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					Facts About a

couple of cars

      Over time cars have changed and the looks have changed but so have the

accessories of the car. Most cars now days have been designed to go fast and

smooth for                                              racing and some cars

are made to                                             look nice, some both.

Cars such as                                            the Ferrari was mad to

go fast and                                             smooth so the design is

made that the                                           wind will go write past it

smoothly. The Ferrari also is designed to look cool. Some have flip up doors with

a nice body. Although when you look at it a certain way they are probably the

most famous, fastest and the most DANGEROUS. They can flip easily because

of the speed they go. Another reason they are so dangerous is they don’t all
ways have the best control so you can’t turn as fast at fast speeds. They are one

of the most used cars for races.

                                       Ninja sports

       This is one of the most interesting bikes. I like them because they can go

so fast and are very dangerous but people use them and put stuff in it to make it

go faster. One of the fastest bikes are Ninjas and they are street racing bikes and

they go insanely fast with NOS, But of course you would have to have no brains

 in your head to even put NOS in it. They can start at a price of $67,990 for one

 bike. Each bike has it’s own specifications to fit it’s owners needs. Such as this

                       bike the 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 650R

                                   2009 Kawasaki

                                     Ninja® 650R
        Another way things have changed is motorcycles because they are way

different in so many ways. People have their bikes specially modified so that their

bodies are comfortable on the seat and the handle bars aren’t

 to far away, things like handling and speed and motors are

put in the factory work. Some of the bikes are made for stunts

and in the factory they are made of light weight material. This

 monster energy Ninja was custom-made and all the things

were designed how they liked. You can se here the status of

 the cycle and what is in this little rocket at this given sight.

         2009 Ninja® ZX™-6R Monster Energy Supersport -


        The other most famous car is a Lamborghini and it is one of my favorite

 cars because it has a cool design and it goes very fast, but even though it goes

                           very fast it is very dangerous.

                          Superb 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400
       This nice orange Lamborghini is custom made and has a big engine and wipes

right by                                                                    other cars as it

races. But                                                                  it doesn’t race

any more.                                                                   You have to be

extremely                                                                   rich.It was also

taken off                                                                   the road because

the owner                                                                   did not want it to

get                                                                         scratched. It is so

old that if it gets damaged it can not be fixed. Because it is so old that there are not any

more body parts made to fix it up. This car is probably a car that would put almost any

one in dept at it’s cost of accessories modeling age and engine plus the type of car that it

is, is always expensive even if damaged. This car has changed a lot from the beginning of

the time it was made in the factory and the paint jobs engines, wheels, doors, ect. This car

is allot different from other Lamborghini’s. It has a flip up hood a flip out back and

curved doors.

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