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Windows Live Essentials
Beginning with Windows 7, certain functionality that was included in previous versions of Windows will be provided through Windows Live. This suite of applications—called Windows Live Essentials—will be regularly updated to provide innovative functionality and best-of-breed integration with Windows Live and other popular Webbased services. By delivering this functionality through Windows Live Essentials rather than as a part of the Windows operating system, you’ll benefit from more rapid delivery of new features and services while maintaining the capabilities and benefits you value from the Windows desktop experience. This approach also eliminates the potential for confusion between similar features in the operating system and those provided by Windows Live. You can obtain Windows Live Essentials by downloading it from the Web and in some cases when you purchase a new PC. Components of Windows Live Essentials will include the following: WindowsLiveMail Windows Live Mail is a great application for accessing Windows Live Hotmail®, Windows Live Calendar, and Windows Live Contacts—even when you’re offline. Support for POP and IMAP also makes it easy to access and manage third-party e-mail services, such as Yahoo!*, Gmail, and AOL. And, with “photo mail” built in, you can send high-resolution photos to friends without clogging their inboxes. Instead, they’ll receive light, embedded thumbnail images, along with links to easily download the full-resolution versions or to see the images played as a slide show. (*Note that POP access is only available with Yahoo!Plus, not with free Yahoo! email accounts.)

Use multiple e-mail accounts with Windows Live Mail

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