Rebuttal by stariya


									             Rebuttal: Shooting Down Your Opponent’s Arguments

Issue/ Stance               Point                       Counterpoint- Refute

Abortion                    A. Life begins at           A. Does that mean using
                            conception                  condoms is “murder”? Is
(Pro Life)
                            B. The Bible says           sperm “life”?
                            abortion is wrong           B. It says a lot of old-
                                                        fashioned things, like
                                                        women should be slaves.

Abortion                    A. What if the mother       A. All life is sacred—
                            was raped, or the baby      that child can still lead
(Pro Choice)
                            has birth defects?          a happy life!
                            B. Women should have        B. The woman already
                            the right to make their     made a choice- by not
                            own choice with the         being sexually safe.

                            A. There needs to be a      A. HSCT used to be that
                            “bar” to maintain           bar—so why’d we get
(Pro)                                                   rid of it?
                            standards for a diploma.
                            B. It’s only testing        B. Students can show
                            standard reading and        “mastery” of the
                            math skills that are        standards through other
                            taught in class!            (hands-on) activities, not
                                                        just tests.

                            A. --------------------     A. ------------------
FCAT                        B. --------------------     B. ------------------

Gay Adoption                A. A child is better off    A.-------------------
(Pro)                       with any stable set of
                            parents rather than being
                            an orphan.
                            B. Homosexuality is not     B.--------------------
                            “taught”, it’s genetic.

Gay Adoption                A. Children need to         A.--------------------
(Con)                       have a “traditional”
                            home environment to
                            grow up healthy.
                            B. The child would be       B.--------------------
                            embarrassed in school
                            by their parents.

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