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									56 Windows 7 for End Users: Everyday Tasks Are Faster and Easier Keep Your Life In-Sync with Windows Live

Windows Live Services
In addition to the rich client applications and experiences provided through Windows Live Essentials, Windows Live delivers other compelling functionality, which can be accessed through Windows Live Essentials or a Web browser. That functionality includes: • indowsLivePhotos,which provides a home for W your photos on the Web. • indowsLiveProfile, which lets you easily share W who you are and what you’re doing—and makes it easier to broadcast key information and updates to your contacts. • indowsLivePeople, which is where you can store W and manage all your contacts. • indowsLiveSpaces, which includes social features W such as your profile, news feeds, a “personal canvas/ Web page,” and an easy-to-use blogging service. • indowsLiveHome, which provides a place to W stay up to date on the recent online activities of your contacts. • indowsLiveSkyDrive™,which meets your file W sharing and storage needs on the Web. • indowsLiveGroups,which provides a set of W online tools for groups like clubs, teams, and families to connect with each other online. • indowsLiveCalendar, which provides an easy W way to keep your life in sync. • indowsLiveEvents,which enables you to create W e-mail invitations and Web pages for your next event. • indowsLiveHotmail, which enables you to W access multiple e-mail accounts from one place— with more storage and less spam than ever before. Additional information on the above Windows Live services—and on Windows Live in general—is available in the Windows Live Wave 3 Reviewers Guide.

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