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Media “Play-To”
Do you have media on your computer that you want to play on your home entertainment system? More and more consumer electronics devices are building in the capability to connect to a network or to the Internet. However, the user interfaces on those devices can be inconsistent or difficult to use, especially if you have a large collection of digital media. Windows 7 makes it easy to use your home audio-video system and other networked media devices to play music, watch videos, and display photos that reside on your PC. Using your PC as a controller, you can stream digital media directly to your Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) v1.5-compliant digital media renderer (DMR) or to another PC running Windows 7—across your home network. Windows 7 supports the DLNA v.1.5 standard, so you’ll have access to a broad range of devices and functionality. If a device is DNLA v1.5 compliant, you can use your Windows 7 PC to stream media to that device, play back media streamed from that device, or browse and play media on Windows PCs or third-party devices. You can even stream content from one DNLA v1.5compliant device to another. For example, say you’re sitting on your couch, using your laptop to read e-mail or surf the Web. You’d like to listen to some music, but you don’t want to hear it coming out of your laptop’s speakers—and you don’t want to get up and go find your portable media device. With Windows 7, you don’t have to. Just open Windows Media Player, right-click on what you’d like to hear, select Play To, and you’ll see a list of other devices and PCs on which you can play your music. If your media receiver doesn’t support the file format for your media, Windows Media Player automatically detects that and transcodes the file into a format that your media receiver can play. If you have a HomeGroup setup, you can even choose from media Libraries that are on different PCs.

Play media on your home audio system

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