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Greeting by dffhrtcv3


									       Our invaluable assets, Environment and Health.
Wood, Earth and Man are the symbol mark of Nutrition Act.
We hope to foster the environment and the health with you.


  The 20th century, which was said to be an era of development and growth,
  ended with various problems including unrest for racial frictions collapse of
  the myth of the Japanese Economic Development, and the serious environm-
  ental disruption unsolved. It means that a large paradigm shift, which Alvin
  Toffler called the "Third Wave", has begun as we enter the 21st century.

  We are in an era when our minds and bodies are getting undermined without
  noticing while being affected directly and indirectly by large changes of times.
  In such a period of change, the idea of maintaining health with the coexistence
  between man and environment (nature) is getting significantly important.

  Nutrition Act believes it important that people individually get interested in the
  "health" as maintenance of the natural environment within the body as well as
  the global environment (nature) which is an invaluable asset for us. Nutrition
  Act wishes to be the best partner for your health by seeking communication with
  customers on such health in various forms such as products, system proposals
  and information services.

                                                                Masahito ISHIKAWA
                                                                CEO Chairman
 Company name             Nutrition Act.Co.,Ltd.

        Adress            Jowa Takanawa Bld. 1F, 1-5-4 Takanawa,
                          Minatoku, Tokyo 108-0074 Japan

        Capital           160.24 million yen

Members of the Board                                                Main Shareholders
       Masahito ISHIKAWA          CEO Chairman                        Masahito ISHIKAWA
       Kayo SANO                  Managing Director                   ORIX Capital Corporation
       Ken YAMAUCHI               Director                            ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc.
       Yoshinao ISHIKAWA          Auditor

   Main Banks                                                      Main Customers and Suppliers
       The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.Ltd.                          ITOCHU Corporation
        Aoyama Branch / Shibuya Meiji Dori Branch                     ewoman Inc.
       Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,                           Combi Corporation
        Mita Dori Branch                                              Dielen Laboratoires
       The Shoko Chukin Bank, Tokyo Branch                            ISOCELL NUTRA
       The Sawayaka Shinkin Bank, Main Office Branch                    •cand v arious maker

 Business Description

       Contracted manufacture and original equipment manufacturing of nutraceutical products such as tablets,
       gummy, freeze-dried foods, retort pouch foods and nutritional supplements.
       Import and sale of high-quality functional food ingredients from abroad.
       Monitoring and advising on nutritional condition of individuals and manufacturing of automatic distribution
       system of personalized nutritional supplements for B to B(business-to-business) and B to C(business-to-
       consumer) businesses.

Company history

May    1993       Masahito Ishikawa founded a sole proprietorship in import agency business of American supplements.
May    2001       Nutrition Act.Co.,Ltd. founded.
May    2001       Obtained distributorship of "GliSODin".
June   2001       Patent applications filed for the nutrition requirement calculator, the nutritional supplement proposing
                  system, the nutritional supplement formulator and the nutritional supplement formulating system.
August 2001       Increased the capital as a result of the capital participation.
November 2001     Concluded an exclusive sales contract with Dielen Laboratoires in France on the sales of the functional
                  food ingredient, "Liquamen", in Japan.
December 2001     Increased the capital as a result of the capital participation.
May 2002          Vita Beaute Co.,Ltd. founded with the objective of commodity sales all founded by Nutrition Act.
October 2002      Patent applications filed for the formulation determiner, the methodology for the formulation determin-
                  ation and its program.
June 2003         Accrediated by the "Creation Law" of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
November 2003     Concluded an exclusive sales contract with ISOCELL NUTRA in France on the sales of the functional food
                  ingredient, "GliSODin(r)", in Japan.
March 2004        Start to sale functional vegetable oil "Argan oil" made by cooperative TARGANINE in Morocco, as whole
                  import and sales agency in Japan.
October 2005      Start to sale the antiaging food ingredient named AC-11 made by OPTIGENEX Inc. in America, in Japan.
October 2006      Concluded an exclusive sales contract with ITOCHU Corporation, exclusive import agency of AC-11 on
                  the sales of AC-11 in Japan.
December 2006     Patent resistered for the formulation determiner, the methodology for the formulation determination and
                  its program.
July 2007         Concluded an exclusive sales contract with Bioserae Laboratoires S.A. in France on the sales of the functi-
                  onal food ingredient "Cacti-Nea"and "FrutoLogic" in Japan.
October 2007      Concluded an exclusive contract with Bio-EC Laboratory in France on the sales of the service of their EX-
                  VIVO dermal evaluation for efficacy and safeness of oral/topical products in Japan.
April 2008        Start to sale exclusively novel probiotic food ingredient "PropioFidus" made by Compagnie Generale de
                  Dietetique. S.A.S, in Japan.
September 2008    Launch the nutritional guidance service for the public with nutriture analysis system and high-functional
                  supplements developped based on nutritional support knowledge for top athletes.
December 2008     Completion of liquidation of Vita Beaute Co., Ltd.

                                                                                                       Up dated at Jun/2009

We, Japanese, lives in the "ultra-aged society" never been experienced by any country in the world. It is crucial to
maintain the health and enhance QOL of the people for keeping the society more active. We think in this context that
the health means; maintain the equilibrium of natural environment (homeostasis) in the body. That is to say; to
enhance redox balance, immunity balance, intestinal flora balance, hormonal balance, etc...

To respond such demand of the times, we propose high valued and unique ingredients from the world, focused on the
above concept and based on safeness, and important scientific evidences, as follow:

   GLISODIN:Functional Food Ingredient
                           GliSODin is a cantaloupe melon extract rich in vegetal antioxidant enzyme(SOD) coupled
                           with wheat protein(gliadin). Orally taken, and GliSODin induce endogenous antioxidant
                           enzyme(SOD, Cat, GPx). This is the only proven natural antioxidant catalyst based with
                           GliSODin has demonstrated various health benefits by lots of scientific validation.
                           (keyword:Antioxidant, Antiaging, Skin health, Cardiovasculer health, Quality of Life)
                           Supplier: ISOCELL NUTRA S.A.S (FRANCE)

   AC-11:Functional Food Ingredient / Cosmetic Ingredient
                           AC-11 (formerly known as C-MED-100) is a proprietary extract from rainforest botanical
                           Uncaria Tomentosa. Patented preparation make possible its unique compound(CAEs) in
                           highly level, and this compound promotes endogeneous natural DNA repair system by
                           oral/topical route. AC-11 has rich evidences which were demonstrated by molecular
                           biological method coraborated with swedish university LUND.
                           (keyword:DNA repair, Antiaging, Skin health, Immuno-stimulator)
                           Supplier: OPTIGENEX INC. (USA)

   LIQUAMEN:Dietary Supplement
                           Liquamen is hydrolysate fish proteins(Ling fish: north atrantic deepsea fish) autolysed with
                           fish's oun enzymes. It provide great effect to Athroscrelosis lisk (decrease triglyceride, LDL
                           level, blood pressure, IMT(Intima-media-thickness), and inclease HDL level). These health
                           benefits were well studied by eminent professor in university paris, and were published at
                           internatinal conferences on preventive cardiology.
                           (keyword:Cardiovascular health, mental health, sports nutrition, medical supplement)
                           Supplier: DIELEN Laboratoires (FRANCE)

   ARGAN OIL:Vegetal Food Oil / Cosmetic Ingredient
                           Argan oil is obtained from the argan fruit of Argania spinosa, an endemic tree located only in
                           Morocco. This oil is well known for its cosmetic and nutritional functionalities.
                           This organic ultra-virgin-vegetal oil we distribute is produced by GIE TARGANINE; femini-ne
                           cooperative for algan oil production. This cooperative has a meaning not only produce high
                           quality argan oil, but also protect the argania forest, and improve the women's social and
                           economic conditions in Morocco.
                           (keyword:Organic, Healthy oil, Social activity, Environment)
                           Supplier: GIE TARGANINE (MOROCCO)

   Propio-Fidus:Functional Food Ingredient/Dietary Supplement
                           Propio-Fidus is novel Probiotic bacteria composed of two stains of high-bioavailable Propionic
                           acid bacterias; widely used bacterias in the ripening of Swiss-type-Cheese.
                           Orally taken, tolerate digestive stresses, survive in the gut, and its metabolites enhances
                           endogenious Bifidobacteria population. Lots of published evidences demonstrates its internal
                           activity and health benefits. Propio-Fidus could be used not only for dietaly supplement but
                           also for various Dairy products including yogurt, milk beverage,,,.
                           (keyword: Probiotics, Intestinal microbial balance, Absorbing nutrients, Souce of Vit.B,)
                           Supplier: Compagnie Generale de Dietetique S.A.S/LABORATOIRES STANDA (FRANCE)

                                                                                                   Last Up dated at Mar/2009

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