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Aero Desktop Enhancements
The taskbar is one One of the benefits of Windows is the ability to work with large numbers of documents and programs at the same time. However, as you open more and more windows, you may find yourself spending more and more time managing them. Have you ever had to wade through a dozen open documents to view a file or gadget on your desktop? Do you ever find yourself struggling to “line-up” two windows so that you can compare their contents? With Aero Desktop Enhancements in Windows 7, working with multiple windows on your desktop is easier than ever. Windows 7 lets you “peek” behind open windows to get a quick look at your desktop, so you can easily view any gadgets or files. Just hover your mouse over the farright side of the Windows Taskbar, and all of your open windows will become transparent so you can see your desktop. You can also peek at a specific window and see exactly where it is by hovering over its thumbnail in the Windows Taskbar. And there’s more. Aero Snaps—an enhancement to the Aero Desktop—let you “snap” open windows to screen borders, so you’ll no longer have to click on tiny objects in the corner of a window to make it do what you want. Maximize a window by dragging its border to top of the screen, and return the window to its original size by dragging it away from the top of the screen. Drag the bottom border of a window to expand it vertically. It’s easy to copy files or compare the contents of two windows by dragging the windows to opposite sides of the screen. As your cursor touches the edge, the window will resize to fill that half of the screen. (Note: The “peek” feature is not available in the PDC build.)

Peeking through windows to see the desktop

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