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					Astro 7.5E+10 7E+10 5.7E+10 5.45E+10 5E+10 4.39E+10 4E+10 3.64E+10 2.9E+10 2.5E+10 2.47E+10 2.3E+10 2.15E+10 1.75E+10 1.4E+10 1.3E+10 1.08E+10 8.4E+10 6.5E+10 6.5E+10 4.9E+11 3.5E+10 5.55E+09 5.5E+09 5E+09 4.5E+09 2.2E+09 1.5E+09 1.35E+09 1.3E+09 9E+08 8E+08 7.3E+08 6E+08 6E+08 5E+08 4.1E+08 3.5E+08 3E+08 2.53E+08 2.5E+08 2.5E+08 No clouds or oceans visible on Earth from Space Massive changes occur on the surface of Venus Cambrian explosion Strange creatures called Ediacarans go extinct for some reason Northern Mars suffers world shaking catastrophe Global extinction event takes place Cosmic impacts suddenly increase for some unknown reason!! WHY? Nemesis? Sun's companion? Global extinction event takes place Bipedal upright running reptile appears in fossil record Between 250 and 225 Million years ago Pangea breaks up Carbon date for the location of the various Mounds in North America / Ohio - Meteorite impact at this time A global extinction event takes place Dinosaurs appear on Earth Dinosaurs rapidly become dominant lifeform on Earth Seems to be an amazing amount of volcanic activity on Mars now 140 million years ago mammals diverged from reptiles. REM cycle of sleep not present until later. Aproximate date of break up of Australia, India and Antarctica 108 Million years ago Tycho crater was formed by impact on the moon. Something rocks our world here! Earth's axis tilts some 20 degrees 65 million years ago asteroid strikes earth ending dinosaurs reign and giving rise to mammals Atlanteans arrive on earth according to Pyramid Truth 49 milllion years ago the planet was warmed intensely enough that the arctic was overgrown with vegetation Grass first appears on earth in fossil record Huge amounts of Methane added to atmosphere creating global warming Color vision first appears in species proceeding primates Aproximate date when India rammed into Asia Monkees begin change to modern man Virtual explosion in number of primitive ape species inhabiting earth occurs. Most competing lines of Apes suddenly die off leaving no competition It is a mystery why this sudden die off in ape species occurred. The aproximate date that the Tibetan Plateu was created (The roof of the world) Mt everest and himalayas region Gigantopithecus makes appearance. A 600-1200 lb primate 10 ft hight. An ape species An unusual ape in an island in the mediteranian is spending time walking upright what will become humanity diverges from gorillas 7.3 Million years ago Algol and its 3 stars pass within 9.8 light years of our solar system Between 6 and 8 million years ago split between us and chimpanzees occurred What will become the mediteranean sea is as dry gorge at this time Any non-human galactic empire begins no earlier than now. 4.1 million years ago hominids are definitely walking upright Lucy - early ancestor of man. Oldest found. Bw 3 mill and 2 mill years ago is as mysterious period of transformative evolution for what will become humans Most accurate date yet for extinction of the dinosaurs. Occurred aproximately 252.6 million years age. NATURE Beginning of ice age 2 million 500,000 yrs ago Age of skull found by Leakey called Skull 1470 - Human Brain size 700cc Between these two dates meat eating begins to appear Man journeys out of Africa into Eurasia between these two dates 1.6 million years ago Homo Hablis appears. Brain size of 900cc Homo eructus emerges along with many other hoofed animals such as bison Ancestor of 20th century humans splits from Neanderthalls Apparently canibalism is common among prehistoric humans Aproximate date for first use of fire Last Eruption of Yellowstone Last of surface life on Mars (bacteria) is now dying



400 cc brain 2E+08

700 cc brain

1.6E+08 900 cc brain 1.6E+08 800000 bc 500000 bc 780000 bc 700000 bc 640000 bc 600000 bc

500000 bc 500000 bc 100000bc 400000 bc 400000 bc 200000 bc 345000 bc 200000 bc 200000 bc 200000 bc 187000 bc 150000 bc 150000 bc 144000 bc 133000 bc 128000 bc 115000 bc 1400 cc brain 113000 bc 1360 cc brain 100000 bc 98000 bc 98000 bc 78000 bc 72000 bc 71999 bc 69000 bc 60000 bc 50000bc

58000 bc 48000 bc 43000 bc 40000 bc 35000 bc 34000 bc 30000 bc 30000 bc 30000 BC 18000BC

28000 bc 25000bc 25000 bc 23000 bc 23000 bc 20000 bc 18420 bc 18000 bc 18000 bc 17000bc 15000 bc 15000 bc 15000 bc 15000 bc 12900 bc 11000 bc

26500 bc


12000 bc 13000 bc

Gigantopithecus appears to begin going extinct most remarkable expansion of brain to occur in the history of human evolution Homo erectus passes into extinction and the "sapien grade" ancestor appears All of humanity descended from single woman living during this time Date arrived at using Babylonian records of "kings" ruling before the flood. Of course a King is a species. Major advance in Tool-making by man. Mousterian technology Eurasian humanity seems to take baton from african humanity in terms of rapid evolution Animal skins used as clothes. Man no longer naked. Ancestral gene tree of of modern humans splits into two branches Origin of modern humans in Africas Age of prehistoric Eve using DNA techniques- Man's DNA is much younger Perhaps as few as 2000 humans of breeding age exist at this time of which 1 will make modern humans The first wolves are successfully tamed Humanity develops "chins" through phsical form change Homo Sapiens neanderthalensis appears - a distinct subspecies from homo sapien Oldest date for Homo Sapien Kryon advises humans as we know them only go back to this date. Before that they were different. Humanity has mental and physical ability to speak whether they use it or not Neanderthalls at this time in Europe are practicing cannibals A human child from now appears to have been intentionally buried in the Nile valley End of the Lemurian age using Steiners chronology Tobo erupts causing mitochrondial mutations and population reduction to around 5k people. It is likely that this was the time mutations caused different skin colors to develop Original color black Humans nearly driven to extinction by massive volcanic eruptions This was very nearly the end of mankind. Same event as one in 71999 likely Man starts from ground zero again. The maximum age of Preh Adam - see Eve above Many geneticists believe that worldwide the population was no more than 15,000-40,000 worldwide Another "WAVE" of humanity migrates out of africa. Is this connected to the event below???? Population reaches beyond well established plateu marking new era of population numbers Africans begin Iron mining in the Nile Valley Homo sapiens sapiens appears - modern man homo sapiens sapiens completely suplants the Neanderthals who go extinct. Huge explosion takes place where Naples Italy will eventually be. Large Mammals vanish around world. First Art begins to appear Norte Chico civilization flourishes in the Andes/Peru region. They did not use ceramics and apparently did not have art. Some theories suggest the culture was based exclusively on seafood and the entire culture was primarily maritime. Possible connections to Easter Island of which the peruvian coast is the nearest landmass. Last of pure blooded Neanderthals dissapear in extinction earliest known date for stone implements in north america primitives across the world are worshipping goddesses on a universal scale Sea levels being low make it likely worldwide migrations are likely to have occurred. New date for the earliest version of stonehenge. The stones were transported from 150 miles away. 9/22/08 The Nacaal tablets supposedly say that Osiris was born at this time. Ptah becomes first king of egypt and calls it "The Raised Land" appropriate for after flood land venus of laussal statue - one of oldest found Snow experienced year around in North America Continent peak of last ice age Another massive explosion takes place in what will become Naples, Italy oldest known date for the burial of a dog - it is in russia possible date for tiahuanacu in peru Another mass of extinctions take place. grinding stones and sickles with glossy sheen on their bits appear in paleolithic tools (egypt) Evidence for "sudden freeze" in Siberia. Sudden deaths with food in stomache.

11000bc 11000bc 10500bc 10500 bc 10500bc 10500 bc 10450bc 10450 bc 10400 bc 10000 bc 10000 bc 9703 bc 9600 bc 9500 bc 9500 bc 9500 bc 9420 BC 8500 bc 8498 bc 8000 bc 8000 bc 8000bc 8000bc 8000bc 7911 bc 7640 bc 7000bc 7000 bc 7000 bc 7000 bc 6777 BC 6740 bc 6500 bc 6250 bc 6000 bc 6000 bc 6000bc 5867 bc 5744 bc 5654 bc 5650 bc 5600 bc 5508 bc 5400 bc 5000bc 5000 bc 5000 bc 4995 bc 4713 bc 4500 bc 4500 bc

9000bc 9000bc 22-Feb

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8000 bc



7090 bc x 6000 bc 5000 bc

x x 5500 bc 21-Mar 3200bc 2000 bc ends

mass of extinctions took place aprox date for explosion of the gum nebulae would have been as bright as the moon graham hancock claims constellations mirror ancient sites. Egypt and Cambodia Orion rises at the Spring Equinox. Date indicated on Denedra Temple paleolithic advanced tools dissapear and egypt uses hunter gatherer culture A sudden +20 degree rise in temperature worldwide stars in orions belt align with pyramids in egypt Earliest date of settlements in Turkey which were later abandoned around 8000 bc and purposefully buried. 38.13 / 39.43 last geomagnetic reversal according to geological records Virtually every human settlement discovered from this time contains dogs. Pledians say forces of light lost to forces of darkness Official date (within a year) for end of the ice age according to Danish Ice Drilling Project on 12/19/2008 date of the sinking of Plato's Atlantis start of cycle for earth, sun and galaxy equatorial plane alignment. Last 1999-2000 When the Earth Nearly Died - Researchers claim a star exploded around 15,000 BC which reached earth around this time. Date which Gobekli Tepe was constructed making it the oldest temple complex in the world.constructed of 240 pillars Ra reigns in Egypt Sculpted geometric figures are sculpted in mideast for some purpose. Perhaps trade. First Evidence of any type of writing. Hopi date for the great flood. Worldwide population around 10 Million EARLIEST PHASE OF 3 STAGES OF STONEHENGE ice age relenquishes its hold on the world Gobekli Tepe was buried for some reason intentionally earliest dated remains of jericho aproximately 7 substantial volcanic eruptions throughout world. Alternate date for ending of Lemurian Age using Steiners Chronology Comet apparently strikes earth according to document on great pyramid evidence of heavy rains throughout world Brain surgery dates very frequently to this time period in man's evolution. carbon 14 date of walls of Jericho Earliest dated form of the Sphinx constructed Oldest claim of antiquity by hindus at alexanders time end of last ice age according to measurement of ice verse in the Rg veda refers to around this date with the winter solstice in Aries Catul Huyuk begins evolution as a city Corn is being Cultivated in Mexico Water and rivers were flowing in Antarctica at this time. sumerians begin observation of the sky date of mena first king of egypt Bootes forned Pole Star The Abhijit nakshatra or Vega marks beginning of year/time/calendar for india Evidence for Noah's flood to have occurred here. evidence of catostrophic flood found - tlc - black sea Possible date for ending of Atlantean age using Steiners Chronology Byzantine Christians mark this date as the beginning of the world. Catal Huyuk ends evolution as a city abandoned pre dynastic period in egypt - graves were simple pits in ground Chincorro tribe in chile is the first in the world to begin mumifying people almost exactly like Egyptian mummies These date thousands of years before egypts mummies - near Arica in Chile scintist believes it is due to high levels of arsenic in area World population around 50 million creation of the world according to el cid year 1 according to scaliger of 16th century of the julian period of 7980 yrs. painting dated here shows 12 boats from abydos sailing the sea Date of Hamokour old city discovered 12/2005 apparently destoryed by people of Uruk and taken over by them.

4500 bc 4463 bc 4266 bc 4242 bc 4137 bc 4000bc 4000 bc 4000bc 4000 bc 4000 bc 4000 bc 4000bc 3800 bc 3760 bc 3500 bc 3500 bc

4279 bc

23-Oct 23-Sep

7-Oct 3000 bc

3500 bc 3500 bc 3475 bc 3462 bc 3400 bc 3400 bc 3350 bc 3339 bc 3333bc 3322 bc 3300 bc 3300 bc 3200 bc



3200 bc 3200 bc 3200 bc 3197 bc 3150bc 3149 bc 3122 bc 3121 bc 3121 bc 3117 bc 3117 bc 3114 bc 3114 bc 3113 bc 3113 bc 3113`bc 3112 bc 3100 bc 3000bc 3000 bc 3000bc

2686bc 28-May 16-Jun 7-Dec 25-Dec 25-Dec 11-Aug 8-Feb 12-Aug 5-Feb

Temple believes beings from Sirius visited Earth based on Dogon and Egyptians Cerny people of Europe construct enormous earth and wood boundary markers and tombs earliest date of book of the dead reign of hesep-ti heliacal rising of sirius establishes ancient egyptian new year supreme being named OSIRIS established by Thoth First Epoch calculated for Indian history. probable date for building of pyramid SECOND PHASE OF STONEHENGE IN WHICH THE CENTERS BECAME ENCLOSURES aproximate date that aztecs claim current epoch - 5th son was created Antarctica covered by ice as it is currently aprox. Date the concept of Janus the god developed from text in the Rg. Veda and the Nakshatras Establishment of city of Susa date of astrological age of taurus commences Emmergence of earliest Nubian Civilization beginning of jewish calendar. 2-d writing begins to appear in various forms Hamoukar, the oldest city in the middle east possibly, is destroyed at this time. A Massive fire ravaged the entire area. Yet the excavations at Hamoukar revealed a city at least as old as its supposed predecessors far to the south. Obsidian seemed to have played a large roll with the ancient city. age of monolith building begins in europe rise of sumerians in babylon Date Pyramid was built according to Burnham's Astro evidence Date of original stellar observations in India for 1st time. Tied to Regulus writing, arithmetic, medicine, astronomy and religion suddenly appear in egypt in full form. Mind altering Beer being produced in Egypt. heliopolis became center of of priesthood of ra deluge according to el cid unas last king of 5th dynasty builds pyramid "Fuxi" portrayed as both male and female descends to Chinese and founds civilization heliacal rising of sirius takes place on solstice of june 21 earliest recorded dam at memphis / paper of papyrus The region around Uruk-Warka played host to a sudden tenfold increase in settlement density at about 3200 yr coupled with the development of a four-tiered hierarchy of settlement, all made possible by increased availability of dry and very fertile land newly freed from constant inundation by an ameliorating [sic] climate”This period also appears to have been associated with increased conflict and the fortification of settlements Mastaba of the Serpent King constructed at Saqqara surrounded by 346 bull heads aprox. Date of construction of karnak Major environmental calamity worldwide. Perhaps linked to comets. el cid says patriarch tubal settled spain originally king scorpion; memes/narmer/upper and lower egypt combines archaic period Fall of Seven Macaw according to Mayan Rebirth of First Father according to Mayan Mayans record birth of "Lady white" Birth of Mayan God Muwan Mat father of Gods G1, G2 and G3 Oldest dated pharonic record in Egypt according to Manetho, Sothis Cycle Before this date only the gods and demigods ruled in Egypt. Pharonic dynasties begin. date that the mayans believe universe was created and started their calendar Comet Encke impacts earth first father lifted up heavens according to mayans. the zodiac starts moving. A Reversal of the Sun's Magnetic Field Takes Place Anther date for beginning of world according to mayans Raised up sky place in north set in motion according to Mayans beginning of indian era - kali yuga or barhaspatya mana curbstone date found at knowthin boyne valley ireland farmers in the Americas are using genetic engineering to create better crops astrological predictions of sargon the old

3000bc 3000 bc 3000bc 3000bc 2950 bc 2941 bc 2900bc 2800bc 2789 bc 2781 bc 2765 bc 2750 bc 2700bc 2700bc 2686bc 2675 bc 2668bc 2650 bc 2637 bc 2600 bc 2570bc 2500 bc 2500 bc 2500 bc 2500 bc 2500 bc 2498bc 2480 bc 2465bc 2450 bc 2449 bc 2400 bc 2382 bc 2375bc 2371 bc 2357 bc 2357 bc 2356 bc 2354 bc 2346 bc 2317 bc 2300 bc 2300 bc 2274 bc 2274bc 2250 bc 2200 bc 2200 bc 2200 bc 2184 bc 2181 bc 2180 bc 2100 bc 2073 bc

2716 bc

2500bc 2181bc 2649bc

2152bc 2417 bc

2200bc 2316 bc


2184bc 2184bc

2100bc 2040bc

first attempt at mumification in egypt first settlers arrive in Crete aubrey circle built aprox. first wheeled vehicles in sumner STONEHENGE IS EXPANDED BY ADDING WOODEN POSTS IN CIRCULAR ARRANGEMENT WITHIN EARTHEN WALL A "moon map" is carved inside of a tomb on this date in Knowth, Ireland stonehenge and avery built in england early minoan culture on crete reign of cheops 4th dynasty STARTING DATE OF EGYPTIAN CALENDAR Birth of oldest known tree on earth currently found stonehenge constructed according to carbon-14 dating beginnings of agriculture in china; discovery of silk gilgamesh rules city of uruk during early dynastic 2 period OLD KINGDOM epic of gilgamesh / king of uruk imhotep is vizier of pharoh djoser date for building of step pyramid by djoser start of chinese calendar Age of oldest living tree in the White mountains of California possible date for flood from bible cotton cultivated in peru Linguists say that around this time one language split into about 8 sublanguages worldwide (German/Indian/Italian/Greek/Celtic/Baltic/Slavic/Iranian/Indian)( STONES FIRST ADDED TO STONEHENGE from Wales 200 km away Egyptians begin consulting Oracles aprox. Date of Shuruppak texts - sumerian tablets mathematical in origin priesthood of re claimed pharoh was horus and the son of ra before he was not the son of re another date for aprox building of pyramid 5th and 6th dynasties rule LARGEST STONES ADDED TO STONEHENGE from site to North construction of all the earliest known obelisks Aprox. Date of Sumerian texts at Elba - mathematical/star texts Visvamitra of India completes his astronomy observations after 30 years. aprox. Date of pyramid texts Sargon of Agade unites sumer and akkad Yao's long day The Pleiades are the first stars mentioned in Chinese Literature on this date. unas rules the 5th dynasty of egypt worldwide disaster according to tree rings and historical records. Ten Suns appear over China Emperor Yao divided 12 signs of Zodiac by 28 mansions of the moon according to records. Major environmental calamity worldwide. Perhaps linked to comets. Whole of mesopotmania and Sumer conquerred by Sargon pepi 2 on throne in egypt harkhuf an elephantine commander for pepi 2 brings "dancing pygmy" from 4th expedition to sudan Buildings in Elba put to torch by Akkadian ruler Naram-sin first date for sumerian recording astral cycles aprox date of worldwide climate cycle / ice age via discovery aprox. Date that greek peoples (Mycaeneans) arrive in Greece. egypt falls apart after pepi 2 's rein ends now nobles called themselves heriditary princes 1st intermediate period of egypt Akkadian civilization in Syria virtually dissapears overnight. Ziggurat at UR for Su'en the moon god chounn, emperor of china makes sacrifice to seven rectors

2060 bc 2040bc 2040 bc 2000bc 2000bc 2000bc 2000 bc 2000 bc 2000bc 2181 bc 2170 bc 1971 bc 1961 bc 1950 bc 1948 bc 1909 bc 1900 bc 1900 bc 1872 bc 1800bc 1800 bc 1792 bc 1782 bc 1760bc 1750 bc 1700 bc 1700 bc 1663bc 1650 bc 1650 bc 1646 bc 1640 bc 1628 bc 1600bc 1600 bc 1600 bc 1600bc 1574 bc 1570bc 1550 bc 1549 bc 1525 bc 1515 bc 1504bc 1504 bc 1500 bc 1500 bc 1500 bc 1500 bc 1500 bc 1500 bc 1500 bc 1500 bc 1500 bc

1782 bc 1782 bc

2144 bc 1928bc 1400 bc



1400 bc 1070bc


mentuhotep ruler of thebes and captures herakleopolis - unites kingdoms - was from south middle kingdom of egypt 12th dynasty masks first use of amen-ra and the first shrine was created in thebes king shulgi rules 3rd dynasty of ur sumerians refer to the constellation libra as "the balance of heaven" 50 names of marduk and anu declared. 300 above and 300 below palace of knossos built in crete mycaeneans arrive in greece In the americas near ecuador at Machalilla a second ceramic style appears along with skull deformations which begin to be copied. evidence of 43 constellations existing around this period 400 years period old kingom ends desc. Passage aligns with pole star alpha draconis pharaoh senuseret 1 erects obelisk 107 ft high story relates death of ammennemes 1 becoming star/god yr 30 month 3 of akhet day 7 golden age of Cretian civilization. Abraham was supposedly born Date noted in Vedanga Jyotish - begg of an epoch Massive depopulation of Indus valley cities throughout region. Where did they go? first greek speaking people moving into mainland greece rising of SIRIUS noted. aprox. Date that epic of gilgamish was written king anam rules uruk hummurabi lawgiver, king of babylon hummarabi establishes first written law codes date of remains of a wigmakers workship with model heads in egypt shang dynasty rules china Harappa and Mohenjo Daro abandoned in Indus Valley Aproximate date for the Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva high date for the origiation of the ouberos symbol in egypt hyksos or shepperd kings invade egypt Eruption of Santorini in Greece. Probably caused end of Minoan civilization. beginning of jewish enslavement in egypt birth of moses (Krakatoa in 1883 ad) date of enuma anu enlil - compilation of 7 tablets and 7000 omens. Beginning of dark age in which Egypt was invaded by Hyskos, Babylong invade by Indo-Eurp. Warlords, Indus Valley Abandoned, Minoan Civilization collapsed proof of worldwide ecological catrastophe according to tree rings and ancient records. myth of atrahasis is composed telling of how gods tried to destroy mankind and the flood low date of origin of ouberos symbol which originated in egypt famine drives hebrews into egyptian kingdom Date of thirty bronze plated were buried with 30 women in Georgia (Europe) about this time (Location zadengora) theban revolt in egypt led by sequenenre and kamos new kingdom rules egypt Ending of Dark age that resulted in major change in rulership of world countries lunar conditions observed and recorded for entire year in egyptian papyrus. Aproximate date of Moses Birth who is found by Hathsheput according to ahmose dies and his son amenhotep 1 leads troops into nubia thutmose 3 rules egypt after winning battle of megiddo. Stepson of hatsheepsut thurmose 3 takes throne with half-sister nefrure hathsheputs husband dies Linguists say that the Celtic Languge arrived in Brittain about this time of Exodus in egypt according to Hebrew scholars This date is aproximately the time which Atlantis allegedly sank into the sea. (Thera?) oldest known sundial Around this date Indo-Aryans invade India to conquer the Indus Valley Hinduism first appears in India emphasizing Sacrifice to the Gods Around this date the Vedas say that a PANTHEON of 33 gods appeared to epitomize Brahman to those who worshipped Nature Date corresponding to alignment of Stonehenge with Solstices After this date no more megaliths are constructed in Europe

1500 bc 1500 bc 1495bc 1491bc 1488 bc 1486bc 1485 bc 1482 BC 1479 bc 1473 bc 1470bc 1458 bc 1458 bc 1445 bc 1437 bc 1432 bc 1405 bc 1405 bc 1400 bc 1400 bc

1458 bc 1437 bc

1400 bc 1391 bc 1390 bc 1375bc 1361 bc 1352 bc 1350 bc 1345 bc 1335 bc 1333 bc 1322 bc 1306bc 1302 bc 1300 bc 1290bc 1290 bc 1282 bc 1275 bc 1250 bc 1250 bc 1238 bc 1236bc 1208 bc 1200 bc 1200 bc 1200 bc 1210bc 1165 bc 1159 bc 1159bc 1150 bc



1212bc 1200 bc


olmecs appear in central america with fully developed culture It is from this date onward that pottery fragments are found in abundnace in Mexico approximate date of the exodus of the israelites death of ramses the 2nd About this time all references to Hathsheput cease in Egypt though she does not actually die until 1482 massive shifting in the crust all over the planet Approximate date Moses "smote" the egyptians Thutmose III first see's a UFO one winter morning. After some days they become numerous in the sky. He noted them as being 16 foot in diameter (converted) Thutmose 2 dies and thurmose 3 appointed ruler (most current dating) Hathsheput rules Egypt massive volcanic explosion on thera minoan civilization destroyed Cleopatra's Needles First Constructed - 2 Obelisks that sit in front of Temple of the Sun Hathesheput dissapears after thutmose 3 lead revolt . Shrines/statues mutilated. Approximate date of the Exodus lead by Moses beginning date for building of "house of the lord" or solomons temple. Date noted in Vedanga Jyotish - begg of an epoch invasion of palestine by israel Death of "Moses" daughter of Hathsheput according to phinx stella erected by thutmosis 4, 18th dynasty marked third jubilee of thutmothis The first extant record of Mitra/Mithra is in the inscribed peace treaty between Hittites and the Hurrian kingdom of the Mitanni in the area southeast of Lake Van, c. 1400 BCE. There Mitra/Mithra appears in the company of Varuna, Indra and the twin horsemen (Ashwini Twins), the Nasatyas, as the five beings invoked as witnesses and keepers of the pact, and all of whom the rulers of the Mitanni apparently worshipped. Mycaneans overpower Minoans - They were militaristic agriculturist parashara date of texts on astrology Major Catrastophe - series of volcanic eruptions destroy island of Theras in the Aegean akhenaten composes famous hymn to the sun Akhenaten removed from power and replaced by Tutankhamen tutankhamen rules egypt Iron metallurgy is developed Armana built by Akhenaten Akhenaten died this year Tutankhamen becomes king heliacal rising of Sirius coincides with beginning of solar year temple of seti 1 is built and he rules 19th dynasty King Suchi of India initiates Vedanga Jyotish troy destroyed by earthquake and rebuilt smaller. ramesses 2 rules egypt and the exodus takes place something happens in the way seth is potrayed in egypt and he becomes evil Ashkelon one of 5 cities of the Philistines revolts from Egypt and is sacked by Ramses 2 kadesh of egypt rules 67 years and has over 100 sons moses led children of israel out of captivity of egypt. dorian invaders, sea peoples invade troy and greek civilizations Joseph's long day - related to yao's long day 2357 bc pharoh merneptah of 19th dynasty says "israel is laid waste his seed is not" death of tukulti-ninurta 1 of assyrian kings - one of last recorded. Slaughtered by his own sons like sennacherib in 689bc bronze age ends rather abruptly according to historians. trojan war and the destruction of troy Aproximate age of the Vedas egypt faces next threat from "sea people" first strike in history under ramses 3 after not being paid salary of grain for 2 months Major environmental calamity worldwide. Perhaps linked to comets. sharp decline in annual growth rate of irish bog oak and abandonment of long settled sites Parthenon built in Greece built to coincide with rising of Pleiades at 1150 bc

1150 bc 1140bc 1122 bc 1120 bc 1069 bc 1057 bc 1100 bc 1020 bc 1000bc 1000 bc 1000 bc 1000 bc 966 bc 960bc 960bc 955 bc 950 bc 945 bc 925 bc 911 bc 883 bc 860 bc 850 bc 850 bc 841 bc 800bc 800 bc 800 bc 776bc 763 bc 752 bc 753 bc 747 bc 729bc 722 bc 722bc 720bc 716 bc 705bc 701 bc 700 bc 700 bc 700bc 700 bc 700 bc 690bc 689 bc 688 bc 677 bc 667bc 666 bc 663 bc 660 bc 650 bc

525 bc



500 bc

15-Jun 21-Apr 686bc


500 bc


Oldest and first text on astronomy in history of the world - a vedic text from India dates to this time according to placement of planets scorpion man/archer boundary stone found in babylon wondeful reign of shang dynasty ends in china when Chou people from west over ran them. assyrian nakhiru "nostril animal" killed 3rd intermediate period of egypt Halleys comet appearance recorded early dark ages begins. Population crashes throughout world. Aleged date which Queen of Sheba was born in Ethiopia david king of israel and judah Olmecs begin to emerge in Mexico Wheel is in common use throughout Eurasia First evidence of cremation as a burial practice appears throughout world. work started on solomons temple solomon king of israel and egypt Origin of the Proto-Muskogean language out of which Choctaw develops solomons temple completed oldest text to use name Yahweh. start of 22nd dynasty and domination of libyans. egyptians sieze rehoboams fortified city and receive solomons temple as tribute from jerusalem. beginning of eponym list of assyrians listing continuous kings Assyria moves capital from ASHUR to Calah/Nimrud Curious anomaly shows up in geological record of magnetic poles. Appears to have switched briefly. Iliad and Odyssey written by Homer North Israel source appears favoring use of name Elohim Jehu begins ruling over Israel. greek alphabet adapted from phooenicians writing introduced. Humanity begins to produce and use soap. Bison hunting and grassland expansions date to around here in the texas oklahoma region before gathering primarily 1st olympics start of greek calendar solar eclipse recorded by assyrians and on which their calendar is based. Fourth generation of Jehu - Zeccariah dies. founding of rome last assyrian date - when nabonassar takes throne. king hezekiah of judah Fall of Israel. conquest of samaria and exile of ten tribes of isreal sargon 2 orders wall of khorsabad to be constructed by # of his name traditional date of romulus's death when he ascended to become god quirinus. assyrian king sennacherib assyrians surround jerusalem and suddenly abandon it. A great meeting of diviners took place in China in preparation for a Time of Troubles coming DIONYSIUS replaces came over the Aegean sea, out of Phrygia or Lydia, from the Thracians who had migrated to Asia Minor in the eighth century, and that his victory over the orthodox believers m aramaic replaces akkadian royal libraries still at nineveh For some reason the Olmec civilization dissapears almost overnight Between these dates Greeks begin attributing most inventions to be "from the gods". As if they are really there and doing thing it appears. nubian king tirharka of 25th dynasty sennacherib sacks babylon and is slaughtered by own sons as he worshiped in house of nisroch his god. Empress Wu, female son of heaven creates elaborate edifice to collect sacred fire of heaven In the treaty of 677 BC between King Esarhaddon of Assyria and King Ba‘al I of Tyre a curse is laid against King Ba‘al if he breaks the treaty memphis and thebes destroyed assyrians invade assurbanipal and egypt is ruled by no fewer than 20 kings. Thebes falls Choctaw/Creek language seperated according to estimates using glottochronology Josiah's reform of Jews and God

640 bc 640bc 625bc 624bc 621 bc 612 bc 611bc 600 bc 600bc 600bc 600 bc 600bc 597 ad 588 bc 569bc 556 bc 551 bc 550 bc 539bc 538 bc 535bc 525bc 522bc 521bc 517 bc 516 bc 508bc 505 bc 500bc 500 bc 500 bc 500 bc 500 bc 500bc 496 bc 490bc 481 bc 470 bc 470 bc 460bc 447 bc 440bc 438 bc 432 bc 431bc 430 bc 427bc 410 bc 410bc 409bc 405bc 403bc 403 bc

560bc 547bc


16-Apr 475bc 467 bc 479 bc


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reign of king josiah begins. solon becomes athenian lawgiver babylon the 1st kingdom commenced nebuchadnezzar thales of miletus The year the "Law of Moses" was given. Before all were worshiping false gods. (Masks of God pg 96-97) Ninevah fell by joint attack of medes and babylonians anaximander born and died marduc temple built aprox. greeks measure size of earth and motions of moon early indian philosphy existed called charvaka HOLDS THERE IS NO AFTERLIFE Date at which "curses" began appearing in Greek graves invoking gods of the underworld for the first time according to strabo the greeks adopted the little bear Jerusalem captured by Babylon According to records this would be the coming of Zoraster "The Prophet" pythagorous of samos lives and writes simonides introduces epsilon, eta, upsilon and omega to alphabet Confuscious lived and had at least 600 million Chinese followers indian astronomer varaha mihiria writes on precission of equinoxes persians begin rule in babylonia cyrus the great is conqueror Cyrus the great conquer phonecia pythagorous journeys to egypt cambyses 2, king of persia invades egypt egypt now under persian empire polycrates killed and then cambyses dies same year darius builds the hall of 100 collumns at persepolis It is around this date that Confuscious meets Lao Tzu new temple completed in jerusalem curiously after completion the work of restoring went on 70 years pythagorean school attacked in croton by cylon Persian names of the months were supplanted by Zoroastrian names rome declared a republic Laws of Manu appear in India What would become book of Genesis may have been written. Around this date it appears Brahmism declines largely from a disillusionment among the educated that the gods were poetic imagination and not real pythagorean league atacked by cyclon last thriving olmec city still surviving Buddha is born in India at Kapolavastu near Gorakhpur persia invades greece Lord Szu-ma Niu driven from fief in china by rival barons name means - master of the horse szu-ma took name Li to mean "plow". Those fought against were "Dog People" descended from P'an-hu. Socrates born ark of covenant comes to rest in ethiopia pythagoran society violently destroyed everywhere phidias with ictinus and callicrates build ATHENA's temple at the acropolis aprox. Date of herodotus's writings Parthenon in Athens built as temple to Athena meton makes observations from athens peloponnesian war between athens and sparta Buddha founds buddhism at this time in INDIA plato lives and writes temple of yahweh on elephantine destroyed. earliest cuniform babylonian horoscope plato in military service theon of alexandria athens restores democracy athenians adopt ionian alphabet from greece

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epinomis records earliest record of planet names and the stars of the gods Date which Cahuachi was built in Nazca Peru, attempt to create some religion, destroyed by flood in 350 ad socrates executed 1st of 12 city states of estruscans falls to rome 10 year siege 386 Welsh sack Rome plato founds academy in athens aristotle lives in greece and writes reign of emperor theodosius 1 amyntas king of macedonia dies dionysius 1 ruler of syracuse dies and then plato returns to tutor dionysius 2 lunar eclipse and solar eclipse observed by theon of alexandria heraclides becomes head of academy in athens on platos 3rd visit dion attacks syracuse in coup and gains control but executed in 354bc date mentioned on the history channel special on Alexander the great as the year of his birth 11/26/2005 alexander conquers persian empire Aproximate time when Dec 25th began to be celebrated as birth of a "god" Volcanic eruption on this date razes the Olmec temple to their god to the ground plato dies macedonia and athens at peace after philips treaty estruscan city falls aristotle reaches court of macedonia and remains there 7 years Philip of Macedon was murdered leaving throne to Alexander "the great" his son. alexander the great defeats persians and conquers egypt 48,863 yrs from ptah to alexander. 373 solar eclipses and 832 lunar. alexander the great conquers chaldea Fall of the Persian Empire callipus of cyzicus is known to have worked with aristotle in athens euclid of alexandria alexander the great dies called himself the son of zeus and was pictured with ram horns aristotle dies indian king named porus aratus writes poem of constellations seleucid era of babylonians year 1 berosus a chaldean astronomer predicts destruction of earth when 5 planets align in cancer Ptolemy 1 begins to collect books which would makeup library of Alexandria rome conquers etrucians and rules italy archimedes of syracuse strato of lampsacus becomes head of lyceum ptolemy 2 assumes title of pharoh - one of alexander the greats generals berossus a priest of babylon was a court astrologer under antiochus 1 Welsh sack Delphi aratus writes poem of constellations One possible date for the founding of Alexandria according to letter by Aristeus antiochus rules - coin issued with apollo in it Halley's comet recorded in China horoscope notes this as "year 77 of seleucid era" published by sachs greco-roman colossus of rhodes falls during equake great wall of china built emperor of china unites warring states and builds great wall of china archimedes engines used against the romans in the siege of 212 syracuse captured by the romans in second punic war 2nd punic war and defeat of hannibal Geological records indicate huge eruption took place somewhere near iceland. Chinese records indicate "stars were not seen for two months". worldwide ecological catatratophe according to tree rings and historical accts.

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150 bc

Han dynasty emerges in China under Liu Pang, a commoner. oldest astrological text written by egyptian pharoh petosiris and nechepso Temple constructed dedicated to Anahita, the mother goddess in Iran near the town of Kanevar halfway between Hamedan and Kermanshah Concrete invented by Romans farnese atlas one of oldest known celestial globes showing constellations Construction of Teotihuacan begins to commemerate the fifth sun or renewal of the world. God worship gains much fervor. Comet strikes in Roman Empire by Lake Chiemsee in SE Bavaria. Impact was 5000 times more powerful than Hiroshima The main mass of the projectile struck the ground at 2,200 miles per hour, releasing an amount of energy equivalent to 106 million tons of TNT posidonius of apamea stoic philosopher flourishes philo of byzantium compiles list of 7 wonders of the world rome destroys carthage and massacres its inhabitants Temple modelled after that in Jerusalem is built in Heliopolis, City of the Sun Reign of Ptolemy VIII Psychon who expells all Greek Speakers from Alexandria after this date nobody else EVER holds post as Librarian in Alexandria The date of which child sacrifice stops in Carthage and Elsewhere as the Romans outlawed it hipparchus catalogs 1080 stars in 6 magnitudes. hipparchus discovers precission of equinoxes babylonia is destoyed by fire last time capstone still thought to be intact. No mention by diodorus siculus Date for remarkably advanced navigation device found on ship near Greek Island. posidinous establishes school on island of rhodes where helios was born (perhaps at other date) cicero writes from sicily that he is unable to find archimedes tomb = a sphere with a cyliner Great revolt of roman slaves occurs Judah becomes part of Roman Empire - conquered by Pompey the Great coronation by pompey of antiochus 1 - horoscope on the nimrud dagh andronicus of rhodes writes as the last head of the lycaeum before it closes diodorus siculus greek historian writes caesar gains consulship from 1st trumvirate of pompey, crassus and caesar age of 4 augustus loses his father Between these two dates the Romans desecrate Stonehenge and attempt to destroy it Aproximate date that Rome (Julius Caesar) conquered the celts and subjugated them by destorying their culture. caesar crossed rubicon and occupied italy Library of Alexandria is repeatedly damaged then destroyed. Man loses collective memory in fatal blow. rule of rome turned over to cleopatra and younger brother julius caesar orders 80 days be added to the calendar Libra was seperated from scorpion into a separate constellation by Julias Caesar romans establish julian calendar - used until 1582 adopts egyptian solar cal augustus caesar takes the name gaius caesar and then the name augustus in 27 bc brilliant comet recorded. julius caesar takes power and is assasinated augustus gains first consulship brutus and cassius commit suicide antony and octavian, the 2nd trumivurs crushed republic at phillipi in macedonia latin poet virgil foretells coming of divine child earliest date for a mayan stela augustus gains second consulship battle of actium and babylons 3rd kingdom ends cleopatra loses at actium and commits suicide / egypt becomes roman province augustus gainns consulships 3 through eleven UFO reported in egyptian texts augustus builds temple of apollo at the palantine emperor augustus first roman emperor

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14 ce

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Pantheon built in rome strabo - pontine geographer writes augustus builds temple of mars the avenger augustus builds temple of jupiter the thunderer on the capital Strabo is in Alexandria but fails to mention the "Great Library" at all. brilliant comet recorded. augustus builds theatre of marcellus augustus builds colonade and basilica of lucius and gaius Cleopatra's Needle Obelisk moved to Alexandria - used to set in front of Temple of the Sun document dated that commemerates intro. Of julian calendar 9 Suns appear over Japan triple conjunction of saturn and jupiter writings by thales augustus gains 12th consulship ninenteen year cycle of sun and moon described by METON herod roman emperor dies and gives order for slaughter of innocents death of Herod the great. birth of jesus christ of nazareth (753 yrs of rome have passed) augustus gains 13th consulship Global population stands at 200-300 million age of pisces commences final form of calendar implemented by augustus publication of astronomicon by manilus the first greek work on astrology games of mars designated by augustus augustus caesar dies Date depicted on the temple of Dendera - last renovation philo of alexanderia develops LOGOS doctrine justification of convergence of moving and fixed zodiac in this year baptism of jesus livia wife of augustus died whom he had left 1/3 of kingdom St Stephen becomes first martyr by stoning. this date or AD33 date of Jesus's Crucifiction Obelisk moved to Alexandria Egypt - later moved in 357 ad paul writes letters AHEAD of the actual gospel caligula dies claudius becomes emperor Judea made Roman province by Roman Emperor Claudius. Jews expelled from Rome by Claudius. Paul appears in Athens- recorded in Acts 17 Nero took over rome LAST OF CAESARS 3 Wise men Reportedly meet at Sewa in Armenia to celebrate Christmas James brother of Jesus murdered. great fire of rome didache document written outlining teaching of apostles jews revolt against rome brilliant comet recorded. St peter the rock upon which the church was built crucified by nero. Denied christ 3 times. 1,350,000 men, women and children of Palestine put to the sword. theon of smyrna solomons temple destroyed by romans. gospel of mark written aprox. Israeli zealots make suicidal but heroic stand against roman legions in Masada. gospel of matthew was written Uranium used at least this early in history by romans to give a yellow glaze to ceramics. Earliest evidence. saka era of hindu calendar begins.

79 ad 80 ad 81 ad 90 ad 95 ad 96 ad 100 ad 100 ad 100 ad 100 ad 100 ad 105 ad 117 ad 124 ad 125 ad 127 ad 130 ad 130 ad 135 ad 138 ad 139 ad 141 ad 150 ad 150 ad 172 ad 176 ad 185 ad 191 ad 200 ad 200 ad 200 ad 200 ad 212 ad 228 ad 220 ad 262 ad 263 ad 280 ad 283 ad 290 ad 300 ad 300 ad 300 ad 303 ad 313 ad 321 ad 325 ad 330 ad 341 ad 345ad 347ad 350 ad 350 ad


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25-Dec 430ad

The Satavahana king Shalivahana (also identified as Gautamiputra Satakarni) is credited with the initiation of the era known as Shalivahana Saka to celebrate his victory against Vikramaditya of Uj mount vesuvius erupts fire in rome lasts 3 days and nights plaugue in rome the likes of which has never been seen according to seurotius domincian comes to power gospel of luke written aprox. gospel of john written last of the "twelve caesars" slain valentius a gnostic teacher writes The then ancient language of egypt has major change - began being written w/greek alphabet + 6 more letters mithras statue shows a reverse zodiac in sculpture on a roman wall Carbon-14 date of oldest mound in Pinson Complex near Jackson Tennessee Olmec influence develops into ceremonial center at Zapotec which is then carried forward the worship of the bat god and other deities Ts'ai Lun creates first paper in China hadrian hadrians wall 70 miles Chang Heng of China makes replica of universe in bronze called "gauge of the enveloping sky" Pantheon as we know it was rebuilt as it still stands in Rome claudius ptolemy makes first observation memnon statues (seated in egypt) visited by hadrian and sabrina antonious - boy lover of hadrian dies and is given constellation total destruction of Jerusalem emperor antonius roman writer censorinus states helical rising of SIRIUS conincides with new years day. last observation made by claudius ptolemy claudius ptolemy writes first atlas clement of alexandria first to mention buddha christian named montanus claims prophecy and god spoke in first person to him old astrology chart dated here claims 487th year of some era chinese record a schinilating star appearing with 5 colors in alpha and beta centauri Vasudeva rules from India who grandfathers the son who is called Krishna aprox. Date of the temple of copan in hondurus septimus severus roman emperor visits memnon statues like hadrian 70 years earlier At this date Christianity has a belief in reincarnation according Origen christianity becomes institution of 3 rank hierarchy of bishops priests and deacons minacius felix a roman lawyer defends christians beginning of diocletian era used for early calendars in 19 yr segments. Chinese records show Vasudeva sending tribute -the last recorded kushan king listed by chinese historians temple of artemis at ephesus (7 wonders) destroyed by goths porphyry left athens and went to rome where he worked with plotinus Saint Nicholas only child of wealthy parents was born at Patara - port in province of Lycia in Asia Minor. Solar Astronomy of Chaldeans adopted by India diocletian passes decree destorying all works on alchemical arts. document jc.html claims age of aries ended via orion/heliacal rising in summer solstive cylinder seal dated reads "orpheus bakkikos" true god crucified 57 pits created in holland arranged to represent taurus, canis major, pegasus amd heracles Saint Nicholas imprisoned by Emperor Diocletian. Diocletian declares Christianity was to be tolerated throughout all lands. Sunday established as first day of week by diocletian. Council of Nicaea determines whether Jesus was a Diety. Immediately Dark Ages Begin. Emperor Constantine transfers capital from Rome to Constantinople. Saint Nicholas dies a bishop. celebration of christmas begins st. augustine bishop of hippo Date at which Cahuachi is destroyed by flood in Nazca Peru - ending of some religion Pope Julius 1 declares dec. 25 as the official christian celebration for the birth of christ.

357 ad 359 ad 360 ad 365 ad 378 ad 379 ad 391 ad 395 ad 396 ad 396 ad 400 ad 400 ad 400 ad 400 ad 400 ad 410 ad 410 ad 412 ad 431 ad 435 ad 440 ad 450 ad 450ad 476 ad 480 ad 492 ad 500 ad 500 ad 509 ad 514 ad 520 ad 521 ad 529 ad 529 ad 530ad 533ad 535 ad 537 ad 539 ad 540 ad 540 ad 541 ad 542 ad 565ad 567 ad 570 ad 579 bc 591 ad 597 ad 600 ad 603 ad 609 ad 615 ad 616 ad

11-Sep 500 ad

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24-Mar 27-Jul

Obelisk moved from Thebes to Rome codified hebrew calendar begins. Serapeum destroyed by Cappadocia on orders of Artemis great quake devestates alexandria in egypt Battle of Hadrianople st. gregory nazianzen bishop of constanople chief temple of alexandrea serapis ordered leveled by roman emp. Theodosius Emperor Theodosius divides empire into two administrative districts - east and west Eleusian mystery school destroyed in september of that year honored demerter and persephone. beginning of list for roman consul list. Extends to 541 ad 145 yrs. A celtic king and associates lives who eventually become King Arthur Gates of Italy' broken through by Alaric, commander of the Goths Around this date it appears that the influence of Buddhism begins to dissipate hypatia of alexandria becomes head of plato's school in same city Mount Vesuvius is erupting. rome falls to alaric ruler of the goths latin west falls - the empire in east continues to later Between these two dates the Romans desecrate Stonehenge and attempt to destroy it st. cyril of alexandria (perhaps bc) Council of Ephesus took place settling nature of Mary. Decided she was mother of god and that christ was one nature. classic mayan empire flourishes while european dark ages take place. Sun begins to reverse its magnetic field lake titicaca occupied by inca or huari proclus last major greek philosopher Fall of Western Roman Empire Beginning of Cosmic Week of 730 yrs/ cosmic month 2190 yrs/yr 26,280 Candlemas day was set aside as a day for blessing candles. It is around this date that the new religion of Hinduism emerges in India As a result Buddhist had to flee into China and Asia Date by which the gods had established themselves t Teotihuacan (The home of the gods) Aldeberran eclipsed by moon 12 times chichen itza date of building damascius named head of platos academy christmas first observed as holiday when King Arthur celebrated warriors victory. Justinian closes all pagan Greek schools. christian emperor justinian closed platos academy lasted 900 years longest suriviving univ. anno inventionis or year of discovery building of 2nd temple dionysius exiguus proposed that calendar count from christ rather than founding of rome 2 yr long winter begins. Crops failed and trees stopped growing Hagia Sophia, Church of Holy Wisdom completed by Justinian Aprox Date of death of King Arthur Comet in Gaul recorded causing sky to appear on fire. evidence released by british scientist on 9/8/2001 1460 yrs later say major catostrophe occurred in 540. Sothic cycle confirmed last romun consul appears Plauge kills millions - called Plauge of Justinian death of justinian Just before Justinians Plauge invades the Auvergne region of france four brilliant lights appeared around the sun Muhammad born at Mecca Before his arrival there was human sacrifice and the worship of many gods southern kingdom of judah falls Date shown at Chinkultik Ball Court. IT shows a ball player "getting ready to strike the ball." king of kent receives first group of christian priests who come from rome. Teotihuacan is apparently abandoned pacal born Roman Pantheon building given to Pope Boniface who makes it into a church Pacal Ascended Persians capture Alexandria

618 ad 622ad 625 ad 627 ad 632 ad 633 ad 636ad 638 ad 638ad 639 ad 642 ad 662 ad 671 ad 683 ad 683 ad 690 ad 691 ad 695 ad 700 ad 700 ad 700 ad 700 ad 703 ad 711 ad 717 ad 721 ad 723 ad 729 ad 745 ad 750 ad 750 ad 750 ad 753 ad 755 ad 765 ad 766 ad 768 ad 778 ad 780 ad 789 ad 795 ad 800ad 809 ad 814 ad 820 ad 830 ad 800 ad 833 ad 837 ad 853 ad 869 ad 876 ad 878 ad 889ad



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743 ad good Friday


15-Aug 900 ad 13-Sep


850 ad

855 ad


Emperor T'ai Tsung overthrows Sui dynasty and initiates 300 yr rule of T'angs islamic calendar begins with the entrance of mohammed into medina at sunset. Catholic church absorbs Celtic church at Synod of Whitby Celtics held women as equals to men Magnetic field of the sun bottoms out to 3000 year minimum Mohammed, founder of Islam dies. date on palenque stella jerusalem under siege and occupied by romans muslim armies arrive and dome of the Rock built in Jerusalem. romans driven out of land when caesara falls Edessa, Alexandria captured by Islamic Arabs syrian bishop severus sebokht speaks of flight of muhammad from mecca Buddhist monk I-Ching leaves Canton to visit shrines and sancturies of Indonesia and China Wu Zetian, female emperor of China assumes Dragon throne. lord pacals tomb is sealed in palenque Panlenque triad of Gods referred to in the temple of the cross Muslims erect "dome of the rock" on top of old site of Temple of the Jews I-Ching, buddhist monk returns after visiting 30 countries. Found 300 holy relics. 1st suspension bridge built by mayans not surpasses until europeans do so in 1377 ad About 700 AD - The first british historian wrote about the english church and people - they called themselves Angelcynn (Angel kin) Imperial edict in Japan outlaws all forms of burial except cremation Egyptian city of Herakleion sinks beneath the mediterranean sea in matter of hours Lord Pacal rules over the Mayans Arab Muslims invade Spain date for grail legend which reads 'this is the book of thy descent. Here begins the book of the holy grail - the terrors and the marvels." Chinese engineers devise great astronomical clock on grounds of palace in Ch'ang-an Huge drought in China in which Li Lung-chi stood on mat for 3 days and prayed for water as ancients did. astronomical almanac published by Guatama Siddharta - Indian The date which the church abolished Uri-el, the archangel and removed him from the records. Teotihuacan is destroyed by a fire Priest King Lord Bacal Dies aprox date for ruins at chichen itza and evidence of human sacrifice The Collectanea et Flores credited to Venerable Bede first records wise mens names and appearances. solar eclipse recorded by mayans Ja'afar as-sadiq dies, was 6th Iman of muslim faith. Li Lung-chi forced to abdicate throne in China Charlemagne inherits Frankish Throne Franks cross the Pyrenees and are ambushed by Basques. Later became Song of Roland who was killed here. an unusual member of mayan elite leads nation to ruin to his own ends. earliest acct of a Viking Raid that came to England - "first 3 ships of northmen came from land of robbers" Celebration of cosmic renewal according to Stella by Mayan's last carving on stela at Copan Terrible Famine sweeps empire of Charlemagne. Charlemagne buried at Chapel in Aachen. Died at 72. Abdullah al Mamun attempts to enter great pyramid abandonment of most major mayan centers across the empire terribly cold weather in northern hemis. Worldwide/ drought below in southern T'ang emperor proposes academic degree called "Gentlemen learned in Poetry" guest star or nova recorded Pope Joan supposed to have ruled the papacy though denied by rome. Council of Constantinople Symbol for Zero in use in India Alfred the great unifies 7 petty kingdoms and set aside 12 days for yule activities. Attacked by DANES. last date recorded by mayans katun ending

900 ad 905 ad 909 ad 929 ad 944 ad 947 ad 964 ad 970 ad 980 ad 984 ad 988 ad 993 ad 998 ad 1000 ad 1000ad 1006 ad 1012 ad 1014 ad 1014 ad 1034 ad 1040 ad 1044 ad 1050 ad 1054 ad 1066 ad 1070 ad 1073 ad 1087 ad 1096 ad 1098 ad 1099 ad 1100 ad 1100 ad 1118 ad 1119 ad 1129ad 1137 ad 1150 ad 1155 ad 1164 ad 1181 ad 1190 ad 1198ad 1200 ad 1200 ad 1200 ad 1200 ad 1200 ad 1200 ad 1204 ad 1211 ad 1215 ad 1220 ad 1224 ad

1000 ad 17-Mar 18-Jan 15-Aug

990 ad 29-Jun


1-May 20-Aug

5-Jul 28-Sep


1216 ad

1400 ad

Between these dates the Chaco Canyon Roads were built in New Mexico End of T'ang empire in China. 9 brothers of monarch, heirs to throne, hanged thrown in pool of nine turnings. Last long date ever recorded at Quintana Roo Good king Wenceslas - the duke of bohemia was murdered by his younger brother. Mandylion arrives in Constanople which is an artifact exactly like shroud of turin quetzalcoatl, 1 reed born Persian Astronomer Abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi observes Andromeda and described it as a "small cloud" famine begins and soon reaches climax in 1000 ad throughout europe. Vikings reach and settle Americas. brilliant star appears at midday when gerber hands otto the 3rd to his mother. Prince Vladimar of Kiev converts to Christianity. earthquakes shake italy before vesivius erupts. 2 meteors fall to earth - one in madgeburg germany and the other near the river albia famine reaches peak with rampant canibalism. (french historian glaber) anno depositonis year of the deposit or completion of solomons temple according to knights Supernovae occurs in constellation lupus and Earth is struck by the radiation. SN 1006 / 7000 light years away total eclipse from cycle of 850 ad / 1217 ad Vikings finally defeated. supposed date beings from sirius crashed and left dropa stones in tibet year of incarnation according to el cid Aproximate date for origin of the Starchild skull Chinese in possession of Gunpowder Date at which Cahokia suddenly emerges in North America subjugating thousands of miles and introducing human sacrifice, pyramids and an elite priesthood aproximate date that crab nebula was born from a powerful supernova observed in china. Earth struck by radiation. duke william of normady claims english throne with 7000 armed men. Normands conquor england. Carbon date of the serpent mound in north america / ohio Pope Gregory the VIIth elected Last known battle between Pagans and Christians First crusade launched at bequest of Pope Urban II to free holy land from infidels. Lance of Crucifiction discovered in Antioch. Christians capture Jerusalem massacre every man, woman and child in france lyric poetry emerged accompanied by music Angkor Watt in Cambodia is the largest city on Earth with population of 1 million. founding of the order of knights templar templars take up residence in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Muslim side of jerusalem. Saint Benard defines activities of knights Chinese map on stone pillar appears amazingly accurate aprox. Date of troboudars and emergence of courtly love Oldest guild in england founded - the weavers bones of magi obtained by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa he brought them to cologne. Earth struck by radiation from nearby Supernova monks of glastonbury claim to discover bones of king arthur and his wife pope innocent 3rd condemns magna carta terrible drought in cairo - eating children Date at which Cahokia is abandoned declines rapidly as a city First Settlers Arrive on Easter Island - earliest date for any sculptures Ghengis Khan conquers turks in persia dramatic shifts between drought and flooding occur in americas. Bison hunting once again seems to be preavalent in america after being absent for hundreds of years constantinople seized by venetians during 4th crusade "Marshall of Imperial Army" writes first known book on Devils Fourth Lateran Council decrees all Christians must confess and take Eucharist. Treatise on Devils written by Church Mayan date

1225 ad 1232 ad 1233 ad 1238 ad 1240 ad 1243 ad 1250 ad 1253 ad 1260 ad 1260 ad 1265ad 1268 ad 1291ad 1294 ad 1299 ad 1299ad 1300 ad 1300 ad 1300 ad 1307 ad 1307 ad 1309 ad 1310 ad 1310 ad 1310 ad 1312 ad 1313 ad 1314 ad 1320 ad 1320 ad 1320 ad 1325 ad 1333ad 1334 ad 1339 ad 1347 ad 1349 ad 1350 ad 1351 ad 1356 ad 1357 ad 1364 ad 1365 ad 1365 ad 1367 ad 1375 ad 1377 ad 1380 ad 1390 ad 1390 ad 1390 ad 1400 ad 1400ad

1240 ad

1400 ad 28-Apr 1294 ad 1390 ad 1321ad

good Friday

14-Sep 13-Oct 26-Nov april 13-May 1350 ad 13-Aug

earliest remains of 4 branches of The Mabinogion Inquisition taken out of the hands of Bishops and given to Dominican Monks Pope Gregory writes letter to Germans asking that they seek out Heretics. Invasion of Monguls in the east/Russia Alleged Pied Piper incident takes place - entire village loses children to stranger The plauge was accompanied by mists and lights Low date for a change that takes place in the Zuni tribe of north America - Appears influenced by Japan possibly Date at which the secret chant is first given by Emperor of China's Yuan dynasty is Khubilai Khan reliable low date for shroud of turin dantes divine comedy roger bacon writes operis majorus jerusalem gone for good Kublai Khan dies - founder of Mongol dynasty of China and grandson of conqueror Genghis Khan Mysteriously humanity seems not to notice a new object in sky as bright as full moon end of cycle indicated by aztec temple construction Dante begins writing the Divine Comedy first time catholics celebrate JUBILEE year. Cannons being used against Castles mass arrest of all templars throughout the realm ordered actual arrests of the templars take place 36 die in torture pope clement allows 3 cardinals to interrogate de'molay 550 knights ask to be allowed to speak in defense of the order 504 knights led to the stake and burned Time in which inquisition took place at Carcassonne in Europe knights who have not confessed sentenced to life and those who have are pardoned Supposed birth of Diana Aradia according to pagans molay finally sentenced to life imprisonment as well but in the end he and 1 are burned at stake bishop and archbishop attempt to kill pope by "black magic" First known emergence of the Black Plague in the Gobi Dessert Earth is struck by radiation from a nearby Supernova oldest copy of White Book of Rhydderch or the Mabinogion epidemic and famine in china kills 6 million chinese black plauge kills 1/3 population of europe as well as in asia and northern africa. dulcert portolano map of europe and north africa appears with correct longitude ahead of time! Plague first strikes Europe. black death ravages europe Inquisition Tribunals at Carcassonne kill more than 400 end of cycle indicated by aztec temple construction GOLDEN BULL creates SEVEN electors of the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE Shroud of Turin put on display first time. Town of Lirey in France Guns appear in Italy Jupiter opposes Saturn Saturn opposes Uranus Aztec Civilization Appears suddenly stump of the pharos or lighthouse of alexandria razed finally first suspension bridge built since mayans did so. zeno map contains amazingly accurate latitudes and longitudes reliable high date for shroud of turin. Paris Parliament transfers all inquisition cases to tribunals. the regius manuscript - a masonic poem is written The changes in the Zuni skeletally took place between this date and 1200 ad in aztec religion quetzaltcoatl is regarded as lord of venus

1337ad 1351 ad

1600 ad

1400 ad 1400 ad 1402ad 1403ad 1412 ad 1425 ad 1431 ad 1433 ad 1437ad 1438 ad 1441ad 1450 ad 1453 ad 1450 ad 1453 ad 1455ad 1456 ad 1461 ad 1463 ad 1467ad 1479 ad 1483 ad 1484 ad 1486 ad 1492 ad 1495 ad 1498ad 1500 ad 1500 ad 1500 ad 1502 ad 1503 ad 1507 ad 1507 ad 1513 ad 1515 ad 1515ad 1517 ad 1517 ad 1518 ad 1519 ad 1519 ad 1520 ad 1520 ad 1524 ad 1525 ad 1526 ad 1527 ad 1531 ad 1532 ad 1540 ad 1542 ad 1543 ad 1546 ad

1450 ad

1416 ad


1493 ad 29-May


10-Nov 1-Mar 3-Aug

1800 ad 1585ad

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1598 ad 21-Jul 24-May 7-Apr

between this date bison hunting vanishes again in Texas Oklahoma Region Red Book of Rhydderch dated. 7 wonders - mausoleum at halicarnassus demolished for its marble end of cycle indicated by aztec temple construction oldest surviving medieval book of hours. Tres riches heures joan of arc hears voices An entire village in Angkor Wat supposedly removed to another planet by UFO's joan of arc burned at the sake guest star or nova recorded Sudden appearance of Inca in South America Italian religious paintings containing UFO's The whole of Europe at this time boasts only 10% of the total books in the Library of Alexandria Fall of Constantinople. some consider this the end of the middle ages. Chickasaw and Choctaw seperation occurs occurding to glottochronology Professor of Paris Univ. denies existence of Witchcraft and is given life imprisonment. end of cycle indicated by aztec temple construction halleys comet first appears Furtherest away from McKenna's Timewave Zero novelty spike UFO reported in medieval texts. Slab shaped regiomontanus joins univ of pressburg under commission of king mathias - astronomer aztec sun stone of axayacatl, 6th emperor of royal dynasty hewn out of solid basalt martin luther born Pope Issues famous Bull Summis Desiderantes urging faithful everywhere to attack witches. Signifigant novelty spike for McKenna's Timewave Zero christopher columbus makes first journey to america european strain of smallpox wipes out entire tribes in south america. portugese land in calcutta india pygmies documented by cherokees in se usa as well as elsewhere in northern america. aztec sacrifices reach 250,000 a year aprox. Western Europeans adopt new sleeping habits to accommodate industrial age pope gregory 13th nostradaumas born first reference to 'america' by cosmographer martin waldseemuller appar. To amerigo vespucci end of cycle indicated by aztec temple construction Piri Reis map made at constantinople showing earth in strange arrangement 1200 "witches" killed by one church. very first printed star map Egypt invaded by ottomans and becomes part of their empire. Luther revolts against catholic church. Another pair of Venus transits in this year and 1526. leonardo da vinci lived and worked mayans claim white gods came returned to city of reeds. quetzalcoatl returned called the year of no return in medieval manuscripts. epidemic sweeps empire killing ruler Montezuma Aztec civilization is gone by this date. Trimethius claims new era began - era of moon until 1881 Another pair of Venus transits in this year asnd 1518 spanish arrive in full force in mexico Halleys comet appears incan contact with europeans - population of 6 million peru conquered by spain once in a 1000 yr drought causes major catrastophe in america and mexico. Pope Paul III creates new papal inquisition copernicus presents theories to church of rome he dies on may 24 of same year Council of Trent decides latin bible should contain 72 books incl. Apocrypha

1547 ad 1551ad 1555 ad 1557 ad 1560 ad 1561 AD 1563 ad 1563 ad 1564 ad 1564 ad 1565 ad 1567 ad 1571ad 1572 ad 1572 ad 1575 ad 1580 ad 1582 ad 1582 ad 1582 ad 1584 ad 1586 ad 1589ad 1593 ad 1593 ad 1598 ad 1603ad 1604ad 1607 ad 1608 ad 1608 ad 1609ad 1610 ad 1610 ad 1611 ad 1612 ad 1616 ad 1619 ad 1620 ad 1622 ad 1628 ad 1629 ad 1629 ad 1632 ad 1642 ad 1644 ad 1645 ad 1648 ad 1650 ad 1654 ad 1655 ad 1661 ad 1661 ad 1663 ad


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It was in this year that the Spanish clergy decided to eradicate pagan beliefs and destroyed most traces of the Mayan and others. cincinnus becomes separate constellation from leo first edition of nostradaumases prophecies Genevan NT First bible to be printed in VERSEs Genevan version is first Bible to be printed in VERSES preceeded only by new test printed in 1557 Sir Francis Bacon born rome is redesigned by domenico fontana using obelisks as center piece Jupiter opposes Saturn leo shakespeare born date recorded for shakespeare's baptism in warwickshire, england. st augustine florida founded - oldest city in america In 1567 Titu Cusi declared his allegiance to the King of Spain. On July 9 in a special ceremony the Inca performed rites to the Sun and "placed his hand on the ground and [swore] to keep the peac kepler was born huegenots massacared in paris on eve of st bartholomews day tycho brae records new star in cassiopeia and coins term 'nova' for new star. incan date for a prayer recorded at beginning of epoch Jesuit Ribera established futurist version of antichrist prophecies in bible - effectively disguising fact it was pointing to this time period gregorian/modern calendar developed and signed into papal law Giocannga dies in China. Nov. 8 2005 report says according to DNA 16 million men alive today descended from him. His son Nurhaci founded Qing dynasty and Manchu Nobility. 10 days ommitted from calendar Bruno states that "countless suns exist and countless earths revolve around these suns and living beings inhabit these worlds." obelisk tferred from rome to st. peters cathedral plancius introduces constellation CRUX under centaurus Date that city of Palmanova was constructed. Forms a perfect star. Date of the Book of the Jaguar Priests. A destruction had already happened. Bringers of pestilences. hondius produces first globe with the twelve new constellations of southern sky bayer publishes first star atlas called uranometria last recorded supernova of note - called keplers 1 of 3 others 1054, 1572 Halleys comet appears Signifigant date for McKenna's Timewave Zero - major novelty spike first record of telescope in history for seeing "distant objects" galileo turns first telescope toward heavens perese discovers orion nebula galileo publishes "siderius nuncius" the starry messenger original text of King James Version printed upon which all others is based. First Telescopic Observation of Andromeda by Simon Marius shakespeare dies First slave trade in America when a Dutch ship exchanged africans for food at Jamestown, VA Christmas noted in Plymouth when new company excused themselves from work when governor called them. Aproximate date of first thanksgiving Bad Hurricane noted by Mayans Eurpoean inquisition in Wiirzburg results in 400 dead in single city. 1/3 of town. bad earthquake recorded by mayans The date on which the dissection occurred which Rembrandt portrays in "The Anatomy Lesson" Tibet becomes a religious state with the Dalai Lamai at the head. 1st UFO sighting in America by Pilgrims in Boston First newspaper in the world established by Queen Kristina of Sweden westphalia concept dissolves holy roman empire in word later in 1803 by deed. World population stands between 500-600 million. Arrival of First signifigant numbers of Jewish settlers in New Amsterdam (New York) 23 Sephardic Jews from Brazil birth date of witch elizabeth knap of groton harmonica macrocosmica printed Kesava Deo Temple in Mathura over the prison which Hindus believe was the birth place of Shri Krishna. cotton mather

1664 ad 1665 ad 1666 ad 1666 ad 1667 ad 1679 ad 1670 ad 1678 ad 1680 ad 1682 ad 1684 ad 1687 ad 1692 ad 1692 ad 1693 ad 1697 ad 1706 ad 1717 ad 1722 ad 1729 ad 1732 ad 1736 ad 1738 ad 1738 ad 1742 ad 1744 ad 1749ad 1750 ad 1750 ad 1751 ad 1751ad 1752 ad 1752 ad 1752 ad 1754ad 1757 ad 1759 ad 1761 ad 1773 ad 1775 ad 1775 ad 1775 ad 1776ad 1776 ad 1777 ad 1781 ad 1781 ad 1782 ad 1782 ad 1783 ad 1783 ad 1789 ad 1789 ad 1790 ad

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Descartes says that life forms like humans and animals are nothing more than complex machines. cassini determines rotations of jupiter mars and venus mirabilis, year of the plague official condemnation of astrology by colbert minister of louis 14th in france banished from univ. Supernovae in Cassiopea though noone reported record of it. American slave system develops into official legal entity Corporation formed in this year still in existence as of 2003. First crop circles begin to be reported in England Clocks begin to sport minute hands France abolishes the Witch Trials Alice Molland is last witch to be executed in England at Exeter kepler newton 87 gives theories Saturn opposes Uranus aesops fables first published washington dc bears name 'rome' on public records. Date the last Itza chief of the Mayans was put to death total solar eclipse Grand lodge of England formed for Freemasonry - Feast of John the Baptist Janet Horne is the last witch to be executed in Scotland one of the greatest comets on record george washington born - in 1752 date was changed to 02/22 when colony adopted new cal. Saturn opposes Uranus Signifigant Novelty Spike for Mckenna's Timewave Zero clement the 12th condemn masonry by papal decree. comet of 1742 cuts acroos sky in constellation draco and cephus unusual comet with 6 tails is recorded goethe writes and lives Horse is Introduced in the United States Onset of unusually high cases of insanity which continues on to present day and has gotten progressively worse with each century. english parliament dictates use of gregorian calendar in england and colonies. comprehensive survey of southern sky by lacaille adds 9500 stars american colonies adapt new calendar unnacounted for change in mayan calendar - now 24 years in cycle v. 20 Benjamin Franklin discovers Electricity. lacaille ads 14 new constellations to the star atlas Date at which masons refer to themselves as "Speculative Masons" Halleys comet appears chronometer invented by john harrisson allows for calculation of longitude Great destruction of Chinese history and knowledge. Qian Long orders compilation of 4 branches Paul Revere Rides - The British are coming. patriots day - first shot fired hailed as 'shot heard round the world'. us navy founded le monnier a french astronomer adds two new constellation - a bird by libra and a reindeer founding of united states of america great flood of St Petersburg beginning of federation of 13 colonies of the united states. discovery of uranus Actual last date of a witch execution which took place at Glarus in Switzerland alleged merger of illuminati with masons. Saturn opposes Uranus Lighter than air crafts are invented - balloons George Washington elected 1st president 13 years after united states founded National Assembly of Versailles, nobleman renounce feudal privileges. solar eclipse 23 tau 29

1790ad 1790 ad 1791 ad 1792 ad 1792 ad 1792 ad 1793 ad 1797 ad 1798 ad 1800 ad 1801ad 1809 ad 1812 ad 1813 ad 1815 ad 1816 ad 1816 ad 1818 ad 1818 ad 1819 ad 1820 ad 1821 ad 1820ad 1827ad 1828 ad 1829 ad 1829 ad 1830 ad 1830 ad 1833 ad 1836 ad 1840 ad 1843 ad 1843 ad 1844 ad 1844 ad 1844 ad 1844 ad 1846ad 1846 ad 1846ad 1847 ad 1848 ad 1848 ad 1849 ad 1851 ad 1852 ad 1853 ad 1854 ad 1854 ad 1858ad 1859 ad 1860 ad

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william herschel records planetary nebulae event Champollion deciphers egyptian hieroglyphs cornerstone laid for what became washington DC US establishes coin denominations. 24 Brokers meet to establish NYSE September massacres occur in france resulting in 8,000 dead in prisons of Paris. the french revolution victors propose a 10 day week Three more stones knocked down at Stonehenge napeleon enters temple of eduf Electric Battery invented. four major asteroids discovered ceres, pallas, vestas and juno Thomas Paine dies. equake destroys Caracas, Venezuela Kierkagaard is born. Obsessed with story of Abraham and Isaac. napoleon involved in Battle of Waterloo Known as the "Year without a summer" in North America because of Weather phenom. Volcano eruptions took place around the world. antarctica is discovered First Obelisk on American soil is erected at Patriot's Grave, Old Burying Ground, Arlington, Mass. Hawain Pagan Religion outlawed in favor of Christianity charles babbage invents first computer prelude to modern ones Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatamala, Hondurus and Nicaragua all gain independence. 32 hand colored cards published by leigh known as uranias mirror. Mystery surrounds origin of cards First Momumental Obelisk constructed at Bunker Hill, Charleston Mass. 1st edition of noah webster's dictionary published. Halliday, a British Physician states his belief that cases of mental illness have tripled over the 20 years beginning with 1809. Saturn opposes Uranus Book of Morman First Published jackson signs Indian Removal Act Obelisk moved from Temple of Luxor to Paris US nears financial collapse American census identifying the insane appears. In it Gorwitz calculated that in 1840 the rate was 50 per 100,000 people By 1860 it has risen to 77 and finally to 183 per 100,000 by 1880. eta carinae near southern cross brightens to -1 becomes brightest star in universe great comet appears which was left unnamed According to biblical scholar Michael Schiefler this is the date from which the cleansing of the sanctuary and the "Judgment of heaven" Samuel Morse sends first Telegraph message "What hath God wrought?" Joseph Smith founder of Mormons shot and killed by Mob in Carthage, Illinois Nietszhe was born. neptune discovered War with Mexico pope pius nine condemns a government by the people brigham young arrives at great salt lake washington monument dedicated in ceremony Syllabus of Condemned Opinion issued First english translation of The Mabinogion appears by Charlotte Guest Crystal Palace built in Hyde Park to house GREAT exhibition of 1851 burnt down in 1936 nebula discovered in taurus - over next 10 years one dissapeared Yellow Fever/Yellow Jack kills 10,300 in New Orleans alone A French physician, Renaudin establishes major increases in the mentally insane starting in the year 1835. Five hundred diamonds encrust this golden chalice, a gift of Sultan Abdul Medji for Pope Pius IX’s election, and first used by Pius IX on December 8th, 1854, at the Mass proclaiming the Immaculat donatis comet appears First successful oilwell drilled near Titusville Pennsylvania civil war begins to take shape

1861 ad 1861 ad 1861 ad 1861 ad 1862 ad 1865 ad 1865 ad 1867 ad 1871 ad 1871 ad 1873 ad 1873 ad 1874 ad 1874 ad 1875 ad 1876 ad 1877 ad 1878 ad 1880 ad 1881 ad 1881 ad 1882 ad 1883 ad 1883 ad 1883 ad 1883 ad 1883 ad 1883 ad 1883 ad 1884 ad 1884 ad 1884 ad 1884 ad 1885 ad 1885 ad 1888 ad 1889 ad 1889 ad 1889 ad 1892 ad 1895 ad 1896 ad 1898 ad 1900 ad 1900 ad 1901 ad 1908 ad 1909 ad 1910 ad 1910 ad 1910 ad 1912 ad 1912 ad

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A German physician, Griesinger remarks on the growing number of insane in Germany which was near epidemic levels. Fort Sumter is shelled by Confederacy starting Civil War comet was even visible in daylight brighter than any star or planet Civil War starts after confederates fire on Ft Sumtner. Congress establishes first US mint in Denver, CO President Lincoln assasinated in Ford's Theatre. Lincoln Assasinated Following similar claims by other nations, Belgrave, a physician from Denmark asserts similar experiences with increasing numbers of the mentally ill. Proclamation of German Empire at Versailles. Great Chicago fire takes place. Weirdly enough there were great fires also in Holland, Michigan and Peshtigo, Wisconsin Black Friday Securities market plumets Bohemian Grove Club formed First of pair of Venus Transits. Other in 1882. Next pair in 2004-2012 Saturn opposes Uranus Aleister Crowley Born 1st telephone call made by Alexander Graham Bell US Weather Service is founded. First of Cleopatras Needle Obelisk moved to London, the other moved to NYC in 1880 obelisks moved london and new york obelisk reaches final destination in new york 112 days after arriving in manhattan. Trimethius claims era of moon ended and new era of sun began Second of pair of Venus Transits. Other in 1874. Next pair in 2004-2012 Wagner died. Created The Ring of the Nibelung. brilliant sunsets and blue moons the likes of which had never been seen before are regular. John Maynard Keyes born who is creator of modern economics. Krakatoa explodes west of Java Karl Marx dies - leader of communism. fantastic meteor showers recorded in europe and america beginning of last 124 yrs of 888 day cycle. construction begins on worlds first skyscraper in chicago Cornerstone laid for Stature of Liberty Washington Monument completed The Way of the Pilgrim appears advicating the jesus prayer philokalia 1882 ad Tucker, an Austrian physician completes visits of over 400 asylums located in Europe and the USA. His book, Lunacy in Many Lands described the 3 year Odyssey concluding that many were of the mind that insanity had increased and simply must be accepted as fact. nova in andromeda lit up to a brightness 10 times greater than normal Major Storms take place Hitlers birthday. Notice events around this date. Albert Pike issues 'the instruction' to 23 supreme councils of world Thomas Edison displays first motion picture Nutcracker performed for 1st time in St Petersburg Russia. First Film Projector debuts by Auguste and Louis Lumiere in Paris, France First Olympics of modern times Curtis Act ends all Native forms of Government Nietschze dies. Two more stones knocked down at Stonehenge supernova erupts from constellation perseus tunguska meteor impact beginning of last period of mayan calendar until 2012 great january comet of 1910 appears halleys comet appears bubonic plaugue ravaged china and india titanic sinks. 2:20 AM Uranium is discovered on a ceramic to give a yellow covering in the remains of the roman villa that used to be where the Bay of Naples is currently.

1912 ad 1913ad 1914 ad 1914 ad 1914 ad 1914 ad 1917 ad 1917 ad 1918 ad 1918 ad 1918 ad 1920 ad 1920 ad 1921 ad 1922 ad 1922 ad 1922 ad 1923 AD 1923 ad 1924 ad 1924 ad 1926 ad 1927 ad 1929 ad 1929 ad 1929 ad 1930ad 1933 ad 1933 ad 1933ad 1934 ad 1934 ad 1935 ad 1935 ad 1935 ad 1936 ad 1936 ad 1936 ad 1938 ad 1938 ad 1939 ad 1939 ad 1940 ad 1940 ad 1941 ad 1941 ad 1941 ad 1941 ad 1941 ad 1941 ad 1941 ad 1942 ad 1942 ad 1942 ad

china establishes the modern republic knights call year of blessing by abraham Alleged end of "satans reign on earth" according to "Elijah Mohammed" 28-Jun Serbian nationalist assasinates archduke of hungary in Sarajevo starting what would become WWI 14-Nov world wide influenza pandemic begins killing 30 million people 1918 ad world war 1 Saturn opposes Uranus 13-May Message of Fatima given to 3 chidren 16-Jul czar nicholas and russian royal family killed by bolschevics 11-Nov World War I ends 1925 ad Allegedly the time period in which white "vampires" / "cannibals" began appearing in Africa "Mumiani" 10-Jan League of Nations formed. 16-Jan Prohibition begins via consitutional ammendment 8-Sep Jupiter opposes Saturn vir 22-Nov Howard Carter opens King Tutenkhamen's Tomb 88 constellations officially adopted by the IAU 1939ad pope pius 11 condemns seperation of church and state 16-Feb Howard Carter finds Tutenkhamen's tomb (???) 8-Nov Hitler attempts to overthrow republic but fails. 2-Jun American Indians granted full citizenship mars closer than it will be until 2003 27-Jan First public display of television made in NYC. Talking movies appear in movie theatres. 11-Feb Another noted date for vatican city established?? Unverified 10-Jun Vatican City officially established. 24-Oct black Thursday on wall street. pluto discovered 30-Jan Hitler sworn in at Berlin 13-Nov 1st dust storm occurred in okla of dust bowl era. nazi party orders all masons throughout germany arrested and imprisoned via adolf hitler ???? 2-Aug Hitler assumes title of Fuhrer. The year which inaugerated the beginning of modern Turkey. All turks were required to assume a surname for the first time. category 5 hurriacane hits florida keys. 1 of two to hit usa of that magnitude. 2-Apr Patent granted for the RADAR. 15-Apr The Roerich pact is signed by 21 nations of the Americas in the White House - 70th anniversary 2005 dec King Edward 8th renounces throne 31-Jul Civil war begins in Spain 1-Aug Opening ceremonies in Berlin 11/9 - 11/10 Night of Broken Glass. Germans break shops and kill their jewish owners throughout Austria H.G. Wells broadcasts War of the Worlds causing worldwide panic. It is discovered that Uranium can be used for Nuclear fission. 1-Sep Poland Falls to Germany and WWII begins 12-Sep Fall of France. Two days later cave paintings found in France. What will eventually become Philadelphia Project begins 15-Feb Jupiter opposes Saturn tau 1-Apr Navy takes over treasure island. 6-May Stalin takes over in Russia 8-May Jupiter opposes Uranus june Germany suddenly breaks treaty with Russia 7-Dec pearl harbor attacked by japan. 11-Dec Germany declares war on the united states 20-Jan Germany decides to convert slave labor camps to death camps. 24-Feb 25-Feb "Battle of Los Angeles" UFO are reported coming from the sea which causes the armed forces to prepare for an attack. Shots were fired. 3-May Saturn opposes Uranus 29 Tau

1942 ad 1942 ad 1943 ad 1943 ad 1943 ad 1944 ad 1945 ad 1945 ad 1945 ad 1945 ad 1945 ad 1945 ad 1946 ad 1946 ad 1947 ad 1947 ad 1947 ad 1947 ad 1947 ad 1947 ad 1947 ad 1947 ad 1948 ad 1948 ad 1948 ad 1948 ad 1948 ad 1949 ad 1950 ad 1952 ad 1952 ad 1952 ad 1952 ad 1953 ad 1953 ad 1954 ad 1954 ad 1955 ad 1956 ad 1956ad 1957 ad 1957ad 1958 ad 1959 ad 1959 ad 1960 ad 1960 ad 1960 ad 1961 ad 1961 ad 1961 ad 1961 ad 1961 ad 1962 ad

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strong solar flares cause radiation to jump 100000 times what it should be First controlled nuclear reaction takes place at the Univ. of Chicago the mass killing of jews in krakow begins in the ghetto. Highest wind ever recorded on Earth 231 MPH atop Mountain in America alleged philadelphia experiment takes place. Periastron occurs between Sirius A and Sirius B Also 1994 World War 2 Ends in Europe United Nations Charter formed Gospel of Thomas found in Naj Hamadai between Cairo and Luxor bomb dropped on hiroshima bomb dropped on nagasaki and japan surrenders eniac first fully functional digital computer begins operation Prior to this year the Mayans were interpreted to be peaceful people. Jordan gains independence from Britain CIA is created from the Office of Strategic Services roswell incident involving supposed ufo crash Secertary of Defense created which afterwards creates MJ-12 america declares it will lead world against communism. Order issued to create Project sign studying ufo phenomena by the air force Executive order by Truman creates MJ-12 and Project Aquarius un reccomends that palestine be divided to create jewish state setting off first war b/w them. Transistor invented at Bell Labs pentagon completed in washington. 31 people and plane dissapear over bermuda. World Health Organization founded. israel made separate nation in palestinian territory. israeli victory over palestine. 20 yrs later is when kennedy had to be assasinated by. 20 people and plane dissapear on flight from jamaica to bermuda. Communist North Korea sends troops into South Korea in a "War for the Liberation of the Fatherland" USA explodes first thermonuclear device. Opening of Lord Pacals Tomb in Mexico UFO's appear in Washington over White House. Sightings calls flood phones. Constitution and Decleration placed in helium cases and stored in national archives unprecedented flooding hits holland - north sea captures 133 villages. Soviet Union is the first to explode a true Hydrogen bomb. Sagan says the most horrific weapon ever created. The Japanese Steam Ship Ailki observes what they claim is an underwater UFO coming out of the sea and rising to the sky. Jupiter opposes Uranus Charter established for United Nations A traveller in the Himalayas see's a giant UFO war begins against israel over suez canal Space Exploration begins with launching of Sputnik 1 new saka era began in hindu calendar. 5 Stones previously knocked down at Stonehenge are replaced Cuban Revolution Antarctica treaty signed declaring Antarctica free from all terriorial claims France explodes 1st atomic bomb. one of biggest solar flares in history. First Weather Satelite is launched in world history. Yuri Gagarin becomes first man to orbit earth Bay of Pigs Invasion East Germans begin building Berlin Wall A UFO in Venezuela bathes the entire town in an eerie luminesence causing a great deal of panic. First connection of internet between Stanford and UCLA. John Glenn is the first American to Orbit Earth

1963 ad

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Göbekli Tepe is an early Neolithic site in southeastern Turkey. It is famous for containing the world's oldest known stone temples (dated to before 9000 BC), and because it contradicts the long-held belief that the introduction of agriculture preceded the construction of large buildings. Göbekli Tepe was created by hunter-gatherers, yet is assumed to be a key location for understanding the origins of agriculture. The site is located 15 km northeast of Urfa on the top of a range of limestone-hills that forms the southeastern extension of the Taurus Mountains. The name means "hill with a navel". The tell (artificial settlement hill) is 15 m high and 300 m in diameter. Göbekli Tepe is situated in that part of the Fertile Crescent that genetic studies have identified as the likely place of origin of einkorn wheat. The site was discovered in 1963 during a survey. Site abandoned and purposelly buried around 8000 bc president kennedy assasinated in dallas on way to Dallas Trade Mart Appointment. malcom-x assasinated. Six residents of the city of Chilpancingo, capital of the state of Guerrero were left spellbound by two UFO which hovered for two hours. Later in the same month the same UFO activity takes place in Mexico City. This year marks a flury of UFO sightings in Peru At 8 in the morning two brothers witness the landing of a UFO near the Politecnico campus in Mexico City israel captures "temple mount" for first time in 2300 yrs after "6 day war". US Mint stops buying and selling gold. martin luther king assasinated in memphis TN. Tlatelolco student uprising resulting in the deaths of an uncounted number which has never been reported. Mexico. Soviet Army enters Czech nation Vela Pulsar detected in southern sky. 11 spins around axis per second man lands on moon at 04:18 EDT The perfect place for a weather control device no? Peru land reforms gives incans back native land Christopher York is born monster cyclone hits ganges delta in india killing 500,000 pres. Nixon converts biowarfare base in md to study cancer and begins introd. Viruses to primates. Last Apollo mission to the moon. Richard Leakey finds Skull in Africa named SKULL 1470 that is 2.5 million years old Flight 401 crashes with Captain Bob Loft and Don Repo piloting. Later ghosts. Killed 101 people in Florida Everglades egypt and syria attacks israel First discovery of Black hole in center of the Mily Way by Bruce Balick and Robert Brown in the constellation Sagg. Spiritual Illumination occurs for Phillip K Dick in some manner 148 tornadoes in 11 states kill 315 people in 24 hours supernova in ngc4414 explodes Richard Nixon resigns presidency Arecibo message sent toward Star Cluster M13 25,000 light years away consisted of 1679 binary digits Widest seperation between Sirius A and Sirius B (Also 2025) 49.98 yr cycle Last helicopter removed from Vietnam UN Declares Zionism a form of Racism 500,000 dead in chinese earthquake face discovered on mars End of 2nd cycle of 31 years of 666 cycle. Death of Chinese Chairman Mao arab league closes all masonic temples from cairo Wow signal detected by Seti at Big Ear Radio at Ohio State by Jerry Ehman - Lasted 72 secs from const sagg. R.A. = 19h22m22s ± 5s 19h25m12s ± 5s dec. = -27°03´ ± 20´ (epoch B1950.0).[ 1420 mhz star closest was Tau Sagittarii Voyager II launched. First spacecraft to leave solar system. Voyager III launched Aldeberran eclipsed by moon 12 times in 1978 guyana massacare 909 members of peoples temple commit suicide. Midnight culmination of the Pleiades 3 Mile Island Nuclear Accident former shah of iran enters usa in new york city first aids cases appear in manhattan according to cdc. iraq and iran go to war against one another Mt. Saint Helens erupts

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Clash of the Titan Released and Written by Beverly Cross new york blood center in manhattan does experimental hepatitus v vaccination on gays. official outbreak of aids virus begins in new york. Ronald Reagan takes office. Starred in Bedtime For Bonzo opposite a monkey assasination attempt on president regan. First Lauch of the Space Shuttle Columbia (20 years after 1st man to orbit earth exactly) Voyager II flies past Saturn. 9th day of Odins hanging on tree for knowledge of Runes The "Knowledge Book" transmissions begin via V. Bulent Onsu Corak - a Turkish woman born in 1923 flight 90 crashes into the potomac with 74 people. 5 survive. Also 4 motorist. israel launches full scale invasion of lebanon beginning of last 60 yr cycle of chinese calendar challenger explodes after takeoff 11:38am halleys comet returns Iran Contra affair takes place with Reagan administration officials selling arms to Iran and then using the proceeds oto fund anticommunitsts in nicaragua chernobyl nuclear disaster queens chamber entered by french - holes drilled in walls Report released on Challenger findings Reagan appears on television and admits there was a transfer of weapons to Iran. first great supernova in 383 years in the greater magellanic cloud. Blue Giant Star. comet wilson appears below supernova 7 aqu 21 dying dolphins begin washing up on shore 17-Aug harmonic convergence Wall Street Crash new chamber found in great pyramid 4000 miners die in china kilometer sized astroid passes by us going 72,000 mph. Misses us by 6 hours. First Free election in 70 years takes place in Russia. Yelstin Elected. Voyager II flies past Neptune magellan and galileo space probes launched. Velvet revolution takes place in Czech republic. Overthrow of communism. solar ecl occurs in antartica in 6 aqu 35 for 1st time since 269 years East and West Germany sign treaty of unification. april gulf war conflict America announced commencement of operation 'Desert Storm" Gulf war escalates with bombing of Iraq. Ground invasion of Iraq begins. rodney king conflict erupts into riots in LA Eclipse of sun in Mexico City begins months of nonstop UFO sightings 12 boats found buried in egypt 8 miles from the nile at abydos- 5000 years old moorings removed gate of the 11:11 opens and will remain so until 12-31-2011 siege of randy weaver in idaho ending with his death Rodney King Verdict results in the LA Riots. 55 killed 1100 buildings destroyed Hurricane Andrew. Largest US Disaster through 2002. Jupiter enters Libra world trade center bombed first time 12:18 pm est 3 atf agents die in waco at branch davidian compund. Siege begins. Major storm often referred to as "Storm of Century" secret door discovered in great pyramid Brandon Lee fatally shot on set of The Crow siege of the brach davidian compund in waco, tx Quake hits Southern LA killing hundreds. Kurt Cobain found dead. Periastron between Sirius A and Sirius B Lazaris claims sirius vortex opened.

1994 ad 1994 ad 1995 ad 1995 ad 1995 ad 1996 ad 1996 ad 1996 ad 1996 ad 1996 ad 1996 ad 1996 ad 1997 ad 1997 ad 1997 ad 1997 ad 1997 ad 1997 ad 1997 ad 1998 ad 1998 ad 1998 ad 1998 ad 1999 ad 1999 ad 1999 ad 1999 ad 1999 ad 1999 ad 1999 ad 1999 ad 1999 ad 2000 ad 2000 ad 2000 ad 2000 ad 2000 ad 2000 ad 2000 ad 2000 ad 2000 ad 2000 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad

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shoemaker levy-9 crashed into jupiter over period of 7 days geom field wobbles eratically causing pilots to land planes manually. Quake hits Kobe, Japan killing 7000+ bomb explodes in okc murrah building 9:02 am Itzak Rabin Israeli premier assasinated. Fire takes place in Treasure Dept. Later a $247 million renovation takes place that is not completed until 2006 v4334 saggittari appears - one of strangest objects in sky. Comet Hayakutake passed very close to the Earth, nearer than any comet for centuries, and crossed over Algol on April 11th Valujet crashes into everglades between new orleans and florida TWA 800 crashes from New York's JFK on a Wednesday Pope John Paul II claims god created man but used evolution. geom field wobbles worse changing from 2-17 degrees in 24 hours. earth's resonant energy field jumps to 9.9 for 3 weeks in march FM 39 bodies of heavens gate members found dead in rancho santa fe near san diego in ca Comet Halle Bop makes the same line in the sky by crossing over Algol at a different angle to create an X Time magazine puts artist conception of Alien-human hybrid on cover. mars sojourner rover lander arrives on mars for first time. NM Death of Princess Diana in Paris France with Zodi Fied zodi's father says it is a consiracy a huge explosion detected in deep space 12 billion light years away. Pol Pot confirmed dead. terrible forest fires in florida. Embassy bombing in Nairobi Kenya crash of swiss air flight 111 from New York's JFK on a Wed Bush announces his canidancy for presidency Elfrad Electromagnetic Anomally FQ Columbine high massacare in Littleton Colorado. Single largest tornado ever recorded hits Moore killing 45 and leveling 1200 homes. eta carinae brightens again like in 1843 China begins persecuting practitioners of Falun Gong Population reaches 6 billion people. Aericibo picked up what appeared to be an intelligent signal coming from star HD119850 catholics celebrate"Great Jubilee" for first time. chupacabras blamed for wave of animal deaths in chile. Inauguration of Russian President Putin new date when helical rising of sirius occurs. Firestone begins recall of tires which lead to many deaths. russian submarine kursk sinks attack on USS Cole in Yemen small quake centered at WTC takes place Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak resigns. LQ lady working for HP jumps out of small private plane carrying 7 people and is kiled. NM President Bush sworn in on 230 yr old masonic bible/heavy sleet during ceremony Ten OSU players and coaches die in airplane crash near Strasburg, CO at 6:37 CST us navy sinks boat filled with japanese fisherman. 7.9 equake struck western india killing 100,00 people at least - came on day of indias national holiday FM crazed gunman shot in front of whitehouse. unmanned spacecraft lands on Eros asteroid. 6.8 equake rocks seattle Taliban declares destruction of buddhist statues in afghanastan Hoof and mouth disease reaches epidemic in europe mid air collission between us surv. Plane and chinese jet causes tensions to escalate. 11 day standoff ensues American Spy plane collides with Chinese Interceptor jet forced to land on Hainan island 2001 mars odyssey launches

2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2001 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad

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Foot and mouth disease is at peak in europe with thousands of animals being burned. israeli war planes attack lebanon israel unveils virtual temple - replica of the ancient temple. india has unusual clash with bangladesh 20 former govt workers hold press confernce req. disclosure on ufo's. taliban passes law requiring all hindus to wear clothing distinguishing them from muslims us postal service head steps down and new person in charge 38th pokemon episode mysteriously makes over 12000 kids ill in japan. Red/blue flashing bkgrnd prince dipendra of Nepal shoots parents and 7 others then self ending royal line. DIPENDRA = Rapid End timothy mcveigh executed by lethal injection at 8:14 AM EST university of bern in switzerland claims rock from mars found in Oman dessert. our closest approach to mars. woman in houston drowns 5 blonde children named luke, paul, john, mary, noah. Husband worked for NASA eclipse occurs at 0 degrees 10 minutes of cancer / symbolizing US russian airliner crashes in siberia with 143 on board. residents of carteret NJ report 15-20 UFO's flying in low formation. bird deaths take place all over new jersey and the east heliacal rising of sirius meteor/ufo spotted from new york to virginia. seen by thousands. Beginning date of mysterious red rain phenomenon in India (Kerala) which has biological properties. Perseid meteor shower peaks. scientist report speed of light may have changed. record forest fires along entire western coast. radiation soars to 1000 times normal in unsual solar flare on back side of sun. record shark attacks reported and swarming off of florida coast World trade centers and pentagon hit by terroist involving 4 planes 3 new stars appear in sky from novas - 1 in Cygnus and 2 in Sagg. new chairman of joint chiefs of staff sworn in at midnight of Monday. Why midnight? passenger on bus attacks driver in manchester, tenn going to nashville killing 6 on I-24. russian plane goes down in black sea with 66 passengers and 11 crew on board. first day of real cold weather. Israel changes direction and compares bush admin. To 1943. us attacks afghanastan at 9 pm their time. Director of homeland security sworn in - Tom Ridge of Pa us congress shut down because of anthrax findings and subsequent scare. swissair declares bankruptcy day after full moon in aries we have brush fires flare up in colorado. Anthrax scare widens. another plane crashes in NY with 255 aboard. A-Airlines bound for Dominican Republic. Enron scandal erupts. An Energy company related to Bush/Cheiney cyrus vance dies - brokered israel - egypt peace treaty of 1979 and soviet/us arms agreement harvard biologist dies in fall from bridge in TN Volcanic eruption in the Congo displaces 500,000 people, destroys thousands of homes. enron exec. Commits suicide who had already quit company because of practices alleged in the summer. Single shot to head - no witnesses. 38 yr old actor who played Ares, God of war on Xena dies in China from fall. feds take over airport security. UFO Cult leader predicts human clones in two years - as reported on CNN Arlington National Cementary expands by 60 more acres. US announces new office of 'Strategic Information' to communicate with foreign press. Read propaganda. Pres. Bush makes inflamatory remarks about North Korean being part of "Evil Empire" A man in his 20's fatally shoots the principal of his former high school in Freising, Germany. Train in Egypt has fire in 11 compartments - 363 die. 555 ft tall washington monument reopened to visitors on washingtons 270th birthday. 3 war movies come out suddenly - We Were Soldiers/Black Hawk Down/ Hart's War Equake hits Afghanastan in north region killing 1000 - near where taliban fled Equake hits Afghanastan killing 59. Centered in Doabi - a small village.

2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2002 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2003 ad 2004 ad 2004 ad 2004 ad 2004 ad 2004 ad 2004 ad 2004 ad

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Mercury, Venus, mars, Jup, Saturn viewable in sky clumped all together Catholic priests scandals about sexual abuse reaching peak. FM school shooting in germany 18 dead Dragoslav Pekovic, 17 shoots his teacher and then himself at a school in Vlasencia, Bosnia-Herzegovina New space shuttle design approved. To be utilized beginning in 2012. Arafat allowed to leave Rammalah compound in exch for 6 prisoners US says they have info that Iraq is making long range missles. Pipe Bombs found in mailboxes in NE, IA, IL 9 Ft Tall corpse flower blooms for 1st time in 6 years. Stinky. War Emblem wins Kentucky Derby paying $43. 7th Fastest race in history. Egyptair crash kills 14 China air crash kills 100+ Remains of Chandra Levy Found Troops massing on the border between India and Pakistan, Pakistan tests nuclear missiles Plane Crash in Taiwan - no survivors 225 people China Air Mozambique train crash 200+ dead Bridge collapses on I40 webbers falls killing 13 Tensions begin to develop between India and Pakistan Elfrad Electromagnetic anomally Last few weeks have seen record flooding throughout Europe giant sized grasshoppers noted on CNN Texas mom leaves 12 year old in charge of 12 kids. Baby dies. 20 dead by West Nile virus. 911 winning number on NY state lottery Ozone hole splits in two suprising scientists Oil at lowest prices since 1982 Eastern US hit by over 50 tornadoes. Over 36 killed and 200 injured. Elfrad Electromagnetic anomally Announcement of first cloned baby by Clonaid and Rayleians Another cruise ship has sick passangers - the 4th in a month Saturn at its closest approach to earth in 30 years EU will have completed overhaul of institutions and rules. 13 yrs after communist fall. Columbia Space Shuttle disentagrates over Texas killing all on board. 12-Feb Mayan Calendar ends major cycle President Bush issues ultimatum to Sadaam Hussein to Leave or face war. Proposes war for regime change 1st time. 2600 years to the day that Jerusalem fell to Babylon Weird coincidence. Two more moons discovered around Jupiter bringing total to 58 North Korea first nation out of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty Human Genome completed 28 Whales beach themselves off the coast of Florida All US citizens of Kuwait, Egyptian, other middle eastern descents must register. Tornado hits Moore again tracing almost the same path as the one from May 3,1999 Tornadoes hit Oklahoma City again - 2nd Night in a Row Elfrad Electromagnetic anomally 4:11 EDT Major Blackouts in Eastern US and Canada. Largest ever. mars much closer to earth and brighter than it has been since roman empire Solar Eclipse First record of a new type of cosmic explosion which is similar to a gamma ray burst recorded on december 3rd Largest Gamma Ray burst ever recorded by a Neutron star 50,000 light years away 7-Feb Olympic flame lighting ceremony for the 2004 olympics in athens. Took place in olympia Solar Eclipse 1st of pair of Venus Transits. Other in 2012. Last pair was in 1874-1882 Finished 52 Weeks to Reawakening Love Opening ceremonies of the 2004 Winter Olympics

2004 ad 2004 ad 2004 ad 2004 ad 2004 ad 2004 ad 2004 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2005 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad

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Closing Ceremonies of the 2004 Olympics St. Helens begins small eruptions and resumes activity Chechen rebels take hundreds of students and teachers hostage in Beslan Russia for two days. 334 die, 1/2 children when security forces storm the building. Three teenagers are shot and killed by a classmate in Patagones, Argentina. Solar Eclipse Date of the Earthquake which caused the Tsunami that killed over 150,000 people in asia biggest Starquake recorded ever releasing more energy than our sun has for last 250,000 yrs SGR 1806-20, a neutron star 50,000 light years away Katrina makes landfall in New orleans Earthquakes cause split to form in Africa near edge of the Red sea which scientists say will eventually form a new ocean Hurricaine Rita hits south Texas LUNAR ECLIPSE Mysterious glow in ocean confirmed by Satelite near Somalia in the the Indian Ocean Earthquake hits pakistan killing over 30,000 7.6 magnitude Jupiter Return for me in Libra electrocution of two teenagers which sparks rioting for 9 straight days Oldest Ancient Christian Church found at "Armageddon" or Meggido at site of Maximum security prison Meteorite recorded hitting the moon Europe's Venus Express blasts off on a Russian rocket First 7 year old girl killed in Japan in Hiroshima. Discovered taped inside a box. Article comes out claiming Ram Bahadur Banjan, 15 has been sitting under a tree since May 15 in Katmandu and is reincarnation of the buddha Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations Canadian Prime Minister voted out for no confidence / anchor 2,500 year old roman anchor found in Jerusalem piece of marble fell from the Supreme Courts facade above the words, "Equal Justice Under Law" just before 10:00am First seven year old school girl killed in Japan in Imaichi Scientist claim asteroid apophis may hit earth in 2036 Stella dedicated to Mayan Goddess discovered in Guatamela dating to around 300 AD Five deer mysteriously leap to their deaths in Ranson West Virginia Plane Crash in Iran kills 128 people Twin teenage brothers die minutes apart in traffic accidents in Louisville KY - McDowell Scientists confirm the making of a new ocean in Ethiopia while the magnetic pole is confirmed to have moved 700 miles toward Russia. Child dies when plane goes off the runway while airplane security kills a man because of a threat Twelve year old girl stabbed to death in Japan near Tokyo. Third in month. China seals off village after shooting 10 citizens / Deadliest since Tianemen in 1989 Volcano Vanuatu begins erupting Nigerian Plane Crashes on runway killing 103 of 110 people seven weeks after a similar disaster there Freak snow in thailand plane crash in caspian sea kills 23 Official world time adds a second due to slowing rotation of the earth Truck slams into back of bus and kills seven children. trial begins in italy to determine If jesus exists Ophiuchi supernova brightens enough to be seen from earth - did so previously in 1898 and 1985 1500 killed in mudslide in Phillipines The light from a Gamma ray burst from a supernova reached earth sattelites. The nova took place in the constellation Aries 470 million light years away and lasted 30 minutes. Eclipse Kevin Underwood arrested in Purcell Oklahoma for killing girl (Jamie Rose something) with plans to eat her. Japanese researchers find a new figure in the Nasca lines previously undiscovered Discovery made that we are actually part of Sagg. B galaxy instead of the Milky way but in the process of joining it. S7 Airlines Flight 778 from Moscow to Irkutsk crashed upon landing at Irkutsk international at 7:44 local time - 125 died while 71 and 3 personal survived Pakistan Airlines Flight 688 crashes from Multan / Lahore / Islamabad 41 people killed + 4 crew scheduled takeoff 12:05 f/Multan Bombing of Indian train stations and trains which kills some 200 people. Kidnapping takes place which escalates the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah As of this date it appears that the two giant storms/red spots are bumbing into each other on Jupiter Scientis reveal photos of portions of Saturns Moon Titan which look similar to Earth - area is called Xanadu 30th Anniversary of First Mars Landing and 37th Anniversary of first landing on Moon

2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2006 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2007 ad 2008 ad 2008 ad 2008 ad 2009 ad 2009 ad 2010 ad 2011 ad 2011 ad 2011 ad 2011 ad 2011 ad 2011 ad 2012 ad 2012 ad 2012 ad 2012 ad 2012 ad 2012 ad 2012 ad 2030 ad 2102 ad 2160 ad

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Report surfaces that an ancient book opened to Psalm 83 is discovered in Dublin, Ireland last week. Psalm 83 is about nations calling for destruction of israel Religious Icon of the Virgin Mary stolen. The Icon of The Virgin Mary, which is credited with miracles, was reported missing Friday at the Orthodox Christian monastery of Elona, near the town of Leonidio, 185 m Date on which Iran claims it will respond to Nuclear prohibition offers from the US and others Kimveer Gill, 25 opens fire in a cafetaria of a montreal college, killing one student and wounding 19. Plane piloted by Corey Lidle a Yankee Pitcher hits a high rise in new york city killing him and his instructor. Weird hurricaine like eye storm seen on saturns south pole. This is 1894 days from 9/11 which might be important Sebastian Bosse, 18 opens fire at his former school in emsdetten Germany before killing himself. Five people are wounded. China shoots down a satellite in space with a ground based missile. In the skies above Antarctica the ANITA -- Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna -- experiment is underway. Nine Maori heads were returned to their homes in New Zealand for the first time since 1821. Spring Savings is moved here from its previous place in April IT ends the first Sunday in November. Crazed student kills 31 people at the University of Virginia. Took cops two hours between killings to apprehend him. The long-dormant Nevado del Huila volcano erupted late Tuesday and early Wednesday. Last eruption 500 years ago exactly. Final Harry Potter book being released on the day of the heliacal rising of Sirius Bridge connecting Minneapolis and St. Paul collapses on highway 35. At least 9 killed. Mayan New year 8.0 Quake hits peru near Lima. Ica is the hardes hit. At least 500 die. Venus moves into inferior conjunction with the sun. Major fires all over Greece that kill 47 people - 1107 days after opening ceremonies of 08/13 and 1091 days after closing of 8/29 in 1091 bc little squares of gold are legalized as money for the first time in china Novelty Spike calculated by Timewave Zero Novelty Spike calculated by Timewave Zero Kosovo declares independence from Serbia Earthquake Blows hole in Dome on the Rock in Jerusalem - holiest shrine for Islam built 690 ad Novelty Spike calculated by Timewave Zero Novelty Spike calculated by Timewave Zero Novelty Spike calculated by Timewave Zero Solar Eclipse Novelty Spike calculated by Timewave Zero Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse Novelty Spike calculated by Timewave Zero Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse 2nd of pair of Venus Transits. Other in 2004. Last pair was 1874 - 1882 Novelty Spike calculated by Timewave Zero Novelty Spike calculated by Timewave Zero Solar Eclipse Novelty Spike calculated by Timewave Zero 21-Dec last date of mayan calendar Scientist expect next geomagnetic reversal to take place. Polaris is closest to exact pole the age of aquarius commences ####### 1894 7/5/1996

ication of settlements

at his victory over the orthodox believers may not be dated prior to the year 700 BC

ate his victory against Vikramaditya of Ujjayini in the year 78.

the ground and [swore] to keep the peace" declaring that he "placed himself of his own free will . . . under the power and strength of the kings of Spain.

sty and Manchu Nobility.

4, at the Mass proclaiming the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

dec. = -27°03´ ± 20´ (epoch B1950.0).[

of Elona, near the town of Leonidio, 185 miles southwest of Athens.

Pre Flood Reigns Alulim Reigned at Eridu Alalmar Reigned at Eridu Emenluanna Reigned at Badgurgurru Kichunna Reigned at Larsa Enmengalanna Reigned at Badgurgurru Dumuzi Reigned at Badgurgurru Sibzianna Reigned at Larak Emenduranna Reigned at Sippar Uburratum Reigned at Shuruppak Zinsuddu "Then the flood overthrew the land"

433517 bc 271578 bc 206778 bc 98778 bc 69978 bc 48978 bc 30378 bc

271517 bc 206778 bc 98778 bc 68978 bc 48978 bc 30378 bc 5868 bc

6776 bc

Manu's Enthronment after surviving the flood

nthronment after surviving the flood

Gods of the book of the Dead in comparison to other religions NU NUT TRIAD OF 3 PTAH PTAH-SEKHET NEFER-TMU ALSO PTAH SEKER AUSAR KHNEMU father of the gods feminine primeval watery mass


AT MEMPHIS associated with khnemu

the opener

Exceedingly great god VULCAN

creator of the world creator of the sun god of the dead ELEPHANTINE associated with ptah to mold or model dwelt in ANNU but was the lord of elephantine and the builder of men and maker of gods supported heaven on its 4 pillars depicted as man with rams head UNAS PYRAMID possibly means "create" or "creator" represented matter and body passing from inertness to life at least as old as pyramid of UNAS depicted as man with beetle for head QUEEN HATSHEPSHUT declared herself to be creator of things like khepera they played on this word as a noun, adjective, word and proper name


COMPANY OF GODS OF ANNU 1 TUM or atemu means the closer great god of annu divine god/self created lightener of the tuat with 2 eyes always in form of man mummy case in TURIN depicted TEMT feminine 2 SHU son of ra, ra-tmu or tum by goddess hathor twin brother of tefnut lifted sky and placed it on steps which where in KHEMENNU depicted as man raising up the suns disk carries away hunger of deceased 3 TEFNUT Daughter of ra, ra-tmu and twin sister of shu symbolized moisture and sunlight depicted as a woman with head of lioness carries away thirst of deceased 4 SEB / QEB son of shu, husband of nut and father of osiris/isis/set and nephthys rep. Earth which deceased god of earth father of gods / tribal or heriditary head of gods sometimes has head of goose and called "the cackler" laid egg from which world sprang 6 AUSAR/OSIRIS Son of seb and nut and husband of sister isis, father of horus and brother of set and nephthys later identified with the moon father of gods who have given him birth god of yesterday / today 7 AUSET/ISIS wife os osiris and mother of horus / great goddess and divine mother/ misress of charms and enchantments mother of gods and the living one animal sacred was cow assoc. with SOTHIS identified with goddess SELK OR SERQ and when this is case has head of scorpion 8 SET/SUTEKH son of seb and nut and husband of sister nephthys / also god of SEKHET-AARU OR ABODE OF BLESSED

depicted in human form with unidentified animal that later was represened as an ass people called themselves "beloved of set" up through 19th dynasty but in 22nd his images were destroyed horus and set came to be known as opposite aspects or two sides of same god 9 NEB-HET Daughter of seb and nut and sister of osiris and isis and sister and wife of set "lady of the house" OR NEPHTHYS a legend by plutarch makes her the mother of anpu or anubis by osiris - egyptian text call anpu "son of ra"

RA name of the sun he was accompanied by KHEPERA TMU RAT feminine

united with TMU as the chief god of ANNU



sun god various name: 1) heru-ur (the great) 2) heru-merti (of 2 eyes) 3) heru-nub (golden) 4) heru-khent-khat 5) heru-khent-an-maa (dwelling in blindness) 6) heru-khuti (of 2 horizons (sphinx)) 7) heru-sam-taui (uniter o 8) heru-hekenu (of hecken) 9) heru-behutet (of behutet) Son of osiris and isis appeared as heru-p-khart "horus the child" and avenger of father osiris



son of OSIRIS OR RA sometimes by isis and sometimes by nephthys. Human form with jackals head guard of the balance in judgment / god of sepulchral chamber and presided over "funeral mountain" messenger of osiris another form of anubis was called "opener of ways" represented as second of two jackals usually led souls of the dead to the "ELYSIAN FIELDS in the GREAT OASIS"

PRIMEVAL GODS 1 HU Child of tmu-ra 2 SAA Child of tmu-ra

subjugated by deceased in text of unas subjugated by deceased in text of unas

LORD OF KHEMENNU THOTH/TEHUTI Divine intelligence which at creation uttered words carried out by ptah and khnemu or AP-REHUI scribe of gods and inventor of arts and science/ lord of writing / maker of papyrus and palette and ink jar the mighty speaker or the sweet tongued / became god of moon called "the measurer" thoth is judge of combat between HORUS AND SET. symbolized by the ibis. Or the tekh mentioned in pyramid texts as "brother of osiris" MAAT Wife of thoth and daughter of ra. Very ancient goddess. Assisted ptah and khnemu in carrying out creation depicted as female with feather in her hand. Or with feather as a head. 2 maats appear in judgment scene


HOUSE OF HORUS goddess of sky where horus rose and set. Subsequent isis/neith/iusaset were identifi group of 7 HATHORS ARE MENTIONED goddess of love, beauty and happiness Often takes form of cow and provides meat and drink for the deceased sometimes form of lion Attribute of judge is ascribed to her. judgment took place in abode of meh-urt




divine mother or lady of heaven, mistress of gods, mother of SEBEK / goddess of loom and shuttle and of th wear arrows and bow and a sceptre in left also appears as a cow AT MEMPHIS Wife of ptah / mother of NEFER-TMU AND I-EM-HETEP OR IMHOTEP personification of burning heat of sun and destroyer of enemies of ra and osiris. She destroyed mankind head of a lion and sometimes holds a knife. AT BUBASTIS / OR TELL BASTA IN THE DELTA Mother of NEFER-TMU personification of gentle and fructifying heat of sun. Cat is sacred to her.

son of either sekhet or bast and personified some form of the suns heat. Depicted as man with cluster of lot sometimes has the head of a lion. Stands on back of a lion in figures. goddess represented with head of a serpent that the deceased identifies himself with. LORD OF OMBOS form of horus the sun god. Distiniguished from companion of set the opponent of osiris. crocodile was sacred animal. Depicted as human with head of crocodile AT KHEMMIS One of most ancient gods. Personified power of generation or reproduction. Father of his own mother. identified with "HORUS the mighty" or the avenger.



NEB-ER-TCHER Called god of the universe. The god after reconstruction of his body hacked to pieces by set. UN-NEFER ASTENNU name of osiris in capacity as god and judge of dead in the underworld.. "good being" "beautiful hare" name given to god thoth "Lover of silence" / name of isis or hathor as goddess of underworld


Form of ISIS with SCORPION on her head. Wife of set or typhon. Mistress of gods and bearer of gods. depicted as hippo standing on hind legs. Form of HATHOR. Mentioned 3 times in book of dead as firstborn son of osiris. God of generation.

name of the great god of THE NILE. Worshipped under two forms "HAPI of south and hapi of north" the PAPYRUS was the emblem of one and the LOTUS was symbol of other. I propose that the papyrus is the sky and the lotus is the earth. And hapi is the combination of the two. the NILE was depicted as a man who wears a clump of lotuses on his head. Unity was symbolized by the tying of a papyrus and lotus stalk around the emblem of the union of upper and lower egypt. hapi was identified with ALL gods of both upper and lower egypt and all attributes were ascribed to him.

PYRAMID TEXTS FOUR WHO DECEASED IS LINKED WITH CLOSELY Of the 4 below THE DECEASED is called their father. they took away all hunger and thirst from him. accompanied him as guides in SEKHET-AARU. Gave him life in heaven. Brought him to LAKE OF KHEMTA, boat of EYE OF They are called 4 KHU'S OF HORUS. Originally represented as 4 pillars of sky or horus. EMBALMINGS in the 18th dynasty began putting intestines in 4 canopic jars dedicated to these four. 1

HAPI (Nephthys) 2 TUA-MAUTEF (Neith) 3 AMSET (Isis) 4 QEBHSENNUF (Selk)

one of deceased's two arms


small intestine

one of deceased's two arms


heart and lungs

one of deceased's two legs


stomache and large intestine

one of deceased's two legs


liver and gall-bladder

ASSOCIATED WITH HORUS 1 HERU-SHESU Or shemsu / mythological beings. Appear in the pyramid of UNAS in connection with HORUS AND SET In ceremony of opening the mouth. And also in the pyramid of PEPI I. 2, 3, 4 these beings are grouped around the pan of the balance which contains the heart of the deceased. SHAI personification of destiny. ramses 2 says he is lord of shai and creator of renenet. RENENET personification of fortune. MESKHENET Seems to be combination of two above and then something else besides. One texts says assists with birth o after child is born she says "A king. He shall rule throughout this land." the word is as old as the pyramid tim GROUP OF AMEN, WIFE MUT AND ASSOCIATE KHONSU Interestingly enough these have nothing whatsoever to do with the book of the dead. AMEN first member of the great THEBAN triad. "The Hidden One" the founding of the first shrine to AMEN took place at THEBES IN THE 12TH DYNASTY From then until the 27th dynasty he was the chief god of thebes and nothing more. after the expelling of the HYKSOS their god amen assumed an importance hitherto unknown. the original concept of him was that of a god of the underworld but afterward he was yoked with ra and became the personification of the mysterious creating and sustaining force of the universe. he was called "the bull of thy mother who lives in the field" governor of punt / king of heaven APEP / APEF NAK The great snake and the enemy of amen.


tuat was divided into 12 parts corresponding to the twelve hours of the night.



rep. Earth which deceased was laid

and nephthys god of yesterday / today charms and enchantments assoc. with SOTHIS


is images were destroyed

"lady of the house" text call anpu "son of ra"

n) 4) heru-khent-khat )) 7) heru-sam-taui (uniter of north and south) HARPOCRATES

orm with jackals head "funeral mountain"

o jackals usually

s and palette and ink jar

mu in carrying out creation appear in judgment scene

is/neith/iusaset were identified with her APHRODITE sometimes form of lion

of loom and shuttle and of the chase ATHENE

She destroyed mankind

is sacred to her.

ed as man with cluster of lotuses on head

her of his own mother. PAN

ieces by set.

eing" "beautiful hare"


th and hapi of north"

ombination of the two. ty was symbolized r and lower egypt. s were ascribed to him.

st from him. KHEMTA, boat of EYE OF KHNEMU


rt of the deceased.

exts says assists with birth of child. is as old as the pyramid times.

rto unknown. was yoked with e of the universe.

PANTHEONS EGYPT Principles 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Offspring NUT RA SEB UNAS HU SAA THOTH MAAT NET/NEITH AMSU HAPI AMEN MUT KHONSU primeval watery mass Visible emblem of god on this earth

children of ra children of ra divine intelligence Lady of heaven / mistress of gods power of regeneration/ productivity the nile

Creation THOTH carried out by 1 PTAH 2 KHNEMU

god of inundation and lord of cataract of elep builder and maker of men

gods of annu TUM the closer KHNEMU dwelt there but lorded over elephantine RA-TMU chief god of annu SHU TEFNUT OSIRIS ISIS HORUS SET NEPHTHYS appeared in unas KHEPERA

supported heaven on 4 pillars

form of ra

ndation and lord of cataract of elephantine d maker of men

heaven on 4 pillars

Name City/Area 1 Karakoram Himalayas 2 Durango Durango 3 Red Sea Red Sea 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

State/Country Lat Pakistan/Tibet 19.2 N Mexico None 20.0 N

Long 35.6 E 35.0 W

Description Various Gravity Anomalies / Glacier Expansion / Ne

malies / Glacier Expansion / Negative Isostatic Anomaly


GREEK abydos



TYPE capitol

NOME 8th nome


AMENTA (amentet) ANNU



On beth-shemesh


13th nome lower

AN-RUTF (naarutf)

AN-TES APU Panopolis akhmim metrop? 9th nome


AQERT BAST pa-bast per-bast HET-BENBENT Bubastis pi-beseth tell basta metrop 18th nome

HET-PTAH-KA memphis


1st nome


KEM-UR KHEMENNU KHER-ABA Hermopolis eshmunen

4th & 5th


15th nome upper








Sais Letopolis

metrop. capital

5th nome letopolites nome





Heracleopolis isiah 30:4 Magna Hanes



20th nome upper



TA-SERT TA-TCHESERTET TEP TETTET Mendes TUAT District metrop. chief city per-uatchet 9th nome lower 16th nome also


OTHER NAME per-usar busiris entered into tuat at this place "house of osiris" originally where sun set name applied to cemetaries and tombs "house of the sun" council of this place was at council of ephesus deceased made his way to annu jeremiah 43:13 section or door of the tuat lies to north of re-stau "it never sprouteth" "where a light tower was"???


center for stone cutting and linen weaving

The abode of the dead BAST "soul of isis" ezek 30:17

Name given to many sun shrines in egypt place where deceased dwelt "house of the ka of ptah" city of the white wall

aneb-het'et kha-nefert

city of eight great cosmic gods ancient city on right bank of nile south of annu near the babylon of egypt syn. For WEST region where sun sets exactly opp. Of bekha where it rose Nekhebet near to nekheb which was capital of the 3rd nome of upper Abode of the dead / divine subbt. Place

of town of per-uatchet tropical dist. To south and east of egypt OSIRIS Name of passages in tomb which lead from this world to other orig. cementary of abydos only


Field of the annru plants islands in delta where souls of dead lived abode of god osiris where he bestowed estates mountain of the underworld west bank of nile

Near memphis

A tomb

common name for abode of departed

























FRIDAY Freyja













AKKADIAN AN Apsu Tiamat Anunnaki 7 Utukki


(heaven) (underworld) (ocean) (chaos) (demons)


Enlil (wind) Ellil Marduk Enmesharra Ninlil Nusku (fire) Ekur (house of mtn) Ashur (temple) Eam-kurkurra (house of wild bull of lands) Enki Ea Ut-napishtim (first man) Mummu (craftsman) Kishkanu (tree) Damkina consort of mummu Ninmah mother goddess Nintu mother goddess Ninhursaqqa mother goddess Aruru mother goddess SECOND TRIAD Sin moon god Shamash sun god Adad storm god Hadad storm god Innana mother goddess Ishtar Bubbulu Ningal mother of sun god Teshub name for adad Rimmon name for adad Innina Name for ishtar Dilbat name for sirius Tammuz con. To ishtar Dumu-zi means true son Igigi something they ruled over Baru priests and seers nebo god of writing lahmu / lahama anshar / kishar nudimmud Ninurta rain deity/storm god

EGYPTIAN Nu (primevil mass) Aso (serpent)






1 2 3 4 5 6

Serpent Mound Effigy Mounds Maree Man Cerne Abbas Giant Long Man Willington Nasca Lines

Locust Grove, Ohio Marquette, Iowa Maree, Australia Dorchester, Dorset Eastborne, Sussex

USA USA Australia UK UK

Disc Date Dim1 1846 1330 Feet 10 km 6/26/1998 4.2 km 1694 180 feet 1710 227 feet

Dim2 31 Feet 17km 15 km 167 feet

Dim3 11 miles 28 km 55/51 meters

Unit1 120 67 120

Unit 2 7 39

Unit 3

Origin Dt 31.6 1070 ad 112 500 BC 987 ad 200-600 AD

Lat 43'5'19 29'32 s

Long 91'11'8 137'28 e

The carbon dating attribution of 10

At the site in a small pit was found

The carbon dating attribution of 1070 coincides with two significant astronomic events: The appearance of Halley's Comet in 1066 and the

At the site in a small pit was found what appeared to be a satellite photo of the figure, a jar containing a small flag of the United States, and

e of Halley's Comet in 1066 and the light from the supernova that created Crab Nebula in 1054.

a small flag of the United States, and a note which referred to the Branch Davidian cult who were infamous for being attacked in the Waco ra

ous for being attacked in the Waco raid in 1993.

(8 Million) (6 Million) (4.1 Million) (2.5 Million) (2 Million) -800000 -700000 -200000 -200000 -187000 -150000 -144000 -128000 -113000 -78000 -60000 -48000 -43000 -40000 -35000 -30000 -30000 -18000 -15000 -10500 -10000 -8000 -8000 -6740 -6250 -6000 -5867 -5000 -4266 -4242 -3500 -3322 -3200 -3117 -3000 -3000 -3000 -2765 -2750 -2700 -2675 -2686 -2500 -2354 -2180 -2000 -2000

What will become humans diverges from Gorillas What will become humans diverges from Chimpanzees What will become humans begins walking upright. Ice Age Begins What will become humans begins to eat meat for the first time. Ancestors of modern humans splits from Neanderthals Fire begins to be used by humans for the first time. Major advance in tool making apears in fossil record. Animal skins begin to be used as clothes. Man is no longer naked. Ancestral Gene tree of modern humans splits into two branches for unknown reason. All of humans existing now descended from a single woman living at this time. It appears no more than 2000 humans of breeding age exist worldwide at this time of which o Humans develop chins from physical form change. Oldest date for Homo-Sapiens First evidence of a burial is from this time. A child buried in the Nile Valley. Maximum age of prehistoric Adam Human population grows beyond well estblished plateus that have existed for millions of yea Africans begin Iron Mining in the Nile Valley Homo Sapiens Sapiens appears - Modern Man Neanderthals go extinct. Our last competitor. Large Mammals Vanish around the world. Art begins to appear for the first time. venus of laussal statue - one of oldest found possible date for tiahuanacu in peru Date marked on Denedra Temple in Egypt Mass of Extinctions take place worldwide. Worldwide human population around 10 Million Agricultural Revolution End of Last Ice Age Catal Hayuk begins evolution as city. Perhaps first. Summerian Civilization appears. Date of Mena first king of Egypt Worldwide human population around 50 Million Earliest date for Book of The Dead Heliacal Rising of Sirius establishes Egyptian New Year for First Time Writing first begins to appear in various locations. "Fuxi" portrayed as both male and female descends to Chinese and founds civilization Major Environemental calamity takes place worldwide according to geological records. Date that the Gods left and demigods began ruling Egypt Farmers in the Americas appear to be using genetic engineering to create better crops. First attempt at mummfication in Egypt First Wheeled vehicles appear In Summer Date of oldest known tree still alive. Stonehenge constructed. Beginnings of Agriculture in China and the discovery of Silk Date for Epic of Gilgamesh. Oldest known story. Upper and Lower Egypt are combined. Cotton cultivated in Peru Major Environemental calamity takes place worldwide according to geological records. Akkadian civilization in Syria virtually dissapears overnight. Palace of Knossus built in Crete Contraceptives in use in Egypt

-1948 -1900 -1792 -1750 -1663 -1650 -1646 -1628 -1500 -1500 -1500 -1500 -1495 -1486 -1458 -1437 -1390 -1375 -1361 -1345 -1343 -1300 -1250 -1200 -1159 -1150 -1100 -1100 -1057 -1000 -955 -950 -883 -860 -850 -800 -800 -800 -776 -753 -722 -667 -650 -625 -600 -600 -597 -588 -563 -556 -521 -500

Abraham was born. Massive depopulation occurs throughout Indus Valley. Where did they go? hummarabi establishes first written law codes Harappa and Mohenjo Daro abandoned in Indus Valley hyksos or shepperd kings invade egypt Moses date of enuma anu enlil - compilation of 7 tablets and 7000 omens. Major Environemental calamity takes place worldwide according to geological records. Oldest known sun dial appears Hinduism appears in India emphasizing sacrifice to the gods After this date no more megaliths are constructed in Europe olmecs appear in central america with fully developed culture approximate date of the exodus of the israelites Massive shifting of the crust took place all over the planet. Hathsheput rules Egypt. First Female ruler. Beginning date for the building of Solomons Temple Major Catrastophe - series of volcanic eruptions destroy island of Theras in the Aegean akhenaten composes famous hymn to the sun Akhanaton practices first form of Monotheism Armana built by Akhenaten tutankhamen dies and wont be discovered until 1920. troy destroyed by earthquake and rebuilt smaller. dorian invaders, sea peoples invade troy and greek civilizations Bronze age ends rather abruptly according to historians. Major Environemental calamity takes place worldwide according to geological records. Parthenon built in Greece built to coincide with rising of Pleiades at 1150 bc Early Dark Ages begins. Population crashes throughout the world. Permanent Roads are in use in China Halleys comet appearance recorded First evidence of cremation as a burial practice appears throughout world. Solomons Temple Completed oldest text to use name Yahweh. Assyria moves capital from ASHUR to Calah/Nimrud Curious anomaly shows up in geological record of magnetic poles. Appears to have switche Iliad and Odyssey written by Homer Anatomical models used in Medical training in India greek alphabet adapted from phooenicians Humanity begins to produce and use soap. 1st olympics start of greek calendar 21-Apr founding of rome conquest of samaria and exile of ten tribes of isreal memphis and thebes destroyed Josiah's reform of Jews and God babylon the 1st kingdom commenced greeks measure size of earth and motions of moon era of confucius, classical age begins in china Jerusalem captured by Babylon According to records this would be the coming of Zoraster "The Prophet" Buddha lives and teaches. simonides introduces epsilon, eta, upsilon and omega to alphabet darius builds the hall of 100 collumns at persepolis rome declared a republic

-500 -500 -470 -438 -427 -415 -403 -399 -384 -350 -332 -323 -300 -275 -240 -224 -220 -208 -208 -200 -200 -150 -146 -70 -49 -48 -47 -46 -44 -32 -27 -9 1 3 29 33 80 105 200 274 325 345 476 514 533 542 570 600 615 700 700 700

What would become book of Genesis may have been written. last thriving olmec city still surviving Socrates born Parthenon in Athens built as temple to Athena plato lives and writes theon of alexandrias daughter HYPATIA dies athens restores democracy socrates executed aristotle lives in greece and writes Aproximate time when Dec 25th began to be celebrated as birth of a "god" alexander the great defeats persians and conquers egypt alexander the great dies Ptolemy 1 begins to collect books which would makeup library of Alexandria aratus writes poem of constellations Halley's comet recorded in China colossus of rhodes falls during equake great wall of china built Chinese records indicate "stars were not seen for two months". Worldide ecological catrastophre according to geological records Concrete invented by Romans farnese atlas one of oldest known celestial globes showing constellations philo of byzantium compiles list of 7 wonders of the world rome destroys carthage and massacres its inhabitants Great revolt of roman slaves occurs caesar crossed rubicon and occupied italy Library of Alexandria is repeatedly damaged then destroyed. Man loses collective memory in rule of rome turned over to cleopatra and younger brother julius caesar orders 80 days be added to the calendar julius caesar takes power and is assasinated earliest date for a mayan stela emperor augustus first roman emperor document dated that commemerates intro. Of julian calendar Global population stands at 200-300 million Jesus Christ baptism of jesus this date or AD33 date of Jesus's Crucifiction plaugue in rome the likes of which has never been seen according to seurotius Ts'ai Lun creates first paper in China christianity becomes institution of 3 rank hierarchy of bishops priests and deacons Constantine the Great Council of Nicaea determines whether Jesus was a Diety. Immediately Dark Ages Begin. celebration of christmas begins Fall of Western Roman Empire chichen itza date of building dionysius exiguus proposed that calendar count from christ rather than founding of rome Plauge kills millions - called Plauge of Justinian Mohammed Teotihuacan is apparently abandoned Petroleum in use in Japan Population explosion in China 1st suspension bridge built by mayans not surpasses until europeans do so in 1377 ad Egyptian city of Herakleion sinks beneath the mediterranean sea in matter of hours

830 889 970 1044 1096 1100 1150 1208 1265 1290 1333 1334 1349 1364 1394 1433 1453 1456 1492 1495 1500 1500 1517 1519 1527 1531 1543 1546 1564 1565 1582 1584 1607 1608 1610 1611 1629 1637 1642 1648 1650 1650 1670 1680 1750 1752 1776 1781 1787 1790 1792 1800

abandonment of most major mayan centers across the empire last date recorded by mayans katun ending famine begins and soon reaches climax in 1000 ad throughout europe. Chinese in possession of Gunpowder First crusade launched at bequest of Pope Urban II to free holy land from infidels. Angkor Watt in Cambodia is the largest city on Earth with population of 1 million. aprox. Date of troboudars and emergence of courtly love The Inquisition. dantes divine comedy Invention of Spectacles epidemic and famine in china kills 6 million chinese black plauge kills 1/3 population of europe as well as in asia and northern africa. black death ravages europe. 75 Million people die. Guns appear in Italy Gutenberg invents the printing press. Execution of Joan of Ark Fall of Constantinople. Considered the end of the Middle Ages. halleys comet first appears christopher columbus makes first journey to america european strain of smallpox wipes out entire tribes in south america. aztec sacrifices reach 250,000 a year aprox. Western Europeans adopt new sleeping habits to accommodate industrial age Luther revolts against catholic church. leonardo da vinci lived and worked spanish arrive in full force in mexico Halleys comet appears copernicus presents theories to church of rome Council of Trent decides latin bible should contain 72 books incl. Apocrypha shakespeare born st augustine florida founded - oldest city in america gregorian/modern calendar developed and signed into papal law Bruno states that "countless suns exist and countless earths revolve around these suns and Halleys comet appears first record of telescope in history for seeing "distant objects" galileo publishes "siderius nuncius" the starry messenger original text of King James Version printed upon which all others is based. Eurpoean inquisition in Wiirzburg results in 400 dead in single city. 1/3 of town. Decartes Declares "I think therefore I am" Sir Isaac Newton formulates laws which govern modern science. westphalia concept dissolves holy roman empire in word later in 1803 by deed. Extermination of American Indian Begins World population stands between 500-600 million. Corporation formed in this year still in existence as of 2003. Clocks begin to sport minute hands Industrial Revoltion begins in Europe. Lightning rod used for first time. Franklin Discovers Electricity Submarine invented. Discovery of Uranus Constitution of the United States ratified. First US Census. Population 3.9 Million. NYSE established. Beginnings of Industrial Revolution in the US

1803 1809 1810 1818 1825 1836 1844 1846 1848 1859 1859 1865 1866 1867 1876 1879 1879 1885 1893 1895 1896 1899 1900 1903 1917 1918 1920 1920 1922 1925 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1933 1935 1936 1939 1941 1942 1943 1945 1945 1948 1948 1950 1953 1957 1957

Steamboat Invented Charles Darwin presents theories of Evolution. Food Canning begins. Antarctica is discovered Passenger Railroad Introduced Revolvers and Rifles Invented Telegraph Invented Neptune Discovered Karl Marx establishes forumulation for what will eventually become Communism. First Oil Well Origin of Species released by Charles Darwin Thirteenth Ammendment to the US Constitution abolishes slavery. Dynamite Invented Systematic Slaughter of Aproximately 70 Million North American Buffalo Telephone Invented Light Bulb Invented Einstein forumaltes his theories of the Universe. A major shift in thinking. First Skyscraper Automobile Built X-rays are discovered First Olympics of Modern Times First Magnetic recording of Sound Worldwide Population 1.6 Billion First Airplane Flight Modern Warfare Begins Women gain the right to vote in Britain League of Nations formed Joan of Arc Made a Saint Howard Carter opens Tutankhams tomb First Movies with Sound Hesisenberg develops the initial theories of modern Quantum Mechanics called "Matrix Mech Rocket Invented Television Invented First Scheduled Television Broadcasts Wall Street Crashes bringing on Great Depression Pluto discovered Radio Astronomy Begins Nazi Party comes to power Radar Invented Hoover Dam Completed Digital Computer Invented World War II Begins First Atomic Reaction Created Pennicillian used against infection for first time. Atomic Bomb detonated on Nagasaki and Hiroshima United Nations Formed Universal Decleration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations World Health Organization Founded Worldwide Population 3.0 Billion DNA's Structure Discovered SPACE EXPLORATION BEGINS Sputnik I launched. First artificial Satellite.

1957 1960 1961 1961 1963 1968 1969 1972 1977 1977 1978 1982 1983 1985 1987 1989 1989 1990 1990 1991 1992 1993 1995 1996 1996 1997 2000 2001 2003 2011

Great Famine in China. 20 Million die. Laser Created First man to orbit earth is a Russian First connection of the Internet between Stanford and UCLA 18-Aug Martin Luther King makes his famous Civil Rights Address in Washington "I have a dream." Assasination of Martin Luther King one of the great fighters for equality. Man lands on the Moon. World Population Reaches 4 Billion Voyager 2 launched. First spacecraft to leave the solar system. Neutron Bomb tested. First Test Tube Baby born Artificial Heart Created The Personal Computer is Time's Man of the Year Genetic Engineering begins with plants World Population reaches 5 Billion Berlin Wall falls seperating East from West Germany Timothy Berners-Lee designs the World Wide Web for the European Laboratory of Particle P Hubble Telescope Lauched which will provide first clear pictures of deep space in the history First Gene Therapy Dissolution of the Soviet Union Galileo absolved of Heresy by the Catholic Church Windows Released by Microsoft First Extrasolar Planet Discovered World Population 5.8 Billion Pope John Paul claims God created man but used evolution. Sheep are cloned in Great Britain - First Animal Worlwide population reaches 6 Billion Michel Brunet and Patrick Vignaurd unearth a 6 to 7 million year old hominid skull throwing b Human Genome completed World Population reaches 7 Billion

ranches for unknown reason. man living at this time. exist worldwide at this time of which one becomes modern humans.

d in the Nile Valley.

s that have existed for millions of years for the first time.

for First Time

Chinese and founds civilization ccording to geological records.

gineering to create better crops.

ccording to geological records.

Where did they go?

ccording to geological records.

island of Theras in the Aegean

ccording to geological records. Pleiades at 1150 bc

throughout world.

netic poles. Appears to have switched briefly.

er "The Prophet"

as birth of a "god"

library of Alexandria

ing constellations

yed. Man loses collective memory in fatal blow.

according to seurotius

hops priests and deacons

y. Immediately Dark Ages Begin.

rist rather than founding of rome

ntil europeans do so in 1377 ad nean sea in matter of hours

ughout europe.

ee holy land from infidels. h population of 1 million.

asia and northern africa.

mmodate industrial age

oks incl. Apocrypha

arths revolve around these suns and living beings inhabit these worlds."

all others is based. single city. 1/3 of town.

d later in 1803 by deed.

lly become Communism.

merican Buffalo

or shift in thinking.

antum Mechanics called "Matrix Mechanics" at the time.

he United Nations

ss in Washington "I have a dream." ers for equality.

he European Laboratory of Particle Physics pictures of deep space in the history of the world.

ion year old hominid skull throwing back human origins millions of years.

CYCLES Days Sun Magnetic Sun Magnetic Major Magnetic Reversal of Sun Mayan Mayan Cycle - Calabtun Mayan Cycle Mayan Cycle Mayan Cycle Mayan Cycle Mayan Cycle Mayan Cycle Mayan Holy Year Sun Spins at this interval at equator Spins at the pole at this interval Rogue Cycle 26 37 18,139 158,000 8000 1,366,560 144,000 7,200 360 20 260 28 187 25,627 Months Years

May 16th Date Sun Crosses Algol July 7th Tanabata festival in Japan relating to stars Altair and Vega

Turin Torino Corpus Christi

Name Means "Bull" Used to be home of Taurinis Means Corpus or body of Christ

Home of Shroud of Turin

PO Was also what the Dogon called the smallest unit from which the universe was created. There is a po river in Virginia - near Bowling Green Po was also a romanization of the native word which means "Tibet" Padus means "Cherry" Padus symbolizes "Perfidy" or treachery

Turn holds the "Shroud of Turin" Turin is where "Solid Chocolate" as we eat it now was invented.

Home of Shroud of Turin

River Po and 2 other rivers run through it

om which the universe was created. Other name was Fonio

It was the egg of the world

Man Walks on the Moon Assasination of JFK Death of Princess Diana 9/11 Michael Jackson Memorial

8/31/1997 9/11/2001 7/7/2009

71999 bc 30000 bc 11000 bc 7911 bc 7640 bc 5600 bc 3200 bc 2354 2300 bc 1628 1486 1470 1159 1100 208 80 540 542 809 970 1337 1347 1520 1540 1666 1910 1914

71999bc 30000 bc 9000 bc 7090 bc 7640 bc 5500 bc 3200 bc 2354 bc 2300 bc 1628 bc 1486 bc 1470 bc 1159 bc 1100 bc 208 bc 80 ad 540 ad 542 ad 809 ad 970 ad 1337 ad 1347 ad 1520 ad 1540 ad 1666 ad 1910 ad 1914 ad

Tobo erupts reducing population to 5k people Large mammals dissapear around the world. Mass of extinctions took place 7 substantial volcanic eruptions take place throughout the world comet apparently strikes earth according to great pyramid evidence of catastrophic flood found major environmental calamity worldwide worldwide disaster major environmental calamity worldwide worldwide disaster worldwide crustal shifting exposion of thera worldwide disaster population crashes throughout world worldwide disaster plauge begins in rome worldwide disaster plauge of justinian kills millions worldwide famine worldwide famine black plauge begins black plauge peaks epidemic sweeps world major drought catrastophe begins in america year of the plauge plauge ravages china and india influenza kills 30 million 2781 1460 1321

71999 30000 11000 7911 7640 5600 3200 2354 2300 1628 1486 1470 1159 1100 208 80 540 542 809 970 1337 1347 1520 1540 1666 1910 1914

41999 19000 3089 271 2040 2400 846 54 672 142 16 311 59 892 128 -460 -2 -267 -161 -367 -10 -173 -20 -126 -244 -4

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