29 _ and _ by liwenting


									#29 Keyboarding Enrichment and Review # and &

Font: Arial   Size: 12 pt.

Warm Up – Type each line twice. DS between groups.

Jim placed first by solving the complex quiz in a week.
A new van, #B928-754, is parked in Space 103 in Lot 16.
Did the firm bid for the authentic title to the island?

Practice Makes Perfect – Key each line twice. DS between groups.

         Do you admire those who can go before a class to express views
confidently so that every student listens and quickly understands every
major point emphasized? You, too, can be just as good!
         You can better your ability to speak by daily practice. Practice
every time you talk to a teacher, a friend, and your mom, dad, or other
relative. Practice every time you use the phone. Remember, practice
makes perfect!

Keying on Your Own – Key each line twice. DS between 2-line groups.

My house is located at 15 Fifth Ave. and 33rd Street.
We will bike from First St. to Fifteenth Street.
Sue moved from 2nd Avenue to 65th Street.

Review # (number/pounds)
d # d # d# d# #d# #d# #d3 #d3 #3 3# Shift fast to key #3 and #33.
He purchased items numbered #345, #678, #901 and #421.

Review & (ampersand)
J & j & j 7 &j& &j7 &j7 &7 We shopped at Holmes & Leone.
Key & and in initials without a space, as in B&O, A&M, C&I.

Practice # and &
The # represents number and pounds. Jane weighed 115#.
IBO&AX bought 50# of #3 apples at GT&O on account #764.

Word Processing

Change Line Spacing

Line spacing can be changed before or
after the text is typed. To change the line
spacing of keyed text, select the desired
paragraph(s) and then set the line
spacing in the Paragraph dialog box.

   1. Place the insertion point on the
      line that is to be followed by the
      new line spacing.

   2. Click Format on the Menu bar.
      Click Paragraph. The Paragraph
      dialog box appears.

   3. Click the down arrow for the Line
      Spacing drop-down list box. Click
      on the desired option. Click OK.

Single Line Spacing = no blank lines between lines of text (default line spacing)
1.5 Line Spacing = ½ blank line between lines of text
Double Spacing = 1 blank line between lines of text

Practice What You Have Learned

1. Set the line spacing to Double and the alignment to Center. Key the
   information requested below:

              Your name
              Name of your school
              Name of your class

2. Make two copies of the text. Place each copy four line spaces below the
3. Change the line spacing in the first copy to Single.
4. Change the line spacing in the second copy to 1.5 lines.


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