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          Centerplate Catering
        Pacific Aviation Museum
 319 Lexington Blvd. Honolulu, HI 96701
            P: 808-488-0924
        BREAKFAST                            LUNCH

  Continental Breakfast          Sandwich Isles Buffet 

Selection of Breakfast Pastries   Deli Meats and Domestic Cheeses
 with Butter & Preservatives
                                       Slow Roasted Turkey
     Array of Fresh Fruits                Hickory Ham,
                                            Egg Salad
        Orange Juice                   Provolone, Cheddar,
       Coffee, Hot Tea                    Swiss Cheeses

      $9.95 per person
                                     Leaf Lettuce, Tomatoes,
    Ko’olau Sunrise             Red Onions, Pickles, Olives,
                                           and Sprouts
       Assortment of
  Fresh Banana Bread and
   Pineapple Bread Slices                  Baked Breads
                                      Ten Grain, Whole Wheat
  Island Fresh Fruit Medley                    White

       Choice of Two                        On the Side
    Steamed White Rice               Island Fresh Fruit Platter
        Tatter Tots                      Pesto Potato Salad
     Roasted Potatoes                  Carrot & Celery Sticks
                                          with Citrus Aioli
    Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

       Choice of Two
 Crispy Bacon, Link Sausage                  Brownies
Portuguese Sausage, or Spam
                                        Lemonade, Iced Tea
   Orange Juice, Iced Tea                   & Coffee
         & Coffee

      $15.95 per person                  $16.95 per person

     B-29 Lunch Buffet                                Lunch Buffet II 

         Mix Greens with                            Tossed Garden Salad with
      Pineapple Vinaigrette                          Creamy Ranch Dressing

Tossed Caesar Salad with Crisp Won                     Spinach Salad with
            Ton Chips                                 Balsamic Vinaigrette

   Sweetbread Rolls with Butter                              Dinner Rolls
                                                           Seasonal Veggies
     Creamy Mashed Potatoes
        Zucchini Provencal                          Sweet & Spicy Sausage &
                                                         Rigatoni Pasta
           Flank Steak                                    in a Herbed
      with Mushroom Ragout                             Pomodoro Sauce

        Sesame Mahimahi                        Rock Shrimp Sauté in Garlic & Basil
        with Lemongrass                           Over Linguine with Roasted
          Beurre Blanc                                 Red Pepper Sauce

         Assorted Cakes                                   Brownies or Cookies

        $22.95 per person                                  $20.95 per person

                                     Add On:

                            Rosemary Roasted Chicken

                    Chicken Piccatta with Angle Hair Pasta

                            Tri-color Cheese Tortellini
                               in light Cream Sauce

                  $2.00 additional per person per selection
                              LUNCH BUFFET

     Lexington Ave.                              Bomber Buffet 

      Mix Greens Salad                               Iceberg Salad
Candied Walnuts, Fresh Berries              with Roma Tomatoes, Red Onions,
    Raspberry Vinaigrette                      Maytag Blue Cheese Dressing

Sweet Bread Rolls with Butter                 Sweet Bread Rolls with Butter

  Bacon Wrapped Medallions                           Garlic Mahimahi
  with Honey Mustard Sauce                      With Creamy Beurre Blanc

   Apricot Stuffed Chicken                   Oven Roasted Breast of Chicken
      With Lilikoi Glaze                     with Shitake Mushrooms Sauce

     Seasonal Vegetables                        Herb roasted Red Potatoes

       Pineapple Pilaf                           Fresh garden Vegetables

       Assorted Cakes                                Banana Coconut Cake

           $27.95                                      $ 23.95 per person

                                  Add On:

                               Asian Pork Loin
                         with Pineapple Papaya Salsa

                              Sauteed Mahi-Mahi
                           with Lemon Butter Sauce

                      Herb Breast of Chicken with
                     Teriyaki Sauce and Kula Onions

                 Grilled Boneless Short Ribs in a Sauté of
                   Shitake Mushroom & Oriental Sauce

                $3.50 Additional per person per selection
                              DINNER BUFFET
  Pacific Theatre Buffet             Savory Southwest Buffet 

 Crudités of fresh Vegetables            Roasted Pepper Caesar Salad
     with Dipping Sauces
                                           Roasted Vegetable Salad
     Tropical Somen Salad                   with Lime Vinaigrette

  Hawaiian Sweet Bread Rolls                     Corn Muffins
         and Butter
                                               Roasted Potatoes
    Medley of stir-fry Asian
  and Local Island Vegetables                   Southwestern
                                              Spiced Vegetables
      Hawaiian Rice Pilaf
                                        Toasted Coconut Chicken with a
     Chinese Pesto Chicken                       Citrus Glaze

   Sauteed Garlic Mahi-Mahi                  Spiced rubbed Beef
                                           with Chimichuri Dressing
        Assorted Cakes
                                              Bread Pudding with
       $28.95 per person                        Cream Anglaise

                                              $25.95 per person
           Add On:

Toasted Coconut Chicken with                       Add On:
     Mango Butter Sauce
                                                BBQ Pork Ribs
   Ginger Pork Medallion with
Pineapple Macadamia Nut Relish            $4.00 additional per person

Seafood stir fry with Vegetables              Beer Can Chicken

  $3.00 additional per person             $2.00 additional per person
         per selection
                               DINNER BUFFET

 Admiral’s Dinner Buffet                  Commodore’s Dinner Buffet 

      Mixed Greens with                                Tropical Fruit Salad
    Champagne Vinaigrette

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls with Butter              Hawaiian Sweet Rolls with Butter

   Horseradish Herb Crusted                       Grilled Pork Chop with a
    Prime Rib with Au jus                            Cajun Apple Sauce

  Mahimahi with Lemon Cream                             Rosemary Chicken

   Fresh Seasonal Vegetables                  Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower

  Garlic Thyme Mash Potatoes                          Herb Roasted Potatoes

   Assorted Cakes & Desserts                             Assorted Desserts

       $34.95 per person                                 $26.95 per person

                                    Add On:

                             Herb Breast of Chicken
                             in Garlic Butter Sauce

                      Honey & Nut Encrusted Pork Loin

                          Chinese Style Mahimahi
                   with Hot Peanut Oil and Shoyu Drizzled
              over a Bed of Celantro, Green Onions and Ginger

                                   Flank Steak
                             with Chimichurri Sauce

                           $4.00 Additional per person
                                       V I P 
                Hot                                                Cold

       Black & Blue Ahi Tuna                    Shrimp and Crab Cocktail with a Spicy
        With Mustard Sauce                                 Cocktail Sauce

          Chicken Skewers                           Citrus Salmon Mousse with Toasted
      with Spicy Peanut Sauce                                    Crustini

      Southwestern Vegetable                         Ahi Tartar with Toasted Rounds
 Spring Rolls with Cilantro Lime dip
                                                    Shrimp Ceviche and Corn Tostadas
  Shrimp and Vegetable Spring rolls
      with Curry Dipping Sauce                       Bruschetta with Roma Tomatoes
                                                          and fresh Mozzarella
            Crab cakes
         with a Citrus Aioli

     Choice of 2 hot and 2 cold                         $16.95 per person
     Each additional choice                             $3.00 per person

                                   PREMIUM 
                Hot                                                Cold

       Teriyaki Beef Skewers                         Chips and Roasted Tomato Salsa

       Sauté Chicken Tenders                               Vegetable Crudités
   tossed in Sesame Ginger Sauce                           with dipping sauces

         Chicken Wings Trio                             Island Fresh Fruit Platter
BBQ, Teriyaki & Traditional Hot Wings
                                                             Seven Layer dip
      Mini Chicken Quesadillas                              with tortilla chips

        Stuffed Potato Skins                           Assorted Maki Sushi Display

     Choice of 2 hot and 2 cold                         $11.95 per person
     Each additional choice                             $2.00 per person
                              CARVING STATION
   Dinner Buffet Add On                               Carving Stations 

           Roast Pork                              Carving Stations Condiments and
        $5.00 per person                                       Dressings

         Rack of Lamb                                    Roast Prime Rib of Beef
        $6.50 per person                                       (Serves 50)
           Prime Rib
        $5.25 per person                            Mint Pesto Crusted Lamb Shank
                                                              (Serves 75)
          Pork Roulade                                          $425.00
        $3.25 per person
                                                            Honey Glazed Ham
      Herb Roasted Turkey                                      (Serves 50)
       $2.75 per person                                          $185.00

       Honey Glazed Ham                                           Roast Turkey
        $2.50 per person                                           (Serves 50)
                               THEME STATION
                               (Minimum of 50 persons)
         Pasta Bar                                       Fajita Bar 
 Pasta with selection of Alfredo,                        Chicken and Beef Fillings
  Marinara or White Clam Sauce                           served with condiments
        $5.95 per person                                     $8.95 per person

       Sushi Display                                  Taco Bar 
          Assortment of                         Ground Beef or Shredded Chicken with
      Maki and Nigiri Sushi                     Taco Shells, Tortillas and Condiments
       $12.95 per person                                  $6.95 per person

                                    ALA CARTE
                       (Ala Carte Selections Serves 50 persons)

    Vegetable Crudite                         Island Fresh Fruit Platter 
              $95                                                  $95

 Gourmet Cheese Display                        Smoked Salmon Platter 
with Assorted Breads and Crackers                 with Mini Bagels and Cream Cheese
             $125.00                                           $225.00
                                          BAR SERVICES
We offer a complete selection of beverages. It is the museum’s policy that no outside liquor or wine
may be brought into the museum. Trained personnel in alcohol intervention must do all dispensing of
             beverages. A cocktail bar will be set up only upon request of the client.

 A minimum of $150 in total sales is required for all private party bars per hour. In the event that the
 minimum requirement is not met, a labor charge of $50 per hour, per bartender with service fee and
    tax, will be assessed. Private party bar is required ot be open for a minimum of (2) two hours.

Bartenders are scheduled at a ratio of (1) per one hundred guests for a full bar and (1) per hundred and
                                      fifty for beer and wine bar.

Ala Carte Only: For events which order by ala carte (Food and Beverage) a minimum of $500.00 before
service fee and tax must be realized or a set up fee of $150.00 plus applicable service fee and tax will
                                              be assessed.

                                           Hosted Bar 
                  All beverages are charged on consumption to the client’s total bill.
                           A 18% service charge will be added to all charges.

                                             No Host Bar 
                           Guests are responsible to pay for their own beverages

                                             Bar Prices 
               Premium Wine                                                        $7
               House Wine                                                          $5
               Premium Champagne                                                   $7
               House Champagne                                                     $5

               Premium Beer by the Bottle                                          $6

               Domestic Beer by the Bottle                                         $5

               Cocktails                                                           $6

               Bottled Soda                                                        $3
               Bottled Water                                                       $2
               Energy Drink                                                        $4

                                      Non Alcoholic Beverages 
               Fruit Punch by the Gallon (Serves 20)                               $15
               Coffee by the Gallon (Serves 20)                                    $20
               Pineapple, Orange, Guava Juices (Serves 20)                         $20
                                       CENTERPLATE CATERING AGREEMENTS & POLICIES
The success of your event is of our utmost concern. The following information and policies will help you in planning your event with Centerplate. Please
take some time to read and understand them and give us a call should you have any questions.

1. Definitions: The following terms will have the following meanings:
- "Event" The banquet, reception, or other function forming the subject.
-"We","Our", & "Us"- Centerplate, A Volume Services America Company.
-"You"- The person, corporation, entity, organization, or associations contracting with us for the event.

2. Function Space Reservations: The function space indicated on this Event Order: Contract will be held upon receipt of this Event Order: Contract
being signed and returned to our office along with a deposit as required. In addition, the function space indicated has been reserved based on the
expected attendance of your event. We reserve the right to substitute comparable function space, or to assign a different space at our option. You
agree to confirm with us prior to printing of any materials listing specific meeting or function space locations, though this will not guarantee that we
will not relocate your event and we will not be responsible for any loss.

3. Deposit: In order to confirm your event and function space a deposit in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) of the anticipated revenue will be
required. In addition, the deposit shall be no less than $500.00 which shall be non-refundable, with credit of the deposit being applied towards the
event. In addition, the client agrees that you must meet the payment schedule provided with additional pre-payments prior to your event. Any de-
faulting of payments may result in your event being cancelled and no refunds given. Should you default and we allow your event to remain scheduled
you understand that a service fee of $20.00 per day that payment is late will be assessed.

4. Guarantee Count: You are responsible to inform us of your final guarantee count at least (14) days prior to your event in writing. This is the exact
number of guest attending the event. This number is a guaranteed minimum no subject to reduction, with charges made accordingly. We will take a
head count and will not be responsible fore more than 5% over the final guarantee count, and overages will be charged.

5. Cancellations: You may cancel your event and contract only upon giving us written notice. Additionally, you agree that in the event you cancel your
event it would be difficult to determine the actual damages and losses to us. Therefore, refunds on deposits and pre-payments are not given, and other
refunds are subject to the approval of our management with no credit towards future events. A minimum of $500.00 will be retained by us. For can-
cellations made less than 90 days in advance payment in its entirety will be required in full though the event is cancelled by you. Also, should your
event be cancelled due to default of payment absolutely no refunds will be given. In addition, Centerplate will not be responsible for events cancelled
by the Federal Government, Pacific Aviation Museum Organization, Acts of God, Inclement Weather, Labor Disputes, and other similar or related. In
this case, refunds may be given but are not guaranteed.

6. Payment & Final Invoice: A payment schedule will be given to you. This payment schedule must be met in order for us to guarantee your event and
event space. If your payment is late three or more days we reserve the right to cancel your event and no refund will be given. All events must be paid
in full according to the anticipated revenue no less than five business days prior to the event. At the discretion of our management we may extend
credit, however, anyone being extended credit may be assessed a late payment fee of $20.00 per day after thirty days since the delivery of service by
us on the remaining balance. At the conclusion of your event an invoice will be presented or mailed to you which must be paid in full upon receipt. For
those invoices mailed a due date will be provided. Failure to pay remaining balance at the conclusion of the event or by the date specified on the
invoice will result in a late charge of $20.00 per day late being assessed.

7. Late Changes & Set Up: For any changes made to your event, including those for set up, additional equipment, and etc. an additional penalty will be
charged. For specific pricing, please speak to your Sales Manager.

8. Defaulted Payment/ Collection/ Returned Check: You understand that failure to pay as stated on payment schedule will result in immediate cancel-
lation of your event and no refunds will be given. In addition, should payment be defaulted once event is completed and final invoice is issued that
late fees will be charged and other actions will be necessary. For any checks returned a fee of $50.00 will be assessed, and a charge of $20.00 per day
that payment is late, starting from the date specified as the "due date" on invoice will be applied. Should we not receive payment in full within (14)
days after the conclusion of your event that we reserve the right to refer your account and balance owed to us to an outside collection agency, attor-
ney, agent, or any other person and/or company for collection action. Should this occur you shall be required and liable to pay for any fees or charges
assessed including those of court fees, attorney fees, collection fees, and etc. You also understand that this action may also be reported to Credit
Bureaus, Associations, and other companies that we do business with.

9. Labor Charge & Overtime: You agree to begin all events promptly at the scheduled time and to have all guest and entertainers vacate premises by
specified exit time. Should you go overtime, we will incur additional labor and other costs. Therefore, you agree that we will charge you for overtime
wages and other costs at a minimum of half the cost of the event space. Exit of morning events shall occur no later than 2:00pm with afternoon or
evening events starting no earlier than 5:00pm and ending no later than 11:00pm. Room rentals are based on (6) hours beginning from the time you
arrive to set up or from the time specified if earlier to the time of the last person exiting. Should extensions be granted by us for more than six hours
or earlier/later than the times specified additional charges will apply. Exceptions are subject to the approval of our management.

10. Outside Food & Beverage: You acknowledge that outside food and beverage is generally prohibited. In any case, an exception may be made if
written approval is granted by our management, with the understanding that you will be charged accordingly for outside food fees and corkage fees. In
addition, should an exemption be made you agree that Centerplate, A Volume Services America will no longer be held responsible for any claims of
illness, injury, and etc and you will be required to sign a waiver issued by us.

11. Service Fee & Taxes: All of our prices, including but not limited to: menus, parking, services, late fees, and others, are subject to no less than a
18% service fee and all applicable taxes.

12. Displays/Decorations: Any personal property that you or your guests bring onto our premises must be removed by you. This is to include, but not
limited to any decorations, displays, or any other item. Confetti or other similar items are strictly prohibited. For weddings and other events with floral
decor you are responsible for the clean up (i.e. rose pedals on floor) unless provided by us. Though we allow the use of helium balloons, you are re-
sponsible to ensure that they are secure and all balloons removed from the event space upon the completion of the event, including those that escape
from its ribbon, etc. For any helium balloons left behind including on ceilings you will be assessed a fee of $100.00. Should any decorations and or
displays be left on our property you may be charged for additional labor and cleaning. In addition, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage to
property of you or your guests including prior to, during, or after the event. Please be reminded that your set up time will be limited and decorations
may be provided by us for an additional charge.
                                      CENTERPLATE CATERING AGREEMENTS & POLICIES
13. Deliveries: Arrangements for delivery of packages should be made through your Sales representative. You understand that we are limited on storage
space and goods cannot be received more than (1) day prior to the event, if allowed. You also understand that additional charges may be applied and
we will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any package, box, or its contents. All deliveries including those on the day of event must be done
at the designated locations as specified by your sales representative.

14. Parking: We do have ample parking for our clients and their guests with a minimal charge per vehicle. Also, you may arrange for valet or hosted
parking at an additional charge.

15. Off Limit Areas: You and your guests must remain within the designated areas of your function space. No one is allowed to loiter in parking lots, or
on the street areas of our property. All alcoholic beverages must remain within the designated area or room and are not allowed outside on sidewalks
or in public areas. Violation of this policy may result in immediate termination of your event. You are responsible for the actions of your guests.

16. Alcoholic Beverages: We are governed by Federal, State, and Local laws concerning the service of alcoholic beverages. You acknowledge that we
will stand firm in the enforcement of these laws. This includes, but is not limited to, the sale and/or consumption of alcohol by minors and those who
appear to be intoxicated. You also understand that we will take necessary action to enforce these laws and local authorities may be called. Should any
law, rule, policy, or procedure be violated, your event can and will be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY, with or without reason, and no refund will be given.
For the most part, no outside beverages are allowed on our property. However, should and exception be made you understand that you will be required
to hire our bartenders to serve alcoholic beverages, and an additional charge will be applied. In addition, should you be allowed to bring in such items
you will be responsible for its delivery and its transportation to and from the function space including providing your own hand truck or cart, according
to the time we set. You are also responsible to provide your own coolers, ice, and cups, or arrange for them through us for additional cost. At the
conclusion of the event, all opened containers of alcoholic beverages will be confiscated by us and cannot leave our premises. Please be aware that you
are responsible to inform your guests to bring valid photo identification to the event to verify their age, and that the legal age to consume or purchase
alcohol is twenty-one (21). You are responsible for the actions of all your guest!

17. Conduct of Event: You agree to conduct the event in an orderly manner with full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and our rules,
regulations, policies, and procedures. You assume all responsibility for the conduct of all persons in attendance at the event and for any damages done
to any part of our premises during any time the premises are being used by you, your guest, invitees, employees, or independent contractor hired by
you. Should, in the sole judgment of our manager you not conduct your event in such a manner, we have the right to terminate your event immediately
and no refund will be given.

18. Event Set Up: Your Catering & Sales Manager will assist you in the set up of your event. We will make every effort to accommodate you, however,
as the success of your event is of our utmost concern, you agree that we have the right to make any necessary changes to the set up of your event to
ensure optimal service for you and your guests.

19. Security: If required, in our sole judgment, in order to maintain adequate security measures in light of the size and nature of the event, you may
be required by us to hire security through us or if authorized, by you at your own expense. All security personnel hired must be approved through us
and must be by a licensed guard or security agency doing business in the City and County of Honolulu. This may include us requiring a Honolulu Police
Officer being hired. Security personnel hired by you shall not carry any weapons and will only concern themselves with access to the function space
reserved for the event, restricting their presence to those areas of our premises. Security personnel are to check in and out with our manager. Addi-
tionally, a copy of your EVENT INVITATION MUST BE PROVIDED to us no later than (14) days prior to the event. All guests may be required to provide
invitation for entry.

20. Promotional Considerations: We have the right to review and approve any advertisements or promotional materials in connection with your event.
Additionally, at times we, our agents, or our employees may photograph, video, or record your event for commercial, advertising, and promotional use.
You understand that any photo graphs, videos, or those similar that are taken by us or our agents and/or vendors are our property and can be used for
commercial and advertising reasons.
21. Entertainment and Equipment Requirements: You may choose to provide your own entertainment and audio/visual equipment. However, should
you choose to do so, you must provide us with the names of such entertainers and audio/visual companies which you intend on hiring. This also in-
cludes, but is not limited to entertainment groups, discos, videography, photographers, etc. At our judgment , we may not approve certain companies,
businesses, and/or individuals onto our premises. You may also contract entertainment and obtain audio/visual equipment through us for a charge.
Additionally, all entertainment must conclude by 10:30pm and the premises vacated by 11:00pm. Please inform those that you hire that they are re-
sponsible to provide their own carts and hand trucks to transport their equipment to and from the event location. There will be additional charges
billed to you, should your vendors need to rent one through us, and only upon availability with additional charges being applied for carts not returned
or returned damaged.

22. Weather: For all events, we will not be responsible for inclement weather. However, if you desire the use of tents or other equipment, they can
be provided through us for an additional charge. In addition, when renting tents and other equipment through outside vendors, you must obtain an
approval through us as certain vendors may not be allowed to do business on our premises. For events held outdoors, and in conditions of inclement
weather, banquet rooms may be available and we may offer it to you at an additional charge, plus late change and set up fees.

23. Amendments/Changes: We reserve the right to make amendments and/ or changes to this contract and any other items contained or related
therein at anytime with or without notice.

24. Questions: Should you have any questions, please call our office at (808) 488-0924 and speak with the catering manager.

25. PRICE CHANGES: Due to current economic situations, Centerplate, A Volume Services America Company, reserves the right to increase prices at
anytime for any and all events occurring after (120) one hundred-twenty days from the date of the contract, at anytime without any prior notice! All
prices are current and may be subject to a reasonable increase based on current conditions.

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