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                                                                        FIRST RECONNAISSANCE
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                                   Family Readiness
    Upcoming Events
      L.I.N.K.S: Lifestyles, Insights,                       Inevitably as May comes rushing through I am visited by memories from my years as a
      Networking, Knowledge and Skills                       high school principal. May first and foremost meant final exams, but it also signaled
      All Classes Bldg 1345 (760)725-2335                    summer. It was my habit as I walked through the halls or visited classrooms to ask my
      SPOUSES         May 16         0900-1600               students what their summer plans were. As could be expected the answers were various.
      Life-skills Seminars
                                                             For many, sleep was a priority and not much thought was given to planning beyond that.
                                                             But for others, big plans were made, goals were set, things were going to get
      Conflict Mgmt May 12               0830-1230
      4 Lenses        May 26             0830-1230

                                                             Some were getting jobs so that they could have a car for their junior year. Some were
      Family Readiness Volunteer Training
                                                             taking summer school classes to minimize their course load for their senior year. It was
      May 20 & 21              1800-2100
                                                             always interesting to catch them again during the first week of school in the fall to hear the
                                                             things they had done. Some had done nothing at all. They stayed up till 0400 and slept till
      CREDO: Chaplains Religious                             1200 every day. But the ones with goals often did far more than they planned for.
      Enrichment Development Operation
      Office - (760)725-4954                                 How are your plans for the summer coming along? I encourage our families to take
      o Incredible retreat                                   advantage of this post-deployment time together. Make plans to strengthen your marriage
          June 5-7                                           this summer with one of the retreats offered by CREDO. Perhaps you want to take your
          August 28-30                                       faith to a new level. Get involved with a local church. And if you have any questions about
      o MERI (Marriage Enrichment Retreat)                   finding the right church for you, give me a call. Above all else, be purposeful and
          June 5-7                                           intentional.
          Sep 11-13
      o MERII (Marriage Enrichment Retreat)                  To my slumbering students I would often - in jest, of course - quote a few verses from
          May 8-10                                           Proverbs 6 to them.
                                                              "How long will you lie there, you sluggard? When will you get up from your sleep? A
     1ST RECON BATTALION FAMILY                              little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest- and poverty will come on
     READINESS                                               you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man."
    May 20                      1000-1100
                                                             Let's make it our plan and commitment that none of our relationships will be scarce or
    Welcome Aboard Brief BN classroom                       impoverished this summer!
                                                             Grace and Peace,
                                                             LT David J. Cullen, III
                                                             Battalion Chaplain

First Reconnaissance Battalion  First Marine Division P.O. Box 555584 Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5584                                  Page 1 of 4
Deployment Support Corner . . .
The Marine Corps is focused on providing support to Marines and their families throughout the entire deployment cycle with programs and
activities designed to address specific pre, during, and post-deployment issues and challenges. In addition, a large number of organizations
provide programs and services for deployed Marines and their families.

                                                        site, users search different topics that pertain to   Department of Veterans Affairs National Center
  Special funding was made available for the            both military youth in particular and youth in        for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  expansion of Operation: Military Kids (OMK)           general. For example, within the elementary           This is a link for military members and
  camping opportunities that advance the                school section, youth can find helpful                professionals working with military members
  accomplishment of national OMK goals; support         information about topics as general as bullying       who are returning from combat and war zones.
  the Joint Family Support Assistance Program           and divorce, and as specific to military youth as     The website offers a section specifically for
  and enhance the effective implementation of           how to keep in touch with friends or start over at    mental health care providers. Within this
  OMK elements to reach more military youth.            a new school or location after a military move.       section are fact sheets, links to recent research
                                                        High school teens can also find topics tailored to    studies, and detailed information about the
  OMK has partnered with the California 4-H             their needs such as preparing for life after high     assessment and treatment of PTSD.
  Youth Development Program to bring summer             school, opening up a bank account, and writing a
  camps to California military dependent youth,         resume.                                               Force Health Protection & Readiness (FHP&R)
  free of charge. Lodging, recreational activities      Moving once or repeatedly has a significant           The site includes deployment cycle information
  and meals are included. (Transportation Not           impact on our youth. Take some time to sit            and links to supportive services for every
  Included)                                             down with your children and click through the         branch of the military. The information is
                                                        site. Military Youth on the Move helps to make        geared toward both service members and
  Slots are available on a first come, first serve      the transition as smooth as possible by giving        families.
  basis.                                                them a safe place to go to get information and
  Please go to      advice. To access this great new resource, visit      MilitaryHOMEFRONT - Deployment
  <> for    and add it to your       Connections Deployment Connections
  additional details.                                   favorites list.                                       provides deployment-related information and
                                                                                                              support services for active and reserve military
                                                        American Red Cross (ARC) ARC provides                 members and their families during all phases of
                                                        services to military families including               deployment and mobilization. Topics include
                                                        emergency messages to deployed Service                coping with deployment, where to go when help
                                                        members. They also provide access to financial        is needed, available family support services,
  Great news for Military youth and families! DoD       assistance, counseling, and assistance to             and points of contact for family life following
  has launched a new website, Military Youth on         veterans. The website includes tips for spouses       return from deployment.
  the Move, to replace Military Teens on the            of deployed military members.
  Move. This site is an easy to use resource that                                                             Military OneSource This site provides
  reaches out to youth with creative ways to cope       DoD Deployment Health and Family Readiness            information and resources to help balance work
  with issues that arise in the face of a move, such    Library This online library resource provides         and family life. Consultants are available
  as transitioning to a new school, saying goodbye      multiple articles that address combat stress on       twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by
  to friends, and getting involved in a new             topics such as the emotional cycles of                phone, online, or via email offering
  community. Each page contains age-specific            deployment, supporting family and friends             personalized support to any service or family
  advice on a given topic, answers to common            during deployment, and the transition back to         member. OneSource also provides access to six
  questions, and helpful links for additional           family life following return from deployment.         free counseling sessions per problem per
  information and guidance. The site is filled with                                                           person. For those unable to attend face-to-face
  bright colors, photographs, and quotes from           National Military Family Association This             counseling, Military OneSource arranges
  other youth to make the site friendly and             national organization is dedicated to identifying     telephone and online consultations.
  engaging. The website is divided into three           and resolving issues of concern to military           Available deployment materials include
  target audiences: elementary school, middle           families. The website includes resources and          checklists, articles, and tips on preparing for,
  school, and high school. Users simply click on        publications related to deployment.                   dealing with, and returning from deployment.
  their age group to get started. Once inside the                                                             To contact Military phone, twenty-four hours a
                                                        Connect: Helping Families During Military             day, seven days a week, call Stateside: 1-800-
                                                        Deployment This free kit, including a bilingual       342-9647; Overseas: 00-800-3429-6477;
                                                        DVD and print package produced in partnership         Overseas Collect: 1-484-530-5908.
                                                        by Sesame Workshop and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.,
          Deployed                                      is designed to help military families and their
              MAILING                                   young children, three to five years of age, cope
                  Address                               with feelings, challenges, and concerns
              es                                        experienced during various phases of
                  Alpha Company:                        deployment: pre-deployment, deployment, and
                  RANK NAME, USMC                       homecoming.
                  1st Recon BN
                  A CO 3D PLT
                  Unit 40543
                  FPO AP 96610-0543

  First Reconnaissance Battalion  First Marine Division P.O. Box 555584 Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5584                             Page 2 of 4
                                                       Frequently Asked
                                                       Questions . . .
                                                       This forum is provided to shed some light on those questions that come
                                                       up during deployments or anytime. Remember, your KV and FRO are
                                                       invaluable sources for local and military resources for any situation. And
                                                       don’t forget!
                                                        your life. Then plan your financing                  their own money for retirement at an early age. Bonuses
                                                        accordingly. You wouldn't go into combat             and other tax-free income can go a long way toward
We are either reuniting soon with our Marine/
                                                        without a plan, and you shouldn't spend your         ensuring a comfortable and well-deserved retirement.
Sailor or have already been reunited and as many
                                                        money without one either.                            8. Insurance, Insurance, Insurance. Take advantage of
changes occurred for everyone these next two
                                                        2. Live by a budget. Know what's coming in           military discounts after you've researched the right
topics are much dreaded and yet vital part of our
                                                        and what's going out.                                insurance to meet your needs. Term policies will
Military life. Finances and Intimacy (June
                                                        3. Pay yourself first. Save a portion of your        generally provide military families with the most
                                                        earnings every month. When you receive bonus         coverage for the smallest premium, but they have no
                                                        pay or tax-free pay, save more than you spend.       savings feature.
                                                        Military personnel who serve in a combat zone        9. Get organized. Keep your important documents in a
How will our pay change?
                                                        can exclude certain pay from their income for        safe place and be sure to tell someone where to find the
Imminent Danger Pay:                  $ -$225
                                                        purposes of paying income taxes. This includes       key. Update your will. Make arrangements for quarterly
A monthly entitlement starting on the day of
                                                        active duty pay earned in any month served in a      or semi-annual premiums or bills to be paid to ensure
arrival to Iraq, and stopping on the day of
                                                        combat zone, including:                              that automobile or homeowner's policies do not lapse
departure from Iraq.
                                                        *Imminent danger/hostile fire pay                    while the service member is away.          10. Do your
Deployed Per Diem Pay:                 $ -$105
                                                        *Re-enlistment bonuses if the voluntary              research and spend time on your finances. Since only
A daily entitlement of $3.50 per day. Starts the
                                                        extension or re-enlistment occurs in a month         one in 135 million people win the lottery, we all have to
day after arrival and ends the day before
                                                        you served in a combat zone.                         take responsibility for our own financial success. Stay
                                                        *Pay received for duties as a member of the          abreast of benefits available to you. Communicate what
Hardship Duty Pay:                     $ -$100
                                                        Armed Forces in clubs, messes, post and station      you learn with your family and loved ones. Just
A daily entitlement of $3.33 per day. Retroactive
                                                        theaters, and other non-appropriated fund            remember that advanced planning and sticking to the
after 30th day in Iraq, and stops the day of
                                                        activities in a month you served in a combat         plan is the key to any successful mission. Putting your
departure from Iraq.
                                                        zone.                                                financial house in order is always a smart move. When
Family Separation Pay:                 $ -$250
                                                        *Awards for suggestions, inventions, or              times are uncertain, that stability is one less thing to
A monthly entitlement. Retroactive after 31st day
                                                        scientific achievements during a month you           worry about. It's also one more thing to look forward to
of deployment. Stops the day before the date of
                                                        served in a combat zone.                             when conflicts are resolved and everyone returns home
return home.
                                                        4. Establish an emergency fund. Most financial       safely.
Taxable Income:                        $      ?
                                                        planners suggest an emergency fund equaling
A monthly entitlement is applied to all taxable
                                                        approximately three to six months of living
income while in country. Rank and years of
                                                        expenses. If it sounds like a lot, realize it is.   Getting debt free is huge part of managing your money.
service determines amount.                                                                                  As a member of you can
                                                        Having it will help ensure your financial
Other:                                 $     ?                                                              request free, no obligation Credit Counseling at
                                                        security if your income should change
TOTAL:                               $_______
                                                        5. Keep debt down. While your spouse is away,
                                                                                                             This column is provided by the Financial Planning
                                                        don't comfort yourself with a new wardrobe or
Paycheck will be less this amount upon return,                                                               Association (FPA). FPA believes that everyone needs
                                                        unnecessary expenditures that cause you to go
PLUS be taxable!                                                                                             objective advice to make smart financial decisions and,
                                                        into debt. Keep credit card spending to a end
                                                                                                             when seeking the advice of a financial planner, the
                                                        with military pensions and veteran's benefits,
Cover Your Bases: Managing Your Money In                                                                     planner should be a CFP professional. For more
                                                        planners advise clients to begin saving their
The Military                                                                                                 information on financial planning, visit
                                                        own money for retirement at an early age.
By the Financial Planning Association                                                               or call FPA toll-free at 800-647-
                                                        Bonuses and other tax-free income can go a
Managing your money on a military budget is                                                                  6340. For local financial planning, call Marine and
                                                        long way toward ensuring a comfortable and
tough enough. Now with so many service men                                                                   Family Services at (760) 725-6098.
                                                        well-deserved retirement.
and women being summoned to duty away from
                                                        6. Take advantage of deadline extensions for
home, added complexities and costs can arise.
                                                        things like federal income taxes. These
Many military families nationwide are seeking
                                                        extensions are available to military personnel
advice about what they need to do differently
                                                        serving in a combat zone or supporting a
with their money. Financial planners say that, if
                                                        combat operation. The IRS also offers more
you're already working with a budget, saving, and
                                                        flexible deductions for moving expenses
setting goals and objectives, you shouldn't really
                                                        associated with military moves. Extensions
deviate from those long-term goals, even in
                                                        provide additional time for filing and payment
uncertain times. Planners advise military families
                                                        to occur. Look at it as one less thing to worry
to consider the following tips:
1. Set goals. If you haven't already, set aside time
                                                        7. Retirement. Although military careers can
to think about what you want out of life. Set
                                                        end with military pensions and veteran's
short-term, intermediate and long-term goals for
                                                        benefits, planners advise clients to begin saving

  First Reconnaissance Battalion  First Marine Division P.O. Box 555584 Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5584                                     Page 3 of 4
                                                     Free Stuff and Great Deals . . .
  Welcome                                            For Single Marines and Families
                    Aboard . . .              The Marine Corps created the Single Marine Program (SMP) to “enhance the morale and
                                              well-being of single Marines by identifying quality-of-life concerns and provide
                                              recommendations for improvement.

                                                     GUITAR HERO TOURNAMENT:                                   GUITAR LESSONS:

                                                     Wednesday 13 May 1700 at 43 Area SMP                      Every Tuesday at 21 Area SMP Center $25 refundable
                                                     Rec Center call 725-5205 for more                         deposit call 725-4880 for more information.

                                                     PADRES GAME:

                                                     Saturday 16 May 1905 start time call for                  call                           )
                                                     tickets (760) 725-6722

 Capt & Mrs. Hedman                                  POOL TOURNAMENT:

                                                     Monday 18 May 1700 43 Area SMP Rec
                                                     Center call 725-5205 for more information

                                                     LAS VEGAS TRIP:

                                                     Friday 22- Monday 25th $60.00 call to RSVP

ARMED FORCES DEEP PIT BBQ &                          OPERATION CLEAR VISION:                                          KEN GRODY MOTORCYCLE FEST
FAMILY PICNIC                                        Complimentary glasses for Military dependents.                   Thursday, 14 May, 0600-1500
                                                     For more information log on to                                   South Mesa Club
Date: Saturday, May 9, 2009                
Place: Kit Carson Park 3333 Bear Valley              * Choose about COA                                               Spectacular Events & Displays
Parkway . Escondido                                  * Choose operation Clear Vision                                  Poker Run, Metal Mulisha Performances, Multiple
Time: 11:00am-3:00pm                                 * Enter family information and submit                            Bike Displays, Skills
Sponsor: Escondido East Rotary Club                  application                                                      Course, "Semper Ride" Movie & BBQ Food and
                                                     Or call 800-877-5388 ask for Sean South                          Beverage Concessions 1100-1500
Price: All Food, Beverages, entertainment and
Raffle Prizes Free to all active duty military       NEW PARENTS SUPPORT HOME                                         Special Safety Brief by R. Lee Ermey
and their dependants(our way of saying               VISITATION PROGRAM SERVICES:                                     Register now online for the Poker Run
"THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE") to                     Expectant parents and parents of children from         
others: $10 adults $5 children                       birth to three years of age who are eligible to
Menu: BBQ Beef-slow cooked over night in a           receive treatment in military medical treatment
deep pit,(hot dogs for kids if they prefer) baked    facilities are eligible, even if this is not your first
beans, Cole slaw, rolls, soft drinks & BEER
David Dekker 760-7418585
                                                     Program provides:
                                                                                                                      isit the RAPIDS Site Locator
                                                                                                                      to find a location near you. Updated CAC
                                                     * Information and referral, Nurturing parenting
                                                     Education and Home visiting services.
                                                                                                                      Deliveries . . .
                                                                                                                      cards and Teslin cards will be issued at over
                                                                                                                      1,500 RAPIDS ID card centers worldwide.
Sea World opens its doors to the Armed Forces        * Individualized services means you tell us what                 What Should I Bring?
and their families through December 31, 2009         your interests and needs are.                                    Two forms of ID from the OMB I-9 document list.
by offering a single-day complimentary               * Child Care Information:                                        One must be a federal or state issued photo ID.
admission.                                           Navy Child Care resource and referral:                               Congratulations more
                                                                                                                      Visit forto: information.
Log on to                         3320 B. Norman Scott Rd
                                                     San Diego, CA 92136-5592                                           Cpl Joshua & Mrs. Herrick
OPERATION HOMEFRONT:                                 619-556-8491
OH offers a slue or programs such as:
                                                                                                                        Sgt Jeremy & Mrs. Kanitz
                                                     YMCA Childcare resource Service:
                                                     Inside San Diego County 800-481-2151                               Cpl Jeffrey & Mrs. Akau
Baby giveaways/ food baskets/ care package           Outside San Diego County 619-521-3070                              Cpl Devin & Mrs. Santivanez
items/emergency assistance……
Log on to                 WOMEN’S HEALTH DAY MCB CAMP
                                                                                                                          Who recently brought a new
   CAMP PENDLETON COMMISSARY                         The 10th annual Women’s Health Week kicks                              bundle into the world!
              CASE LOT                               off May 10, and will be celebrated until May 16
         Date- 15, 16 & 17 May                       when the Naval Hospital will hold a Women’s
           Time- 0900-1900                           Health Day from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the
                                                     OB/GYN Clinic on the 3rd floor.

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