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    Payments Publications
PAYMENTS PUBLICATIONS                                                                         FACT SHEET
What is Payments Publications?                                                      resources to increase the adoption of ACH payments to benefit
Payments Publications is a cooperative effort between the Regional                  businesses, consumers, and governments. To learn more, visit
Payments Associations and NACHA—The Electronic Payments                    and
Association (NACHA) to provide a comprehensive selection of
books, pamphlets, marketing collateral and other educational                        What Are the Regional Payments Associations?
materials all addressing current payments issues.                                   Regional Payments Associations—whose membership is composed
                                                                                    of banks, savings and loans, credit unions, and affiliate companies in
What is NACHA?                                                                      a specific region—offer operational assistance, marketing support,
NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association is a not-for-profit                       and education/training services.
association that oversees the Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Network, one of the largest electronic payment networks in the world.               What Are Direct Financial Institution Members?
More than 18.76 billion transactions were exchanged in 2009. NACHA                  NACHA Financial Institution Members cast their votes directly on
is responsible for the administration, development, and enforcement of              the NACHA Operating Rules and other electronic payment standards
the NACHA Operating Rules and sound risk management practices for                   governing the banking industry nationwide.
the ACH Network. Through its industry councils and forums, NACHA
brings together hundreds of diverse payments system stakeholder                     PLEASE NOTE:
organizations to enable the development of new network services and                 For comprehensive educational programs and information about
applications. NACHA represents more than 11,000 financial                           membership benefits, contact your local Regional Payments
institutions through direct membership and 18 regional payments                     Association.
associations. NACHA and its members provide education, tools, and

Alabama ACH Association                                       Phone: 205/733-0006     Fax: 205/733-0606     Email:
EastPay, Inc.                                                 Phone: 800/681-4224     Fax: 804/648-5254     Email:
EPCOR                                                         Phone: 800/500-0100     Fax: 816/471-7665     Email:
GACHA                                                         Phone: 678/384-9791     Fax: 678/384-9796     Email:
MACHA- The Mid-Atlantic Payments Association                  Phone: 410/859-0090     Fax: 410/859-3452     Email:
NEACH – New England ACH Association                           Phone: 781/321-1011     Fax: 781/338-9627     Email:
Northwest Clearing House Association                          Phone: 206/622-7846     Fax: 206/622-3197     Email:
SHAZAM, Inc.                                                  Phone: 800/537-5427     Fax: 515/248-5828     Email:
South Carolina ACH Association                                Phone: 803/732-1579     Fax: 803/732-6030     Email:
Southern Financial Exchange                                   Phone: 504/525-6779     Fax: 504/525-1693     Email:
SWACHA - The Electronic Payments Resource                     Phone: 214/438-4585     Fax: 214/438-4515     Email:
Tennessee ACH Association                                     Phone: 615/859-4188     Fax: 615/859-3719     Email:
The Clearing House Payments Association                       Phone: 800/875-2242     Fax: 212/613-9835     Email:
The Payments Authority, Inc.                                  Phone: 248/952-5800     Fax: 248/952-5820     Email:
Upper Midwest ACH Association                                 Phone: 763/549-7000     Fax: 763/549-7004     Email:
Viewpointe Clearing, Settlement & Association Services, LLC   Phone: 800/279-9059     Fax: 214/303-2321     Email:
WACHA- The Premier Payments Resource                          Phone: 262/345-1245     Fax: 262/345-1246     Email:
WESPAY                                                        Phone: 415/433-1230     Fax: 415/433-1370     Email:
American Express Centurion Bank                               Phone: 801/945-6569     Fax: 866/844-2778     Email:
Bank of America Merrill Lynch                                 Phone: 804/627-7165     Fax: 804/605-3297     Email:
BB&T                                                          Phone: 703/549-1883     Fax: 703/531-2091     Email:
BNY Mellon                                                    Phone: 412/236-3338     Fax: 412/234-3149
Capital One                                                   Phone: 866/561-2580     Fax: 804/967-1000     Email:
Citibank N.A.                                                 Phone: 302/683-4775     Fax: 866/436-5637     Email:
Discover Financial Services, Inc.                             Phone: 224/405-1661     Fax: 224/405-3567     Email:
Fifth Third Bank                                              Phone: 513/358-7950     Fax: 513/358-6545     Email:
First PREMIER Bank                                            Phone: 605/357-3093                           Email:
Harris, NA                                                    Phone: 312/461-7162     Fax: 312/461-2117     Email:
Huntington National Bank                                      Phone: 614/480-4957     Fax: 614/480-7575     Email:
J.P. Morgan                                                   Phone: 813/432-7776     Fax: 813/432-3809     Email:
KeyBank                                                       Phone: 216/689-4611     Fax: 216/689-0977     Email:
MetaBank                                                      Phone: 605/782-0798                           Email:
Navy Federal Credit Union                                     Phone: 703/206-3919     Fax: 703/255-7739     Email:
PNC Bank                                                      Phone: 412/762-4008     Fax: 412/762-0238     Email:
RBS Citizens                                                  Phone: 617/725-5861     Fax: 617/725-5689     Email:
Regions Financial Corp                                        Phone: 205/560-3999     Fax: 205/420-4022     Email:
SunTrust Bank                                                 Phone: 404/588-8274     Fax: 404/813-1293     Email:
Synovus Financial Corporation                                 Phone: 229/430-7081     Fax: 229/430-5379     Email:
TCF National Bank                                             Phone: 612/661-6692     Fax: 952/475-7937     Email:
TD Bank N.A.                                                  Phone 856/751-9000                            Email:
The Bancorp Bank                                              Phone: 610/304-8573                           Email:
U.S. Bank                                                     Phone: 612/303-7334     Fax: 612/303-7555     Email:
Wells Fargo                                                   Phone: 612/667-5974     Fax: 612/667-4590     Email:
Zions Bancorporation                                          Phone: 801/844-8091     Fax: 801/974-4994     Email:
                                                                                                                    Publications in this catalog can
Topic                                                                                            Page
                                                                                                                  also be ordered from our web site at
Rules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

AAP Test Preparation Materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3                  
ACH 101 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

ACH Participant Directory. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Computer-based Reference . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Internet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Quick Reference . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Risk Management & Compliance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Electronic Benefits Transfer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Electronic Check . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Check 21 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Operations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Electronic Data Interchange/Electronic Commerce. . . . . . . 16

Corporate Payments. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Bill Payments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Sales, Training & Treasury Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Marketing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Consumer Education Statement Stuffers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

Direct Deposit/Direct Payment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

NOTE TO PUBLICATIONS PURCHASERS: Quite a few of the publications
made available in this catalog are produced by NACHA’s Regional Payments
Associations. You will find some offerings that appear to be very similar (e.g.,
Audit Guides, Rule Book Tabs, etc.). Please review each description carefully,
as they will detail the specifics of what is included in each publication and
how they are laid out to help you determine which publication will best suit
your needs. Publications produced by NACHA’s Regional Payments Associa-
tions are identified at the end of the publication description, e.g., (EastPay).                                    Watch your mail for
Member prices are for members of local regional Payments Associations,                                                announcements
Financial Institution Members, and NACHA Councils. Federal, state and
local government agencies are also eligible for Member prices. Nonmember                                            as new publications
prices are as stated. Contact your regional Payments Association for
membership information.                                                                                             are released, or call
Please Note: Publications in this catalog (with the exception of the official
ACH Rules and Guidelines) are designed to assist the purchaser in under-
                                                                                                                   Payments Publications
standing and using the ACH Network and other electronic payment mecha-                                               at 1-800-487-9180
nisms. They are intended as supplements to, and in no way replace, the ACH
Operating Rules and Guidelines. Conditions of use for other publications
available in this catalog are within the control of individual users, and there
is no warranty, expressed or implied, in connection with making these
publications available.
RULES                                                                           2010 ACH Operating Rules & Guidelines
                                                                                The definitive source for rules & regulations governing
Navigating the Simplified NACHA                                                 the ACH Network, 2010 edition details current rule
                                                                                changes and how to comply with these changes in the
Operating Rules                                                                 2010 Operating Rules Revisions section. Included are
(Featuring an Old-to-New and New-to-Old Rule                                    an ACH Rules Primer, with an overview of the ACH
Mapping Guide!)                                                                 Network and how it works, as well as a Quick Find
                                                                                section for the most commonly referenced rules and
This must-have guide presents the results of the
                                                                                guidelines. Price includes updates throughout the year. For possible dis-
Rules Simplification initiative—a completely new
                                                                                counts, check with your regional Payments Association.
version of the NACHA Operating Rules that
becomes effective on January 1, 2011—and                                        ACH Rules Online! When you purchase a copy of the 2010 ACH Rules &
offers users the opportunity to familiarize them-                               Operating Guidelines, you have full access to the online edition. The 2010
selves with the organization of the simplified                                  edition will be operational on January 30, 2010. Access will run through
Rules before they go into effect.*                                              January 30, 2011. ACH Rules Online has the same information available
                                                                                in the print edition, with full search and bookmarking capabilities, with
Previously organized around major topics, the simplified Rules framework        updates available as they are approved. The unique serial number on the
is structured around the rights and responsibilities of participants in the     inside front cover of your book is your key to ACH Rules Online.
ACH Network. Simplified Rules acknowledges the major roles played by
originating and receiving financial institutions and dedicates a major sec-     (406) $39.00 Member/$78.00 Nonmember
tion to each of these roles. Financial institutions will be able to use these
sections to determine rights and responsibilities regarding any ACH pay-        2010 ACH Rules & Operating Guidelines on CD
ment they send or receive.
                                                                                This self-executable .exe file with limited search and no print capabilities
Clear, understandable, and consistent language has been adopted                 contains all the information available in the print edition. Comes with full
throughout the Rules. The new Rules also explicitly recognizes that origi-      access to ACH Rules Online, where full search, save search, bookmarking
nating financial institutions are the entry points into the ACH Network         and limited print functions can be performed. For Windows XP, Vista and
for Originators and third-parties and that the financial institutions are       Mac. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 required.
responsible for those parties’ compliance with the Rules.
                                                                                (406CD) $39.00 Member/$78.00 Nonmember
This guide features a handy mapping tool to assist users in navigating the
old Rules vs. the simplified Rules. Topics in the guide include:
                                                                                2010 ACH Rules, Corporate Edition
Table of Contents
• Article One: General Rules                                                    2010 ACH Rules, Corporate Edition focuses on rules and information
• Article Two: Rights and Responsibilities of ODFIs, Their Originators and      pertinent to corporate ACH payments. Includes the 2010 Guide to Imple-
  Third-Party Senders                                                           menting the 2010 NACHA rule changes, the 2010 ACH Rules, an ACH
• Article Three: Rights and Responsibilities of RDFIs and Their Receivers       Network Primer, with an overview of the ACH Network and how it
• Article Four: Rights and Responsibilities of ACH Operators                    works, plus corporate-focused operating guidelines. For corporations and
                                                                                financial institutions with corporate clients.
• Article Five: Rights and Responsibilities of Gateways for IAT Entries
• Article Six: Rights and Responsibilities of Associations and the National     Limited Access to ACH Rules Online. When you purchase a copy of the
  Association                                                                   2010 ACH Rules & Operating Guidelines, you have linited access to the
• Article Seven: Settlement                                                     online edition. The 2010 edition will be operational on January 30, 2010.
• Article Eight: Definitions of Terms Used in These Rules                       Access will run through January 30, 2011. ACH Rules Online has the
• Appendix One: ACH File Exchange Specifications                                same information available in the print edition, with full search and book-
• Appendix Two: Specifications for Data Acceptance by ACH Operators             marking capabilities, with updates available as they are approved. The
• Appendix Three: ACH Record Format Specifications                              unique serial number on the inside front cover of your book is your key
• Appendix Four: Return Entries                                                 to ACH Rules Online.
• Appendix Five: Notification of Change                                         (409) $23.00 Member/$46.00 Nonmember
• Appendix Six: Acknowledgment Entries
• Supplement on Mobile ACH Payments
• Mapping Guide:                                                                2010 ACH Rules Corporate Edition on CD
  • Where Did My Rule Go? Old-New                                               This self-executable .exe file with limited search and no print capabilities
  • Where Did My Rule Go? New-Old                                               contains all the information available in the print edition. Comes with
(NACHA) (2010)                                                                  limited access to ACH Rules Online, where search, save search, book-
(474) $35.00 Member/$70.00 Nonmember                                            marking and limited print functions can be performed. For Windows XP,
                                                                                Vista and Mac. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 required.
* This publication is for educational purposes only and does not reflect
NACHA Operating Rules amendments that may be approved prior to Janu-            (409CD) $23.00 Member/$46.00 Nonmember
ary 2011. The complete, official 2011 NACHA Operating Rules and Operat-
ing Guidelines will be available for advance ordering in Q4 2010.               Special Rules Offers:
                                                                                (629) 2010 Rules and Corporate Rules
                                                                                $52.00 Member/$114.00 Nonmember

Operating Rules of the National Association                                    Special Features
for Check Safekeeping                                                          • Use the CD in Game Mode for learning while playing
Rules governing check safekeeping and truncation, including rights and         • Game mode allows you to choose 1-6 sections to play at a time
obligations of participants, keepers, paying bank, facility, clearing house;   • Test yourself while taking a Practice Test
media and format specifications; adjustment and return procedures. For         • Choose from 25–100 questions in Test mode
financial institutions and processors.                                         • Questions are pulled from a pool so every Game/Test is different
(433) $15.00 Member/$32.00 Nonmember                                           PLEASE NOTE: The platform requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or above and
                                                                               uses cookies.

AAP TEST PREPARATION                                                           (529) $75.00 4Member/$125.00 Nonmember

MATERIALS                                                                      ACH 101
AAP Test Preparation                                                           If you are just starting out in ACH, the whole system can be pretty
The Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation distinguishes its            confusing. We’ve put together this special package to help you to unravel
bearers as members of an elite corps of payments system professionals.         the mysteries. Once you’ve read through these publications, you’ll have a
To assist you in preparing for the AAP examination, administered once in       clear understanding of how different aspects come together to make the
the fall each year, the following recommended texts are offered through        ACH Network the dynamic electronic payments system it is today. You
the Payments Publications catalog:                                             will also understand the operations, risks, and benefits of ACH payments,
(682) AAP Special: 2010 ACH Rules, Compliance Manual,                          and be able to communicate these benefits to your customers.
Risk Management Handbook, ACH Marketing Handbook,                              (620) ACH 101 Special: Introduction to Payment Systems, Guide
Revised UCC-4A and the ACH Network                                             to ACH Origination, Risk Management Handbook, Compliance
$194.00 Member/$355.00 Nonmember                                               Manual, ACH Marketing Handbook
                                                                               $135.00 Member/$250.00 Nonmember
AAP Flashcards
The flashcards provide a hands-on study aid                                    ACH PARTICIPANT DIRECTORY
for those planning to sit for the AAP Exam.
Highlighting the six areas of focus for the                                    ACH Participant Directory
AAP Exam, this is a great self-study tool to
                                                                               The ACH Participant Directory, published by
help registrants prepare for the exam and earn their accredita-
                                                                               Accuity and developed in partnership with NACHA,
tion. Timeframes, SEC codes, participant responsibilities and most of the
                                                                               provides quick access to routing
need to know information is covered in this set. (EPCOR) (2009)
                                                                               numbers and contact information for financial
(555) $75.00 Member/$150.00 Nonmember                                          institutions that participate in the ACH Network.
                                                                               The softcover book provides:
ACHPro                                                                         • American Bankers Association (ABA) routing
Evaluating Your Knowledge of ACH                                                 numbers and, when applicable, ACH override routing numbers
ACHPro is a popular, self-paced, CD-based training                             • Association memberships
tool that increases your knowledge of the ACH and                              • EDI receipt/reporting capabilities
the payments system in enjoyable and informative
                                                                               • Institution names, street and mailing addresses
style. Developed by NEACH and updated annually,
ACHPro provides payments professionals with a                                  • Telephone numbers for the ACH Officer, coordinator or department
method of measuring their knowledge of:                                        The directory is divided into three primary sections for convenience:
• Payment Systems                                                              numerically, by ABA routing and transit numbers; alphabetically, listed by
• Marketing ACH                                                                state; and a special section of EDI-capable financial institutions, detailing
• Risk and the ACH                                                             reporting and receipt capabilities, contact names and routing information.
• ACH Rules and Regulations                                                    (480) $240.00 Member/$305 Nonmember
• ACH Processing
• Technical Requirements
This entertaining learning tool is great for ACH professionals studying for
the AAP exam, or for new employees. Test yourself or train yourself.
Train others or challenge them to a test of knowledge using ACHPro's
game and scorekeeping features. Play and learn multiple times - every
game and every test is different!

COMPUTER-BASED REFERENCE                                                     Risk Management for Consumer Internet
                                                                             Payments: ACH, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and P2P
Origination Agreements and Tools CD                                          This book analyzes risk management
The standard ACH agreements and Third-Party Sender agreements are            considerations and practices for ACH, debit
provided on this CD, which allows easy customization by financial insti-     card, credit card, and person-to-person payment sys-
tutions. These sample agreements include a shell origination agreement       tems in the context of Internet-initiated payments. For
and separate agreements to cover the issues specific to the ACH applica-     each payment system, it evaluates legal/regulatory,
tion being utilized, including IAT. Also included are helpful Originator     credit, operational, and fraud risks for each payment
information sheets, logs, calendars, checklists and sample authorizations.   system stakeholder, including financial institutions
(EPCOR) (2010)                                                               and merchants. It also identifies risk management
                                                                             principles, how the Internet impacts risk manage-
(562CD) $50.00 Member/$100.00 Nonmember                                      ment, and explains relevant concepts for each system. Finally, the
                                                                             book provides a glossary, a listing of applicable statutes, regulations, and
                                                                             rules, and other resources to provide assistance to financial services pro-
                                                                             fessionals. (2002)
INTERNET                                                                     (617) $50.00 Member/$90.00 Nonmember
Understanding Internet-Initiated
ACH Debits – 2nd Edition                                                     ACH Network Data Security
This publication is a revision to the original pub-                          Self-Assessment Workbook
lication, Understanding Internet-initiated ACH                               This workbook is designed to provide tools to ACH
Debits which was published in 2001 when the                                  Network participants on how to achieve practical data
WEB rule was created. This amended version of                                security and to implement information management
the original publication has resulted from a                                 practices. This workbook encourages companies to
changing ecommerce landscape over the last                                   enact measures that adequately protect sensitive
several years, together with several changes to                              ACH information that is stored, processed, or trans-
the WEB rule that are worth noting and understanding                         mitted electronically. Smarter management of payment-related
for your organization to offer this low-cost, alternative online payment     information will result in reduced organizational risk, maintenance of a
option. Subjects covered include: (2006)                                     positive image, enhanced customer confidence, and an improved bottom
                                                                             line. (2007) Contents include:
Chapter 1 - Introduction                                                     1. Introduction
  • Background on Internet-Initiated ACH Debits                              2. Overview of the ACH Network
Chapter 2 - WEB Rule Overview                                                3. Computing Your Information Risk Profile
  • What is a WEB Entry?                                                     4. Choosing Your Information Security Controls: High to Medium Risk
  • Legal Framework                                                          (Levels 1-3)
  • Commercially Reasonable                                                  5. Choosing Your Information Security Controls: Low Risk (Levels 4-5)
  • Single Entry vs. Recurring Entry                                         6. Conclusions
Chapter 3 - Authorization and Authentication                                 7. Glossary
Chapter 4 - Fraudulent Transaction Detection Systems                         8. Case Studies
Chapter 5 - Establishing a Secure Internet Session                           9. Data Protection and Privacy Checklists
Chapter 6 - Annual Security Audit
Chapter 7 - Verifying the Validity of Routing Numbers
                                                                             (650) $45.00 Member/$65.00 Nonmember
Chapter 8 - Electronic Bill Payment
Chapter 9 - Customer Service Issues                                          Intrusion Testing Policies
Chapter 10 - Risk Management
                                                                             Published by Grant Thornton, LLC
Appendix A - Implementation Checklist
Appendix B - Glossary                                                        Internet banking provides community banks
Appendix C - Suggested Alternative Resources                                 with new avenues of services, revenues, and risks.
                                                                             Intrusion Testing Policies assure community banks
(615) Understanding Internet-Initiated ACH Debits                            that their Web sites and other access devices safely
$40.00 Member/$60.00 Nonmember                                               restrict account access while providing reliable and
                                                                             convenient services to business and consumer customers.
                                                                             Because unauthorized access can come from both external and internal
                                                                             sources, financial institutions must demonstrate in their policies a clear
                                                                             understanding of risks, the estimated value of possible losses, and the
                                                                             likelihood of occurrence. They also must take responsibility for
                                                                             implementation of appropriate mitigation procedures. (2004)
                                                                             (616) Intrusion Testing Policies $15.00 Member/Nonmember

                                                                             cations of Change (NOC). This is an ideal tool to assist with Originator
QUICK REFERENCE                                                              education and rule compliance, which is the responsibility of the Originat-
                                                                             ing Depository Financial Institution. These colorful and durable desktop
IAT Quick Reference Cards                                                    reference cards now provide ACH basics, including prenotifications, for the
A five-card series: General Information,                                     Originator along with the explanations for Return Reason codes, NOC
RDFI Responsibilities, ODFI Responsibili-                                    codes, SEC codes, transaction codes and solutions for handling ACH excep-
ties, Gateway Operator Responsibilities, IAT                                 tion entries. (EPCOR) (2010)
File Format Details, and Transaction Flows                                   (592) Set of 4 $20.00 Member/$40.00 Nonmember
Diagrams. These colorful and durable
desktop reference cards provide fingertip
access to critical information for proper                                    Quick Reference Guide for Frontline
handling of these IAT items. These detail cards                              This guide will provide your frontline staff with information they need to
are a must for all financial institutions. (2009)                            handle calls and inquiries from your account holders regarding ACH, Sub-
                                                                             stitute Checks and Remotely Created Checks. The guide is provided in the
(473) $20.00 Member/$40.00 Nonmember
                                                                             form of a CD and contains a Glossary of terms plus an overview of the ACH
                                                                             Network, funds availability requirements, how to handle customer requests
ACH Quick Reference Guide – Updated for 2010                                 as it relates to stop payments, authorization revoked and unauthorized pay-
                                                                             ments, Government payments, Remotely Created and Substitute Checks.
EPCOR has updated this popular tool, which is
                                                                             (WACHA) (2010)
used for training and as an everyday operational
resource. This spiral bound, easy-to-use guide is                            (655) $79.00 Member/$150.00 Nonmember
updated with the very latest information for 2010,
including rules compliance and the special han-
                                                                             Debit Card Quick Reference Cards
dling of IAT entries. The guide provides the RDFI
responsibilities and obligations outlined in an                              These cards are a “must-have” for your operations area. The set includes
easy to reference format. Return Reason Codes,                               helpful information on Regulation E liability and timeframes, chargebacks,
Notification of Change Codes and an ACH terms                                definitions and contacts. Various types of card fraud including skimming,
glossary are included. Financial Institutions have                           identity theft, telemarketing fraud and phishing are explained. These cards
found it to be a very valuable education tool when                           make a great training tool! (EPCOR) (2010)
training new operations employees. (EPCOR) (2010)                            (438) $30.00 Member/$60.00 Nonmember
(561) $25.00 Member/$50.00 Nonmember
                                                                             Standard Entry Class (SEC) Code
2010 ACH Quick Reference Cards                                               Detail Cards
for Financial Institutions                                                   A complete 5-card set includes ten SEC Codes: ARC,
A seven-card series: ACH Returns, Dishonored                                 POP, BOC, RCK, WEB, TEL, PPD, CCD & CTX; PLUS
and Contested Dishonored Returns, Notifica-                                  IAT (effective 9/18/09). These durable desktop refer-
tions of Change (NOC), Special Exceptions                                    ence cards contain the most up-to-date details pertain-
(including Operator Rejects and Government                                   ing to the specific rules unique to each SEC Code. The
Payments), Electronic Check Applications,                                    requirements and special rules, including return infor-
IAT, and WEB and TEL. These colorful and                                     mation is detailed on these cards which are invaluable
durable desktop reference cards provide finger-                              to all ACH Participants. This ideal tool can assist
                                                                             financial institutions with Rule Compliance whether
tip access to critical information for proper handling of these ACH items.
                                                                             originating or receiving these types of ACH transactions, plus help
The cards also include helpful tips and commonly asked questions and
                                                                             aid in Originator education. These detail cards are a must for all financial
answers regarding exception handling. Seminar attendees overwhelmingly
                                                                             institutions and Originators alike! (UMACHA) (2007-2009)
agree that this seven-card reference set is one of the most useful ACH
resources available to them. (EPCOR) (2010)                                  (665) per 5-card set $15.00 Member/$30.00 Nonmember
(560) Set of 7 $30.00 Member/$60.00 Nonmember
                                                                             Returns & Retention Quick Reference Cards
2010 Corporate ACH User                                                      These spiral bound cards serve as a quick reference guide
                                                                             to ACH returns requirements and codes. The information
Quick Reference Cards                                                        is sorted (primarily) by return reason making the task of
This tool, modeled after the popular Quick                                   determining the correct Return Reason Code to be used
Reference Cards for Financial Institutions, is                               much easier. In addition to the Return Reason Codes, the
designed specifically for Corporate ACH                                      document contains a Glossary of Return Terms and the
users. This four-card series gives Origina-                                  requirements for the return of Government and IAT
tors fingertip access to critical information                                entries, Notifications of Change and ACH timeframes
for the correct handling of ACH Returns,                                     and record retention requirements... all in one easy to use, index tabbed
Dishonored Returns, Standard Entry Class                                     document. 12 Cards/Set (WACHA) (2010)
(SEC) Codes, Transaction Codes, and Notifi-                                  (532) $35.00 Member/$60.00 Nonmember

Check Quick Reference Cards –                                                 Payments & Risk Glossary
Updated & Expanded                                                            Find out what all those acronyms stand for, along with
This set of cards covers “need to know infor-                                 definitions of many of the technical terms used in all
mation” about the check industry including                                    the payment systems. Concise definitions and a com-
Reg. CC Returns and Remotely Created                                          pact 5”x8” size make this a useful, desktop reference.
Checks, Check 21, Exception Holds, MICR                                       Expanded to include risk and fraud definitions.
Line Information and more. These durable                                      (EPCOR) (2010)
cards also cover various types of check and                                   (525) $5.00 Member/$10.00 Nonmember
deposit fraud including forgery, counterfeit,
substitute checks and altered checks. They assist staff in identify-
ing fraud types, how they occur, and examples and tips to identify check      Guide for the Proper Use of Return Reason Codes
fraud. (EPCOR) (2010)                                                         and Notifications of Change – UPDATED FOR IAT!
(654) $30.00 Member/$60.00 Nonmember                                          Expedite your exception item processing with this handy spiral-bound
                                                                              guide to ACH returns and notifications of change. This quick desktop ref-
                                                                              erence categorizes the return reason codes by function and provides a
Rule Book Tabs                                                                description of each, with helpful hints for proper usage and return time
Convenient self-stick tabs to quickly identify the sections you reference     frame reminders. The back cover shows you at a glance which return rea-
most frequently. The quickest way to mark SEC Codes, Return Reason            son codes have an extended “60 day” time frame, and which ones require
Codes, NOC Codes, formatting tables, and other important sections of the      a signed Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit from the Receiver. This
ACH Rules book. An index is included providing the relevant page num-         popular guide also includes definitions of ACH participants and standard
ber for each tab. (EPCOR) (2010) 25 pre-printed tabs.                         entry class codes, as well as listings of notification of change codes and
(536) $4.00 Member/$8.00 Nonmember                                            transaction codes. Truly a must-have! (EastPay) (2010)
                                                                              (634) $20.00 Member/$40.00 Nonmember
ACH Rules Book Tabs
No more flipping through page after page to find Return Reason Codes or       The Serve and Volley Of the
authorization requirements! Convenient self-stick Rules Book tabs are         ACH Rules
available in sets of 25 pre-printed tabs to mark those sections of the ACH    This quick reference tool is what every ACH
Rules Book that are referenced most often. Different colors make it easy to   participant needs to assist with their day-to-
quickly pinpoint the tab you need. Also included are 8 blank write-on         day ACH Operations. In this unique tennis
tabs so that you can create your own! Handy reference sheet tells you page    court design, you’ll have all the Standard
number for placement of each tab. Once you put these in place, you’ll         Entry Class (SEC) Codes (otherwise referred to as the
wonder how you ever functioned without them! (EastPay) (2010)                 forward ACH entry); plus all the return reason codes, NOC codes, includ-
(644) $8.00 Member/$16.00 Nonmember                                           ing timeframes allowed for each according to the ACH Rules, right at your
                                                                              fingertips! 8 x 11 in size when folded; 11 x 17 when opened, this cheat
                                                                              sheet resembles a tennis court outlining the forward and return process
Bulk ACH Rule Book Tabs                                                       within the ACH Rules. Tennis Racquet #1 identifies forward entries with a
Buy them in bulk! Consider purchasing a set for each of your ACH staff        complete listing of all SEC Codes. Tennis Racquet #2 defines the return
Members and/or origination customers for use in their Corporate Rule          timeframes and all return reason codes, including administrative and
Books. Pre-labeled, handy page tabs help locate the most frequently used      unauthorized. Tennis Racquet #3 contains the dishonored return reason
pages in the ACH Rule Book (i.e. SEC Codes, Reg E, Rules Violation).          codes with timeframes and Tennis Racquet #4 contains the Contested and
Rule Book page numbers are supplied for quick tabbing – Corporate Edi-        Corrected Dishonored Return Reason Codes with the required timeframes.
tion pages too! Copyright The Payments Authority. 10 tabs per set, 25 sets    The tennis balls identify the NOC (Notification of Change) Codes, includ-
per pack.                                                                     ing refused and corrected NOCs. The center of the tennis court (the net) is
                                                                              represented by the ACH Operator, defining the Return Reason Codes for
(558) 25 sets of 10 tabs $30.00 Member/$50.00 Nonmember                       error conditions, to be used by the ACH Operator ONLY. Pictured in the
                                                                              lower left is a scorecard defining the forward and return process and when
ACH Resource Manual: Return Reason                                            it MUST go outside the ACH network for disputes. (UMACHA) (2009)
Codes & Notification of Change Codes                                          (455) $15.00 Member/$30.00 Nonmember
Never waste time searching for a return reason code
again! Working your Exception Items is one of the most                        Electronic Check Quick Reference
important tasks you do every day. Make it easier and                          Charts
more efficient by having this handy spiral bound desk-
top reference booklet by your side. Separated into sec-                       Colorful, easy-to-use reference card (sold 25 per pack)
tions by purpose, with full descriptions, you will come back                  is designed for use by tellers and customer service
to this guide time and time again. (SWACHA) (2010)                            reps at financial institutions and billing organizations
                                                                              alike. In addition to boiling down the ACH rules, the
(642) $15.00 Member/$30.00 Nonmember                                          card helps to answer consumer questions about elec-
                                                                              tronic check applications and payments authorized on the Internet and

over the telephone. Side one addresses the most commonly asked BOC,         effective June 18, 2010 and you should expect verification of compliance
POP, RCK, and ARC questions, side two - WEB and TEL. (The Payments          as part of your next ACH Audit and Regulatory Examination. By utilizing
Authority)                                                                  the ACH Risk Assessment Guide you can gain:
(641) $14.00 Member/$28.00 Nonmember                                        • Guidance to assist you in completing a step-by-step risk assessment
                                                                            • Convenient storage and organization of supporting documentation
                                                                            • Background information on Risk Assessment Rule
Introduction to Payment Systems                                             • Help to identify strengths and weaknesses in your existing program
New to banking? Learn the basics of the ACH,                                • Individual chapters address Credit Risk, High-Risk Activities, and Com-
check, wire and card payment systems in this com-                             pliance Risk, Third-Party Service Providers & Direct Access to the ACH
pact 5” x 8” size quick reference. Find out how                               Operator and Transaction and Information Technology Risk
these payment systems work, who the participants                            • Preparation Checklist
are, and the legal framework associated with each.                          • Rating System
(EPCOR) (2010)                                                              • User-friendly worksheet questions
(514) $5.00 Member/$10.00 Nonmember                                         • Final report
                                                                            • Includes a CD for electronic completion
                                                                            (ALACHA, GACHA, SFE, SOCACHA and TACHA) (2010)
RISK MANAGEMENT &                                                           (538) $95.00 Member/$190.00 Nonmember
                                                                            Risk Management for Internet, Telephone and
International ACH Transactions (IAT) Survival
                                                                            Electronic Check ACH Payments
Guide: Implementation, Best Practices and
                                                                            The Guide is arranged to provide an overview of
Technical Specifications                                                    the ACH Network and risk issues involved to assist
As of September 18, 2009, NACHA rules require                               those new to the ACH Network Subsequent chap-
every ACH payment entering or exiting the United                            ters address the specific risk issues related to Inter-
States to be identified and formatted as an Interna-                        net, Electronic Check and Telephone-Initiated ACH
tional ACH Transaction (IAT) and EACH transac-                              payments from the Originator, ODFI and RDFI
tion must be reviewed for OFAC compliance.                                  perspectives. (2007)

All U.S. financial institutions are affected by this                        (614) $40.00 Member/$60.00 Nonmember
rule, even those that do not currently send or
receive international ACH payments as any financial institution
                                                                            Special Offer
may potentially receive an IAT transaction. Every financial institution     (636) Risk Management Handbook and Risk Management for
needs to understand how it is impacted by the new NACHA rule. Penal-        Internet, Telephone and Electronic Check ACH Payments
ties for non-compliance with OFAC’s regulations can be severe.              $70.00 Member/$115.00 Nonmember
The International ACH Transactions (IAT) Survival Guide has been
developed by NACHA to assist your institution in complying with this        Guidelines to Secure ACH Network Transactions
significant Rule change.                                                    This publication responds to the current threat environ-
Table of Contents                                                           ment characterized by the continued growth of data
1. Overview – IAT Executive Summary                                         breaches and the need for companies to become even
2. Why does this apply to your organization                                 more vigilant in protecting sensitive customer infor-
3. OFAC Obligations                                                         mation. These guidelines provide an overview of the
4. FI Responsibilities                                                      current marketplace and threat landscape, coupled
5. Communications with the Corporate Originator                             with an analysis and identification of critical infor-
6. Best practices                                                           mation to protect in the ACH transaction lifecycle
7. Frequently asked questions                                               throughout the debit and credit flow architecture.
8. IAT scenarios                                                            ACH Network participants will benefit by guidance on how to con-
9. Technical standards and mapping                                          duct step-by-step analysis of an ACH transaction flow and from it identify
10. IAT and International Payment Standards                                 critical points that require data protection/security (e.g., transmission,
11. Glossary                                                                storage, and use). The guidelines include chapters on how to protect sen-
12. Resources section                                                       sitive ACH data, how to understand and define data risks, case studies,
                                                                            best practices for mitigating data risk and a section that identifies addi-
(472) $40.00 Member/$65.00 Nonmember
                                                                            tional industry resources. The format of this publication is the equivalent
                                                                            to a technology “dashboard” for transaction monitoring in the ACH Net-
ACH Risk Assessment Guide                                                   work. (2009)
Under NACHA’s new “ACH Risk Management and Assessment” rule, each           (603) $40.00 Member/$65.00 Nonmember
financial institution will be required to 1) perform a risk assessment of
their ACH activities, and 2) implement risk management programs in
accordance with “the requirements of their regulators”. The New Rule is

Third-Party Senders & The ACH Network:                                          ACH Risk Management Handbook – 5th Edition
An Implementation Guide
                                                                                Available August 2010
This publication from NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association
provides a review of the variations in legal requirements and processing        ACH participants must take action to control
obligations relating to the origination of ACH entries when a Third-Party       risk in any payments system – including ACH.
Service Provider, acting as a Third-Party Sender, is involved in the origina-   This edition explains the types of ACH payments
tion of transactions through the ACH Network. Third Party Senders & The         risk, assesses the operational implications, and
ACH Network: An Implementation Guide is designed primarily for use by           provides best practices for developing an effective
Originators, ODFIs, and those Third-Party Service Providers that act in         risk management program. (2010)
the specific role of Third-Party Senders as defined by the NACHA Operat-        (414) $40.00 Member/$65.00 Nonmember
ing Rules.
Table of Contents                                                               Special Offers:
Section One – Introduction                                                      (627) Compliance Manual and 2010 ACH Rules
A. Background                                                                    $79.00 Member/$158.00 Nonmember
B. Organization and Coverage of This Book                                       (626) Risk Management Handbook and 2010 ACH Rules
C. Overview of the ACH Network                                                   $69.00 Member/$133.00 Nonmember
     1. ACH Participants
     2. Payment Applications                                                    (623) Compliance Manual, Risk Management Handbook, and
Section Two – General Concepts                                                   2010 ACH Rules
A. Third-Party Service Providers and ACH Processing                              $119.00 Member/$223.00 Nonmember
B. Third-Party Service Providers and the NACHA Operating Rules
C. The Many Roles of the Third-Party Service Provider                           ACH Risk Assessment Workbook & CD
Section Three – Third-Party Senders and ACH Processing:
Understanding the New Environment                                               Designed to assist financial institutions, both
A. Issues for Originating Depository Financial Institutions (ODFIs)             RDFIs and ODFIs, in addressing ACH risk.
B. Issues for Third-Party Senders                                               Content of the workbook mirrors the OCC
C. Issues for Originators                                                       ACH Risk Management Guidance and will
Section Four – Frequently Asked Questions                                       help you identify strengths and weaknesses
Section Five – Third-Party Sender Case Studies                                  in your existing ACH risk management pro-
Section Six – Sample Agreements                                                 gram. Individual chapters address Credit
Section Seven – Understanding the ACH Network: An ACH Primer                    Risk, High-Risk Activities, Compliance
(2005)                                                                          Risk, Third-Party Service Providers and
(511) $40.00 Member/$65.00 Nonmember                                            Direct Access to the Operator and Transaction and Infor-
                                                                                mation Technology Risk. The workbook guides you in completing the
                                                                                step-by-step risk assessment and provides for convenient storage of sup-
The ACH Compliance Manual: How to Comply with                                   porting documentation. User-friendly worksheets questions, also avail-
ACH-Related Rules & Regulations—6th Edition                                     able on CD, are easily answered Yes/No and include room for comments,
                                                                                along with a designated action plan to assist in developing a comprehen-
Available August 2010                                                           sive risk management program. (EPCOR) (2010)
Everything you always wanted to know about compliance, but were afraid          (662) $90.00 Member/$190.00 Nonmember
to ask or couldn't find." This comprehensive manual covers authoriza-
tions, disclosures, processing, funds availability, settlement, error resolu-
tion, returns, reversals, retention, audit, all Standard Entry Class Codes      Revised Uniform Commercial Code
and much, much more. Helpful compliance tips are included as well as a          Article 4A and the Automated
resource list and glossary of terms. (2010)                                     Clearing House System
(431) $50.00 Member/$90.00 Nonmember                                            Evaluates the impact of UCC 4A on security
                                                                                procedures and bank/corporate agreements.
                                                                                For financial institutions and corporations that
                                                                                handle ACH wholesale credits. (1997)
                                                                                (432) $60.00 Member/$80.00 Nonmember

ACH Risk Management                                                          ACH Audit Guide 2010
Benchmarking Survey Report                                                   (workbook and CD)
Comprehensive and detailed, the ACH Risk Man-                                The GACHA ACH Audit Guide 2010 identifies who,
agement Benchmarking Survey Report will help                                 why, when and how an organization should conduct
financial institutions understand the risk man-                              their Annual ACH Audit. Whether you have an
agement policies and practices used by more                                  internal or external auditor, this publication is key.
than 140 banks and credit unions. This new                                   The publication guides the auditor through the spe-
report is unique in the industry, providing 44                               cific documentation that should be requested during
pages of analysis with 71 charts and tables. The Survey had two com-         the audit. Definitions of the participants are provided to assist the auditor
ponents, a RDFI and an ODFI survey, and examined key facets of risk          in identifying the ACH Participant roles that exist. The auditor will
relating to receiving and originating domestic ACH items. The report is      understand how to analyze the key requirements within Appendix Eight
targeted to ACH and payments operations managers, risk and compliance        of the NACHA Operating Rules. In addition, the publication provides
professionals, and ACH product management/line of business managers          questions to help identify risk and non-compliance of other ACH govern-
but is useful for anyone wanting information about ACH risk manage-          ing regulations and a review of best practices. The Audit Certification
ment practices at institutions in New England. Findings illustrate differ-   Form and the CD version is included to facilitate the auditor while writ-
ences among RDFIs, ODFIs originating for internal departments, and           ing the written report. (GACHA) (2010)
ODFIs originating for customers/members, those between banks and             (598) Member $85.00/Nonmember $170.00
credit unions, and among FIs of different asset sizes where relevant.
(NEACH) (2010)
                                                                             ACH Audit Workbook & CD - Reformatted and
(439) $200.00 Member/$400.00 Nonmember
                                                                             Updated for 2010
                                                                             The ever popular ACH Audit Workbook and CD
ODFI Risk Management Guide on CD                                             has been reformatted and updated for 2010.
This new improved guide, now on CD, has                                      This publication includes the CD and a
been updated to provide more risk manage-                                    binder with copies of all work papers, audit
ment tools. Meant to be a starting point for                                 questions and sample reports needed by an
managing risk within the financial institution,                              Auditor. The revised ACH Audit Workbook is
this guide provides a sample origination/risk                                designed to assist financial institutions and
policy; a risk management checklist; a sample exposure                       Third-Party Service Providers in the com-
limit request form and new this year, information to assist in auditing      pletion of the required annual audit of compliance with the ACH
your originators for compliance with the ACH Rules. (UMACHA) (2009)          Rules. Included in this complete step-by-step audit resource is the audit
(544) $75.00 Member/$125.00 Nonmember                                        criteria for all participants, worksheets for each of the criteria, a list of
                                                                             compliance tips and sample audit policy and audit report. The loose-leaf
                                                                             binder allows for easy retention of audit documentation and the docu-
2010 ACH Annual Audit Guide                                                  ments on CD allows for electronic completion of worksheets and reports.
Created for financial institutions looking for a convenient way to perform   (EPCOR) (2010)
their annual ACH Audit as required by the NACHA Operating Rules. This        (585) $90.00 Member/$190.00 Nonmember
is a working document that can be completed and updated as compliance
issues are changed or resolved and includes an audit checklist, branch
questionnaire and glossary of terms. Copyright – The Payments Authority.     ODFI Policies on CD – Updated for 2010
(556) $45.00 Member/$75.00 Nonmember                                         These policies reflect the components of the recently released OCC ACH
                                                                             Risk Management Guidance. The ACH Management Policy addresses
                                                                             both RDFI and ODFI responsibilities for management consideration. Pol-
ACH Audit Guide 2010 on CD                                                   icy Addendum are included that relate to the various components of the
This comprehensive ACH Audit File is now                                     guidance and serve to complement the overall ACH Management Policy.
on CD to provide you more assistance and                                     Example Addendum include Credit Risk, High-Risk Activities, Compli-
convenience in completing your ACH                                           ance Risk, Third-Party Service Providers and Direct Access to the ACH
Audit. The worksheets have been updated                                      Operator, Transaction Risk and Information Technology. This CD serves
and include tips for each specific compliance area. The CD includes: the     as a valuable resource to ensure that you have the appropriate policies
audit worksheets, sample audit policies, and an audit report. Additionally   and procedures in place to limit your liability. (EPCOR) (2010)
we have included for reference, an EFT Error Resolution & Investigation      (673)$50 Member/$100 Nonmember
form and a UCC4A Disclosure and Primer. For your reference, included
is the complete Appendix 8 language with ACH Rule References for each
audit requirement. (UMACHA) (2010)
(667) $60.00 Member/$90.00 Nonmember

Reg E in a Box                                                                 • Wire Transfer Request Form
                                                                               • Repetitive Wire Transfer Agreement
Do you have the appropriate procedures and doc-
                                                                               • Repetitive Wire Transfer Request Form
umentation in place to effectively comply with
                                                                               • Daily Wire Transfer Checklist and Balancing Procedures
Reg E error resolution requirements? Compliance
                                                                               • Wire Transfer Log
is a necessity for all financial institutions. Reg E in
                                                                               Copyright The Payments Authority 2009
a Box provides everything you need to establish
or enhance your Reg E error resolution processes                               (462) $219.00 Member/$319.00 Nonmember
and maintain compliance:
• Reg E Error Resolution Procedures                                            Wire Transfer Agreement
• Electronic Funds Transfer Error Resolution Log                               Have you recently examined the merit of your current Wire Transfer
• EFT Error Resolution Timeline Quick Reference Chart                          agreements, or are you planning to expand this service with your busi-
• Reg E Employee Training Log                                                  ness customers or members? If so, then you’ll want to have this Wire
• EFT Statement of Dispute                                                     Transfer Agreement to deploy to your Wire Transfer users. This CD
• Sample Notification Letters                                                  contains a modifiable Microsoft Word document that addresses today’s
Copyright The Payments Authority 2009                                          concerns for any Financial Institution that offers this service. (EastPay)
(486) $199.00 Member/$299.00 Nonmember                                         (2008)
                                                                               (523) $65.00 Member/$130.00 Nonmember
The Regulation E Book Guidelines
for ACH Compliance                                                             Written Statement of Unauthorized
This book is intended to help you understand and comply with Regula-           Debit – New in 2010
tion E, as it applies to Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers, which       This convenient form addresses both unauthorized
reflects the regulation and official interpretation of the regulation by the   and improper debits to consumer accounts for ACH
staff of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. This book       debit entries, and includes a definition of each. Plus,
is not intended to provide legal advice to your institution on the applica-    it provides the proper return reason codes to ensure
tion of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and Regulation E. You should         that the entry is returned properly. The two-part car-
consult your legal counsel on that question, as well as on any other           bonless form comes in packs of 50 and is consistent with the
changes in the regulation and its interpretation by the Federal Reserve.       March 19th, 2010 ACH Rules change. (EPCOR) (2010)
Section II provides key Regulation E/NACHA terms and definitions and           (537) Pack of 50 $15.00 Member/$30.00 Nonmember
shows the differences in usage between NACHA and Regulation E.
Section III considers three different kinds of disclosure requirements and
sets forth procedures for error resolution. A convenient flow chart            Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit -
graphically demonstrates this process. A Guide to Reg E Statement              Spanish or English – NEWLY REVISED!
Requirements is also included in this section and contains informational
sample statements. Four sample transactions—two debit and two credit—          These convenient two-part carbonless forms are an essential tool for
are also included.                                                             financial institution personnel when customers question ACH debit
                                                                               transactions posted to their accounts. Includes thorough descriptions of
The substantial liabilities for failing to make transfers in accordance with   what constitutes a revocation of authorization, an unauthorized debit, or
the regulation are detailed in section IV. Section V is a Q & A format cov-    an improper debit (for BOC, RCK, ARC, and POP entries), along with
ering issues that financial institutions and companies may raise about the     prompts to operations staff as to the correct return reason codes to use.
regulation. A concluding section shows model disclosure clauses that a         Also available in Spanish! (EastPay) (2010)
financial institution may use to comply with Regulation E. Text of the
EFT Act of 1978, the regulation and its official staff interpretations are     (550) $20.00 per pack of 50 Member/$40.00 Nonmember
also included. (WesPay) (2007)                                                 Available as a PDF! $400.00 Member/$800.00 Nonmember.
                                                                               CONTACT EASTPAY DIRECTLY AT 1-800-681-4224 TO
(507) $50.00 Member/$125.00 Nonmember
                                                                               PURCHASE PDF.

Wire Transfer in a Box
                                                                               Stop Payment Request Order
Does your financial institution have the
                                                                               This two-part carbonless form gives you flexibility to stop an ACH pay-
appropriate procedures and documenta-
                                                                               ment one time or permanently, as well as stopping payment on paper
tion in place to effectively comply with
                                                                               items (i.e., checks). One form, multiple uses – satisfied customers! The
UCC4A, OFAC, BSA and the rules and regulation that pertain to wire
                                                                               two-part carbonless form comes in packs of 50 and is consistent with the
transfers? Don't spend your valuable time writing and creating docu-
                                                                               March 19th, 2010 ACH Rules change. (EPCOR) (2010)
ments! Wire Transfer in a Box provides a CD with everything you need to
establish or enhance your wire transfer processes and maintain compli-         (524) Pack of 50 Member $15.00/Nonmember $30.00
• Sample Wire Transfer Policy
• Wire Transfer Procedures

Telephone-Initiated Authorization Confirmation                                Remote Deposit Capture Risk
This two-part carbonless form is designed to help you meet the necessary      Assessment Workbook & CD
NACHA Operating Rules disclosure/confirmation requirements with               This comprehensive, easy-to-use workbook is
regard to transactions which have been authorized via the telephone.          designed to assist financial institutions in
50/Pack (WACHA) (2005)                                                        addressing remote deposit capture risk. The
(531) $25.00 Member/$50.00 Nonmember                                          workbook mirrors the FFIEC Remote
                                                                              Deposit Capture Risk Management Guid-
                                                                              ance. The workbook guides you in completing the
Stop Payment Request Order for Checks and ACH                                 step-by-step risk assessment and provides for convenient storage of sup-
Entries - English or Spanish – NEWLY REVISED!                                 porting documentation. User-friendly worksheet questions, also available
These convenient two-part carbonless forms simplify the stop payment          on CD, are easily answered Yes/No and include room for comments,
process by providing one form for requesting stops on electronic and          along with a designated action plan to assist you in developing a compre-
paper transactions. Includes descriptions of traditional ACH entries, elec-   hensive RDC risk management program. Operations staff, risk managers,
tronic check entries (POP, BOC, RCK, ARC, WEB, and TEL), and paper            compliance officers as well as audit personnel will find this workbook a
items to eliminate confusion. Now available in Spanish! (EastPay) (2010       resourceful tool. (EPCOR) (2010)
(508) $20.00 per pack of 50 Member/$40.00 Nonmember                           (515) $95.00 Member/$190.00 Nonmember
Available as a PDF! $400.00 Member/$800.00 Nonmember.
CONTACT EASTPAY DIRECTLY AT 1-800-681-4224 TO                                 Remote Deposit Capture Service Agreement
PURCHASE PDF.                                                                 A large number of financial institutions have found their RDC customer
                                                                              agreement is lacking important provisions. Purchase this sample RDC ser-
ACH Origination Agreements – UPDATED FOR IAT!                                 vice agreement to ensure you have addressed all the critical elements that
                                                                              need to be included in the agreement between a financial institution and
These sample documents in Microsoft Word format provide a modifiable          its RDC customer. Created in (Word) this sample agreement is available
NACHA-compliant template for defining the responsibilities of origina-        on CD and should be modified to fit the RDC service offered by the FI.
tors for ACH origination. The CD includes an ACH Master Agreement             (WACHA/UMACHA) (2009)
that is IAT-compliant; Sample ACH Credit Policy; Direct Deposit Autho-
rization Form; Direct Payment Authorization Form; Daily ACH Proce-            (456) $100.00 Member/$175.00 Nonmember
dures Checklist; Sample Transmittal Schedule; Federal Reserve Bank
Holiday Schedule; Julian Date Calendars (perpetual and leap years); and       Remote Deposit Capture Risk Management Policy
an ACH Control Log. (EastPay) (2009)
                                                                              The purpose of the RDC risk management policy is to provide a docu-
(509) $60.00 Member/$120.00 Nonmember                                         ment that will help a financial institution implement a policy based on
See below for Special Offer in combination with the Remote Deposit            the scope of the RDC service. This sample policy was created in (Word)
Capture Agreement                                                             is available on CD and can easily be tailored to fit a financial institution’s
                                                                              RDC program. (WACHA/UMACHA) (2009)
Remote Deposit Capture Agreement – UPDATED                                    (457) $75.00 Member/$125.00 Nonmember
FOR FFIEC GUIDELINES                                                          Special Offer:
As the financial industry and the marketplace continue to embrace the         Purchase both the RDC Service Agreement and the RDC Risk
use of Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), the need for a strong legal agree-       Management Policy and save $25.00!
ment is as critical to your success as any other component of this valuable
service. This CD contains a customizable Microsoft Word document that         (458) $150.00 Member/$275.00 Nonmember
addresses the core terms and conditions between your Financial Institu-
tion and your customers/members. This agreement covers RDC using              Remote Deposit Capture Risk Assessment Guide
Check 21 capabilities, and when combined with our ACH Origination
Agreement (see item 509 above), it also covers the use of RDC with the        If you have deployed a branch capture process internally or offer an RDC
ACH Network. The CD also contains a Remote Deposit Capture Checklist          service to your customers, did you know an RDC risk assessment needs
to ensure you’ve covered your bases in the rollout of this service. (East-    to be performed? Are you looking for a tool to help conduct a risk assess-
Pay) (2009)                                                                   ment of your RDC program? Make sure you are ready for the questions
                                                                              that will be asked by regulators. This guide was developed so financial
(521) $65.00 Member/$130.00 Nonmember                                         institutions can identify risks within an RDC program based on the places
                                                                              where checks are being captured. Checklists, process steps, interview
Special Offer:                                                                questions and website resources are also included, in addition to an RDC
Buy both the ACH Origination Agreements and the Remote Deposit                end-user self-assessment form. The guide was created in (Word) and is
Capture Agreement and save $26!                                               available on CD. (WACHA/UMACHA) (2009)
(522) $99.00 Member/$229.00 Nonmember                                         (459) $200.00 Member/$275.00 Nonmember

Remote Deposit Capture End-User Self-Assessment                              Special Offer:
Form                                                                         Buy both modules of the ProceduresNow! ACH Operations Policies and
The FFIEC guidance regarding risk management of RDC says when                Procedures software, as well as the ProceduresNow! ACH Risk Manage-
appropriate, based on risk, financial institutions may choose to rely on     ment Policies and Procedures software, and save $299!
self-assessments by their RDC customers for controls that would other-       (520) $1,398.00 Member/$3,098.00 Nonmember
wise be reviewed during an on-site visit. This self-assessment form can
easily be modified to assist a financial institution when performing RDC     Minimum System Requirements:
customer reviews at locations they choose not to visit but still need to
                                                                             Windows Vista or Windows XP with Service Pack 3; Microsoft Word
obtain important information. The form was created in (Word) and is
                                                                             2002 or newer; Internet Explorer; Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 or
available on CD. (WACHA/UMACHA) (2009)
                                                                             higher (will automatically install if necessary).
(460) $50.00 Member/$75.00 Nonmember
                                                                             Annual Updates:
ProceduresNow!                                                               Both the ProceduresNow! ACH Operations Policies and Procedures soft-
ACH Operations Policies and Procedures for RDFIs                             ware and the ProceduresNow! ACH Risk Management Policies and Pro-
and ODFIs – UPDATED FOR IAT                                                  cedures software are updated annually to comply with changes to the
                                                                             ACH Operating Rules and other applicable regulations. If two consecutive
More than just a sample document or fill-in-the-blank, this exciting prod-
                                                                             updates are skipped, repurchase at full price is required. PLEASE CON-
uct is an interactive and easy-to-use program that produces a detailed,
                                                                             TACT EASTPAY DIRECTLY AT 1-800-681-4224 TO PURCHASE
customized ACH Operations Policies and Procedures Manual in Microsoft
Word, based on your answers to questions about your specific ACH pro-
cessing environment. The software has been expanded to follow the            Update One Module (ACH Operations – RDFI or ACH Operations – ODFI or
guidelines of over 20 different Federal regulations plus the ACH Operat-     ACH Risk):
ing Rules. A tailor-made manual can be produced in a few hours instead       $100.00 Member/$200.00 Nonmember
of weeks! Upon purchase, your User ID, Password, and the link to down-
load the software are provided to you via email. On-screen guidance is       Update Two Modules:
provided to help you throughout the process, and toll-free technical sup-    $150.00 Member/$300.00 Nonmember
port is also available. (EastPay) (2010)                                     Update All Three Modules:
(533R) ProceduresNow! RDFI module $499.00 Member/$999.00                     $200.00 Member/$400.00 Nonmember
(533O) ProceduresNow! ODFI module $499.00 Member/$999.00
                                                                             Cash Management Service Master Agreement
                                                                             The expansion of the payments landscape is both exciting and complex.
Special Offer:                                                               Not only do you have to build products and services at a pace that meets
Buy both the RDFI and ODFI modules of the ProceduresNow! ACH                 your customers’ and members’ expectations, but you also have to provide
Operations Policies and Procedures software and save $199!                   service agreements that clearly state what the responsibilities are for all
                                                                             parties. Do you really want a separate agreement for each service that
(533OR) $799.00 Member/$1,799.00 Nonmember                                   needs to get signed and filed away, or would you rather have one master
                                                                             agreement that covers all of your payment products? This CD ROM con-
ProceduresNow!                                                               tains a modifiable Master Agreement in Microsoft Word that captures
ACH Risk Management Policies and Procedures for                              what should be in every service agreement; you would append further
RDFIs and ODFIs – UPDATED FOR IAT                                            information using the multiple product schedules that are included on
                                                                             the CD. This means that only the Master Agreement needs to be signed.
The OCC says that the controls needed for an effective ACH risk manage-      In addition to the product schedules included on the CD, any additional
ment program include written policies and procedures. Our exciting new       schedules that you create can also be incorporated under the Master
software can help you reduce your risk, satisfy regulators, manage your      Agreement. Product schedules included on the CD are:
exposure, and manage the risk of your third-party relationships. This
interactive software has been expanded to follow the guidelines of over 20   • ACH Origination (including the newly-revised ACH origination
different Federal regulations plus the ACH Operating Rules. It produces a      agreement, sample credit policy, authorization forms, and much more)
detailed, customized ACH Risk Management Policies and Procedures             • Account Reconciliation Plans (Full, Partial, and Range ARP)
Manual based on your answers to questions about your specific ACH pro-       • Image Disbursement Access
cessing environment. Your completed manual provides crucial guidance         • Lockbox (Wholesale, Retail, and Wholetail)
to all impacted departments related to identifying, preventing, and con-     • Positive Pay
trolling all risks related to originating and receiving ACH transactions.    • Newly-revised Remote Deposit Capture (includes our RDC checklist)
The types of risk covered by your manual will include compliance, credit,    • Wire Transfer
fraud, operational, reputational, and systems risk. Upon purchase, your      We have even structured the ACH, Remote Deposit Capture, and Wire
User ID, Password, and the link to download the software are provided to     Transfer agreements so that you can offer them as stand-alone legal agree-
you via email. On-screen guidance and toll-free technical support are        ments, if needed. The content and price make this a very cost-effective
available. (EastPay) (2010)                                                  package for your payments product program! (EastPay) (2009)
(672) $699.00 Member/$1,399.00 Nonmember                                     (686) $199.00 Member/$398.00 Nonmember

Third-Party Sender Agreement                                                 ELECTRONIC BENEFITS
As more financial institutions look at ACH third-party sender relation-
ships, they need to ensure that they put in place a comprehensive service    PLEASE NOTE: The Quest Operating Rules can be accessed and
agreement that goes beyond their standard ACH origination agreement.         downloaded at
Now, you have access to a newly created Third–Party Sender Agreement
that was designed to provide the protection your institution needs that no
other agreement can deliver. This CD contains a customizable Microsoft       Quest Graphic Standards Manual
Word document that includes the critical terms and conditions between        Definitive source of guidelines for the use and display of the QUEST
your financial institution and the third-party sender. (EastPay) (2010)      Mark. Includes permissible colors, sizes, proportions and camera-ready
(518) $75.00 Member/$150.00 Nonmember                                        artwork for display of the Mark at the point of sale.
                                                                             (464) $60.00 Member/$95.00 Nonmember
Scams Targeting Seniors –Tri-fold Brochure
Criminals are targeting our senior account holders with a                    ELECTRONIC CHECK
variety of scams. This tri-fold color brochure speaks to
senior account holders informing them of current scams,                      Guide to Implementing a Back
tips to protect themselves, and who can help. The
                                                                             Office Conversion Entry Program
brochures fit nicely into existing brochure holders and
are a wonderful way to enhance your customer educa-                          This publication from NACHA – The Electronic
tion program. Put them on the teller line, at customer                       Payments Association will give you the informa-
service counters, or even in new account packets. Help                       tion you need to implement this time- and cost-
protect your senior account holders by arming them                           saving option. Chapters cover Originating
with this important information. Comes in packs of 50                        Company, ODFI and RDFI perspectives, includ-
brochures. (EPCOR) (2010)                                                    ing: benefits, economic incentives; NACHA Oper-
                                                                             ating Rules and legal framework; getting started; risk management for
(526) 50 per pack Member $15.00/Nonmember                                    BOC entries; frequently asked questions; sample notification and state-
$30.00                                                                       ment language; and BOC economic framework. (2007)
                                                                             (660) $35.00 Member/$55.00 Nonmember
Protecting Vulnerable Adults Booklet
Referred to as the "Silent Epidemic," abuse,
                                                                             Guide for Implementing a
neglect, and exploitation of our nation's seniors
is a serious problem. The problem has become                                 Re-Presented Check Entry Program
so intense that many states now designate finan-                             The Guide for Implementing a Re-Presented Check Entry
cial institutions as Mandatory Reporters. Learn                              Program has been developed by experts at NACHA to
definitions and symptoms of the problems fac-                                help you take advantage of this application. In it
ing your senior account holders, types of scams                              you’ll find everything you need to determine if a re-
targeting their money, resources, and what you                               presented check program is right for your organiza-
can do to protect them. This resource is perfect for institution trainers,   tion and how to comply with the RCK rules. Topics
managers, and anyone who works closely with senior account holders.          include:
(EPCOR) (2010)                                                               • Background, benefits and economic incentives
(527) Member $25.00/Nonmember $50.00                                         • Issues for originating companies to consider
                                                                             • ODFI responsibilities
                                                                             • RDFI responsibilities
Protecting Your Accounts Tri-Fold                                            • Consumer issues and rights
Brochures                                                                    A handy cost/benefit analysis worksheet is also included, as well as lists of
This tri-fold brochure speaks directly to your business                      frequently asked questions from the financial institution and consumer
customer about corporate account takeovers. The                              point of view. The legal aspects of re-presented checks (what’s legal,
brochure describes the most common methods crimi-                            what’s not, rights and limitations for all participants), and formatting
nals use to gain access to your business customers cre-                      requirements are also covered in depth. If you are a biller, retailer, third
dentials, how to protect themselves, and what to do if                       party service provider, ODFI, RDFI or legal counsel for any of these, you
they believe they are infected with a credential stealing                    owe it to yourself and your customers to explore the benefits of this appli-
Trojan that would allow criminals access to their                            cation. (2003)
accounts. A great addition to your frontline or your                         (451) $25.00 Member/$45.00 Nonmember
new business account packets! Comes in packs of 25
brochures. (EPCOR) (2010)
(528) 25 per Pack Member $10.00/ Nonmember $20.00

Guide to Implementing a                                                      Guide to Implementing Remote
Point-of Purchase Entry Program                                              Deposit Services – New in 2010!
The Guide to Implementing a Point-of-Purchase                                The purpose of the Guide to Implementing
Entry Program has been developed by experts at                               Remote Deposit Services is to help Depository
NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association to                               Financial Institutions (DFIs) establish and
help you take advantage of this application. In it                           maintain successful Remote Deposit Services
you’ll find everything you need to determine if a                            operations. The guide examines the benefits
point-of-purchase debit entry program is right for                           and risks of Remote Deposit Services, explains
your organization and how to comply with the NACHA Oper-                     the preliminary requirements, discusses the
ating Rules that support these one-time consumer debits initiated at the     responsibilities of the DFI and addresses implementation con-
point-of-purchase. Topics include:                                           cerns regarding Remote Deposit Services. (EPCOR) (2010)
• Background, benefits and economic incentives                               (516) $40.00 Member/$80.00 Nonmember
• Issues for Originating Companies, ODFIs and RDFIs
• Risk Management issues
• Frequently asked questions from FI and Consumer perspectives
                                                                             Image & Remote Deposit Capture
• Sample Forms/Receipts                                                      Resource Guide for the Financial
Economic Frameworks (developed by NACHA’s Electronic Check                   Institution
Council) for the point-of-purchase application from the Retail Merchant’s/   The purpose of this guide is to provide your institu-
Originator’s, Collecting Bank’s, Paying Bank’s and Drawer’s perspectives     tion with an overview of Check 21, remote deposit cap-
are also included. (2000)                                                    ture, image exchange, ACH check conversion, and to help
(651) $25.00 Member4/$45.00 Nonmember                                        you gain a better understanding of the best clearing options. Utilize this
                                                                             guide to decide if you should implement a branch capture or image
                                                                             exchange solution and how to offer a remote deposit capture product to
Guide to Implementing A Telephone-                                           your customers. Included is a sample FI/Customer RDC Agreement, a
Initiated ACH Debit Program                                                  sample RDC Risk Management Policy, and two sample RFPs just to name
                                                                             a few. Created in Word 2007, the guide is provided on CD-ROM.
This publication from NACHA - The Electronic
                                                                             (WACHA/UMACHA) (2008)
Payments Association, will give you the informa-
tion you the need to offer this option. Subjects                             (670) $350.00 Member/$500 Nonmember
covered include (2002):
• Preface - How to Use this Guide                                            CHECK 21
• Chapter One: Introduction & Overview
• Chapter Two: Telephone-Initiated Debit Entries: Getting Started
                                                                             Check 21 Consumer Statement Stuffers
• Chapter Three: Risk Management for TEL Entries
• Chapter Four: Case Studies                                                 On October 28, 2004 the Check 21 legislation became
• Chapter Five: PPD Telephone-Initiated Transactions                         law. From then on, consumers who are accustomed to
• Chapter Six: Frequently Asked Questions                                    getting their checks back won’t . . . and they will have
• Chapter Seven: The Automated Clearing House Network                        questions. To help you answer those questions,
• Chapter 8: Best Practices Checklist                                        WACHA has developed a statement stuffer that briefly
                                                                             explains Check 21 and what a substitute check is.
(618) $25.00 Member/$40.00 Nonmember                                         The check 21 consumer statement stuffer is sold in
                                                                             lots of 250. 3.5” x 8.5” (WACHA) (2004)
Guide to Implementing An Accounts                                            (545) $18.00Member/$36.00 Nonmember
Receivable Entry Program–2nd
Edition                                                                      Check 21 vs. eCheck Consumer Brochures
This publication from NACHA - The Electronic                                 For more in-depth consumer education, these new Check 21 vs. e-Check
Payments Association, will give you the informa-                             brochures are a must. This brochure explains the difference between
tion you the need to offer this option. Subjects                             Check 21 (and substitute checks) and other eCheck applications (such as
covered include (2008):                                                      ARC) in an easy to understand question and answer format. The
• Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview                                       brochures are sold in packs of 100. (WACHA) (2004)
• Chapter 2: Accounts Receivable Entries – Getting Started                   (546) $18.00 Member/$36.00 Nonmember
• Chapter 3: Risk Management for Accounts Receivable Entries
• Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions
• Chapter 5: Sample Notification and Statement Language
• Chapter 6: The Automated Clearing House Network
• Chapter 7: Accounts Receivable Economic Framework
(619) $25.00 Member/$40.00 Nonmember

Expedited Re-credit Claim Forms                                               ACH Operations: From ARC to XCK
The Expedited Re-credit Claim form is required
when a customer alleges that their account was                                2010 Edition Available September 2010
improperly charged due to a substitute check. This                            The Payments University ACH Operations: From
3-part form accommodates the customers’ claim                                 ARC to XCK is designed to be used as a resource for
and request for re-credit, as well as providing space                         ACH Basic Operations. It is based on the ACH Rules,
for the claimant bank and the indemnifying banks                              and other bodies of law that apply to ACH transac-
to record their actions with regard to the claim.                             tions. The intent is to introduce the reader to the ACH
These forms are sold in packs of 25. (WACHA) (2004)                           world, and to provide sufficient instruction so that the
(549) $25.00 Member/$45.00 Nonmember                                          reader will be able to work confidently with ACH
                                                                              transactions, including the processing of exception
                                                                              entries. The emphasis is on the Receiving side of the
OPERATIONS                                                                    ACH transactions; what an RDFI needs to know. There are several refer-
                                                                              ences to the ACH Rules throughout this book, and Chapter 10 contains a
Guide to ACH Origination                                                      glossary of terms and a listing of NACHAs Regional Payments Associa-
                                                                              tions and Direct Financial Institutions members. Appendix A contains
The purpose of the Guide to ACH Origination is to                             several sample forms that are referenced in this manual. This publication
help Originating Depository Financial Institutions                            has been updated to reflect the 2010 ACH Rule Changes. (EPN) (2010)
(ODFIs) establish and maintain successful ACH
origination operations. This spiral-bound, easy-to-                           (483) $40.00 Member/$80.00 Nonmember
use guide examines the benefits and risks of origi-
nation, explains the preliminary requirements,                                The Building Blocks of an ACH File
discusses the responsibilities of the ODFI and
addresses implementation concerns regarding specific ACH payment              This replica of an ACH File is constructed com-
applications. Financial institutions have found it to be a very valuable      pletely with “colored building blocks”. The ACH
educational tool when training corporate customers. (EPCOR) (2010)            File consists of one file header record, one file con-
                                                                              trol record, two complete batches and a 9-filler
(569) $30.00 Member/$60.00 Nonmember                                          record. Within each record, a block represents a
                                                                              “field”. Details on each block include “field name”, the field inclusion
ACH Procedures Manual                                                         requirement (Mandatory, Required or Optional) and number of [charac-
                                                                              ters]. The first batch contains a PPD entry detail record with the Optional
This manual is designed to assist you with the cre-                           Addenda record. The second batch contains a POP entry detail record to
ation of ACH procedures. This fully customizable                              demonstrate that field names, inclusion requirements and content
document contains an ACH Glossary of Terms,                                   “change” based on SEC Code. The file also comes complete with a
ACH Contact Information, Sample Policies,                                     “9-filler record” so the ACH file is “blocked” (the 9-filler record is
Exception Handling Requirements, and a tem-                                   attached to a sturdy “base” so you can prominently display your ACH
plate for writing your internal procedures with                               File). Also included is a “cheat sheet” which identifies, in visual detail,
regard to risk management, reconciling, training, contingency planning        the complete “Building Blocks of an ACH File”. This “hands-on” learning
and auditing from the perspective of both the RDFI and the ODFI. Cre-         tool is a MUST for all participants in ACH; Originators (to assist you in
ated in Word 2003, the manual is provided on a CD-ROM. (WACHA)                working with your programmers of your origination software), ODFIs
(2010)                                                                        (make available to help originating companies’ format their ACH files),
(530) $200.00 Member/$275.00 Nonmember                                        RDFIs, software vendors and individual candidates planning to sit for the
                                                                              AAP exam. (UMACHA) (2009)
Robbery Packet                                                                (461) $195.00 Member/$295.00 Nonmember
This two-in-one publication is a must for every institution. The printed
Management Guide to Bank Robbery Procedures guides management to
help define and describe staff roles in robbery prevention or response, and
to monitor the performance of staff assigned to specific tasks. The accom-
panying CD contains the Staff Guide to Robbery Procedures and training
brochures to help facilitate annual robbery training and provide employ-
ees with training resources. The CD also contains witness statement forms
and incident response forms to collect complete information, closed signs
and more. (EPCOR) (2010)
(517) $50.00 Member/$100.00 Nonmember

ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE                                                    CORPORATE PAYMENTS
(EDI)/ELECTRONIC COMMERCE                                                      2010 ACH Rules, Corporate Edition
EDI: A Guide to Electronic Data Interchange and                                2010 ACH Rules, Corporate Edition focuses on rules and information
                                                                               pertinent to corporate Ach payments. Includes the 2010 Guide to Imple-
Electronic Commerce Applications in the                                        menting the 2010 NACHA rule changes, the 2010 ACH Rules, an ACH
Healthcare Industry                                                            Network Primer, with an overview of the ACH Network and how it
By James J. Moynihan and Marcia L. McLure, Ph.D.                               works, plus corporate-focused operating guidelines. For corporations and
                                                                               financial institutions with corporate clients.
Healthcare EDI and related EFT transactions are now mandated under the
HIPAA legislation for the fall of 2002. The focus of this book is on the use   Limited Access to ACH Rules Online. When you purchase a copy of the
of electronic transactions that can be used to link participants in the        2010 ACH Rules & Operating Guidelines, you have linited access to the
healthcare industry. All of the 8 HIPAA mandated standards and their ben-      online edition. The 2010 edition will be operational on January 30, 2010.
efits to the healthcare industry are described. In addition to the HIPAA       Access will run through January 30, 2011. ACH Rules Online has the
claims processing and enrollment transactions this book also describes         same information available in the print edition, with full search and book-
EDI applications for procurement in the healthcare sector. After reading       marking capabilities, with updates available as they are approved. The
EDI, you will have a thorough knowledge of its features, standards, bene-      unique serial number on the inside front cover of you book is your key to
fits and applications and how it can be implemented. EDI will help profes-     ACH Rules Online.
sionals face the challenges of providing quality service and care now and      (409) $23.00 Member/$46.00 Nonmember
in the future. (2002)
Topics covered include:                                                        2010 ACH Rules Corporate Edition on CD
• Overview of EDI
• Features and Benefits of EDI                                                 This self-executable .exe file with limited search and no print capabilities
• Standards and the Standards-Setting Process                                  contains all the information available in the print edition. Comes with
• Electronic Networks                                                          limited access to ACH Rules Online, where search, save search, book-
• Healthcare Applications for EDI                                              marking and limited print functions can be performed. For Windows XP,
• EDI for the Claim Process                                                    Vista and Mac. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 required.
• EDI for Managed Care                                                         (409CD) $23.00 Member/$46.00 Nonmember
• EDI for Procurement
• EDI for the Human Resource Department
• Implementing EDI in Healthcare Settings                                      Business Check Conversion Statement Stuffers
• The Community Healthcare Information Network (CHIN) and Clinical EDI         These business-friendly statement stuffers will help businesses under-
• Organizing for EDI                                                           stand how and why their business checks get converted to ACH items
• Financial EDI                                                                (ARC/POP) via the ACH and what they can do to "opt out" of check con-
• Bibliography                                                                 version. Developed to create awareness, these stuffers are similar in
• EDI Capable Questionnaire                                                    design to WACHA’s Consumer Education Statement Stuffers. 250/Pack
(607) $45.00 Member/Nonmember                                                  (WACHA) (2006)
                                                                               (653) $18.00 Member/$36.00 Non-Member
Introduction to EDI & Financial EDI
Provides a solid introduction to financial EDI concepts, technology,           ACH Corporate User Guide on CD
processes, standards, applications, security, benefits and terminology.        The ACH Corporate User Guide on CD is an
A must-have primer to build a foundation for understanding and using           excellent resource for companies/business
financial EDI. (1998)                                                          ACH users. It is also an excellent resource for
(441) $25.00 Member/$40.00 Nonmember                                           financial institutions. This guide on CD has
                                                                               been updated to include information for com-
                                                                               panies/business on the new International
Mapping Corporate ACH Formats to/from The ASC                                  ACH Entry (IAT). Developed to help compa-
X12 820 Transaction Set, Version 5010                                          nies establish and maintain a successful ACH origination program, this
                                                                               guide includes useful tools to assist a company or financial institution.
Guide to mapping NACHA corporate payment
                                                                               What’s inside: corporate responsibilities; exception processing; specific
formats to or from the ASC X12 820 Payment
                                                                               application concerns for numbers applications; list of return reason codes
Order/Remittance Advise Transaction Set, ver-
                                                                               and much more. For Windows XP, Vista and Mac. Adobe Acrobat Reader
sion 5 release 1 (5010), providing detailed
                                                                               7.0 required. (UMACHA 2009)
instructions for each payment format. For cor-
porations, financial institutions, processors                                  (540) $150.00 Member/$250.00 Nonmember
and other EDI participants, especially
ACH/EDI managers and programmers. (2005)
(422) $35.00 Member/$55.00 Nonmember

                                                                              and marketing techniques designed to increase consumer usage of EBPP
BILL PAYMENTS                                                                 service across the spectrum of biller industries. Biller profiles are also pro-
                                                                              vided, illustrating how these techniques are being applied. (2002)
For the latest information and free downloadable documents visit                                                         Table of Contents
                                                                              Chapter 1: Introduction and Purpose
Biller’s Guide to Using ACH Applications for                                  Chapter 2: Four Critical Elements of a Successful EBPP Marketing Plan
Consumer And Corporate Receivables                                            Chapter 3: Case Studies
                                                                              Chapter 4: Marketing EBPP Through Customer Service Representatives
This publication from NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association             Chapter 5: Marketing and Advertising EBPP Services
and the Council for Electronic Billing and Payment describes how billers      Chapter 6: Web Service Pages
and/or their processing partners can use the ACH Network for collecting
bill payments and manage receivables in both business and consumer            (440) $30.00 Member/$45.00 Nonmember
channels. Areas covered in each section include a description of the appli-
cation, the benefits of each, authorization requirements and process flows.   Walk-in Bill Payment - Guidelines for Billers And
Also included are B2B and B2C Receivables ROI calculators, a sample
remittance processing/concentration questionnaire for RFP/RFI submis-         Walk-in Payment Providers
sions and examples of ODFI, Originator and B2B biller-customer agree-         The NACHA Council for Billing and Payment
ments. (2005)                                                                 (CEBP) developed this document as a tool to pro-
Table of Contents                                                             vide billers and walk-in payments providers
Chapter 1: Purpose, Scope and Audience                                        (WIPPs) with guidelines regarding the collection
Chapter 2: Accounts Receivable Processing                                     and transmission of bill payments from consumers
• Electronic Payment & Remittance via the ACH Network                         to billers. Payments service providers, billers, and
• ACH Payment Receipt and Remittance Flow                                     financial institutions are increasingly being chal-
Chapter 3: Benefits of ACH Bill Payment Receivables                           lenged by developments related to the risk, compli-
Chapter 4: ACH Applications for Biller Receivable Channels                    ance and technology associated with walk-in
• Mail or Dropbox                                                             payments (consumer bill payments made at a physical
• Telephone: Inbound and Outbound                                             location). (NACHA) (2007)
• Walk-in Payments                                                            Table of Contents
• Internet                                                                    1. Introduction
• Other Electronic Devices – Kiosks and ATMs                                  2. Walk-in Payment and Remittance Process Flows
• Direct Payment (Recurring Debit)                                               • Agent to Processor
Chapter 5: Getting Started with an ACH Receivables Program                       • Biller Direct
• ACH Receivables Project Management                                             • Biller Lockbox
• Working with Third-Parties                                                     • 3rd Party Process (where biller & provider do not have a contractual
Chapter 6: Case Studies                                                            relationship)
Appendices:                                                                      • 3rd Party Process (where biller & provider do have a contract
• B2B Receivables ROI Calculator                                                   relationship)
• B2C Receivables ROI Calculator
• Remittance Processing/Concentration Questionnaire for RFP/RFI               3. Legal and Regulatory Environment
  Submissions                                                                    • The Legal Relationship
• Example Originator/ODFI Agreement                                              • State Laws Regulating Bill Payment Service Providers
• B2B Biller-Customer Agreement                                                  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance & the Federal BSA
• SEC Comparison Table                                                           • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)
                                                                                 • Other State & Federal Laws, Regulations & Rules
(637) $30.00 Member/$45.00 Nonmember                                             • State Laws Regulating Billing Practices
                                                                              4. Walk-in Payments Services Request for Proposal (RFP)
Marketing Electronic Billing &                                                   • RFP Content Areas & Questions
Payment To Consumers                                                             • Walk-in Payments RFP Checklist
                                                                                 • Evaluating RFP Responses
This publication from NACHA – The Electronic
Payments Association and the Council for Elec-                                5. Industry Trends
tronic Billing and Payment is designed to assist you                          6. Glossary
in achieving high rates of participation for your
EBPP program. Many corporations and other organi-                             (659) $30.00 Member/$45.00 Nonmember
zations that send bills to consumers offer Electronic
Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) as an alternative to paper bills and
check payments. Consumer participation is the key to realizing the
expected benefits from EBPP, such as cost reduction, processing efficien-
cies, and customer retention. This Guide defines customer segmentation

SALES, TRAINING & TREASURY                                                     MARKETING
MANAGEMENT                                                                     ACH Product and Marketing Handbook for
ACH Sales Kit                                                                  Financial Institutions and Companies
When developing a strategy for selling your                                    This all new edition is designed for financial institutions
ACH services to companies, use this colorful                                   and companies to assist them in understanding ACH
table-top ACH sales tool. In very simple terms,                                products and services - their benefits, risk management considerations,
the Kit outlines the basics of Direct Deposit and                              marketing techniques, and FAQs from both corporate and consumer per-
Direct Payment, including the benefits to the employer and employee.           spectives. In addition to Direct Deposit and Direct Payment, ARC, BOC,
Also included: an Implementation Checklist, Sales Call Meeting Notes           POP, RCK, WEB, TEL and corporate payments are covered in depth. Case
with specific questions to ask the company, benefits flyer to leave with the   studies, sample marketing copy, authorization forms and/or notifications,
company, a sample proposal and a sample Authorization forms.                   and an extensive resource list is included. A sample RFP for companies to
(The Payments Authority) (2008)                                                use in identifying financial institution partners (and to prepare financial
                                                                               institutions for answering an RFP) is provided as well. (2010)
(484) $219.00 Member / $319.00 Nonmember
                                                                               (830) $40.00 Member/$70.00 Nonmember

ACH Participant Flow Chart Poster
                                                                               Managing Media Relations in a Crisis
This colorful poster is a wonderful training tool
for operations and front line staff. It shows                                  This guide is designed to assist you organization develop, test and execute
how ACH transactions move through the pay-                                     a crisis communication plan. The reason most companies, government,
ment system and who the participants are. It                                   non-profits and even individual are ineffective in handling a crisis is they
can also be used as a visual sales tool for cor-                               thought “it could never happen to us.” With this guide, you’ll understand
porate prospects and customers. Size 14” x                                     how to address the issues, know whom to call and in what order to alert
16” (The Payments Authority) (2008)                                            them, which vendors you can count on to help, and how to develop a
                                                                               means to track the crisis as it grows or abates. A must for every company
(487) $5.00 Member/$7.50                                                       and financial institution. (1995)
                                                                               (808) $15.00 Member/$30.00 Nonmember

ACH Participant Quick
                                                                               2009 Electronic Payments Review & Buyers Guide
Reference Flyer
                                                                               The Buyer’s Guide is an annual directory of payment services with listings
This colorful training/sales tool demonstrates
                                                                               for ACH Services, Authentication & Security Solutions, B2B Invoicing &
the flow of an ACH transaction and defines
                                                                               Presentment Services, Card Services, Check/Electronic Check Services,
the participants. Size 8.5 x 11” (25/pack)
                                                                               Consultants & Industry Associations, Consumer-Based Bill Payment &
(The Payments Authority) (2008)
                                                                               Presentment, Electronic Government Services, Electronic Commerce Ser-
(489) $10.00 Member / $15.00 Non-Member                                        vices, International Payment Resources, Payment & Processing Software
                                                                               & Hardware, Third-Party Service Providers, and Wireless Payment &
                                                                               Commerce. Also included are articles on basic ACH, ACH statistics, 2009
                                                                               Quality Award winner essays, and the Payments Academy On-Line. The
                                                                               Buyer’s Guide can also be found on the NACHA website at
                                                                               (411) Single copies are free, additional copies $3.50 each.

                                                                               Authorization Forms
                                                                               These authorizations are for companies looking
                                                                               for generic authorization forms that market ACH
                                                                               benefits to consumers. The blue direct payment
                                                                               authorizations are bi-fold, 3 3/4 x 6 1/4", and the
                                                                               green direct deposit authorization forms are single
                                                                               fold, 3 1/2 x 7". (UMACHA)
                                                                               Direct Payment/Direct Deposit
                                                                               (542/543) $20.00 per 100 Member/$30.00 per 100 Nonmember

CONSUMER EDUCATION                                                           DIRECT DEPOSIT/DIRECT PAYMENT
STATEMENT STUFFERS -                                                         12-Page Direct Deposit
These consumer-friendly statement stuffers will help consumers under-        Coloring/Activity Book
stand their rights and responsibilities with regard to the five newest ACH
applications, RCK, WEB/TEL, ARC, and BOC. Developed to create                Storyline compares life before and after Direct
consumer awareness, these stuffers carry similar designs and color           Deposit. Inside covers include benefits and fre-
schemes. Use these informative stuffers to educate the consumer              quently asked questions. An inexpensive give-
regarding these ACH applications.                                            away for your next lobby promotion or payroll
                                                                             party! Box of 250, 8 1/2” x 11”. (Copyright The
My check has bounced - What you need to                                      Payments Authority, 2006)
know about Re-presented Check (RCK)                                          (656) $20.00 Member/$30.00 Nonmember
entries. (WACHA)(2006)
(RCKSTUF) 250/Pack @                                                         Direct Deposit Kite-Shaped Poster
$18.00 Member/ $36.00 Nonmember
                                                                             Reminds account holders and employees that they
Protect Yourself. Beware of scams –                                          have better things to do on payday than standing in
What you need to know about giving your                                      line to cash their check. 24" x 36" (delivered folded).
account information out over the telephone                                   (Copy right The Payments Authority 2006)
and the Internet. (WACHA)(2006)
                                                                             (657) $5.00 Member/$10.00 Nonmember
(WEB/TELSTUF) 250/Pack @
$18.00 Member/ $36.00 Nonmember
I paid by check, but they gave my check                                      Direct Deposit and Direct Payment Posters
back - What you need to know about                                           Choose from four designs.
Point-of-Purchase (POP) entries.                                             Posters printed by The Pay-
(WACHA)(2006)                                                                ments Authority, with permis-
(POPSTUF) 250/Pack @                                                         sion from NACHA. Designs
$18.00 Member/$36.00 Nonmember                                               are available for download at
                                                                             no charge on the Electronic-
But I mailed a check - What you need to                             website; how-
know about Accounts Receivable (ARC)                                         ever, companies and financial
entries. (WACHA)(2006)                                                       institutions can purchase
(ARCSTUF) 250/Pack @                                                         posters here to save on the
 $18.00 Member/$36.00 Nonmember                                              costs associated with printing
Introducing Back Office Conversion – What you need to know about how         small quantities. Poster size
back office processing of consumer checks works, and how it impacts          19.5" x 24.75"
you. (WACHA)(2007)                                                           Direct Deposit Lunch – (DDLP) $5.00 Member/$10.00
(664) 250/Pack @ $18.00 Member/ $36.00 Nonmember                             Nonmember
                                                                             Direct Deposit Construction – (DDCP) $5.00 Member/$10.00
                                                                             Direct Payment Dad – (DPDP) - $5.00 Member/$10.00
                                                                             Direct Payment Baseball (DPBP) $5.00 Member/$10.00

                                                                                               P a y m e n t s Publications
                                                                                                                          3rd Quarter

If you have questions regarding my order,
my daytime phone and fax numbers are:
Phone (        )__________________________
FAX (      ) _____________________________                                    FAX YOUR ORDER 24 HOURS A DAY: 781-338-9627

                                           O R D E R                                           F O R M
 ITEM #              PRODUCT                                                                                           SIZE/COLOR      PRICE      QUANTITY   $ AMOUNT

                                                                                                                                                   Subtotal $__________
PLEASE NOTE: Shipping prices are for the                                   Shipping & Handling
                                                             First Item ............................................. $ 7.95   MA residents add 5% sales tax $__________
continental U.S. only. All other destinations, please        Each additional item$2.50 (maximum $20*)
call for a quote. Promotional materials are shipped          * If actual shipping exceeds $20, then                                  Shipping and Handling $__________
by weight. Please ask for a quote when ordering.             actual cost will be billed.
                                                                                                                                                      Total $__________

Be sure to visit our web site at:
Name ______________________________________________________________________               Payment (Must Accompany Order)
Title ________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                          ❏ By ACH Debit (Complete Below)

Company __________________________________________________________________                Debit ABA # _____________________________________________

Street Address (No P.O. Boxes) ______________________________________________             Signature _______________________________________________

City ________________________________________________________________________             Date of Debit __________/__________/__________

State _______________________________ Zip ____________________________________            ❏ By Credit Card (Complete Below)
                                                                                            Please Charge Total To My:
Phone______________________________ FAX ___________________________________
                                                                                               ❏ Visa           ❏ MasterCard          ❏ American Express       ❏ Dis-
e-mail ______________________________________________________________________                  cover
❏ I understand that by providing my fax number I                                             Acct. ________________________________________________________
  consent to receive faxes sent by NEACH. I understand
  that NEACH will not share my fax number with                                               Exp. Date ____________________________________________________
                                                                                          3-4 Digit Security Code__________________________________________
   Signature____________________________________ Date____/____/____                          Signature ____________________________________________________

Return this form with payment to:                                                            Name on Card ______________________________________________

       NEACH                                                                                 Card billing address __________________________________________
       35 Corporate Drive, Suite 190
       Burlington, MA 01803                                                               ❏ By Check (Enclosed For Total Amount)
       Fax: 781/338-9627                                                                  Call NEACH at 781-321-1100. Orders will be shipped by
       Phone: 781/321-1011                                                                UPS ground.
                                                                                          ❏ I am not a NEACH member and would like more
                                                                                            information about joining.
Payments Publications 2010
35 Corporate Drive, Suite 190
Burlington, MA 01803

                                    Printed on
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 October 11-29, 2010

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