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									                          KANSAS AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY
                               Myrna Rogers, Department President
                               1135 Euclid St., Augusta, KS 67010
                                      (home) 316-775-5552
                                        grogers 15(aJ,cox.net

Fall Conference was a success. Thank you to the 85 who registered their attendance. New
at Fall Conference this year was a demonstration by Trish Ward on how to navigate the
Kansas American Legion Auxiliary W'eb Site:-'Fhe-Web Site address -iskslegionaux:urg.
There are links to several web sites that will provide you with information.

This year the Department of Kansas is participating in a new program being offered by
the Legionnaire Insurance Trust. This program provides NO COST ACCIDENTAL
DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT INSURANCE to the members of the Auxiliary. All
you need to do is to sign up through the Internet. Step by step instruction are included in
this newsletter. As the President of the Unit it is your responsibility to provide this
information to every member.

Coming UP! Our big activity for December is the Christmas Gift Shops at every VA
facility in Kansas. The Gift Shops will be held the first week of December. So start now
by shopping on behalf of the veterans who are patients at the hospitals. Cash donations to
assist with mailing the packages will be accepted. I know volunteers at the facilities
would be happy to start collecting the gifts now.

On Tuesday, November 4, Americans have the opportunity to vote to select the next
President of the United States and the members of Congress that will represent us for the
next four years. Many American Legion Auxiliary members volunteer as poll workers to
assist their community to cast their ballots. It is our duty to country that we make our
voices heard through the voting booth:

Your order for poppies to distribute on Veterans Day is in this newsletter? The veterans
have been busy making the poppies. Place you order early. Communities are planning
dinners, parties, and parades to honor the veterans who have served honorably to protect
our freedom. Let's show them how much our veterans and their families are appreciated.
May God continue to protect the veterans that are serving on foreign soil.

Department President,
                 ALL ABOARD THE U&S UNLIMITED!!
   Your Membership Honors Our Promise Everyday by Helping Our Programs

Sharon Spiker 705 4th Street Wetmore Ks 66550785-799-7275        c

It was so good to see so many of you at Fall Conference and the Eisenhower
Pilgrimage. We had great weather for both meetings. I think President Myrna had
an infonnative program planned for us and I hope everyone took home some good
infonnation. Eisenhower could have had a few more faces but I know we had
another solemn occasion to attend that was just as dear to our hearts.

I want to congratulate Unit 43 in Frontenac for winning the $20 membership
award for making goal, Unit 339 in Oakley for earning $20 for making goal and
Unit 184 in Dresden for earning $15 for making 100% goal.

Dues notices are out so many of you are making your goals now. Keep up the
good work because now is when it starts to get hard. They have been reminded so
now it is really up to us to remind them PERSONALL Y how important each
member is to our units. At Fall Conference I used my family as an example of how
unit members are all different. My sisters and I are all very different people. We
have different interests and talents but we are all tied together with the common
thread of family. Our members also have many different interests and talents but
we are all tied together by our-rove for-a-Veteran irrouf-lives. This-Veteran gave us
the privilege to belong to this great organization. We need to remember that these
are our COlmnongoals; to serve our Veterans wherever they maybe, to help and
protect their families when they are in need and to keep our communities strong so
their sacrifices weren't in vain.
                                AMERIC          N LEGIO

In this newsletter you will find a lot of information.
First off, we are saddened to report that Geraldine Hobble (past Dept. President 1975 thru 1976)
passed away on October 5, 2008. Memorial contributions may be made to Hobble Nurses
Scholarship.- You can send )iour contributiQn& to The Legion B~f!dquarter~              _
There are also step by step instructions for filing for your "no cost entitlement" insUrance.
Please take the few minutes to do this.
If you attended Fall Conference you would've had a chance to purchase a bingo card with all the
proceeds going to the Department of Kansas Auxiliary Emergency Fund. There is all the
information needed in the newsletter. The numbers for September are: B-I0, 1-28, G-55, B-8, 1-
25, B-4, N-45, G-48, N-36, 0-71, 0-75, G-46, B-5, 1-23 and 1-16. The numbers for October are:
0-66,1-26, G-52, G-51, 0-67, N-31, 1-18, N-40, G-53, and 0-68. Good Luck!
There is also a list of scholarships that the Auxiliary offers. Please take advantage of the
opportunity of helping out someone in need. There is also a "snowbird" address form for all of
your members that travel in the winter months. Have them fill this out so they can continue to
receive information while they are away. You will also find a poppy order form. If you would
to receive poppies please fill out form completely and return to Department Headquarters.
And last but not least there is information from the Chaplain and Department public relations
chairman. Please look this over.
If you have any issues or concerns please don't hesitate to contact Department Headquarters,
Cathy and I will be our best to help you.

Melissa "Missy" Cress
Department Secretary
Special Thanks to our Web Master Trish Ward for the assistance to help ALL Auxiliary
members sign up for the "NO COST ENTITLEMENT"                   Insurance during Fall
Conference. This is a "free" insurance that comes to you as a benefit of your Auxiliary
membership. This was demonstrated at Fall Conference. In fact Trish signed me up as a
demonstration to show how to do it. When I checked my e-mail at home my confirmation
letter was already there. Thanks, Trish

Now, Trish has taken the time to provide you with the steps to your "NO COST
$1,000.00 ENTITLEMENT" Insurance. See below:

                     Step By Step to the LIT Insurance

       1 Launch your web browser and go to www.thelit.com
       2 Click on the red <tell me more> button
       3 There is a drop down box asking for state of residence. Click on the light blue
         "down arrow" to open the box. Choose "Kansas", then click on the box that
         says "Continue".
       4 More information is on the page. Click on the red box that say's "Claim
         Now". It is in a box to the right with a heading that says "Claim your
         $1,000.00 Entitlement".
       5 Click on the red "claim now" (Note: There are several on this page. Just click
         on the one underneath the information that says "Your $1,000.00 No Cost
         Entitlement. The other choices will require payments.
       6 There is a box that say's "Please select the product you would like
         information on" Click on the light blue down arrow and open the box. Use
         your mouse to select your choice "NO COST ENTITLEMENT" Then click
         on "select"
       7 Fill out the info. Click on the light blue down arrows to select Department
         (Kansas). Select state ofresidence (Kansas) Type in your "Auxiliary" member
         number (Note: You enter this number 2 times) Then click on the light blue
         number to enter your personal information. Then click "continue".
       8 Complete-all the info as requested. Then click "next"
       9 You should get info something like "Congratulations Legionnaire XXXXXX"
         When you see this message you are done. Do not worry about it stating
         Legionnaire and not Auxiliary. It comes out that way and is OK.
        AMERICAN                       LEGION                AUXILIARY
           CENTRAL DIVISION MEMBERSHIP                  BULLETIN #2
                        OcrOBEl{ 4, 2oQ8

   : Membership Chairmen
From:_ Martha Yancey, Central Division Membership Chairman

Another month has passed and I am pleased with how you are doing. Although
none of you met the 50% goal by October 1st, you got close. I believe with the
           .            .     -                   ..

dues notices coming out late had an affect on our membership.
Central Division is in 3rd place and that is not acceptable. We are going to move
up to 1stand stay there. RIGHT!!!
                   --                                               -
I am happy to see that every department, except Ohio is ahead in membership
from this time last year. Martha Thatcher tells us that they will make goal this
year and I know they will. Martha, if there is anything I can do to help you please
let me know~ I will be happy to write letters or call people if you need me to. I
know we will see better results Ilext week.
All of you need to contact your District and Unit membership chairmen and offer
your help, especially to those who are down from last year. The fall meetings will
be held soon, you could offer awards for Units and Districts with great
membership. You do not necessarily have to spend money to do this. A few
suggestJons include giving the top District preferred seat~ng at convention,
making name tags that say "we are # 1" to the Unit and! or District.
If you have a membership theme, please let me know what it is. I already know 2
of them. Missouri's is "Shake, Rattle and Roll" they are using the 50th theme and
Ohio are the "Ohio Patriots, marching for membership"
I will be getting the contracts you signed in May-very soon and I will be able to
discuss them with you.
It is imperative that the Units send in membership at least once a week. Please
stress this in your Department.
Nationally, we are ahead oflast year. Let's do our part to keep it that way.
If you are doing something special to recruit new members and retain members,
have a fun theme, have an outstanding Unit or District, please let me know so I
can spotlight it in the National bulletin.
Don't forget the awards National is offering for Auxiliary, Legion and SAL
members.       Work closely with your Legion and SAL to get their member rosters
and invite the women tojoin the Auxiliary.

Keep in mind the National President's theme:           HOPE-Honor       Our £.romise
Dntil next month-keep up the good work

This is coming to you by mail because I am having a problem with my internet
but hope to have it fixed soon, you can still e-mail me, I just can't reply. Please
make Sure I have your correct e-mail address.
  Parliamentary procedure is used in deliberative assemblies to guard the rights of the
 majority, of the minority, of the individual members, and of the absentees.

 SCENE: Mary and Sue appear each with a telephone. Sue answers the ringing

 SUE: Oh, I am so glad that you called. Didn't the meeting go well last night? I was so
 thrilled because it was the very fIrst time that I have ever handled a gavel.
 But, I wonder why those people in the front moved to the back. I only pounded the gavel
 seven times. Maybe a piece of metal hit them when the bell broke.

  SUE: Well who in the world is Mr. Roberts?

-,-'-MARY:The author of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, the 10 ~dition.

  SUE: Oh, I bought one of these books and glanced through it. I made a few notes, BUT,
  YOU KNOW ME! I changed purses and forgot to bring the notes.
  Why did everyone keep looking at their watches? I started promptly at 8:00 p.m.

  MARY: They are the rules that govern the American Legion Auxiliary---in addition to
  the Constitution and By-laws are the Standing Rules.

  SUE: That would be a big help. Where can Ibuy some?

-. -MARY: Copies are available through the Department Office for.b   3.   0   D   each.

  SUE: Oh, you mean that package of papers that were passed on to me. I put them in a
  box in my closet to pass on to the next president.
SUE: I wondered why that woman in the red and white striped dress looked at me so
stupidly when she called for the previous question. I told her what I thought the question

MARY: The previous question is to stop debate, and there should have been a standing

SUE: Why did one group get so mad? All I said was that I was in favor of getting new
chairs and that all the members that wanted to please me say pretty please yes. There'
were so many in favor that it wasn't necessary to see who didn't want them.

MARY: A presiding officer should be impartial and ask for both yes and no votes,

SUE: Well, those people didn't need to get so mad. I don't know why they come to
meetings. Imagine asking for a recess! They must think they are still in school.

MARY: Moving for a recess is a privileged, high ranking motion and should have been
voted on.

SUE: I really was disappointed in one thing. I appointed a special group of ladies to fix
the table. They worked so hard. Wasn't that a lovely,centerpiece and lace cloth? But no
one put a thing on that table all evening.

MARY: To lay on the table is a motion to defer action on a pending question because of
some emergency.

SUE: Who was that little white haired lady that kept popping up saying. "Point of
Order?" She sure did interrupt a lot of people.

SUE: Who was that dark haired woman with the glasses that kept jumping up and saying

MARY: She was trying to object to the consideration ofthe question. She didn't get to
say more then "object"

SUE: And the Secretary kept punching me saying,"They want the minutes." Really, I
have a bruised spot. Every time she punched me, I gave them the time.

MARY: The minutes ofthe previous meeting are usually read at the beginning of the
~~.                                                                             -
SUE: Kathy also said something about the Treasurer's report. I knew there wasn't any
money after I purchased new drapes. Aren't they pretty?

MARY: Mrs. Roberts says it is proper to say, "I move that or I move to," not that, "I
make a motion.

SUE: They most have thought our meeting was a sewing circle, too. They wanted to
mend so much.

MARY: A quorum is the correct number of members who must be present to conduct
business legally. Were there 32 present?

SUE: I didn't count them, but I heard someone say there were only 23 present. May I
ask a question? When the lady called for the order of the day-was she a waitress? I
told her we weren't serving anything.

MARY: No, she wasn't a waitress. She was just trying to get back to the order of
business, which wasn't being followed.

SUE: Who was that little lady that said she was appealing? I think I am appealing too,
but I wouldn't have the nerve to get up in front of a lot of people and say so.

SUE: And all those committee people told me afterward that they had reports---this was
our first meeting, so how could they have anything to report?

MARY: Most committees are busy immediately after they are appointed and have
reports to make.

SUE: I don't know what is wrong with pl;lQpletoday. Someone had the nerve to get up
and want someone committed. I guess I really told them that there was no place in our
meeting for things like that. They would have to hire a lawyer and go before a judge.
MARY: They only wanted a committee appointed to look into the matter and report at
the next meeting.

SUE: All those silly people who wanted to conduct business after Juanita moved to
adjourn-I told them they would just have to wait until the next meeting.

MARY: There are a number of motions that can be made before the chair declares the
meeting adjourned.

SUE: I hope I can squeeze in a little time before the next meeting to glance at that rule
book again. But I'm sure it will go as smoothly as last night. I certainly do like the feel
of that gavel. Do you know where I can get the crack on the bell fIxed before the next
meeting? And Mary, thanks fOf calling, I know you are only the Parliamentarian but if
you ever get to be President, I'll be glad to help you in any way I can. Don't be afraid to
ask for advice.

       This little playlet says a lot about parliamentary procedure.
       Do you see yourself in these characters in the play?
       To conduct a good meeting, each President should make an agenda and follow it.
       Abide by the Unit's Constitution and By-laws; as well as the District, Department
       and National Organization.
       Leadership Courses should be offered whenever possible on all four levels: Unit,
       District, Department and National. .
~--                                                                                                                      ---=-=-~
,~         AMERIGAN LEGION AlJXIIJA:&~                                                                                 -~'---='"
"~DEPAlITMENTOFKANSAS                                                                                   Public Relations

                                                      Department of Kansas
                                                        Public Relations
          Cindy Ward, Chairman
          Trish Ward, staff
          1004 N. 1st Street East
          Louisburg, KS 66053
          (Home) 913-837-4926

     The Department of Kansas has set a standard for excellence in its Public Relations Program and the PR team is proud of the
     accomplishments in the 2007-2008 administrative year. Thanks to your contributions Kansas was recognized at the
     National Convention 2008 for the best overall Public Relations Program (Central Division), recipient of the Elizabeth
     Lainson Award - for the Best Press Book for Departments with 10,001-25,000 members and recognition for the Best Web
     Site (launched after September 1). Kansas should take great pride in these awards as it is only through the effort of each one
     of our members who contributed news articles, reports and information that enabled the books to come together. Give
     yourselves a big PAT ON THE BACK! But. .. let's keep it going-we have a lot of work to do to keep the momentum!

      :                     Press Books and News Coverage
     Once we started looking .. .it was amazing to see how many articles are printed about the American Legion Auxiliary in
     Kansas. Keep in rnind ... the Press Books run from Convention to Convention ... so all articles from May 18,2008 until May
     17,2009 qualify for this years' Press Book!

     • Each Unit - Assign a Newspaper Monitor to watch the paper(s). Make sure to cut out each article and set aside in an
     envelope or box. Mail regularly to the District or Department Chairman. Don't hold them until the end of the year ... MAlL

     •   Call your newspaper AHEAD of time of the event and educate them about the who, what, where, when, why of the
     event...you will get better coverage and less opportunity for error. Make sure the newspaper knows who to contact if they
     have a question!

     • Use the internet to scan the world wide web. You can enter a search to look in the archives of many newspapers to fmd
     articles you may have missed.

     •   When archiving articles ... make sure to get the precise name of the Newspaper the piece ran in and make sure to include
     a DATE the article ran.

     • Reinforce the importance of making sure the paper knows to include AMERICAN LEGION AUXlLIARY in the article.
     We received many articles with our ladies in the articles but only the POST was mentioned - and we had to disallow the
     wonderful coverage! Technically .. .ifthey don't say "Auxiliary" we can't use it. (Note: Encourage your Commander to get
     used to conveying ALL entities of the Post (Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion, Riders) ... as long as there is at least ONE
     mention [even if it's a reference in a photograph] it qualifies). We all should train ourselves when speaking to the Press to
     convey "Legion Family" and try to MENTION each one of the components that make up your Post AL family.

     • Most Newspapers (especially in our local communities) need content ... so be sure to send a digital photograph along with
     your article or press release!
        HOPE - Honoring Our Promise Everyday with a 3C Philosophy - Connecting with Comfort
        and Compassion.

                            Prayer Books and Prayer Chains
        I encourage all members and units to submit prayers to be included in the Department Prayer Book for President
        Myrna. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a prayer from each one of our Units to be included in a comprehensive
        book she could treasure forever. It's !lot too early to start ... so forward me prayers via mail or e-mail - and make
        sure to mention who sent the prayer so we can make proper notation in the collection. Regardless of the size ofthe
        Unit...or the age of the member (young or old) ... I know everyone has time to send me at least one prayer. And
        don't forget creating a prayer book for your Unit President is a special gift she will cherish.

                      I challenge all Units and Districts to gather their favorite prayers, poems or inspirational
LOOK! A               messages ... and forward them to me or your District Chaplain. The first District to send
                      me a prayer from each one of the units in your respective District wins a special prize at
                      District Convention! So .. .let's hop to it and no cheating! In order to be eligible ... the
                      prayer, poem or inspirational message MUST be signed in her own hand by the Unit
                      President of that Unit!
        E-Mail theDepartmentChaplainatkspraverchain(a>.yahoo.com
        There are several e-mail addresses available and I will try to keep on top of all my active e-mail addresses. If you
        have a special message or need to communicate a prayer request, we have created a special e-mail address to
        connect everyone together for these important messages and member alerts. I will try to keep updates on the Kansas
        website as well at www.kslee:ionaux.ore: - choose "Chaplain's Comer" and then click on "Member Update". We
        are experimenting with a format that works best for everyone and I will try to keep you posted as to updates to this
        format in the monthly newsletter.

                                                        Things to do:
                 ../ Send Prayers for the Dept. and National Prayer Books to the Dept. Chaplain
                 ../ Involve the Juniors in your special services
                 .1   Work closely with your m~mbers to provide support and friendship
                 ../ Demonstrate by Doing - Set a good example
                 ../ Visit the Department of Kansas Website at wW\v.kslegionaux.org
                 ../ Download the Chaplain "Plan of Work" at www.kslegionaux.org                       for more info .
                 ../ Visit the National Website at www.legion-aux.or               for more info!

                                                   Trish Ward
                                    Department afKansas Chaplain - 2008-2009
                                                   1004 N. I st Street East
                                                   Louisburg, KS 66053
                                          Home: 913-837-4926 • Cell: 913-238-1520
                                              E-mail: tbw_ksaux@yahoo.com
There are many Auxiliary families that need assistance that fits in the
guidelines of the Emergency fund. So let's show that we care. Join us in the
effort to raise the money for Legion families. This should be a fun, yet
rewarding for everyone. I hope that all who participate will do it for this
Rules and Directions are below.

Bingo Cards (6) six for $-5.00 or (1) one for $ 1.00
Top prize given at Mid Winter Conference in February 2009

1.    Working for a Blackout. The first blackout means that your card will
      be placed in for a drawing. The first drawn will win a quilt. The
      next (4) four will win an Auxiliary bear.

2.    Numbers will be given in the Department Newsletter or you will be
      able to find information on the web site, or phone call. The first (15)
      fifteen numbers will be given at this Fall Conference. Then each
      month for the next (5) five months (10) will be sent.

3.    When you get a blackout please make a copy and send to me. The
      post mark will break the ties. If you have any questions please let me

4.    Plans to work with each unit in each District. I will try to talk with as
      many Presidents or their Chairman as possible. Below you will find
      my address and phone, and e-mail.

5.    Thanks to all for the last three years. I have truly enjoyed working for
      this great organization. Please help if you can.

Susan Bouton
Auxiliary Emergency Fund Chairman
33 S. Baltimore St. Kansas City, Kansas 66102
913-321-1954 or cell 913-244-8952
There are many scholarships being offered by National and Department and
we feel sure that Kansas has great opportunity to receive these scholarships.

If you are interested in any of these Scholarships please contact Department
OUf address is: American Legion Auxiliary

                  1314-B SW Topeka Blvd
                  Topeka, Kansas 66612
or if you have access to the Internet they are available to be printed off the
American Legion Auxiliary web site: \vww.1egion-aux.org and click on the
tab scholarships.

1.   Girl Scout Achievement - deadline February 10
2.   Spirit of Youth - March 1
3.   N on-Traditional Student - March 1
4.   National President - March 1
5.   LPN - April 1
6.   Department - April 15
                          A1nerican Legion Auxiliary
                            Department of Kansas
                        Poppy Order Form 2008-2009


District#_Unit #_City                                  _


AMOUNTENCLOSED$                      DATENEEDEDBY              _

PLEASE SHIP TO:                                            _

ADDRESS (NO PO BOXES):                                     _

CITY:                          STATE__      ZIP:           _

                          PLEASE MAIL TO:
                      1314-B SW TOPEKA BLVD
                      TOPEKA, KANSAS 66612
          Seasonal (Snowbird) Address form

Membership 10 # ~quired)                                _

Department --------                  Unit# -----


              American Legion Auxiliary Na-tional Headquarters
                     Attn: Membership Services Team
                            89'f5 N. Meridian St.
                           Indianapolis, IN lf62GO

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