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					                                            Colac Area Health
                            Integrated Health Promotion (IHP) Plan 2009-2012
Health Promotion Vision and Goal
Colac Area Health’s (CAH) vision is to be a recognised leader in the development and provision of responsive integrated healthcare which includes an
effective Health Promotion program. The vision statement for Health Promotion is shown below:

                       The principles and philosophy outlined in the Ottawa Charter (1986) by the World Health Organisation will guide Colac
                       Area Health’s approach to Health Promotion. Our priority is to develop a wide range of interventions that build healthy
                                public policy, create supportive environments, support community action, develop personal skills and
                                                       re-orientate Colac Area Health towards Health Promotion

The Health Promotion program at CAH has built strong connections with other agencies and organisations. Our goal for the 2009-12 period Health
Promotion will be to strengthen participation in the G21 Regional Alliance and the partnerships with key community agencies to enable ‘whole of
community’ planning and intervention development in Priority Health Issues.

Priority Setting Process
An extensive priority setting process was used for the development of the IHP and this process is reflected in the IHP appendices. A CAH Health Promotion
Operational Plan was an additional outcome of the priority setting process. Five key actions were used to form the Priority Setting Process:

    1.   Review of contractual obligations
    2.   Mapping of partner priorities
    3.   Demographic profiling
    4.   Consultation
    5.   Determining CAH’s Health Promotion capacity

Further, mapping of the embedded Health Promotion programs at Colac Area Health was undertaken. These program areas are important to CAH as they
are a platform for future capacity building strategies for new Priority Issues, or when building on existing Priority Issues.

Health Promotion Priority Issues
The fourth IHP Plan developed by CAH encompasses the new strategic directions for statewide health promotion. The proposed Priority Health Issues for
2009-12 at Colac Area Health are:

           Mental Health and Wellbeing
           Nutrition.

Reducing the Harm of Tobacco is proposed to be the key action area for the flexible component of the IHP plan. Health Promotion will support the
Respiratory Physiotherapist to work with local secondary schools to review and refine the ‘QUIT SMOKING’ curriculum to facilitate smoke-free messages
and access to services that support young people to stop smoking.

Rationale for Health Promotion Priority Issues Intervention Areas
Health Promotion endeavoured to take a ‘whole of community’ approach in the selection of interventions and partnered with key stakeholders to plan and
develop objectives. The majority of the objectives are clearly strategic and aim to build capacity within stakeholder organisations and into the community.
In general, the objectives provide for the involvement of people in the local community to participate in the planning and development of interventions.
Health Promotion has linked into women’s, children, family and youth community networks to ensure CAH is positioned to effectively target our
interventions in partnership with the local community and organisations.

Reflection on the Priority Setting Process
Sufficient time was allocated by CAH to the key action areas of the priority setting process. Demographic profiling was greatly enabled by the LGA Profile
developed by G21. Regional, state and partner priority areas were identified early in the process to ensure that the IHP plan linked with these areas. The
Health Promotion Coordinator consulted with the Colac Otway Integrated Health Promotion working group, community networks and individual agencies in
the development of the IHP and to maximise collaboration opportunities as objective areas emerged. The Women’s Health Resource Worker also consulted
widely and actively participated in planning for IHP with both the G21 Regional Alliance and South West PCP.

                                                         MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING

    Goal – Colac Area Health will collaborate with key partners and community to develop interventions that address the social and
                                             economic determinants of mental health and wellbeing

 Target Group – Organisations, Mixed vulnerable (socio-economic/socially isolated) populations (women, families, children, young people) in the Colac
                                                                   Otway Shire

           OBJECTIVE                       STRATEGIES              Estimated   CAH Staff        Capacity Building             Impact Measures
                                                                   Timelines                         Activity
1                                   Participate in the Health      Year 1-3  Health           Partnerships,           To be determined in the course
To participate in the G21           and Wellbeing Pillar of G21    2009-12   Promotion        Organisational          of G21 strategic planning
Regional Alliance Integrated        (Participation in the health             Coordinator      Development
Health Plan                         framework for action 2009-                                Leadership,
                                    2013)                                    Women’s
Our partners are:                   Enable and participate in                Resource                                 By 2012 social planning and
    G21 Member Agencies            an Integrated Health                     Worker                                   community health and
                                    Promotion Planning                                                                wellbeing are central
Locally these include:              approach in Colac Otway                                                           considerations of urban
     Colac Otway Shire             Shire                                                                             planning in Colac Otway Shire
     Colac Neighbourhood            Local collaboration and
         Renewal                        implementation of
     Otway Community Health            G21 Health and
         Services                       Wellbeing Pillar
     Glastonbury Family                ‘Creating a network of
         Services                       well designed, safe and
     Bethany                           healthy communities’
     Otway Community College

            OBJECTIVE                       STRATEGIES             Estimated     CAH Staff     Capacity Building          Impact Measures
                                                                   Timelines                       Activity

2. To build resilience in vulnerable
children and young people by         Link Health Promotion into    Years 1-3   Health        Capacity Building     By 2012 increase the number of
increasing their access to           local Early Years and Youth   2009-12     Promotion     Leadership            settings and stakeholders
programs which build protective      Networks                                  Coordinator   Resourcing            engaged in activities or
factors                                                                                      Partnerships          programs which increase
                                     Provide health promotion                                                      children’s and young people’s
Our partners include:                planning assistance to our                                                    protective factors
Colac Otway Shire                    local networks and
Colac Neighbourhood Renewal          partners
Colac Early Years Network
CatForce Network                     Provide ongoing support to
CAH Youth Team                       agencies and staff to
Otway Community Health Services increase their capacity to
Local Secondary Schools              implement programs with
Leisure Networks                     the target group
Colac Neighbourhood Houses           Collaborate with our
Colac Otway Performing Arts and      partners to expand the ‘Be
Cultural Centre                      Active Arts’ program to
Glastonbury                          include vulnerable families
Local Primary Schools
Colac Specialist School              Provide community links
                                     for Leisure Networks to
                                     implement the ‘Good
                                     Sports’ alcohol program in
                                     Colac Otway

           OBJECTIVE                        STRATEGIES            Estimated     CAH Staff        Capacity Building          Impact Measures
                                                                  Timelines                          Activity

3. Increase social connection and                                 Year 1-2    Health           Partnerships          By 2012 the CFA Fireguard
access to resources to promote       Link CFA into Colac Otway    2009-11     Promotion        Consumer              program includes social and
community safety for socio-          Networks to enable                       Coordinator      Participation and     health impacts as part of their
economically disadvantaged and       community engagement in                                   Leadership            community education programs
socially isolated people in high     ‘Community FireGuard and                 Community        Resources             in Colac Otway
risk bushfire areas of Colac Otway   Bushfire Programs’                       Services staff   Community
Our partners include:                Work with CFA to increase
    Country Fire Authority          at risk communities access
    Colac Neighbourhood             to information and
       Renewal                       resources that promote
    Otway Community Health          stress reducing strategies
       Services                      and social connection
    Colac Otway Shire
    Gellibrand Neighbourhood        Work with CFA to identify
       House                         capacity building measures
    Colac Neighbourhood             which will increase team
       House                         capacity and resource
    Gellibrand/Kawarren             availability to ensure
       Progress Association          Community mental Health
                                     and Wellbeing is included
                                     as a key component of
                                     Fireguard Programs

       Women’s Health Resource Service Colac Otway and Corangamite - PRIORITY ISSUE: Mental Health and Wellbeing
  Goal – Colac Area Health will collaborate with key partners and community to develop interventions that address the social and economic
                                                 determinants of mental health and wellbeing
                               Target Group – Organisations, women, mixed populations (children and young people)
           OBJECTIVE                      STRATEGIES           Estimated    CAH Staff        Capacity Building             Impact Measures
                                                               Timelines                          Activity
To participate in the South-         Participate in the SW   Year 1-3    BSW Regional       Partnerships,         To be determined in the course
Western PCP Health and                PCP Health and          2009-12     Women’s             Organisational        of SW PCP & RAMP Planning
Wellbeing Forum and the               Wellbeing Forum and                 Health              Development
Regional Alliance of Mental           RAMP Meetings                       Resource                                  Linking of IHP actions to
Health Promotion (RAMPH) for                                              Networker                                 Municipal Health, Integrated
Integrated Health Promotion                                               Colac Otway                               Health Promotion Plans and
Planning                             Contribute to                       and                Leadership,           other partnership agreements
                                      Integrated Health                   Corangamite         Organisational
Our partners are:                     Promotion Planning in                                   Development,          Evidence of community capacity
    SW PCP Member Agencies           the Corangamite Shire                                   Partnerships          building and action
    RAMPH Member Agencies                                                                                          development for the social and
                                                                                                                    economic determinants of
Locally these include:                                                                                              mental health promotion
     Corangamite Shire
     South West Health Care
     Timboon & District Health
     Terang and Mortlake
         Health Services
     Brophy Youth & Family
     Community Connections
     Lismore CHC
     Manifold Place CHC
     BSW RWH Service

           OBJECTIVE                       STRATEGIES             Estimated    CAH Staff     Capacity Building         Impact Measures
                                                                  Timelines                      Activity
Deliver Gender and Diversity           Identify champions in     2009-       BSWRWH       Partnerships,              Pre and Post testing
(G&D)Training and support the           each agency and/or        2012        Service                                 Reach : Number of
implementation of an “Equity            organisational to                     WHRW’s       Workforce                   agencies participating,
Approach” in health, community,         support the rollout of                             Development,                number of workers
media and local government              G&D Training                                                                   trained
sectors                                Deliver training to                                Organisational
                                        partner agency staff                               Capacity Building,         Implementation of the
Partners include:                       and boards including                                                           changes identified by
G21 H & W Pillar Members                G21 and SWPCP                                      Leadership,                 staff during the G&D
                                       Advocate for training                                                          Training in each agency
SW PCP Members                          to local media and                                 Healthy Public Policy
RAMPH                                   sporting clubs                                     and Practice               Post-training data
CAH                                    Investigate process for                                                        collection at 6 months,
Timboon & District Health Service       consolidating the                                                              12 months etc with
Hesse Rural Health Service              training package                                                               regard to changes made
Otway Health & Community                through accreditation                                                          to work practice as a
Services                                and effective                                                                  result of G&D Training
Terang & Mortlake Health Service        evaluation eg. with
Colac Otway and Corangamite             Deakin University,                                                            Bank of BSW Trainers to
Shires                                  VicHealth, DVRCV                                                               deliver the G&D
Beaufort & Skipton Health Service      Develop a Train the                                                            Training across sectors
Otway FM Radio                          Trainer program with
Colac Herald                            recruitment through                                                           Outcomes of efforts to
Corangamite Extra                       G21, CAH, and SW PCP                                                           seek accreditation and
                                       Resource staff and                                                             external evaluation of
                                        agencies to embed an                                                           training
                                        equity approach

           OBJECTIVE                       STRATEGIES              Estimated     CAH Staff      Capacity Building            Impact Measures
                                                                   Timelines                        Activity
Raise awareness of Gender              Contribute to &            2009-       WHRW Colac     Resources               Evaluation of the changes to
Violence, its causes and impacts        support the CAH Family     2012        Otway and                              knowledge & awareness of staff
with a strong focus on prevention       Violence Prevention                    Corangamite    Workforce               participating in activities over a
and gender equality                     Working Party and                      CAH Managers   Development             3 year period
                                        initiatives                            CAH Women’s
                                                                               Counsellor,    Leadership              Evaluation of changes to the
                                       Develop evaluation                     (WC)                                   incidence of FV reporting and
                                        tools for measuring the                               Partnerships            appropriate follow up referrals
                                        impacts of awareness                   WHRW Colac                             over a 3 year period at CAH
Partners include:                       raising activities, and                Otway and      Organisational
CAH                                     for training and the                   Corangamite    Development
Timboon & District health Service       incidence of FV                        WC
Hesse Rural Health Service              reporting and follow up                               Healthy public policy
Otway Health & Community                referral                                              and practice
Services                                                                                                              Effective Partnerships
Terang & Mortlake Health               Develop MOU’s with
Services                                participating agencies
Rotary                                  with regard to the
Sporting Clubs                          collection of evaluation
Colac Otway Shire                       data                                                                          Pre and post training surveys
Corangamite Shire
G21 Members                            Deliver “Recognising                                                          Evaluation of changes to worker
SW PCP Members                          and Responding to FV”                                                         practice and attitudes over a 3
BSW IFV Members                         Training to partner                                                           year period
                                        agencies and staff who                 WHRW Colac
                                        have agreed to collect                 Otway and
                                        data                                   Corangamite

                                       Seek champions to

           OBJECTIVE                       STRATEGIES              Estimated     CAH Staff   Capacity Building          Impact Measures
                                                                   Timelines                     Activity
3.                                      support Presentations
Raise awareness of Gender               to Colac Otway &
Violence, its causes and impacts        Corangamite Shire          2009-
with a strong focus on prevention       Councils and Senior        2012
and gender equality                     Management & deliver

                                       Advocate for Local                     Regional                          Development of FV Policy
                                        Government to develop                  Women’s                           New practice and protocols as a
                                        a Family Violence                      Health                            result of the policy
                                        Policy and integrate an                Resource                          implementation
                                        awareness of gendered                  Workers
                                        violence prevention
                                        into policy and
                                        planning                                                                 Delivery of G & D Training
                                                                               Regional                          Pre-Post Surveys
                                       Advocate for Council                   Women’s
                                        Staff and Councillors to               Health
                                        undertake the G & D                    Resource
                                        Training& deliver                      Worker
                                                                                                                 Results of advocacy work
                                       Advocate for Council to                Regional                          Implications from the FV Policy
                                        mandate G & D                          Women’s                           and impacts on other Council
                                        training for all                       Health                            policy eg. bullying and
                                        voluntary Council                      Resource                          harassment
                                        Committees of                          Worker
                                        Management to                          Manager,
                                        support more women                     Family &
                                        to take on leadership                  Community
                                        and decision making                    Programs
                                        roles                                  Team

           OBJECTIVE                        STRATEGIES             Estimated    CAH Staff     Capacity Building           Impact Measures
                                                                   Timelines                       Activity
4.(Carbon Dreaming Project)          Support Colac Otway Shire                 WHRW CO/C    Partnerships           Number of Initiatives developed
                                     to conduct community          2010-                                           as a result of the forums
To increase access to social         forums around Climate         2011                     Resources
connection, skills development,      Change initiatives such as                                                    Number of initiatives developed
participation and leadership for     peak oil and transition                                Supportive settings    with women leading change
women living in the Colac Otway      towns & SDOH                                           and Environments
and Corangamite Shires                                                                                             Sustainability of groups
                                     Establish focus groups with                            Community action for   established
Our partners                         women around solution                                  social and
Colac Otway Shire                    generation of the issues                               environment change     Numbers of women involved in
Corangamite Shire                    identified                                                                    project.
SW Climate Change Forum                                                                     Health education and
BSW – Women Drought and CC           Interview women about                                  skill development
Reference group, DPCP,               their experience of CC and
Monash University – (GLASS)          its impacts on mental                                  Social marketing
Gender,                              health & wellbeing for                                                        Women’s input strongly
Leadership and Social                themselves, their families                             Reorient Health        reflected in the ‘Carbon
Sustainability Dept (UN Report on    and community.                                         Services               Dreaming’ Performance Script
Women & Climate Change);
Deakin University                    Use the material from the
 Women from the following target     above interviews to inform
groups: -                            the development of an
Low-socio economic                   original script for
Social/geographically isolated       performance
Women with disabilities, including                                                                                 Increase in participants’ skills,
mental health issues                 Facilitate arts w/s for                                                       social connectedness, access to
Women who have experienced           women throughout Colac                                                        services and leadership
violence                             Otway and Corangamite                                                         opportunities
Same sex attracted                   Shires to build skills in                                                     Pre-post surveys
Aboriginal women                     community cultural                                                            Anecdotal and other feedback
Women from CALD backgrounds          development & the
                                     performing arts
           OBJECTIVE                        STRATEGIES              Estimated  CAH Staff     Capacity Building           Impact Measures
                                                                    Timelines                     Activity
5. (Carbon Dreaming Project)         Identify partnerships with     2010-     WHRW CO/C    Partnerships           Establishment of Project
To develop and create a new          other agencies and groups                                                    Steering Committee &
musical-theatre work that            and form a project steering                           Resources              development of MOU
explores the mental health           committee
impacts of climate change and the                                                          Supportive settings
skills and resilience needed to      Scope the project and                                 and Environments
address these issues.                develop a project
                                     implementation plan                                   Community action for
                                                                                           social and             Secured funding to proceed with
Our partners: -                      Apply for and source                                  environment change     project
Regional Arts Victoria;              project funding
Arts Victoria;                                                                             Health education and   Selection & recruitment of high
Australia Council;                   Engage a professional          2011-                  skill development      quality professional artists and
VicHealth Foundation                 artistic team                  2012                                          arts workers
William Buckland Foundation;                                                               Social marketing
Colac Otway Shire,                   Establish mentor and
Corangamite Shire                    leadership programs within                            Reorient Health        Mentorship and PD
SW Climate Change Forum,             the project                                           Services               opportunities
BSW – Women Drought and CC
Reference group;,                    Develop an original script &                                                 Completion of high quality and
DPCP;                                score                                                                        relevant script for performance
Monash University – (GLASS)
Gender,                              Establish creative working
Leadership and Social                teams, select women to
Sustainability; Deakin University    lead and or to be mentored                                                   Participants voting with their
Women from the following target                                                                                   feet and making on-going
groups: -                            Conduct a 10 week                                                            commitment to the project for
Low-socio economic                   rehearsal period with a                                                      the 4 months of rehearsals,
Social/geographically isolated       strong focus on ensemble                                                     performances and evaluation
Women with disabilities, including   skills

5. (Carbon Dreaming Project)        Prepare a teacher resource   HP Tool for use in school around
To develop and create a new         kit for schools attending    Mental Health impacts of CC
musical-theatre work that           the performances             and how to build resilience
explores the mental health
impacts of climate change and the   Establish a publicity        Media coverage of HP messages
skills and resilience needed to     campaign to promote the
address these issues.               performances and the
                                    content of the show
                                                                 8 public performances delivering
                                    Deliver a season of          HP message
Partners (Cont)                     performances at COPACC       Audience numbers attending
                                    Debrief and evaluate the
mental health issues                project with participants    Verbal and Written testimonials
Women who have experienced
violence                            Link participants to         Participant uptake &
Same sex attracted                  Transition Towns and/or      involvement in other activities.
Aboriginal women                    where to from here
Women from CALD backgrounds                                      Post survey 6 & 12 months on
                                    Prepare a project            improvements in mental health
                                    evaluation and disseminate   and social connection and other
                                    findings                     outcomes related to project

                                                                 Pre-post participant evaluations
                                                                 Audience surveys

                                                                 Evaluation report including
                                                                 participant feedback
                                                                 Project Outcomes and Findings
                                                                 are distributed

                                                          Flexible Component
The flexible component of the Women’s Health Resource Worker role may include:
      Professional development opportunities, such as presenting at Conferences and symposiums and/or public events
      Attendance at Women’s Health Association of Victoria’s monthly meeting and health promotion planning days
      Supporting Wholewoman grant applicants
      Providing editorial material and direction for Wholewoman publications and the annual calendar
      Resourcing community women or community groups with specific requests for health or service information or funding options
      Responding to national, statewide or local policy and planning initiatives from a women’s health promotion perspective.
      Advocacy on specific issues that impact on women’s health
      Researching latest evidence and best practice around women’s health promotion issues
      Maintaining contact with VicHealth, DVRCV and other peak agencies in relation to training for footy/netball clubs and violence prevention initiatives


   Goal – To build community capacity for actions that support the community to access food which is nutritious, affordable and

                               Target Group – Children and vulnerable community members in the Colac Otway Shire

                OBJECTIVE                          STRATEGIES           Estimated      CAH Staff     Capacity Building        Impact Measures
                                                                         Timelines                        Activity
2                                           Support primary schools     Year 1-3     Health          Leadership,         By 2012 local preschools
To continue the implementation of           in the ‘G4YL Program’       2009-12      Promotion       Organisational      and primary schools will
community- based Nutrition Health                                                    Dietitian       Development         participate in state
Promotion Programs in Colac Otway Shire     Partner with OCHS and CS                                 Partnerships,       government recognised
                                            in the ‘S4M Oral Health                  Health          Resources           nutrition and physical
Our partners:                               Promotion Program’                       Promotion       Workforce           activity frameworks
    Colac Otway Kindergartens and                                                   Coordinator     Development
       Preschools                           Conduct and evaluate a
    Colac Otway Primary Schools            Peer Education: ‘Healthy
    Colac Otway Shire                      Happy Families’ with
    Otway Health and Community Services    Glastonbury
    Corangamite Shire
    Maternal & Child Health Nurses         Participate in the Colac
    Otway Division of GP’s                 Early Years Network
    Dental Health Services Victoria
    Kids – Go For Your Life                Engage partners to
    Local community Groups                 explore the need to
    G21 Regional Alliance                  include Food Security and
    Glastonbury Family Services            identify a lead agency in
    Colac Neighbourhood House              the Municipal Health Plan


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