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					Jan. 14, 2009 minutes
Camden Rod & Gun Club

Secretary Bill Rogers opened the meeting with 17 members present.

Secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting, minutes accepted as read.

No treasurer’s report available, Jim Page is home recovering from recent plumbing procedures.

Trap: Bill Swarts reported that we will take the Pat trap to New Hampshire for rebuilding. The people
going out there will also pick up a trap that Larry Corr is buying for his own use. Time of rebuild will be
about two weeks.

Youth Marksmen: Lost 2 recent postal matches. State shoulder matches will be Feb. 28. Shooters are doing

Newsletter: Jan. 15 deadline. Articles will be in to Dave LaGatta by then.

Building & Grounds: Major emergency this week, club furnace died. New Furnace will be in by Friday
evening, Jan. 16, 2009.

Fishing Derby: Nothing to note at this time.

Membership: Bill Van Pelt reported that 80 members have renewed & joined for 2009 so far.

Gun Raffle: Tickets are out. Scheduled to do Oneida Outdoors Show on Jan. 31.

Chamber: No report.

Federation: No copy of minutes, by mail or online.

Old Business: Received thank you letters from Cluster 13 and the Rotary Club for our recent donations.

New Business: Bills for $ 58.00 for post office box rental for the year. Bill for $ 21.00 from Queen Central
News for breakfast advertising. Bill for $ 247.00 for oil from BlueBar. Emergency furnace replacement,
bill total $ 2,300.00 All bills were voted on to be paid.

Firewood: Need a couple cords of firewood, Gerry Stagner will check with Mr. Spencer in McConnelsville
on this.

Nomination opened from the floor

President – no nominations from floor – Dave LaGatta nominated in December 2008, running unopposed.

Vice President – no nominations from the floor – Walt Morgan nominated previously, running unopposed.

Treasurer – Jim Page nominated by Mike Smith, second by Gerry Stagner, running unopposed.

Secretary- Russ Smith nominated by Walt Morgan, second by Bill Rogers, running unopposed.

Nominations for Board of Directors: Glenn Hawks previously nominated. Joe Jalbert previously
nominated. Bill Rogers was nominated by Mike Smith, seconded by G. Stagner. George Boisclair
nominated by Dave LaGatta, second by Mike Smith. We have to elect two persons.

Balloting was conducted, by secret ballot. Mike Smith and Dave LaGatta tallied the count.
Result: Bill Rogers 17, George Boisclair 12, Glenn Hawks 3, Joe Jalbert 2
Bill Rogers and George Boisclair elected to Board of Directors for 2009.

The Secretary casts one vote each for the nominated officers running unopposed.

Congratulation to the new officers of the Camden Rod & Gun Club for 2009.

President:        Dave LaGatta
Vice President:   Walt Morgan
Secretary:        Russ Smith
Treasurer:        Jim Page
Board of Dir.     George Boisclaire & Bill Rogers

Chris Carle arrived at the meeting at 7:45 PM – better late than never.

Thank you’s were expressed to Chris Carle for his work as club President, among many other jobs around
the club, not the least is running the Fred Kenfield Memorial Fishing Derby every year. Thanks for a job
well done, Chris. Thank’s also to Bill Rogers for his many terms as Secretary for the club.

Before adjournment, we voted on a $ 50.00 donation to the T. C. Rider’s Snowmobile Club. They recently
groomed an extension of their trail to our property and put up signs advertising the Sunday Pancake
Breakfasts. Motioned by Chris Carle, second by Gerry Stagner, all in favor. Motion carried.

50 / 50 drawing won by Bob Dorn, donated to the Youth Marksmen.
Meeting adjourned.

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