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GTA: San Andreas Cheat Codes

at Codes

Type/enter these codes during gameplay. The set code can be uppercase or lowercase.

Cheat                                                             Effect

LXGIWYL                                                           Weapon Set 1, Thug's Tools

KJKSZPJ                                                           Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools

UZUMYMW                                                           Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools

HESOYAM                                                           Health, Armor, $250k

OSRBLHH                                                           Increase Wanted Level Two Stars

ASNAEB                                                            Clear Wanted Level

AFZLLQLL                                                          Sunny Weather

ICIKPYH                                                           Very Sunny Weather

ALNSFMZO                                                          Overcast Weather

AUIFRVQS                                                          Rainy Weather

CFVFGMJ                                                           Foggy Weather

YSOHNUL                                                           Faster Clock

PPGWJHT                                                           Faster Gameplay

LIYOAAY                                                           Slower Gameplay

AJLOJYQY                                                          Peds Attack Each Other, Get Golf Club

BAGOWPG                                                           Have a bounty on your head

FOOOXFT                                                           Everyone is armed
Cheat      Effect

AIWPRTON   Spawn Rhino

CQZIJMB    Spawn Bloodring Banger

JQNTDMH    Spawn Rancher

PDNEJOH    Spawn Racecar

VPJTQWV    Spawn Racecar

AQTBCODX   Spawn Romero

KRIJEBR    Spawn Stretch

UBHYZHQ    Spawn Trashmaster

RZHSUEW    Spawn Caddy

CPKTNWT    Blow Up All Cars

XICWMD     Invisible car

PGGOMOY    Perfect Handling

SZCMAWO    Suicide

ZEIIVG     All green lights

YLTEICZ    Aggressive Drivers

LLQPFBN    Pink traffic

IOWDLAC    Black traffic

AFSNMSMW   Boats fly


JYSDSOD    Max Muscle
Cheat      Effect

KVGYZQK    Skinny

ASBHGRB    Elvis is Everywhere

           Peds Attack You With Weapons, Rocket

CIKGCGX    Beach Party

MROEMZH    Gang Members Everywhere

MROEMZH    Gangs Control the Streets

AFPHULTL   Ninja Theme

BEKKNQV    Slut Magnet

BGKGTJH    Traffic is Cheap Cars

GUSNHDE    Traffic is Fast Cars

RIPAZHA    Cars Fly

JHJOECW    Huge Bunny Hop

JUMPJET    Spawn Hydra

KGGGDKP    Spawn Vortex Hovercraft

JCNRUAD    Smash n' Boom

COXEFGU    All Cars Have Nitro

BSXSGGC    Cars Float Away When Hit

XJVSNAJ    Always Midnight

OFVIAC     Orange Sky 21:00

MGHXYRM    Thunderstorm
Cheat      Effect

CWJXUOC    Sandstorm

LFGMHAL    Mega Jump

BAGUVIX    Large Health Boost

CVWKXAM    Infinite Oxygen

AIYPWZQP   Have Parachute

YECGAA     Have Jetpack

AEZAKMI    Never Wanted

LJSPQK     Six Star Wanted Level

IAVENJQ    Mega Punch

AEDUWNV    Never Get Hungry

IOJUFZN    Riot Mode

PRIEBJ     Funhouse Theme

MUNASEF    Adrenaline Mode

WANRLTW    Infinite Ammo, No Reload

OUIQDMW    Full Weapon Aiming While Driving

THGLOJ     Reduced Traffic

FVTMNBZ    Traffic is Country Vehicles

SJMAHPE    Recruit Anyone (9mm)

           Country Vehicles and Peds, Get Born 2
           Truck Outfit

ZSOXFSQ    Recruit Anyone (Rockets)
Cheat                                                            Effect

OGXSDAG                                                          Max Respect

EHIBXQS                                                          Max Sex Appeal

VKYPQCF                                                          Taxis Have Nitrous, L3 Bunny Hop

NCSGDAG                                                          Hitman In All Weapon Stats

OHDUDE                                                           Spawn Hunter

AKJJYGLC                                                         Spawn Quad

AMOMHRER                                                         Spawn Tanker Truck

EEGCYXT                                                          Spawn Dozer

URKQSRK                                                          Spawn Stunt Plane

AGBDLCID                                                         Spawn Monster

IFIRSTDOZ                                                        Never Wanted

                                                                 Infinite Health, except for explosions and

allcarsgoboom                                                    All Cars Explode

Plain Text Cheat Codes

Type these codes during gameplay. The set code can be uppercase or lowercase.

Cheat                                                            Effect

PROFESSIONALSKIT                                                 Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools

PLEASANTLYWARM                                                   Sunny Weather

TOODAMNHOT                                                       Very Sunny Weather

SPEEDITUP                                                        Faster Gameplay
Cheat               Effect

SLOWITDOWN          Slower Gameplay

VROCKPOKEY          Spawn Racecar



TRUEGRIME           Spawn Trashmaster


STICKLIKEGLUE       Perfect Handling


FLYINGFISH          Boats Fly

BUFFMEUP            Max Muscle

BLUESUEDESHOES      Elvis is Everywhere

ONLYHOMIESALLOWED   Gang Members Everywhere

BIFBUZZ             Gangs Control the Streets

NINJATOWN           Ninja Theme

EVERYONEISPOOR      Traffic is Cheap Cars

EVERYONEISRICH      Traffic is Fast Cars

CJPHONEHOME         Huge Bunny Hop

ITSALLBULL          Spawn Dozer

FLYINGTOSTUNT       Spawn Stunt Plane

FOURWHEELFUN        Spawn Quad
Cheat                   Effect

OHDUDE                  Spawn Hunter

NATURALTALENT           Max All Vehicle Skill Stats

PROFESSIONALKILLER      Hitman In All Weapon Stats

HELLOLADIES             Max Sex Appeal

WORSHIPME               Max Respect

ROCKETMAYHEM            Recruit Anyone (Rockets)

GHOSTTOWN               Reduced Traffic

FULLCLIP                Infinite Ammo, No Reload

CRAZYTOWN               Funhouse Theme


ROCKETMAN               Have Jetpack

BRINGITON               Six Star Wanted Level

KANGAROO                Mega Jump

SCOTTISHSUMMER          Thunderstorm

NIGHTPROWLER            Always Midnight

BUBBLECARS              Cars Float Away When Hit

JUMPJET                 Spawn Hydra

SPEEDFREAK              All Cars Have Nitro

MONSTERMASH             Spawn Monster

Testeducationalskills   No Wanted Level
Cheat                           Effect

STINGLIKEABEE                   Mega Punch

                                Spawn Devil

Newly added

   Adrenaline effects         munasef

   Aggressive traffic         ylteicz

   All cars have nitrous      speedfreak

   Always 00:00 or 12:00      xjvsnaj

   Always 21:00               ofviac

   Armor, health, and money   hesoyam

   Beach party theme          cikgcgx

   Beater traffic             bgkgtjh

   Black traffic              iowdlac

   Bounty on your head        bagowpg

   Carnival theme             crazytown

   Cars fly away              bsxsggc

   City in chaos              iojufzn

   CJ jumps higher            kangaroo

   Cloudy weather             alnsfmzo

   Commit suicide             szcmawo

   Deadly vehicle             jcnruad

   Destroy all cars           cpktnwt

   Fast motion                speeditup
Flying boats                    flyingfish

Flying cars                     ripazha

Foggy weather                   cfvfgmj

Gangs and workers               mroemzh

Gangs only                      bifbuzz

Hitman level in all weapons     professionalkiller

Infinite ammunition             fullclip

Infinite health                 Baguvix

Invisible cars                  xicwmd

Kinky theme                     bekknqv

Lower wanted levell             asnaeb

Manual weapon control in cars   ouiqdmw

Massive BMX bunny hops          cjphonehome

Maximum fat                     btcdbcb

Maximum lung capacity           cvwkxam

Maximum muscle                  buffmeup

Maximum respect                 worshipme

Maximum sex appeal              helloladies

Maximum vehicle skills          naturaltalent

No fat or muscle                kvgyzqk

No hunger                       aeduwnv

Pedestrians are Elvis           bluesuedeshoes

Pedestrians attack with guns    bgluawml

Pedestrians have weapons        foooxft

Pedestrians riot                ajlojyqy
Perfect handling                       pggomoy

Pink traffic                           llqpfbn

Raise wanted level                     osrblhh

Recruit anyone into gang with guns     sjmahpe

Recruit anyone into gang with rocket

Reduced traffic                        ghosttown

Rural theme                            bmtpwhr

Rural traffic                          fvtmnbz

Sandstorm weather                      cwjxuoc

Six star wanted level                  bringiton

Slow motion                            slowitdown

Spawn Bloodring Banger                 cqzijmb

Spawn Caddy                            rzhsuew

Spawn Dozer                            eegcyxt

Spawn Hunter                           ohdude

Spawn Hydra                            jumpjet

Spawn Jetpack                          rocketman

Spawn Monster                          monstermash

Spawn Parachute                        aiypwzqp

Spawn Quad                             akjjyglc

Spawn Racecar                          pdnejoh

Spawn Racecar                          vpjtqwv

Spawn Rancher                          jqntdmh

Spawn Rhino                            aiwprton
    Spawn Romero                                              aqtbcodx

    Spawn Stretch                                             celebritystatus

    Spawn Stunt Plane                                         urkqsrk

    Spawn Tanker                                              amomhrer

    Spawn Trashmaster                                         truegrime

    Spawn Vortex                                              kgggdkp

    Speed up time                                             ysohnul

    Sports car traffic                                        gusnhde

    Rainy weather                                             auifrvqs

    Stormy weather                                            mghxyrm

    Sunny weather                                             afzllqll

    Super punches                                             iavenjq

    Taxi missions completed                                   vkypqcf

    Traffic lights remain green                               zeiivg

    Very sunny weather                                        icikpyh

    Wanted level never increases                              aezakmi

    Weapons (tier 1)                                          lxgiwyl

    Weapons (tier 2)                                          kjkszpj

    Weapons (tier 3)                                          uzumymw

    Yakuza theme                                              ninjatown

 Cheat Codes

While playing the game or at the pause menu, enter one of the following codes to activate the
corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, the message "Cheat Activated" will

        Note: The "Drive on water" and "Pimping missions completed" codes are not available in the PC
        version of the game.

        Modify vehicle characteristics

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