Minutes of the Development cum Management Meeting of nov-00 by stariya


									                                                    BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                                                         ( A Govt. of India Enterprise )
                                                      Office of the Chief General Manager
                                                         West Bengal Telecom. Circle
                                                       1, Council House Street, 2nd floor
                                                               Calcutta – 700 001.


1)      The Chief General Manager, BSNL, W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
2)      The General Manager (OP), BSNL, W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
3)      The General Manager (Dev.), BSNL, W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
4)      The General Manager (Fin.), BSNL, W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
5)      The General Manager (TF), BSNL, W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
6)      The General Manager, BSNL, Asansol Telecom. District, Asansol.
7)      The General Manager, BSNL, Calcutta Telecom. District, Calcutta.
8)      The General Manager, BSNL, Kharagpur Telecom. District, Kharagpur.
9)      The General Manager, BSNL, Siliguri Telecom. District, Siliguri.
10)     The General Manager, BSNL, Raiganj Telecom. District, Raiganj.
11)     The Telecom. District Manager, BSNL, Bankura Telecom. District, Bankura.
12)     The Telecom. District Manager, BSNL, Berhampore Telecom. Dist., Berhampore.
13)     The Telecom. District Manager, BSNL, Krishnagar Telecom. Dist., Krishnagar.
14)     The Telecom. District Manager, BSNL, Suri Telecom. District, Suri.
15)     The Telecom. District Manager, BSNL, Malda Telecom. District, Malda.
16)     The Telecom. District Manager, BSNL, Jalpaiguri Telecom. Dist., Jalpaiguri.
17)     The Telecom. District Manager, BSNL, Gangtok Telecom. Dist., Gangtok.
18)     The Chief Supdt., BSNL, W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta – 700 001.
19)     The Director (Trans.), W.B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
20)     The Director (Sw. Instln.), 69, G.C. Avenue, Calcutta-13.
21)     The Dy. General Manager (MM), W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
22)     The Dy. General Manager (Admn.), W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
23)     The Dy. General Manager (IT), W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
24)     The Dy. General Manager (OP), W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
25)     The Dir. (Fin.), W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
26)     The Telecom. District Engineer, BSNL, Purulia Telecom. Dist., Purulia.
27)     The Telecom. District Engineer, BSNL, Coochbehar Telecom. Dist.
28)     The Asstt. General Manager (SW. Plg.), W.B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
29)     The Asstt. General Manager (TPL), W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
30)     The Asstt. General Manager (MM-I), W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
31)     The Asstt. General Manager (MM-II), W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.
32)     The Asst. General Manager (Tech.), W. B. Telecom. Circle, Calcutta.

No. ENG-II/W-2888.                                         Dated at Calcutta, the 07-11-2000.

                   Minutes of the Development cum Management Meeting

       Meeting was started at 14.30 hrs on 3rd November after the Civil & Electrical
Coordination meeting in the first half. It continued up to 18.30 hrs next day i.e. 4th November. All
SSA heads except TDM Gangtok were present. CGM welcomed all the officers present in the
meeting. He requested all the SSA heads to concentrate on all service points/aspects including
developmental aspects. Following points were discussed in the meeting:
   New exchange commissioning status:

        Commissioning of new exchanges was reviewed. Only thirteen (13) new exchanges are
    commissioned by October 2000 against annual target of 210. CGM & GM(O) stressed upon
    putting effort by SSAs to open new exchanges for provision of more VPTs by landline. Till
    date VPT achievement is extremely poor. Target for new exchanges are finalized as below:

    Sl.   SSA        Target    Achievement       Nov’00     Dec’00    Jan’01    Feb’01     Mar’01
    1     ASL        35        0                 2          3         21        by 3rd     quarter
    2     BHB        15        0                 0          4
    3     BKU        28        3                 3          4
    4     CAL        55        4                 4          7          10
    5     COB        12        0                 2          4
    6     GTK        4         2
    7     JPG        10        0                 2
    8     KGP        35        2                 4          6         6
    9     KSH        20        0                 2          2
    10    MDA        4         0                 1          2         1
    11    PRL        15        0                 2          2
    12    RNJ        6         0                 1          2         1         1          1
    13    SLG        17        0                 2          3         4         5          3
    14    SRI        32        2                 4          6
          TOTAL      288       13

   Block H/Q with Telephone facility & STD connectivity:

        CGM & GM(O) reviewed the BHQ status with reference to Telecom facility available.
    SSA heads were requested to prepare a list where such provision is not there and work out to
    open exchanges to cover those with priority. Exchanges serving within 3 kms from BHQ may
    be considered as exchanges at BHQ. Out of 333 BHQ under W.B. Telecom circle seven (7)
    BHQ are still covered by MARR connections but not provided with STD facility. The above
    cases are with Kharagpur & Purulia SSA and may please be provided.

   A/T of Exchanges & Transmission Systems:

        A/T related problems were discussed in presence of Director(A/T),T&D circle &
    DE(A/T),WB Telecom circle. Most of the times it is found that A/T is stuck due to previous
    A/T certificates which are not traceable or not readily available. It has been decided that in
    the existing exchanges or transmission stations the officer not below the rank of DE(Mtce)
    should give a certificate in writing that the power plant, battery , earth & E/A were
    acceptance tested and are working satisfactorily. A letter in this respect will be issued by
    GM(O) to all SSA heads. It was also decided to conduct all the tests to the extent they are
    technically possible and A/T memo will be released only when all the objections/anomalies
    are cleared by the installer. This will help better management of limited manpower with both
    of A/T & installation wing keeping in mind the huge development targets.

   Installation of Exchanges & Equipment availability:

        GM(TF) stressed upon all SSA heads to concentrate upon the infrastructure preparation
    of the exchanges as per annual switching plan. A detailed plan for allotment of 1K SBM
    equipments was distributed from circle switching planning cell. This was prepared with
    capacity demand statement of September 2000. All SSAs were requested to lift these
    equipments from Ranikuthi store depot. Also they are requested to confirm the exchanges,

    which will materialize by this financial year. This will help in switch planning for the next
    financial year.
        Switching planning cell informed that immediately cards & cables can be arranged for
    MAX-L to MAX-XL conversion for three sites namely Gangtok, Coochbehar & Jalpaiguri.
         GM(TF) also clearly pointed out that it won’t be possible for circle switching installation
    wing alone to cope up with the huge switching installation target. He , therefore, proposes
    that certain amount of switching installation work may be assigned to ITI installation group.
    GM(TF) informed that the installation work for 15K OCB local at Haldia & Malda OCB
    TAX are already awarded to ITI installation wing. OCB TAX at Asansole coaxial can be
    taken up either by circle installation wing or ITI after the infrastructure is made ready by the
        It was also emphasized that physical installation work should be taken up in parallel
    along with power plant, battery & E/A. CGM also insisted that the SSAs should not wait for
    commercial power to come and start thereafter. Rather he instructed that exchanges should be
    A/T’d with E/A and can be commissioned only after the commercial power is available or
    with E/A after ascertaining the possibility of getting WBSEB power in concurrence with
    approval of C.O.

   Transmission Installation & OFC laying:

        GM(TF) requested all SSA heads to get permission from local authorities before the
    cable laying agencies are taking up the work. The SSA may float OFC cable laying tender
    where work is more. He also requested all SSA heads to nominate one liaison officer who
    could be contacted for all coordination purpose for OFC work by circle and the cable laying
    agencies. He also informed that one officer under DE(Survey) will work as coordinating
    officer for proper information exchanges between field units & circle.

   DELs achievement vis-à-vis Target:

       CGM expressed his displeasure over the achievement of DELs so far and requested every
    body to gear up. GM(O) informed that 65% of the DELs target should be achieved by
    December 2000. DELs target was reviewed with SSA heads and following target was set by
    CGM, which should be strictly adhered to.

               Sl.   SSA          Annual Target        Achievement        Target For Nov’00
                                                                          & Dec’00
               1     ASL          54000                8028               5000
               2     BHB          17000                4581               3000
               3     BKU          10000                2508               2000
               4     CAL          70000                12097              12500
               5     COB          8000                 420                1500
               6     GTK          5000                 3026               1500
               7     JPG          11000                2056               4500
               8     KGP          36000                8116               9000
               9     KSH          21000                1591               4000
               10    MDA          14000                1338               3000
               11    PRL          6000                 1428               1000
               12    RNJ          15000                1924               3500
               13    SLG          18000                2923               5000
               14    SRI          15000                3394               4500
                     TOTAL        300000               53430              60000

   Store requirement & cable record:

         All SSA heads demanded requisite stores against targets assigned. They pointed out that
    sockets are not available. DGM(Raiganj) informed that some suppliers are refusing to supply
    sockets. DGM(MM) assured to divert purchase orders to other vendors in that event. CGM
    assured that there is absolutely no problem of store materials in this year except tubes &
    sockets. Action is being taken to take care of those also. GM(D) informed that last year TSFs
    are not collected by SSAs to the extent of cable laid/received. CGM cautioned all concerned
    to take account of cables and arrange night guarding of cables. He also requested once again
    to submit monthly cable laying statement to circle office. He stressed upon maintaining cable
    diagram, updating it after every laying operation and displaying it preferably in the wall of
    exchange MDF.

   VPT achievement vis-à-vis Target:

        CGM severely criticized the performance in VPT achievement. Target was finalized for
    the Month of November 2000 as below:

                         Sl.         SSA         Target for November 2000
                         1           ASL         45
                         2           BHB         70
                         3           BKU         25
                         4           CAL         80
                         5           COB         15
                         6           GTK         20
                         7           JPG         10
                         8           KGP         90
                         9           KSH         20
                         10          MDA         15
                         11          PRL         25
                         12          RNJ         40
                         13          SLG         15
                         14          SRI         70

         CGM clarified that a village having a franchised PCO can be declared as a covered
    village. GIS data in MAP INFO to be matched with directory to find covered/uncovered
    villages. CGM requested all SSA heads to send VPT directory information in standard format
    to DE(PT) if not sent yet. VPT directory information not received from Asansole, Siliguri,
    Kharagpur, Krishnagar, Gangtok & Coochbehar.

   IMPCS:

       GM(TF) circulated the plan of IMPCS Phase-II program in W.B.Telecom circle to all
    SSA heads. He requested all SSA heads to collect municipality map or so for getting the
    coverage details. A format has been circulated for filling by the SSA for the stations
    mentioned both for WLL & IMPCS for getting the SACFA clearance.

   Opening of Customer Service Center :

        All SSA position was reviewed and they are requested to open Customer Service Centers
    as per target given. Opening of any new CSC may be reported to DGM(OP).

   Telephone Adalat & Open house session:

       All SSA position was reviewed and they are requested to hold Telephone Adalat & open
    house sessions as per defined schedule. Holding of any such event may be reported to

   STD /ISD/PCOs:

        SSAs demanded CCM cards for this purpose. It was decided that SSAs would procure
    cards. Circle will intimate the rate for CCM card in the new approved tender.

   MP OOT Cases & MOC/MOSC Cases:

        GM(O) reviewed OOT cases SSA wise and asked SSA heads to give details of each case
    where connection could not be extended.
        DGM(OP) reviewed MOC/MOSC cases and requested all to send compliance at the
    scheduled time so that it could be compiled and sent to BSNL/ND.

   Administration & Legal points:

        DGM(A) informed that certain posts are available in RM & Motor driver cadre. These
    need to be filled up. Almost all SSAs pointed out that ETR units are not releasing Phone
    Mechanics after their promotional lists are released. This is due to no justification procedure
    available by maintenance regions for getting phone mechanics. The matter will be taken up
    by circle office with region.
        CGM stressed upon entrusting legal matters/court cases to responsible officers in each
    SSA. Also all SSA heads should be fully abreast of all the cases individually. All the cases
    should be properly presented and dealt with. Cases should not be lost resulting in huge losses.
        It was informed that flood donations are centrally collected by AD(WLF). GM(O)
    requested all SSA heads to send the contributions as quickly as possible to circle for making
    payment to Chief Minister’s relief fund.
        Vigilance awareness week is implemented in the circle as well as the SSA units. CGM
    stressed upon all officers present to be vigilant in terms of all as aspects of service and to
    implement accountability in all sphere.

   Computerisation & Information Technology:

        CGM requested all SSA heads to open all ISP codes present in that area so that the
    Internet calls are through to all ISPs. Codes to be opened are:
        BSNL          – 172222
        VSNL         - 172226
        Satyam       - 172306
        Caltiger     - 172378

        DGM(IT) reviewed ISP commissioning status. He informed that for three days both the
    servers will be functional during shifting from VSNL to NIB. GM(Calcutta) requested to
    make arrangement for transferring facility of rerouting e-mails for certain period/one month
    after change over to NIB. DGM(IT) requested all to open up 1957 ISP helpdesk locally at all
    ISP locations to respond to the queries.
        The respective SSA can put FRS/DQ/IVRS under AMC after expiry of one year.
    DGM(Siliguri) pointed out that 2 channels are inadequate to tackle 180 calls. DGM(IT) asked
    them to augment channels by procuring additional card. DGM(Raiganj) pointed out that
    pulses are not received by IVRS a number of times. DGM(IT) assured to depute people to
    attend to it.
        For Commercial package GM(TF) pressed to float tender by November 2000 & finalize
    by December/January. Specification was already given by DGM(IT).
        For Trichur Package it was decided that tendering will be done centrally by circle and
    security deposit will be taken centrally at circle level. P.O. will be placed by SSAs ,
    installation & implementation by SSA. A/T & Advisory role will be taken up by Circle.
    Tender will be floated by 2nd week of November, tender will be opened by 1st week of
    December. P.O. will be released by end of December.
        Inventory management & MIS package are under preparation.

   Trunk Exchange Closure:

         GM(O) stressed upon closure of all trunk exchanges except at SSA/District H/quarters.
    As per this plan following are the trunk exchanges to be closed as below:
     Sl.          SSA             Trunk exchanges to be closed
     1.           ASL             Durgapur
     2.           CAL             Canning, Kakdwip, Basirhat, Bongaon & Arambag
     3.           KGP             Contai, Ghatal
     4.           JPG             Alipurduar, Banarhat
     5.           SRI             Rampurhat
         CGM pressed all SSA heads to act fast on Directory printing as the circle is already
    fallen short of target date.

   Finance & TR:

        Different aspects of TR were reviewed. Revenue collection efficiency was found to be
    low for Kharagpur, Raiganj & Gangtok. Realisation of revenue is also low for above SSAs.
    CGM stressed upon improvement in this area. He also pressed to take stern action to reduce
    the billing gap i.e. ( DELs-Nos. billed) to as low as 5%.

   Insurance of Assets:

        IFA pointed out that insurance could be done once all assets are handed over to BSNL
    after revaluation of assets. BSNL is under process of whether to go for insurance to Insurance
    companies or self insurance. Total cash-in-transit needs to be insured.

                                                                                    ( S. K. Das )
                                                                                  Director (SBP)


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