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					                      Hybrid Cars
Hybrid cars are often referred to as the 'car of the era'. The
unique advantages of the hybrid car will be sole basis for such
recognition in the market. It is more efficient, more
environmentally friendly and cheaper.

Firstly, the advantages of the hybrid car start right from its
difference in the basic pattern. Hybrid car is type of car that
utilizes two energy sources for its movement. The popular hybrid
cars in the market are manufactured in such a manner to
combine the benefits of an internal combustion engine and
electrical motor. The shortening level of gasoline in the world as
it is a non-renewable energy was the major drawback of the
conventional cars, which was rectified in the electrical cars, but
it also had its own disadvantages. The advantage of the hybrid
car is that it can rectify the complaints in the both systems and
balances the use of electrical energy and gasoline engine, in
their optimum levels.

In the hybrid car, the electrical energy is used while starting up
of the car and its low speed ranges, which will help to impart a
check to the tail pipe emissions. As the automobiles is
increasing, world is at the threat of toxic pollutants and global
warming, due to their exhaust ingredients. The decrease in the
tail pipe emission will be a great advantage for the
environment as well as the society. However, gasoline engine
will take up the transmission, when the speed goes up since, it is
essential to attribute the pace for the drive. While the traffic
stops and steep slopes the electrical energy will be again
activated, which will help to reduce the gasoline utilization. The
aerodynamic design, lighter materials and smoother tyre will
help for better energy consumption. The striking technological
advantage of the hybrid car is that the energy loss, while
braking is re-channeled for the electrical battery charging,
called as regenerative braking, and a separate energy for
battery charging is not required.
Next, the advantages of the hybrid car are multifaceted since
it attributes technical and economical benefits. Despite of the
owner, the country as well as, is benefited from the gasoline
saving as the oil prices are steeping very high, and its effects
the country's whole economy. This advantage is also a benefit
to the customer as government has decided to give reductions
and tax credits for the hybrid car buying. In addition to Federal
exemption certain states also provide local exemptions to
promote the use of hybrid car.

Finally, the last advantage of hybrid vehicles is that it have The
most basic environmental benefit of hybrid cars is the lack of
pollution caused by carbon dioxide emissions. Based on a
report from the U.S. Department of Energy, a traditional car
from 2007 uses 344.8 gallons of gasoline to drive 10,000 miles. A
hybrid car from the same year uses only 263.2 gallons of gas for
the same distance. In addition, the same report showed that a
hybrid car produced only 294 grams of carbon dioxide per mile.
That's 158 less than a traditional vehicle! If the consumption of
gasoline continues at the rate it has during the first part of the
21st century, oil reserves will not meet demand. According to
the International Energy Agency, there will be no spare oil
capacity by the end of 2013. They estimate we will need to
begin tapping new wells across the world. This will damage
fragile ecosystems at all different levels of the food chain. By
using hybrid cars, oil consumption is reduced, thereby reducing
the need for this level of gasoline. As more and more hybrids
join the automobile fleet on the road, the fact that they use less
carbon dioxide will continue to have effects on pollution levels
by offsetting what was previously used. As auto companies
generate more revenue from selling hybrid cars, they will
continue advancing the technology and produce more
models, spurring even more people to purchase the vehicles
that will offset even more emissions. It creates a simple cause
and effect loop.
Hybrid car is thus an advantageous car, which helps to over
come much of the crisis related to the motor world.
Ladies and Gentlemen
In this very happy occasion, I can speak for you all about
corruption. Do you know corruption? When Susilo Bambang
Yudhoyono and Jusuf Kalla were eventually elected President
and Vice President, the public urged them to make the fight
against corruption a part of their concrete agenda. When
Napoleon in Animal Farm became the governor of the farm,
the animals were in hot soup. When Mao Ze Dong became the
leader of China, the people of China were about to face a
terrible nightmare. All these are due to corruption.

In Animal Farm, Napoleon had absolute power and took over
the farm. He made the animals slaves, made the farmers afraid
and made Snowball leave the farm. The animals were too
naïve and believed that Napoleon was helping the farm when
Napoleon was actually taking advantage of the animals. For
example,” Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they
were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the
faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man,
and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it
was impossible to say which was which. “. While the pigs
change in many ways, it is not moving into the house, or
wearing clothes, or walking on two legs that makes them like
the humans – it is the abuse of their power.

Also, in the recent Arab Spring incident, the people were
protesting because the government was taking advantage of
the people and that was due to corruption. The government
probably had too much power and took advantage of it by
treating the people badly.

Quoted from John Acton “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
This is one of the main reasons why corruption happen.

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