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									                         Lepton CE School Prospectus

              Welcome to Lepton Church of England School
On behalf of everyone at Lepton Church of England School, may I offer a
very warm welcome to you and your child(ren).

At Lepton our ethos is very much based on Christian values; honesty,
respect, equity, fairness, individual worth, forgiveness, and
reconciliation are all central to daily life and practices in the school.
We encourage all relationships to be founded on these principles. We
believe in fostering an active working partnership between home and
school and we endeavour to develop excellent pupil, parent, teacher and
staff relationships in order to promote the development of the

Our learning environment is shaped by our understanding of what
unlocks learning and how children learn best. Within this environment
we provide learning opportunities that engage children and meet their
individual needs.
The school is dedicated to preparing children for their futures. The
school has a broad, balanced and rich curriculum. There is emphasis
placed on key skills in English and mathematics and the use of
information communication technology, as proficiency in these areas
provides the key to unlocking learning and the foundations for future
success. As headteacher I am dedicated to academic excellence and to
high measurable standards, however at Lepton we always put the child
first. We believe that it is crucial that children are safe, happy and
valued as individuals. By celebrating individuality, creativity,
independence, logical thinking and citizenship we aim to foster self-
esteem and enable our children to grow into confident, caring and
responsible young people. Our energetic and hardworking staff strive to
maximize the potential of each student.

We hope this prospectus will give you helpful information about our
procedures and some appreciation of our aims and expectations.
However the best way to find out about our school is to come and visit

We look forward to receiving your child(ren) into school.

Yours sincerely

Lynn Lawson

Head Teacher
Lepton CE School Prospectus

                 Lepton CE School Prospectus


Letter from the Headteacher                    1
Mission Statement                              2
Gathered views – OFSTED headlines              4
School Aims                                    5
The School Day                                 6
School Organisation                            6
School Staff                                   7
School Governors                               8
The Curriculum                                 9
Early Years                                    10
Religious Education                            10
Collective Worship                             10
Sex and relationship Education                 10
Extra-curricular activities                    11
Sporting Aims                                  11
Inclusion and Special Educational Needs        11
Secondary School Transfer                      11
Our Good Behaviour Policy                      12
Golden Time                                    12
School Uniform                                 13
Jewellery                                      17
National Curriculum Tasks - Key Stage 1        14
National Curriculum Tasks - Key Stage 2        15
Authorised and Unauthorised Absence            16
Attendance and Punctuality                     16
School Meals                                   17
Snacks                                         17
Pastoral Care                                  17
                                 Lepton CE School Prospectus
      Medicines                                                                     17
      Complaints                                                                    17
      Our School’s Charging Policy                                                  18
      Pre-school                                                                    18
      Out of School Club                                                            18
      Car Parking                                                                   18
      Publishers’ Statement                                                         18

           GATHERED VIEWS – What people say about us.
                   “This is a good school with some outstanding features.”
“Pupils‟ personal development is outstanding. They greatly enjoy all the school has to offer
        and contribute exceptionally well to the school and to the wider community.”
“Behaviour is excellent, pupils respect each other and because they are well cared for they
   feel very safe at school. They strongly disapprove of any form of bullying or racism.”
 “The outstanding quality of care, support and guidance is another factor underpinning the
         pupils‟ growth in self-confidence and their developing personal qualities.”
                                   (Inspection July 2008)

                              THE CHURCH of ENGLAND
“Lepton Church of England VC Junior, Infant and Nursery School is an outstanding school
                       that reflects its Christian Foundation well.”
  “The school is strongly committed to the nurture and care of its pupils promoted through
                                clear Christian principles.”
       (National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools Report 2008)

  “The individual needs of children are very well catered for, staff are dedicated, there is a
     caring culture and a real sense of community.” Parents‟ views Ofsted July 2008
“There are few people that I would share the life of my grandson with but I can in all honesty
                     say that Lepton C of E staff fit the bill perfectly.”
 Mrs Lawson, in our opinion Lepton C.E. is a school that you and your teachers should be
        very proud off. The school does not need to improve to meet our needs.
                                I am very satisfied thank you.
                        To be honest the school is doing a great job!
                           School is meeting all our needs so far.
                              I am totally happy with everything.
                                    (Parental Survey 2007)

                     “What makes Lepton School a special place?”

                                   Lepton CE School Prospectus

                    “Lessons are very interesting and learning is really fun.”
                                     “Teachers always listen.”
                                         “Reliable friends.”
                                       “Everyone‟s friendly.”
                                       “Big areas to play in.”
                                     “Fun after school clubs.”
                                       (Pupil survey 2008)

                                       OUR SCHOOL
We are a Church of England voluntary controlled school for junior, infant and nursery
The full name and address of the school is:
   Lepton Church of England (VC)
   Junior, Infant & Nursery School
   Station Road
   Huddersfield     HD8 0DE
Telephone (01484) 222742 Fax 222762
e-mail – office.leptonce@kirklees-schools.org.uk

                                   The aims of the school
As a school we aim:
 To be inclusive and to put in place the practice in all aspects of our work that ensures that
  all learners are given equality of opportunity and treated fairly
 To provide well for learners‟ physical, mental, social, spiritual, moral and cultural needs
 To build an ethos marked by a welcoming, friendly, bright and lively place where learners
  feel secure. A place where good behaviour is expected and where learners enjoy growing
 We aim to provide a safe, welcoming, caring environment within a well-maintained site,
  featuring displays of high quality which are informative and/or celebrate achievement.
 To make this school a place of enjoyment where success is celebrated

As a staff we aim:
 To promote and achieve high standards for all by providing teaching and learning of the
  highest quality
 To promote a positive approach to learning and behaviour developing respect, tolerance,
  confidence, motivation and enthusiasm in adults and children alike
 To provide a challenging, progressive and stimulating curriculum enriched by visits,
  visitors and by making connections between subjects
 To provide opportunities for all children to experience success and to celebrate this
 To offer equal opportunity respecting and understanding rights and responsibilities
  regardless of race, gender, background, ability or disability
 To prepare children for their future
 To make parents and the wider community equal partners with school
 To be part of Christian worship and teaching in school

As Governors we aim:
 To support the staff and maintain the bridge between school and the community
                                 Lepton CE School Prospectus
 To ensure the delivery and monitoring of high standards and whole school management,
  curriculum and budget

                             Parents and the Community
We want to create a welcoming atmosphere and foster good relationships with parents and
the community. We will seek to promote initiatives which bring greater interaction between
the children, parents, school staff, the local churches, other local organisations and the
people of the village. We aim to maintain and enhance our relationship with St. John's
Church and adopt a caring approach to local needs and the environment.

                                   OUR SCHOOL DAY

Main School
      8.45am                                           Doors open
      9.00am                                           The school day begins
      9.00 am        10.05 am                          Session 1
      10.05 am       10.20 am                          Morning Break
      10.20 am       11.20 am                          Session 2
      11.20 am       11.40 am                          Assembly/Collective Worship
      11.40 am       12.00 noon (12.15 pm KS2)         Session 3
      12.00 noon     1.15 pm                           Lunch
      1.15 pm        2.15 pm                           Session 4
      2.15 pm        2.30 pm                           Afternoon Break
      2.30 pm        3.30 pm                           Session 5
      3.30 pm                                          The school day ends
8.45 am - 11.45 am   daily session times

Age range and Admission Times
The school caters for children from 3 to 11 years. We have a 26 place morning Nursery for
pre-school age children. Admission to our Reception class takes place at two points during
the year. Children whose fifth birthdays fall between 1st. September and the last day of
February can begin in the September. Children whose fifth birthdays fall between
1st. March and 31st. August can start school in January. We follow the Kirklees admission
Parents who wish to visit the school should ring the school to make an appointment with the

There are seven classes in the school in addition to a part-time nursery operating in the
mornings. The seven classes are organised into separate year groups, as follows:
                   Reception class (Year R)            rising 5s
                   Class 1 for Year 1 children         5 – 6 yrs
                   Class 2 for Year 2 children         6 – 7 yrs
                   Class 3 for Year 3 children         7 – 8 yrs
                   Class 4 for Year 4 children         8 – 9 yrs
                   Class 5 for Year 5 children         9 – 10 yrs
                   Class 6 for Year 6 children         10 – 11 yrs

                                 Lepton CE School Prospectus
   The criterion for allocating children to particular classes is year group age.

                                    SCHOOL STAFF
“The whole staff are involved in creating the very high level of care and support which results
in such a warm, friendly atmosphere in school.”               (Ofsted inspection report 2008)

Headteacher       Mrs Lynn Lawson              Child Protection, Geography, History, Religious
                                               Education, Collective Worship, PSHCE, Health and
Deputy Head       Mrs. Helen Lever             Key Stage 2 Manager
Class 5                                        Assessment, Curriculum and Modern Foreign
                                               Language manager
Senior Teacher    Miss Kirsty Allen            Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Manager
Reception                                      ICT manager
Senior Teacher    Miss Katie Robinson          Mathematics and Literacy Manager
Class 6
Senior Teacher    Mrs Wendy Smith              Special Educational Needs Manager
Class 1
Teacher           Mr Gareth Rees               Science Manager
Class 4
Teacher           Mrs Melonie Vince            Art and Design Technology Manager
Class 3
Teacher           Miss Victoria Westerby       Music Manager
Class 2
Teacher           Mrs Marjorie Dickinson       Nursery Manager
Teacher           Mrs Patricia Jones           Reception & Y1
Teacher           Mr Michael Parker            Y2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
Part-time                                      PE Manager
Student Teacher   Mrs Karen Hadfield           Graduate Teacher Programme
Class 5
Administrator     Mrs. Gillian Ruddlesden      School Administrator/Secretary
Administrator     Mrs. Christine Kempley       School Administrator/Finance

Nursery           Mrs Elizabeth Downey         Nursery Nurse
Reception         Mrs Paula Gelder             Teaching assistant
Year 1            Mrs Debbie Dickenson         Teaching assistant
Year 1 / 2        Mrs Carol Ledger             Teaching assistant, lunchtime supervisor
                  Mrs Gail Firth               Teaching assistant, lunchtime supervisor
Year 3            Mrs Joanne Brough            Teaching assistant, lunchtime supervisor
                  Miss Lucy Gray               Teaching assistant, lunchtime supervisor
Year 4            Mrs Glenis Downey            Teaching assistant, senior lunchtime supervisor

                                     Lepton CE School Prospectus
Year 5               Mrs Beverley Durie          Teaching assistant
Year 6               Mrs Andrea Dickie           Teaching assistant
                     Mrs Cheryl Arnell           Teaching assistant
Caretaker            Mr Nicholas Vince
Cleaners             Mrs Christine Pickering, Mrs Jane Letherland

Cook                 Mrs Vicki Clancy
Assistant Cooks      Mrs Therese Pool

Crossing Patrol      Mr Roberts
                                  SCHOOL GOVERNORS

 “Governance is effective and helps to ensure that the school gives good value for money.”
                                                      (Ofsted inspection report July 2008)
Name                                          Status                        Term of office expires
Mrs Rachel Daffern (Chairperson)              Parent                        08 Nov 2009
Mr Peter Cunnington (vice chair)              Foundation                    01 Oct 2009
Mrs Carolyn Barlow                            Parent                        19 Dec 2011
Ms Julie Davison                              Parent                        08 Nov 2009
Mrs Andrea Dickie                             Staff                         06 Feb 2012
Mrs Barbara Green                             Community                     22 July 2011
Mrs Ruth Harris                               Parent                        16 Dec 2011
Mrs Gloria Humphries                          Local Authority               8 Feb 2012
Mrs Lynn Lawson (ex-officio)                  Headteacher                   -
Mrs Helen Lever                               Staff                         18 May 2010
Mr Craig Mansell                              Local Authority               06 Jul 2009
Mrs Samantha Midgley                          Parent                        04 Oct 2008
Ms Paulette Johnson                           Local Authority               18 Jul 2011
Mr Bill Stacey (foundation)                   Foundation                    31 Aug 2010
Cllr. Linda Wilkinson                         Community                     11 Sept 2009
Mrs Amerjit Sahota                            Clerk                         -

The Governing Body/Headteacher Partnership
Every school must have a governing body. They are responsible for making sure the school provides
a good quality education. They work closely with the head teacher, who is responsible for the day to
day management of the school. The governing body meets every half-term and with the aid of
additional committee meetings, looks at all areas of school life. Reports from committees are
discussed at full governing body meetings.

Our governing body includes governors who are:
         Parents - elected by parents at the school

         School staff - elected by Head, teachers and support staff at the school

         The head teacher – who is entitled to be a staff governor without an election

         Local authority representatives - Persons appointed by Kirklees as the local education

         Members of the community - appointed by other members of the governing body

         Foundation governors - appointed by the church

                                     Lepton CE School Prospectus
Usually a governor is appointed for a period of four years but may subsequently be eligible for re-
appointment or re-election.

The School will inform you if there are vacancies for parent, community or foundation governors and
warmly welcomes new volunteers. We are keen to attract people in the community who can bring
energy and fresh ideas. You may think that to become a school governor you need to be an expert.
Not so - interest, enthusiasm and a commitment to getting the best for children are much more

                                     THE CURRICULUM
        “A very strong feature of the outstanding curriculum is the way imaginative and exciting
        projects are used successfully to widen pupils’ experiences.”
        “there is a very strong focus on promoting pupils’ creativity and enjoyment. The curriculum
          is planned very well to establish meaningful links between subjects. It is enriched by an
                               impressive range of extra-curricular activities.”
                                  (OFSTED inspection report July 2008)

                            Curriculum Aims
           The curriculum aims to enable all children to become
              successful learners, confident individuals and
                           responsible citizens

  Successful                              Confident                               Responsible
   learners                              Individuals                                citizens
Who make good                           Who lead safe                              Who make a
 progress and                          and healthy lives                             positive
    achieve                                                                       contribution to

                         Every Child Matters
        Enjoy and Achieve        Stay Safe      Be Healthy
        Make a Positive Contribution       Achieve Success

      Key Skills                       Knowledge and                              Creativity
       Literacy                        understanding                                 P.E.
      Numeracy                         About the world                               Art
          ICT                             Science                                   Design
       Personal                            History                                  Music
        Social                           Geography                                  Drama
      Emotional                           Religion                                Languages
       Thinking                      Cross-curricular topics
                                Lepton CE School Prospectus

    Musical instrument lessons       School sports teams
        School Productions           Sports coaching
             Residential               Talent show
              Art club                 School trips
EARLY YEARS EDUCATION                 Theme weeks
                                       Our school has a 26 place part-time nursery which
                                       operates in the morning. There is close liaison
                                       between the nursery and reception class staff who
                                       plan together using the Early Years Foundation
                                       Stage Curriculum. Children are introduced gradually
                                       to the nursery and reception routines over a short
                                       induction period. This ensures that their individual
                                       needs can be fully assessed and that they are given
                                       the best possible start.

We are a Christian school and our daily act of collective worship reflects this. The children
learn to understand the relevance of Christianity to our lives and how prayer and
contemplation can help to make us more aware of goodness and virtue. Our school
assemblies emphasise Christian values, including a daily hymn and prayers. Assemblies are
planned around weekly themes, and a „special mentions‟ assembly takes place on Fridays
where we celebrate children‟s achievements in and out of school. We have close links with
the church of St. John the Evangelist, Lepton and we have a school service at the church
one each term.

We believe that it is very important to learn to respect each other's views and values.
RE is taught as a separate subject and we spend approximately one hour per week,
averaged throughout the year, during which all children learn about Christianity with the
other world religions of Islam and Sikhism introduced according to the Kirklees Agreed

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious observance and education. If
you wish to withdraw your child, please contact the Headteacher.

It has been agreed by our governing body that sex education is taught within the context of
the family, relationships and commitment. Children are taught throughout Key Stages One
and Two as part of wider topics involving Science and P.E. Towards the end of Key Stage 2

                                      Lepton CE School Prospectus
(Years 5 & 6) the children are given more specific lessons involving the human reproductive
system, bodily changes in adolescence and how babies are conceived and born.
Parents are invited to view resource materials at a meeting beforehand, where they can ask
any necessary questions. A copy of the full sex education policy of our school is available on
request from the school office. Parents are entitled to withdraw their child from specific sex
education lessons if they wish, but this should be discussed with the Headteacher first.

The curriculum is enriched by an impressive range of extra-curricular activities.” OFSTED 2008
Our school values the importance of extra curricular activities and we offer a wide range of
activities for the children through the year.
Current clubs include Art, Drama, Choir, Djembe drumming, Football, Multi-skills, Rounders,
Netball, and Gymnastics. Parental permission is always sought before children begin
attending such clubs.
Our school provides many opportunities for school sport, a large number of children take up
the opportunities to enjoy sport and keep fit. A range of traditional sports including football,
rugby, rounders and athletics etc. are taught, encouraging team skills and co-operation. Our
school environment has both hard and grassed areas for sport. During the last academic
year we saw the installation of a fenced multi-sports court further improving our outdoor
facilities. We also have a large hall well equipped for P.E. We are part of The Newsome
School Sports Partnership.

 Lepton C of E school supports an inclusion policy of offering mainstream school
opportunities to all children in the community if it is possible to meet their needs. We have a
designated co-ordinator in school and if specific concerns are observed, teachers and
teaching assistants liaise with the Special Educational Needs co-ordinator and an individual
or group education plan will be developed and parents/carers will be closely involved.
External support agencies such as psychologists and behaviour and learning support
services may be involved. Communication between school and parents/carers is vital and
by early discussion and intervention it is hoped that appropriate and effective progress will
be achieved.
The physical environment supports children with Special Educational Needs providing
disabled access around the building. The layout of the building is on three levels separated
by short flights of steps. Lifts and ramps have been installed to offer access to most parts of
the building for anyone who is physically challenged.
A gifted and talented register is in place identifying children who are extremely able, either in
a specific subject area or more generally. Curriculum planning in school is carefully matched
to the needs of individuals and groups of children.
The school's SEN policy is available at school on request.
We are committed to providing the same high quality education to all our children,
irrespective of race, gender, disability or socio-economic background.
                                    Lepton CE School Prospectus

Children leave Lepton at the age of eleven for local high schools. We are a „feeder‟ school
for King James‟s High School and the majority of our pupils choose to go there.
Communication between the schools is very good. Visits to the High School happen
regularly for key stage two children and in addition to these visits staff from the High School
also work closely with us to ensure children are prepared well for their transfer.

Our ethos gives positive messages about our attitude and values. The ethos is the feel or
climate in a school. This is central to establishing and maintaining excellent standards of
Our aim is to involve everyone linked to school life – children, staff, parents and governors to
work together to ensure the school community is based on respect for each other.
Our expectations are simple and are set out clearly in our home school agreement and we
ask all parents to support our policy.
School rules, rewards and consequences are shared with all children at the start of each
school year and as an ongoing reminder during the year. These are displayed in each class
                                      Six Golden Rules
                                     1. Follow instructions
                                     2. Be kind to others
                                     3. Be polite at all times
                                     4. Take care of property
                                     5. Work hard work quietly
                                     6. Be honest

                              Rights and Responsibilities
I have a right to be happy in the classroom.
                                                My responsibility is to allow others to be happy.
I have a right to enjoy playtime.
                                           My responsibility is to allow others to enjoy playtime.
I have a right to learn.
                                                  My responsibility is to allow others to learn.
The full Good Behavior Policy is available from school.
Persistent physical or verbal abuse, or deliberate exclusion from peer group activities will not
be tolerated. If your child complains of bullying, please contact the school immediately. A
copy of our anti-bullying policy can be obtained from school.
Golden Time takes place in the last twenty minutes on Friday afternoons. This is a privilege
given for ongoing good behaviour. Children are able to bring something from home for
golden time.
Decorated shoe boxes are an attractive and ideal way of transporting things to and from

                                  Lepton CE School Prospectus
Just a few suggestions of suitable items to include in a treasure box:- Puzzle books, comics,
magazines, felt tip pens, note book, diary, dominoes, top trumps, cards, soft toys, small
figures, game suitable for age of child.
If a child should bring something, which is considered „unsuitable‟ by the class teacher, it will
be returned home with a polite request not to be brought in again. (Mobile phones, game
boys and ipods are expensive items and should not be brought.)
Any child who forgets his or her golden time box will be able to either share with someone
else or use a classroom game or activity. Treasure boxes can stay in school for as long as
desired but the contents can only be used at specific „golden times‟.

The school uniform items can be obtained from
 our supplier
“Term Time Wear”,
5 St Johns Road,
Huddersfield, (Tel. 01484 453534).

We expect all the children from the Reception class to Year 6 to wear our school uniform.
The uniform is made up of the following garments:-
Grey trousers, pinafore dress or skirt
Pale Blue shirt/blouse – Autumn and Spring terms
Pale blue polo shirt – Summer term only
(Polo shirts all year round for Reception and KS1 children only )
Pale blue & white candy stripe or gingham dress– Summer term only
Electric blue cardigan or jumper with school logo
Maroon tie, Year 2 onwards (elasticated or normal AVAILABLE FROM SCHOOL)
White or grey socks, black or grey tights
Sensible black shoes

A pump bag is essential in which to keep games clothing. In addition school reading book
bags are
available from school. These are a useful way of
carrying precious books and letters to and from school
in all weathers and have a clear space to write your

For PE. we expect all children to change into:
white T- shirt with our logo on and
black or blue shorts
A warm outer layer may be needed for outdoor games lessons, such as a track suit or
jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt.
Dark colours preferred.
                                                  Lepton CE School Prospectus

We prefer children not to wear any jewellery in school but our health and safety policy strictly
prohibits the wearing of any jewellery during P.E. lessons. If you are considering having your
child's ears pierced, the best time for this to happen would be during the summer holiday, to
allow healing to take place and therefore removal of earrings for P.E.

     Please name all clothing, footwear and equipment clearly with your child's name

                      NATIONAL CURRICULUM TASKS and TESTS
                                              2008 KEY STAGE 1 - SCHOOL RESULTS
The number of eligible children is: 30.

                                                        TEACHER ASSESSMENT

                                                              Percentage at each level
                                                                                                    3 or     Disapplied Absent
                        W                 1         2         2C           2B           2A
                                                                                                   above      children children
Speaking and
                         0            16           77                                                 6              0       0
Reading                  0            23                      30           20           10           16              0       0

Writing                  3            27                      27           17           13           13              0       0

Mathematics              0            10                      33           17           20           20              0       0

Science*                 0            40           53                                                 7                  0

                                              2007 KEY STAGE 1 NATIONAL RESULTS

This table shows the percentage of eligible children achieving each level at the end of key stage 1 in 2007.

                                              RESULTS OF TEACHER ASSESSMENT 2007

                                                              Percentage at each level
                                                                                                    3 or     Disapplied Absent
                        W                 1         2         2C           2B           2A
                                                                                                   above      children children
Speaking and
                         2            11           65                                                22              0       0
Reading                  3            13                      13           22           24           26              0       0

Writing                  5            15                      22           27           20           13              0       0

Mathematics              2                8                   16           24           27           22              0       0

Science                  2                9        66                                                23                  0

W Represents children who are working towards level 1, but have not yet achieved the standards needed for level 1.
Figures may not total 100 per cent because of rounding.

                                               Lepton CE School Prospectus

                                           2008 KEY STAGE 2 - SCHOOL RESULTS

The number of pupils at the end of key stage 2:            27
                                                    TEACHER ASSESSMENT

                                                              Percentage at each level
                                                                                                         Pupils        Pupils
                        W              1            2         3            4        5             6
                                                                                                       disapplied      absent
English                                             4         7         27        61                       0              0

  Reading                                           4         7         18        70                       0              0

  Writing                                           4         7         37        52                       0              0

Mathematics                                                11           26        59                       0              0

Science                                             4         7         37        52                       0              0

                                                        TEST RESULTS

                                                              Percentage at each level
                             Below                                                     Pupils
                                                    3         4            5                               Pupils absent
                            level 3*                                                 not entered#
English                        4                 15        48           33                0                        0

 Reading                       4                 15        26           55                0                        0

 Writing                       4                 18        63           15                0                        0

Mathematics                    4                 15        48           33                0                        0

Science                                                    26           70                0                        1

                                       2007 KEY STAGE 2 - NATIONAL RESULTS
These tables show the percentage of year 6 pupils achieving each level nationally in 2007.
                                                TEACHER ASSESSMENT

                                                          Percentage at each level
                                                                                                        Pupils         Pupils
                   W               1            2         3            4        5             6
                                                                                                      disapplied       absent
English             0              1            4         17           48       29            0           0              0

Mathematics         0              1            4         17           45       33            0           0              0

Science             0              0            2         12           47       38            0           0              0

                                               Lepton CE School Prospectus
                                                       TEST RESULTS

                                                            Percentage at each level
                                Below                                                               Pupils       Pupils
                                                           3              4             5                    #
                               level 3*                                                          not entered     absent
English                            6                       13            47            33              0           1

    Reading                        7                       9             36            48              0           1

    Writing                        5                       27            48            19              0           1

Mathematics                        6                       16            45            33              0           1

Science                            3                       9             41            46              0           1

The rates of authorised and unauthorised absence for the school year 2007/8
Total number of registered pupils..................................................              190
(excluding nursery children)
Attendance....................................................................................   95.1 %
% of half day sessions missed through authorised absence... ….                                   4.87 %
% of half day sessions missed through unauthorised absence.....                                  0.12 %

Please ensure that your child arrives at school between 8.45 and 8.55 am.
Doors open at 8.45 (slightly earlier in bad weather). Registers are taken at 9.00 and close at
9.10. If you arrive at school with your child after 9.00 am please enter the school at the main
door by the office to sign them in.
When can children be absent from school?
   Illness
   Unavoidable medical or dental appointments
   Exceptional family circumstances, ie wedding or funeral

The law says that parents do not have the right to take their child out of school for holidays
during term time. However, in exceptional circumstances the head teacher can allow parents
to take their child out of class for up to ten days in a school year. (Lower cost of a holiday is
not considered exceptional circumstances.) Permission for a term-time holiday absence
should always be sought in advance by requesting a holiday absence form.
When deciding whether to authorize term-time holiday the head teacher will consider:
                           The time and length of the holiday
                           The child‟s record of attendance
                           Any previous term-time holiday
Absence at some times during the school year may result in pupils experiencing particular

    The start of the school year when routines and friendships are established
    The beginning of a term – often when new topics are introduced
    The Spring term when pupils are preparing for SATs (years 2 and 6)
    During May when SATs and assessments take place (All year groups)

                                    Lepton CE School Prospectus
It is important that you carefully consider how taking a holiday during term time may affect
your child‟s education and also their friendships. It is always best, whenever possible, to
take vacations during school holiday times.
                                HOLIDAY DATES 2008 2009
          Holidays                  School closes       School opens
 Autumn Term                                                        Tuesday 2 September
                                                  rd                         rd
 Half term                           Thursday 23 October            Monday 3 November
 Christmas                           Friday 19 December
 Spring Term                                                        Tuesday 6 January
                                               th                              rd
 Half term                           Friday 13 February             Monday 23 February
 Easter                              Friday 3 April
 Summer Term                                                        Monday 20 April
                                               nd                            st
 Half term                           Friday 22 May                  Monday 1 June
 Midsummer                           Friday 17 July
                                      th                              th
School will also be closed on Monday 4 May (Bank holiday) & Thursday 4 June (European Election)
We have a very good school meals service with food cooked fresh on the premises. Children
have a healthy main course followed by a pudding. Dinner money is collected on Monday
mornings. If you wish you can pay for a number of weeks in advance.
Please send the correct money in an envelope/purse clearly marked with your child's
name and the amount enclosed. If you wish to send a cheque please make it payable to
'Kirklees MC.' We also cater for those children having a packed lunch. If you wish to change
meal arrangements from school dinners to packed lunches, the cook needs at least two
weeks notice.
Packed lunches should not contain sweets/chocolate bars because this would contravene
our healthy eating policy. Also fizzy drinks should not be packed as they can explode, ruin
the lunch and cause unnecessary problems.

Milk is available for all nursery and Key Stage 1 children. There is a charge for this each
term. (No charge for Nursery children.) A free piece of fruit is provided each day for all
Nursery and Key Stage 1 children too. Fruit and fruit juice is also available every morning for
all children in year 1 to year 6. This can be bought from the fruit shop in school. Children are
also welcome to bring fruit from home to eat at morning playtimes. Sweets, chewing gum,
fizzy drinks etc. are not allowed.
All the children are well cared for whilst at school. If your child complains of feeling ill T.L.C.
(tender loving care) might be all that is required. If the teacher, person in charge of First Aid
and the headteacher feel that she/he should go home, the child's contact form is consulted
and you will be contacted. It is very important to keep the contact arrangements up to
In the case of a bad accident the child will be taken to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, Casualty
Department, accompanied by a member of Staff. You will be contacted at once and
arrangements will be made to meet them.
If you have anything you wish to discuss, the class teacher and/or headteacher will be
pleased to see you at a mutually convenient time. For the benefit of your child we aim to
have a partnership between the parent and the teacher.

It is not our school policy to administer prescription medicines. If a child needs prescription
medication at school on a short term basis, the child‟s parent/carer will be asked to arrange
for someone to come into school and administer it.

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For chronic illness, parents/carers should meet with the headteacher to arrange safe
procedures for the storage and administration of any medication. Parents will be asked to
sign a consent form before any medicines can be administered by the school staff.
Asthma sufferers will be allowed to keep their inhalers with them during the day. The school
should be notified immediately if your child is diagnosed as having asthma. A note will be put
on the child‟s record that they carry an inhaler. It is advisable to have two inhalers, one for
school and one for home and the school inhaler should be clearly labelled with the child‟s

We have a set procedure for dealing with complaints about the school. Depending on the
nature of the complaint it may be appropriate to see your child's teacher in the first instance.
Otherwise please make an appointment with the headteacher. If the meeting with the
headteacher does not meet with your satisfaction you will be advised to put your complaint in
writing to the school's governing body. If your complaint remains unresolved you may
complain to the LA. A copy of the complaints policy is available in school
For certain activities such as:
    educational visits taking place wholly in school time
    baking
    annual visit from a theatre company
we do request a financial contribution from each
parent/carer to cover all or part of the costs involved.
This contribution is voluntary and no child will be prevented from taking part in an activity on
the grounds of
parent‟s inability or unwillingness to contribute. However, if sufficient contributions are not
received, activities may have to be cancelled. Financial help is available for parents in
receipt of Income Support and Family Credit.
The full charge for the board and lodgings element of residential visits and activities taking
place out of school time is always required.

Payments will be sought from parents for damage to or loss of school property caused
intentionally or negligently by their children.
The Chairman of the Governing body together with the headteacher will determine any
individual case arising from the implementation of this policy.

The pre-school provides for children from the age of two upwards and it also hosts two
mother and toddler sessions. The Out of School club gives working parents the opportunity
to leave their children in quality care before and after school hours. Open 7.45am – 9am and
3.30pm – 6pm daily. They are housed in the bungalow on our school site and their presence
here adds to the richness and continuity of educational provision. For more details please
contact :
               Elaine Cooper for Pre-school enquiries 07535857888
               Jackie Stead for Out of School Club enquiries 07867927096

CAR PARKING – Child safety is our priority
Please do not use the school car park, it is extremely small and the number of staff vehicles
exceeds the number of parking bays. Large delivery vans can arrive at any time and as a
result it is always very congested and dangerous.
It is important that you park sensibly outside school and avoid dangerous turning
manoeuvres in the entrance. The area in front of the gates needs to be kept clear at all times

                                Lepton CE School Prospectus
and our neighbours along Station Road do, understandably, get upset if their drives are
blocked by our parents‟ cars.
For your information you are not allowed to park in Oak Tree Avenue, parking time
restrictions apply. If you live close to the school it might be easier to walk.

If you are dropping your child off in the mornings, please do not use the car park, park
outside school gates and take extra care walking up the school drive. School staff are often
arriving at the same time and delivery vans can make it an unsafe place for children.
You can use the school car park in the evenings when picking up from the club but please
supervise your children closely as vehicles could still be arriving or leaving then too.
Thank You.

  This information is published in compliance with Education Law. The details given
                              were correct at Sept 2008.
                   Any changes may be published in a supplement.
                    Published by the Governors of Lepton C.E. School
            Station Road, Lepton Huddersfield. HD8 0DE Tel. (01484) 222742


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