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					                       S A M P L E


Real Estate Division
Acquisition Branch

SUBJECT:   Tract No. 100, Make-a-Lake Project

Mr. Tenant-Occupant
123 Main Street
Anytown, USA 55555

Dear Mr. Tenant-Occupant

     This letter is to formally advise you that
negotiations were initiated by letter dated March 3, 2005,
to Mr. Landowner, to acquire the real estate you now
occupy. That property has been designated as Tract No.
100, Make-a-Lake Project. The Corps of Engineers is acting
as E.P.A.’s land acquisition and relocation agent in this
matter. Our Mrs. Jane Doe met with you previously to
inform you of this pending acquisition. You were also
provided general information about relocation benefits
available under Public Law 91-646 for eligible displacees.

     The purpose of this letter is to notify you of your
potential eligibility for relocation benefits. Once the
Government has reached an agreement with Mr. Landowner for
the purchase of the property we will notify you of your
eligibility for relocation benefits.

     The benefits applicable to your displacement will
comprise residential moving expenses and replacement
housing benefits. These benefits are more fully described
in the enclosed pamphlet.

                                                EXHIBIT 6-7
     Please understand that should you move at this time
and the Government does not acquire the property you may
not be eligible for relocation benefits. We suggest that
you do not move until we notify you of your eligibility.
You will be required to vacate the premises after the
property has been acquired but not before receiving a
written notice from this office to vacate, which notice
shall be furnished you not less than 90 days prior to the
targeted vacation date. You will also be notified of the
availability of comparable housing at that time. The Corps
of Engineers desires to provide as much advance notice of
your pending displacement as possible, so you may plan

     It is mandatory that your replacement dwelling be
inspected to assure that it meets required decent, safe,
and sanitary (DSS) standards. It is recommended that you
not commit to the rental or purchase of replacement housing
until a representative of this office has had the
opportunity to inspect it and determine whether or not it
meets standards. If you rent or purchase a replacement
dwelling that does not meet DSS standards, you will not be
eligible for housing benefits.

     Please be advised that under Public Law 105-117 and
the November 1997 amendment to Public Law 91-646, you must
be a legal resident of the United States in order to
receive relocation assistance and/or benefits.

     If you have any questions concerning eligibility
requirements or procedures, please feel free to contact
Jane Doe at the above address or by calling (555) 555-5555.


                                 John E. Doe
                                 Project Manager


                                              EXHIBIT 6-7(a)

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