Ms. Beatrice B. Lynch
                                                                    In memory of                                    Ms. Kelly Hallas
                                                                                                                    Jim and Carol Malzone
                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Trimmer
     Ms. Mary Bell Gerlach                 Ted, Sherry, Chris, and Eric James   DOROTHY DOWD
                                                                                                                    John and Lynn White
     Michael and Susan Linton              Mrs. Judy James and Family           Mrs. Nancy Hoppe Groudis
     Mr. Tim Schwenk and Family            Peter, Jaclyn, and Matthew Lopez                                         HILAND HALL
                                                                                ROBERT MONTEITH ELLIOT
     Mr. and Mrs. William Valley           Robert B. and Janet Ryan                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Austin, III
                                                                                Michael and MaryJane Clayton
                                           Ms. Nancy L. Shepard                                                     Mrs. William Barnes, III
     LES BECKER                            Michael and Mary Stolt               VERONICA FAIRCLOTH                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carruthers, IV
     Dick and Charl Gray                   Mrs. Virginia F. Stolt               Dan and Sally Eustice               Mrs. Wallace Cole, Jr.
     HONORABLE                             Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Thelen                                                Mr. and Mrs. John Fischer and Family
                                           Al and Ruth Thomas                   DAVID FISH
     WILLIAM A. BERRY                                                           Dan and Sally Eustice               E. JANE HANNA
     Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Austin, III    Melissa and Robert Velderman
                                           Ms. Sharon Wehrle                                                        Mrs. Phyllis Irwin
     Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Barksdale                                            FRAN FISH
                                                                                                                    James and Joan Kirkman
     Mrs. William Barnes, III              CARL W. COOK                         Dan and Sally Eustice
     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carruthers, IV    Site Planning Development                                                J. DAVID HOWE
                                                                                NANCY FORD
     Mrs. Wallace Cole, Jr.                                                                                         Graham and Sarah Anne Paton
                                           RICHARD S. CRANE                     Ms. Susan S. Ford
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael FitzSimons
     Bill and Barbara Flemming             Graham and Sarah Anne Paton                                              JANE HUFFMAN
                                                                                ANN BERGHAUSEN
     Mrs. Dannie Bea Hightower                                                                                      Jeff and Laura Bennett
                                           LUCY ARMSTRONG DAVIS                 FRIEDMAN
     Mr. Charles Hollerith                                                      Mrs. Robert C. Graham, Jr.          WILLIAM HUTTO
     Mr. and Mrs. Wes Hovey                Graham and Sarah Anne Paton
                                                                                                                    Paul and Jean Zerges
     Mr. and Mrs. James H. Howe, III       Mrs. Irene Roberts and Family        JAMES NEARE GAMBLE
     Mr. and Mrs. Jeff V. James                                                 Mrs. Catherine Curran               DON IRWIN
                                           DAVE AND ALYCE DICK
     Mrs. Emily Laffoon                                                         Mrs. Linda K. Ford                  Fred and Viola Bickley
                                           Mr. Robert B. Dick
     Mr. and Mrs. Archibald McClure                                             Mr. and Mrs. William K.             Mrs. William A. Gossett
     George and Kay Melzow                 MARGARET DICK                          Howenstein
                                                                                                                    TIMOTHY IVES
     Mr. and Mrs. David C. Parrish         Mr. Robert B. Dick                   Mr. and Mrs. William E. Juilleret
                                                                                                                    Site Planning Development
     Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ross                                                     Mrs. Emily Laffoon
     Mr. and Mrs. David C. Searles                                                                                  SUSAN VERNER JONES
     Allen and Terry Whittemore                                                                                     Graham and Sarah Anne Paton
     PIERRE ‘PETE’ BIRON                                                                                            ELIZABETH KAROS
     Mr. Ronald C. Treloar                                                                                          David and Shirley Roelling
     ANN CALDWELL BUTLER                                                                                            LEROY KRAMER, JR.
     Steven Ball and Susan M. Ball                                                                                  Regina and G. Peter Bidstrup
     William and Treva Breuch                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carruthers, IV
     Mr. and Mrs. Strother H. Brann, III                                                                            Mr. David H. Irish
     Steve Alexander and Linda Farmer                                                                               Irish Boat Shop
     Mr. Conrad L. Gaunt                                                                                            LeRoy Kramer, III and
     Ernest B. and Donna Rae Gaunt                                                                                     Cynthia M. Kramer
     Rhea Gaunt                                                                                                     Menonaqua Beach Cottage
     Douglas and Paige Haensel                                                                                          Owners Association
     Peter and Kathrine Haensel
                                                                                                                    LINDA BROMLEY MOORE MYERS
     Walter and Betsy Naumer
                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Barrows
     Graham and Sarah Anne Paton
     Mrs. Irene Roberts and Family                                                                                  LOIS HARTLEY NAAS
     GEORGE R. CAVELL                                                                                               Mrs. Katherine L. Kan
     Herman and Betty Beyer                                                                                         LOIS HARTLEY NAAS AND
     Nancy Bradtmiller                                                                                              MAXWELL NEFF NAAS
     Vaughn and Nancy Bryson                                                                                        Bob and Mary Jane Rousseau
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cardinal                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Troth
     Roger and Joyce Clark
     Nick, Luann, and Julia Crawford                                                                                MARILYN MILLER PETERSON
     Doug and Rita Dudley                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Rockwood
     Mr. Stan H. Fishman
                                                                                                                    TAYLOR PIERCE
     Joe and Ruth Hoffman
                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Donovan Family
     Mr. Hank James
                                                S P E C I A L              G I F T S

Mr. and Mrs. William Purdy
Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Austin, III
Mr. and Mrs. John Fischer and
David and Susan Ruel
Mr. and Mrs. Don Friend
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rossi, Sr.

                                                                                                                                            photos by Todd Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Webb Martin
Ms. Caroline S. Smith
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Smith
GERALD and EILEEN STEIN              KAY BAKER’S 90th Birthday         ROXANA SALIPOUR’S Birthday        JOAN SEATON WINSTON
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Donovan        Mrs. Barbara A. Doheny            Nancy A. Sheppard and             Gordon and Georganne Eggers
  and Family                         Mrs. Gloria Frank                  S. Peter Poullada
                                     Dave and Ann Irish                                                         Project Gifts
ANN L. STOAKES                                                         FREDERICK and LUANNE
                                     Mrs. Patsy Ketterer
Mr. Robert L. Linnenberg                                               SANQUIST’S Birthdays              Harbor Springs Greenbelt Program
                                     Mrs. Elizabeth Larson
MARK TURPEN                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Sanquist   SARANE ROSS’ 70th Birthday
                                     WILLIS and                                                          Mrs. Julia T. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Sterling                                        ELIZABETH PETERS SCHIFF’S
                                     MARY ANNE BROWN, JR.                                                Regina and G. Peter Bidstrup
STEPHEN P. UPHAM, JR.                Mr. Willis E. Brown               Birthday
                                                                                                         Ms. Diane Curtis
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Magnuson                                             Mr. and Mrs. R. Turner Peters
                                     LARRY BUHL’S 70th Birthday                                          Mrs. Druscilla Doehrman
WILLIAM VANDERKAAY                   Mrs. Julia T. Barnes              CARLIN SMITH                      Mr. Tom Dulaney
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Sterling                                        MI Society of Questers Past       Mrs. Joy Austin Files
                                     SAM DECAMP                        Presidents                        Mr. Arthur G. Hailand
ALFRED VERNER                        Mr. and Mrs. Don Friend                                             Hord and Ann Hardin
Graham and Sarah Anne Paton                                            SOPHIA LEMAIRE VERBIC’S           Mrs. Hamilton E. James
                                     MIKE and MARY CURZAN’S            Birth
Mrs. Irene Roberts                                                                                       Ms. Mary Cay Jones
                                     40th Wedding Anniversary
                                                                       Daniel and Kristie Verbic         Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Keller
CRAIG WELKE                          Earl S. and Elisabeth Zimmerman
                                                                       MARY WHITMORE’S                   Ms. Barbara Lamb
Dan and Sally Eustice                HIL and MARILYN FLOREK’S          Birthday                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Pierce
GERALD WENDELL                       50th Wedding Anniversary                                            Mrs. Katherine B. Piper
                                                                       Sally and Ian Bund
Linda Crane and Gerry Bloomer        Mr. and Mrs. Allen Moberly                                          Miss Jeanette C. Rodemyer
Mr. J.W. Murray                                                        KELLY WILCOX and CHRIST-          Bruce and Sally Teal
                                     DAVID and MARY HINZ
                                     for their Porsche Club Party      IAN MOORE’ Marriage               Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Trufant
GARY WILLIAMS                                                                                            Ms. Shirle N. Westwater
                                     Mr. Thomas R. Walton, III         Daniel and Linda Casasanta
Mr. Jerry Blevins
Dr. and Mrs. David Gates                                               DAVID K. WILLIAMS’
John and Mary Lou Tanton             BILL HOGLUND’S 70th Birthday      80th Birthday
                                     Bill and Jane Petzold             Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Keller
        In honor of      EDWIN HULBERT’S
                         90th Birthday
DICK and SHARON ANDREW’S David and Yvonne DeWindt                          If you would like to remember a special person or occasion,
40th Wedding Anniversary                                                   what better way to honor those who appreciate northern
                         JOHN MCMEEKIN’S
Steve and Mary Swanson
                         90th Birthday                                     Michigan than by helping protect the natural diversity that
CHARLES and BARBARA      Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Supernault
                                                                           makes this area so unique. We accept donations in honor
50th Wedding Anniversary
                         DR. and MRS. CHARLES MURRAY’S                     of birthdays, graduations, marriages, anniversaries, and
                         50th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Soelter East Burt Lake Association                        other holidays as well as donations in memory of loved
DIANE BAILEY and                                                           ones. The honoree or their family will be notified of your
                                     TY and SARAH RATLIFF
                                     Dale Petty and Jeannine Palms
                                                                           contribution, so please include a clearly written address.
David and Yvonne DeWindt
                                          F R O M           t h e      D I R E C T O R

                                                                            Thomas C. Bailey

              s the Conservancy sends             Conservancy’s environmental education          Conservancy was formed, to file lawsuits
              good wishes to Marci Birkes,        programs, and no value-laden messages          against developers around the area. While
              who has done a wonderful            about problems. Instead, there are fasci-      they accomplished some important
     job in our education program and             nating outings on snowshoes to learn           things, they all were left feeling unsatis-
     now takes on more responsibilities in        about winter adaptations of various ani-       fied by the litigation which made more
     her new position in New Hampshire,           mals and to find and follow animal             enemies than friends and was very costly
     we would all do well to remember             tracks. There are opportunities to learn       in terms of money, time, and energy. By
     the message she delivered at the             why leaves turn color in the fall, to figure   contrast, they enjoyed their work much
     Conservancy’s annual meeting in              out how soil is formed, and to find out        more once they established the
     August.                                      what owls eat. There are “discovery            Conservancy, which was positive in its
          Quoting from David Sobel’s book         boxes” filled with skins and skulls and        focus and in its conservation techniques.
     Beyond Ecophobia, Reclaiming the Heart in    other fun stuff; and there is, always, the           So it remains at Little Traverse
     Nature Education, Marci noted that nega-     wonder and enjoyment of nature in              Conservancy today. We work with chil-
     tive messages about nature and the envi-     Marci’s work and in the Conservancy’s          dren through our education programs to
     ronment leave children feeling “hopeless     programs.                                      foster appreciation and enjoyment of the
     and disempowered.” The introduction to             Reflecting on Marci’s message, I         outdoors. We provide thousands of acres
     the book suggests that “...there is a ten-
                                                  have a feeling that it’s not just kids who     of nature preserves where people of all
     dency to inform children of the problems
     concerning the human-nature relation-        are turned off by negative messages.           ages are invited to roam, to enjoy, to sit
     ship while failing to share with them its    During this election year, I’ve seen more      and to appreciate. Our conservation ease-
     beautiful possibilities.” The book finds     than my share of negative images:              ments provide homes for wildlife, protect
     that children don’t respond positively to    protests and marches against this issue or     scenic views and open spaces for the
     gloom and doom messages about global         that. Attack ads on television. Bumper         enjoyment of everyone in our communi-
     warming, sprawl, rainforest destruction,     stickers advocating that we                    ties, and enable land owners to use their
     pollution and other environmental woes.      “dump” or “stop” or “say no” to this or        property rights to protect what they love
     In order to raise a generation which will    that candidate, policy, or position. In the    about their land. Our assistance to local
     grow up to identify with nature and          news I see and read about people with          government helps them to obtain funding
     become involved in conservation issues       lists of demands, reading declarations of      for parks and recreation areas for a public
     rather than become indifferent to them,
                                                  opposition to something or other, and          that seeks positive experiences in the out-
     the book explains that we must help chil-
     dren to develop a positive and healthy       threatening to maim and kill people as         doors, and places to appreciate the beauty
     relationship with nature before saddling     some sort of measure of their opposition.      and natural character of the North.
     them with messages about ecological          All too many times, the maiming and                  Thank you for your four years of out-
     problems.                                    killing occurs. I don’t know about you,        standing work in our environmental edu-
          Marci, and her colleague Alison         but I sometimes feel like the children         cation program, Marci. And thank you,
     Adams who remains with us on staff,          referred to in the book: “hopeless and         too, for reminding us in your everyday
     have done a wonderful job of developing      disempowered.” I long for something pos-       work and at the annual meeting that it is
     children’s senses of wonder and enjoy-       itive.                                         important to retain our positive focus on
     ment in the outdoors without all the neg-          During a recent two-hour gathering       conservation and environmental issues,
     ative baggage. Our outdoor programs are      with five of our Conservancy’s founders,       not only for young people but for all peo-
     designed to fill in school curriculum with   the importance of a positive focus was         ple. We will remember you fondly, Marci.
     positive experiences. The programs are       reinforced. The founders discussed the         We thank you, we appreciate your posi-
     interesting. They’re upbeat. They’re fun.    work they did under the name of the            tive spirit and we wish you the very, very
          There’s no preaching in the             Little Traverse Group, before the              best.
                                        M I S C E L L A N E O U S

W O R K P L A C E                     G I V I N G                                               Board of Trustees
                                                                                                Dianne Litzenburger, Chair
through   Earth Share of Michigan                                                               James Bartlett, Vice Chair
                                                                                                John W. Fischer, Treasurer
                                                                                                Mark Paddock, Secretary

    f your workplace includes Earth Share of Michigan in its
    payroll deduction campaign, you may consider a direct des-                                  Joanne Arbaugh
    ignation to the Little Traverse Conservancy. Most work-                                     Bunny Armstrong
place giving programs run between September and November,                                       John Baker
and make giving by payroll deduction easy and automatic.                                        Jack Batts
                                                                                                Terry Gamble Boyer
     Earth Share of Michigan is part of a national coalition of                                 Ian R.N. Bund
environmental and conservation organizations working to pro-                                    George Covington
tect our local, national and global natural resources. The Little                               Marilyn Damstra
                                                                                                Michael L. Dow
Traverse Conservancy has been a member of Earth Share of
                                                                                                Frank Ettawageshik
Michigan since its inception.                                                                   Michael FitzSimons
     Some local United Ways also include Earth Share of Michigan and its member agencies        Jeffrey S. Ford
in their list of charities. If your local United Way campaign does not include Earth Share of   John A. Griffin
                                                                                                Arthur Hailand, Jr.
Michigan in its charity listing, you may write-in a donation on the pledge form.                Richard K. Hodge
     For further information about Earth Share of Michigan and its members groups, please       Carol Jackson
contact them at (800) 386-3326 or at                                 George Jury
                                                                                                Lisa Loyd
                                                                                                Jan Mancinelli
                                                                                                C. T. Martin
           T       H       A        N       K              Y       O       U                    Harriet K. McGraw
                                                                                                Rob Mossburg
         Dennis Golovich, Bill Henne, John Campbell, and Site Planning for                      Richard E. Oelke
         helping us at our Horton Creek workday.                                                James S. Offield
                                                                                                Thomas D. Pointner
         To the following Volunteer Trail Stewards who keep an eye on some of                   Albert F. Polk, Jr.
         the Conservancy’s popular trails:                                                      Carlin Smith
                                                                                                Edward G. Voss
                    Daniel Adams                    Steve and Jane Horn                         Charles S. Winston, Jr.
                      Phil Becker                 Chuck and Margy Murray                        Joan Winston
               Mike and Bonnie Brunett           Kenyon and Sally Stebbins
                     Nadine Cain                      Mike Supernault                           Staff
                   Gretchen Dorian              Steve and Connie Vorencamp                      Thomas C. Bailey
                                                                                                EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
               Joel and Nancy Epstein                    Jim Ward
                     Judy Harvey                                                                Thomas Lagerstrom
                                                                                                ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR
         To Barbara Doheny and Frilly Winnard along with the following peo-
                                                                                                Mary Anne Griffin
         ple from the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) who assist-                       ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR
         ed with our summer mailings:
                                                                                                Jan Wilkins
                  Virginia Croff                   Marie Kring                                  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
                  Norm Cutshall                  Gloria Krusell
                   Pearl Dally                      Doris Lark                                  Alison Adams
                                                                                                Marci Birkes
                Jackie Dombroski                Winnie MacAlpine
                                                                                                ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION
                   Doris Fedus                  Maxine McDowell
                    Rita Gay                      Irene Phelps                                  Melissa Hansen
                Jane Houseworth                     Iris Walker                                 Cindy Mom
                                                                                                LAND STEWARDSHIP

                                                                                                Kieran Fleming
         Elyse Benoche for helping with preserve cleanup.                                       MaryKay O’Donnell
         Dave Young, Larry Rychlick, Kristin Majkrazak, and Kate Bosket for                     Ty Ratliff
                                                                                                LAND PROTECTION
         assisting with trail clearing at the Round Island Point Preserve.
         Field trip leaders Ed Voss, Glen McCune, and Doug Fuller for leading                   Mikki Snyder VanVuren
         our summer community programs.
                                                                                                Anne Fleming
   Conservancy field trips are offered free of charge, but
   pre-registration is requested by calling (231) 347-0991.                                                                    Todd Parker

Fall Mushroom Hike                                              Woodland Ecology of Andreae
with mycologist Marilynn Smith                                  with Mike Supernault
Saturday, October 2, 10:00 am                                   Saturday, October 23, 10:00 am
Colonial Point                                                  Andreae Nature Preserve
Marilynn Smith has been leading mushroom hikes and work-        Andreae Preserve Steward, Mike Supernault, has more than 35
shops in northern Michigan for many years. Join us for one of   years of experience as a naturalist and earth science teacher in
these popular adventures where we’ll search to see what is      Lapeer, Michigan. He has made many other significant contri-
blooming, and learn more about edible and non-edible fungus.    butions to the environmental field and as steward, has become
Mushrooming is an acceptable activity on Conservancy pre-       very familiar with the Andreae Preserve east of Indian River.
serves and Marilynn can explain the proper way to harvest       Join Mike for an informative hike along the trails of Andreae
these wonderful wild delicacies.                                which offer magnificent views of the Pigeon River.

Fall Color Hike                                                 Walk and Wag
Saturday, October 9, 2:00 pm                                    Saturday, October 30, 2:00 pm
Goodhart Farm Preserve                                          Johnston Nature Preserve
Enjoy the fall splendor as we hike the Goodhart Farms Nature    Join the LTC staff and our favorite pooches as we sniff, wag,
Preserve located north of Harbor Springs. Enjoy the beauty of   and walk the meadows and trails of the Johnston Preserve! The
fall in the diversity of woods and meadows provided at this     wide trails here allow plenty of space for our furry pals to make
625-acre property. Conservancy staff will be on hand to guide   new friends or keep to their own space. Michigan law requires
a slow paced, enjoyable walk through this true gem of north-    all dogs remain leashed, and the Conservancy prefers we pick
ern Michigan.                                                   up after our pooches as well. Enjoy this opportunity for the
                                                                WHOLE family to explore our beautiful north woods.

                           Thank you for supporting your Conservancy through our
                                 2004 Summer and Fall Membership Drive.

Little Traverse Conservancy, Inc.                                                                                 Non-Profit Org.
3264 Powell Road                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Harbor Springs, MI 49740-9469                                                                                  Conway, MI 49722
(231) 347-0991
                                                                                                                 Permit No. 908
Address Service Requested

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