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					                                      FCCAA Personnel Policies

Subject:                 Bonus Plan

Purpose:                 The purpose of the program is to recognize and award strong performance, which
                         is above and beyond standard performance for the Agency

         1. Each year the Board of Directors will establish a pool of funds, which will be used for
            bonuses. This fund will be established as part of the Joint Finance/Personnel Committee and
            approval of the Board of Directors. The amount in the bonus fund will be dependent on:
                 o Agency cash surplus projections for the performance year,
                 o Improvements in sales growth
                 o Teamwork throughout Agency
                 o Cost reduction activities
                 o Quality of services based on results of the quality review
                 o Strong customer services as evidenced by consumer surveys
                 o Expansion of revenues and other financial institutions and resources of the Agency

              The Board may setaside additional bonus funds each year reserved for future years. In some
              years, the Agency will not be able to offer a bonus program because of financial concerns.

           2. Employees who were with the Agency for at least three (3) months through June 30th of the
              performance year will be eligible to participate in the Bonus Program. Bonuses will be
              distributed to current employees in December following the end of the fiscal year. So an
              employee will need to continue his/her employment to December to be eligible for the

  Bonus criteria for the performance year will be recommended by the Joint Finance/Personnel
  Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

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