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I.     The purpose of the organization shall be to provide a half-day preschool that will
       benefit the child, parent or guardian, and the community.

II.    Goals
       A.    For the child
             1.     Development enhanced at a child’s own pace in alphabet,
                    number concept, auditory and visual discrimination, auditory
                    memory, and large and small muscle development.
             2.     Individual attention enhanced by small pupil-teacher ratios to foster
                    high curiosity, strong self-image, and feelings of self worth.
             3.     Development of habits, values, and attitudes that permit the child
                    to make the most of learning opportunities.
             4.     Nurturing of the spiritual dimension of the child’s life through Bible
                    stories, singing, prayer, and the loving Christian concerns of
       B.    For the community
             1.     To help meet the needs of the community for an early childhood
                    education facility.
             2.     To contribute to the intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of
                    the young citizens of the community.

III.   Enrollment Procedure
       A.    In compliance with The Americans with Disabilities Act, enrollment will be
             open to any child, provided the school can meet the needs of that child.
       B.    In compliance with The Civil Rights Act, enrollment will be granted without
             discrimination in regard to sex, race, color, creed, or political belief.
       C.    The child must be at least 3 years old by September 30, 2011.
       D.    A child will be accepted into the program upon complete processing of
             an application and paid application fee, dependent on available space.
       E.    Parents wishing to enroll their child will be given a tour of the preschool
             facility and an explanation of the philosophy of the school. Visitors are not
             allowed unless cleared through the preschool office. All visitors must sign
             in and out at the preschool office.

IV.    Health Requirements
       A.    A certificate of good health, signed by a physician, is required at the time
             the child is admitted to the school. This certificate is valid only for the
             current year and needs to be renewed for each succeeding year. For
             your child’s protection, no child will be accepted in the school without a
             current health form and complete immunization record or a statement of
             exemption. Minimum vaccination requirements for preschool children (18
             months ~ 4 years) are:

                 4 DTP
                 3 Polio
                 1 Hib dated on or after the first birthday
                 1 MMR dated on or after the first birthday
                 3 HB (Hepatitis B)
                 1 varicella (chickenpox) on or after the first birthday
                        (or proof of onset of disease)

     B.    Your child’s health is a matter of major importance to the staff. If your
           child has allergies or health problems, please make the staff aware of
           them and special arrangements will be made if necessary. You may be
           called to pick up your child if he/she appears to have symptoms of illness
           during the class session. In such cases, the child is isolated from the others
           and a parent is contacted. In case the parent cannot be located, a
           friend or neighbor listed on the child’s application will be called.
           Paramedics will be called in case of an emergency. Any non-emergency
           injury will be reported to the parents and an Accident Report will be
           completed and filed in the office. Medication will not be given during
           school hours unless it is a life-threatening situation.
     C.    In the case of life-threatening situations where medication is necessary,
           (i.e. allergic reactions, diabetes, seizures, etc.) medication must be in the
           original container and physician’s directions must accompany the
           medicine. These medications will be stored in a locked cabinet in the
           office area beyond the reach of the children. Medications are given in
           compliance with the nurse practice act and will only be administered by
           previously trained personnel.
     D.    In the case of toiletry accidents, clothing will be changed by the director.
           Clean clothing is available. Soiled clothing will be changed and a parent
           may be informed if it appears that the child is not well.
     E.    The preschool will report any suspected child abuse to the county
           authorities. If you suspect child abuse, you need to contact the authorities
           in your county. The telephone numbers to report child abuse in the
           surrounding counties are:

           Arapahoe County Department of Social Service           303-795-4825
           Adams County Department of Social Service              303-421-8121/5045
           Douglas County Department of Social Service            303-688-4825
           Jefferson County Department of Social Service          303-271-4357/4131

V.   Classroom Procedures
     A.    The preschool will be open Monday through Friday from 8:15 AM to 11:15
           AM and 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, except for school holidays. Please do not take
           your child to the classroom before 8:10 AM or 11:55 AM. Teachers need the
           time before school starts to prepare and collect supplies, which they are
           unable to do when there are children in the classroom. Your cooperation
           by being prompt at dismissal time is important.

B.   Children may attend two, three, or four days per week depending on the
C.   The children will be assigned to a class by age and a balance of girls and
     boys when possible. After classes are assigned in August, adjustments will
     be made only if there is space available.
D.   The daily class enrollment will be in accordance with or less than licensing
     regulations. Per licensing regulations, children/teacher ratios are:

           3 ~ 4 year olds           10 children               1 teacher
           4 ~ 41/2 year olds        10 or 12 children         1 teacher
           41/2 ~ 5 year olds        10 or 12 children         1 teacher

E.   Daily attendance sheets are to be initialed and the time noted by the
     responsible adult when dropping off and picking up each child.
F.   The daily schedule will be in keeping with sound principles of early
     childhood education and guidelines recommended by the Department
     of Human Services.
G.   Children will, on occasion, view videos as a group. A permission slip must
     be signed by a parent or guardian for their child to participate in this
     activity. Television viewing is not a part of the curriculum.
H.   A list of holidays observed by the school will be handed out in September.
     The preschool does not observe late starts due to inclement weather.
     School will either start at the regularly scheduled time or be cancelled
     when Denver Christian Schools are closed.
I.   No physical discipline is used. Teachers use time-out procedure if
J.   No child will be left alone for any amount of time while in the preschool.
     Head counts and roll calls will be ongoing throughout the session. If a
     child is not with his/her class, the director will be notified immediately and
     will begin a search of the premises. A parent will be notified and informed
     of the incident. Authorities and the Colorado Department of Human
     Services, Director of Child Care will also be notified.
K.   A snack is served daily. Please be sure the teacher is aware of any food
     allergies. A weekly snack menu is posted. Parents are welcome to bring
     snacks to celebrate their child’s birthday. Advance notice must be given
     to the teacher so parents can be notified of the change in the snack
     menu via a Special Snack Form.
L.   In case of an emergency where you cannot make dismissal time, please
     notify the school immediately so that your child can be assured that s/he
     has not been forgotten. If a child is left with the teacher for more than
     fifteen minutes, s/he will be brought to the office to be with the director
     until an authorized adult arrives to pick up the child. If an authorized adult
     cannot be located, authorities will be alerted to attend to an abandoned
     child. The director will remain with the child for as long as the child
     remains in the preschool.

        M.    The director will perform a final walk through of the preschool and the
              grounds at the end of each day to confirm that all children have been
              picked up.

VI.     Tuition Rates and Payment Requirements
        A.     Tuition payments may be made one of three ways:
                      Total payment due in September.
                      Two payments; half due in September, the second half in January.
                      Nine payments; equal payments due at the beginning of each
                             month (this option will include a $41.00 FACTS fee.).
                Checks should be made out to Denver Christian Preschool.
        B.     A non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 will be due with the processed
               application of each child.
        C.     Tuition for the 2011~ 2012 school year is as follows:

                                             Monthly    2 Payments      Yearly

                 One Day (Jan ~ May only)    $ 97.00                   $ 485.00
                 Two Day Program             $177.00      $ 796.50     $1593.00
                 Three Day Program           $231.00      $1039.50     $2079.00
                 Four Day Program            $323.00      $1453.50     $2907.00

VII.    The school reserves the right to drop a student for reasons of non-cooperation,
        delinquency in payment of fees, inability of child or parent to adjust to the
        school program, or no current health form or immunization card on file. In the
        case of a parent or guardian wishing to withdraw a child, the director will inform
        the Business Office.

VIII.   Evaluations for each child will be completed by the child’s teacher in
        December and May. Individual conferences may be scheduled at the
        convenience of all parties. This must be done at a time when no other children
        are present. The director will be present if requested.

IX.     Make-Up Days for Absences
        The preschool is licensed to care for a certain number of children per day,
        distributed between the various classrooms in specific numbers. Therefore,
        opportunities cannot be granted to make up days lost because of absences or

X.    Transportation
      A.    The school does not offer transportation to and from school. Car pool lists
            are available so parents can arrange car pools.
      B.    Parent volunteers are used for announced field trips. A Driver Liability form
            must be on file in the preschool office before any parent may drive on a
            field trip. All children going on field trips will abide by Colorado

             1.    Any child under eight years of age must sit in a car seat or booster
             2.    No child will sit in a front seat.
             3.    Each child must be restrained in an individual seat.
             4.    Children must remain seated while the vehicle is in motion.
             5.    Children will not be left unattended in the vehicle.

      C.    Teachers will not drive on field trips. They will take emergency information
            for every child on the trip with them. There will be a communication
            device in each vehicle to alert other drivers and the preschool of any
      D.    In the event of an emergency, the teacher will call 911, contact the
            preschool, and contact the parents of the children.
      E.    If a child arrives at the preschool after the group has left on a field trip, the
            adult will be asked to take the child to the destination and the teacher in
            charge will be contacted and made aware of the situation. The adult
            must have a Driver Liability form on file.

XI.   Emergencies
      A.   Emergency numbers are posted by the two working telephones in the
           facility. Teachers also have this information. Parents will be notified in
           case of an emergency alert, as well as radio station KOA (85 AM) and
           television stations KCNC (channel 4) and KUSA (channel 9).
      B.   Emergency evacuation routes are posted in the preschool. These will be
           practiced on a regular schedule so the children will become familiar with
      C.   In the case of a fire, all children will exit following their teacher along the
           planned route. All teachers and children will gather in one designated
           spot and a complete roll check will be made immediately.
      D.   In the case of a tornado, all teachers and children will assemble in a
           window-less bathroom, and be instructed to squat on their knees and
           cover their faces. A complete roll check will be made immediately.
      E.   The director will advise the teachers when the emergency has passed.

XII.    Authorization to Pick Up Child
        A.   No child will be released to a person not authorized by a parent or
             guardian to pick up the child. Written authorization must be made for
             changes in this respect.
        B.   If an adult arrives to pick up a child that is not recognizable by the
             teacher or director, identification will be required.

XIII.   School Dress
        A.   Simple clothing is most appropriate for preschool. Whenever possible,
             provide clothing with fastenings which your child can manipulate.
             Sandals are discouraged to protect child’s feet from injury. Garments
             including coats, hats, boots, and mittens should be labeled with your
             child’s name.
        B.   All personal belongings need to be kept in the child’s backpack. Please
             do not allow children to bring money to the school. Denver Christian
             Preschool is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
        C.   In the case of extreme hot or cold weather conditions, alterations to the
             outside schedule will be made. Sunscreen is to be applied by a parent or
             guardian before the child arrives at the preschool.

XIV.    Denver Christian Preschool is licensed by the Colorado Department of Human
        Services. The license is posted in the office. If you have concerns about a child
        care facility, please contact:

                          Department of Human Services
                          Division of Child Care
                          1575 Sherman Street
                          Denver, CO 80203-1714

Our prayer is that during this year, with parents and teachers working
together, we will be able to help your child develop his/her potential ~
spiritually, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically. Thank you
for sharing your children with us.

                                Kris Caffarelli, Director


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