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PATRICIA by alicejenny


									                                         PATRICIA A. CHAMBERLAIN

                                       (303) 524-3768 or (303) 204-7201
                       Dedicated professional with over 20 years experience in security, safety, risk
                       management and workers’ compensation in high-profile defense contractor companies,
                       hospitals and private industries. My key strengths and accomplishments are:

                          Strong business sense, with attention to detail, financial commitments and
                           customer satisfaction with proven “results-oriented” track record.
                          Capable of implementing appropriate intervention to meet customer expectations.
                          Ability to motivate, generate and coordinate instructions, organize assignments,
                           and evaluate staffing requirements with a focus on goal-setting and job satisfaction.
                          Very professional image and outgoing personality – viewed as very positive asset
                           in business environments.
                          Held a TOP SECRET/SSBI/SCI Security Clearance requiring extensive
                           background investigations regularly


2007                   SBM Site Services, Sacramento, CA
                       EHS and Risk Management Director

                       Responsible for the Environmental Health and Safety for a company of 5000 plus
employees located in 200 client companies worldwide.

                          Direct 4 Safety Managers, 1 Risk Manager and Risk Assistant.
                          Oversee accident investigations, develop and recommend solutions to reduce
                           worker injuries.
                          Develop, implement and monitor safety and health policies and procedures
                           uniquely tailored for the client.
                          Direct all safety training within the company at all locations.
                          Establish and audit emergency response protocols for many different company
                           clients to include HP, Intel and others
                          Direct risk management/workers’ compensation and loss liability programs
                           according to state laws. Multiple state locations
                          Ensure company employee locations have regular safety meetings and programs
                           to effectively meet employee safety concerns
                          Provide location management and Human Resources with counsel pertaining to
                           safety and workers’ compensation claims management.
                          Manage health and safety budgets to ensure cost effectiveness and profitability.
                          Direct “Zero Tolerance” policies, leading review board in decisions relating to
                           unsafe acts up to and including employee terminations.
                          Present recommendations and technical briefings to management and customers –
                           acting as liaison between company and customer.

2006 - 2007            Atlas Copco NA, Commerce City, CO
                       Safety and Risk Assurance Administrator

                       Responsible to administer all OSHA/MSHA, DOT and EPA programs specific to a
                       construction and mining industry company.
                 Develop, implement and monitor compliance with OSHA/MSHA, DOT and EPA
                 Provide Risk Assurance insurance certifications to customers and vendors.
                 Manage accident claims – people, property and liability.
                 Ensure OSHA and MSHA logs were accurate and up-to-date.
                 Write policies, procedures including crisis and emergency management plans.
                 Perform job hazard assessments.
                 Conduct security and safety assessments of buildings, warehouses and other
                 Extensive travel to oversee all agencies compliance in 10 states with 14 locations.
                 Manage all training for 15 locations.
                 Conduct accident investigations
                 Provide location management and Human Resources with counsel pertaining to
                  safety and workers’ compensation claims management.

2005 - 2006   Centura Health, Denver, Co
              Safety Officer

              Responsible for the safety operations and regulatory compliance of a 250-bed hospital.

                 Develop, implement and monitor compliance with Safety, Industrial Hygiene and
                  Environment of
                  Care policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment for staff, patients and
                 Conduct Environment of Care safety inspections weekly
                 Conduct drills regularly and as required by JCAHO – Life Safety, fire, bomb, child
                  abduction, etc.
                 Manage the emergency preparedness and disaster response programs in
                  compliance with new
                  local, state and federal regulations.
                 Conduct Accident Investigations and make recommendations to reduce worker
                 Chair the Safety Committee
                 Oversee major construction projects ensuring safety for contract laborers, staff,
                  patients and visitors.
                 Manage HAZMAT programs – MSDS’s, chemical inventories and training ensuring
                  100% DOT and EPA compliance.
                 Provide regular safety training to staff.

2003 – 2005   The Aerospace Corporation, Los Angeles, CA
              Special Security Agent

              Responsible for specialized security support to multiple customers in an SCI

                 Special Security responsibilities including SAP/SAR, SCI and COMSEC.
                 Personnel Security including applicant security questionnaire support.
                 Physical Security in accordance with DCID 6/19.
                 Visitor control and access oversight. Support classified meetings in SCIF
                 Access alarms and controls, lock and combination changes and controls.
                 Provide initial security indoctrination to personnel.
                 Classified transmissions and receipt.
                      Maintain COMSEC equipment on a daily basis.
                      AIS equipment in an SCI environment.
                      Serve as the alternate Contractor Special Security Officer (CSSO).

2000 - 2003        Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc., Colorado Springs, CO
                   Health, Safety and Environmental Specialist II

                   Responsible to fully implement all local, state and federal health, safety and
                   environmental programs as defined by our contract and customers.

                      Provide OSHA compliance training to employees and subcontractors.
                      Manage all aspects of workers’ compensation claims’ programs.
                      Present recommendations and technical briefings to management and customers.
                      Manage health and safety budgets to ensure cost effectiveness and profitability.
                      Developed and coordinated the site emergency action plan and the crisis
                       management team to ensure events are appropriately managed.
                      Conduct drills and tests to ensure site-readiness in event situations.
                      Manage biohazard/hazardous waste programs.
                      Maintain up-to-date knowledgeable in the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).
                      Provide safety training in all OSHA compliance programs.
                      Develop HSE policies and procedures to effectively communicate requirements.
                      Coordinate Facilities department team efforts to resolve safety concerns.
                      Conduct ergonomic workstation assessments to reduce employee discomforts.
                      Perform monthly financial and safety assessments, prepare metrics and provide
                       briefings on the status of the HSE department function
                      Develop and maintain the site Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) program.
                      Conduct event investigations as well as regular safety audits of the facility.
                      Assess risks and hazards and make recommendations as appropriate.

1984 – 1999        IBM/LORAL/Lockheed Martin, Colorado Springs, CO (IBM sold to Loral, Loral to
Lockheed Martin)
                   Senior Safety and Security Analyst, Member of Staff, NSA COMSEC Custodian
                   and DOD Facility Security Officer (FSO)

                   This position required extensive training, education and versatility to meet the needs of
                   a fast-paced high-profile defense contractor. As the DOD Facilities Security Officer
                   (FSO) and the National Security Agency (NSA) COMSEC custodian, performed day-to-
                   day functions pertaining to the receipt and transmission of top secret and secret data to
                   and from the government. Additional responsibilities included all building and personnel
                   safety, along with managing all administrative and facility operations for 4 locations.

                      Administered and managed all applicable requirements under federal, state and
                       local regulations pertaining to safety and security for more than 700 employees and
                       subcontractor personnel.
                      Managed 4 highly classified closed areas containing classified transmissions
                       equipment including SAP/SAR.
                      Achieved 100 percent satisfactory safety and security audits over 15 years.
                      Conducted thorough and successful internal and external investigations.
                      Developed crisis management/emergency plan and team, with successful
                       management of drills and real events.
                      Provided all safety and security training to employees and subcontractors.
                      Supervised all security guard, facilities and administrative staff, coordinating tasks
                       and priorities on a day-to-day basis.
                    Presented recommendations and technical briefings to management and high-level
                     government customers – acting as liaison between company and customer.
                    Appointed as the company’s Business Conduct and Ethics Advisor, a position held
                     for 15 years.
                    Managed classified meetings, organized visitor requests/accesses, generated
                     PSQ’s, ESPQs, etc.
                    Performed contractor, subcontractor and vendor surveys analyzing their ability to
                     meet contract specifications under FAR and DFAR regulations.
                    Facilities management interface with all landlord, owners and general contractors
                     in building design efforts (included focus on all alarm systems, sprinklers, HVAC
                     and other key operational systems).
                    MSDS program management.
                    Workers’ Compensation claims management for all Colorado claims.
                    Conducted peer review security and safety audits of other IBM/Lockheed Martin
                     locations nationwide..

EDUCATION        Industrial Security Management School                          1989
                 Department of Justice Training for Violence and Threat         1992
                 Analysis and Employee Profiling
                 Job Training Schools for OSHA Safety and DOD Security          1984 – Present
                 Attended various schools, conferences, specialized training    1975 -- Present
                 Pertaining to security, safety, and environmental programs.

                 Microsoft Office programs, Internet and other computer-based tools. Knowledge of
                 electrical and mechanical systems, telephone equipment/server interface, HVAC and
                 generator systems, as well as other facility operational systems.

                 OSHA General Industry, Safety,
                 Health and Environment Compliance Programs                     2002 - 2003

CLEARANCE        TOP SECRET/SSBI/SCI                    Granted                         Feb 25, 2004

                 (Inactive April 2005)

PROFESSIONAL:    American Society of Safety Engineers                           1996 - Present
                 Colorado Mining Association (Member)                           Present
                 Denver Metro Homeland Security Disaster and
                 Emergency Planning Team                                        2005 - 2006

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