Website Questionnaire by wuyunyi


									                                     Website Questionnaire
This questionnaire is designed to enhance communications between Compucast and you as we develop your
web site. It will assist us in defining your goals and vision for your site, and will provide a mutually agreed-
upon plan for your site. It will also provide some insight into your individual taste and style and enable us to
provide an accurate quote based on requests, programming needs, and services requested.

Just fill in the blanks below, upload it to the project board or fax it to us at (504) 885 6814 – please call us with
any questions. (We will also try to complete the form as much as possible during our meeting.) Completing the
entire questionnaire is up to you; we realize you may not have exact preferences in which case we can make
recommendations to you based on your needs.

1.   Site and Domain Names
           Site Name (usually company name) to appear on home page:

          Do you have a slogan, tag line, or catch phrase?


          This is for a site redesign.

               Current site's domain ____________________________________

               Registrar: _______________________ (i.e.,, GoDaddy, Network Solutions)

               User/pass _________________

          This is an entirely new site.

               Domain:                                   Desired ___ Registered ____

               If registered, registrar ______________________         User/pass _________________

      If the domain you'd like is taken or you need help finding one, we will be happy to research domain names
      for you – it is best to secure a .com name without dashes – a name describing your business with
      keywords is ideal.

2.    Purpose: Defining Your Web Site
      The primary purpose or focus of your site determines if its style is informal, businesslike or elegant; more
      graphical or content-driven. Please review the below, and check off all that may apply.
            __To attract new clients and customers               __ To develop a marketing database
            __ To sell a service                                 __ To sell products/merchandise online
            __ To provide information                            __ To strengthen brand identification.
            __ Other: ________________________________________________________________

3.   Targeting Your Audience
     Please define your target audience. This will help us determine the design concept.
     Example: "luxury hotel," "wedding services," "children 10-14."


4.   Site Examples
     If you have 2 or 3 sites you especially like, include them below along with a brief explanation of
     what you particularly like about each one. (i.e.: "like the layout," "like this color scheme but with
     gold instead of blue" "like the navigation.") 

              Web Addresses (you may want to review competitors' sites):

              1. _________________________________________________________

              2. _________________________________________________________

              3. _________________________________________________________

5.   Site Organization/Navigation
     Will you be using the existing navigation from your current site? __ yes __ no

     If not, you can use our Website Navigation worksheet to assist you, outlining 6-8 main sections of your
     site and any anticipated subnavigation. We'll be happy to help if you'd prefer. (“Contact” and “Location”
     or “map” are typically main navigation points – your site will include one graphical map if needed and an
     interactive form.)

     If your site has more than 6-8 pages, additional pages will require subnavigation. (Ensuring the links are
     as accurate as possible upfront is important, since changing navigation once your site is developed usually
     requires going back to the design phase.)

                   Total number of pages decided upon:
                   Will your site be large enough to include subnavigation? __ yes __ no
                    (If so, will a dropdown menu be desired? __ yes __ no (extra charge)
                   Do you have a preference for a specific type of navigation? __ yes __ no

6.   Design Requirements / Logo
     Please upload an original copy of your company's logo, your letterhead and any marketing collateral
     to the project board, or send it to us on a CD so we can ensure your company branding remains
     consistent. You can also refer us to a web site where the logo is located. (Scanning an existing logo
     requires our designers to “clean up” the logo in a graphics program and incurs an additional hourly
     charge.) (Psd files are preferred if available.)

                   Any specific font/color requirements related to your brand? __ yes __ no
                   If so, what are they? _____________________________________

                   Do you currently have a logo? __ yes __ no
                   If no, we can either recommend a company specializing in logo development or design one
              for you.
                    Would you like us to design one? __ yes __ no (extra charge)

7.   Photography
     Do you have any photography needs (still photography, product shots, video, etc)? We can either
     recommend professional photographers or have one of our staff photographers set up a photo shoot to
     take digital images for your web site.

               Would you like to set up a photo shoot? __ yes __ no
               ($500 includes setting up proof pictures in a gallery which can be viewed online.)

8.   Photos, Graphics
     Will you supply all of the images required or will we be responsible for creating or acquiring images
     and graphics? _______________________________________

                   Photos you supply: upload to “files” tab on project board or send to us on a CD.
                    Original digitized photos are best. It is possible we can use the photos on your
                    existing site, but cannot guarantee they will be of good quality. Although we can
                    scan actual photos, it is more cost effective if you have digitized copies.

                   Stock photos: If you need stock photos, we can either help you select the photos
                    for each page or you can visit and let us know which ones you'd
                    like to use. (Just write down the photo number and its associated page name.) If
                    we select them for you, we will ask you to approve them or choose from those we
                    have selected.

     Before the design begins, please let us know which photos should be associated with each page in the
     format below. If you prefer, we will be happy to select the photos we believe will work best from
     those available to us. (Should more than a few photo changes later be requested, time spent will only
     incur an hourly charge.)

               Page name ______________________ photo#1 ____________ photo #2___________

     We can rework photo and graphics; remove people, change colors, or perform any graphical
     “magic” to the photos at our current hourly fee.

     Please ensure that any images, photos, graphics, music and/or text content provided for your web site is
     legally yours to provide and not bound by any copyright laws. We must comply with all copyright laws
     and legal requests from copyright-holders.ite

9.   Web Site Content
     If we will not be using the content from your existing site, please upload the written content for each page
     to the project board before the Web Development Phase begins.

                   Text content in electronic format such as Word (.doc, .docx) or simple text (.txt)
                    can be uploaded under the “files” tab. Just title each document with the name of the
                    page it represents.
                   If you'd prefer to copy and paste content ... or write it ... just use the “writeboards”
                    tab with the same naming convention.

      The text you send will be included on your site exactly as is (we will review for SEO after the site is live).
      Although we will try to catch typos and grammatical errors, our developers focus upon coding your site
      and may miss them. (You will be able to make corrections for typos before the site goes live under its
      domain name.)

      Additional Presentation of Content: (These options will incur additional hourly charges.)
                   Will you need printer-friendly format for schedules, menus, etc.? __ yes __ no
                   Will you need separate content prepared for mobile devices? __ yes __ no
                   Do you want to provide an RSS feed for your content? __ yes __ no

      Copyediting / Organizing Content:
              It is best if your text content is well-edited and organized (even roughly) into sections.
              Will you need assistance organizing, composing or refining text content? __ yes __ no
              (We are happy to help -- editorial time is at an additional cost.)

10.   Response Forms
      Every web site includes a response or contact form. (We do not recommend placing an email address
      on your site because it requires the user to open another program.) What types of interactive forms
      would you like on your site?

               ___ Feedback/Request for Information
               ___ Secure Form for sensitive information.
                  (Secure server at no charge; SSL certificate for your domain incurs cost.)
               ___ Order Form for selling 5 or fewer products
                  (We recommend PayPal buttons in order to meet credit card specifications or a secure server
                  with a secure location for credit card numbers. Additional charges to set up the ordering
                  system will be incurred. Please complete the “Store Questionnaire” if your site will require
                  an e-commerce shopping cart.)

11.   Password Protected Area
      Will there be password protected areas for dealers, members, downloads? __ yes __ no

             ___ Password protected area of site for all members – 1-3 passwords for everyone
             ___ Password protected area with password for each member
                 (for members to keep track of member-specific information)

12.   Additional Options: (available at additional cost)
      Indicate which special features you'd like on your web site.

             ___ What's New blog allowing admin to add content by date and archived
             ___ Additional flash programming – one is included
             ___ PDF upload program allowing admin to upload PDFs by date and archived
             ___ Search Engine (useful on larger sites of 20+ pages)
             ___ Calendar of events
             ___ Videoclips showing up within site (not as link)
             ___ Audio/Sound
             ___ Guest Book
             ___ Voting Poll/Survey
             ___ E-mail list with code throughout site collecting addresses for newsletters, etc.
             ___ Photogallery (basic) with thumbnails linking to large images
             ___ Photogallery (advanced) allowing you to add photo galleries through an admin
             ___ Ad tracking
             ___ Reservations Engine
             ___ Employment Engine
             ___ Menu Editor
             ___ Intranet
             ___ Content Management system for every page of site
             ___ Content Management for specific pages that are often updated
             ___ Other:

             ___ Custom Programming (please explain below)



13. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    We build sites by paying attention to search engine optimization. This includes optimizing code; title,
    description and keyword tagging; text links throughout site; submission to top search engines such Google
    and DMOZ (Yahoo incurs a charge); and setting up marketing links requested.

             What are the keywords/keyword phrases that are most important to the marketing of your
             business? (These should be words/phrases people would enter into a search engine to find your



             Please write a short, concise description about your web site using some of your most important



    While our basic SEO will ensure your site is indexed and placed in the “organic” results of the major
    search engines, additional internet marketing and optimization services are available such as link building,
    XML sitemap uploads to search engines, competitor analysis, PPC, social media marketing, etc. Please let
    us know if we can help.

    Pay Per Click Services (PPC) – This can be a cost effective way to get your website in front of targeted
    visitors on the top search engines in the “sponsored” areas. If this is of interest to you, we can lower your
    cost per click while increasing your conversion rate based on years of experience managing large and small
    clients' campaigns.

             Are you interested in a pay-per-click campaign? __ yes __ no
             If yes, how much would you like to devote to this? _____________

     Link Building – This is an excellent way to build your traffic and rank. While this can be time consuming,
     it will help overall in achieving success in the organic results of most search engines. The goal is to find
      relevant sites and directories in your industry who offer either free or paid links from their site. While
      some can be a waste of your advertising dollars, we recommend paying for those directories and websites
      that can increase your traffic based on their stats. (Beware of companies that offer link building through
      scripts automatically requesting links – this is against webmaster guidelines.)

              Would you like us to help research these opportunities for you? __ yes __ no

14.    Stats/Traffic
      We also install a free traffic monitoring program on your site so you can check the traffic that comes to
      your website; these server stats are also emailed to you each month. This allows you to see what keywords,
      search engines, and paid links are giving you the most results. More robust stats programs are available
      such as Google Analytics, which track visitor behavior based on tracking codes installed on every page of
      your site.

              In addition to server stats, will you need Google Analytics installed on your site? __ yes __ no

15. Hosting and Email Services:
    Your web site will be hosted on a dedicated server and backed up by 3 additional servers in separate areas
    of the country. Your email addresses will provide webmail, auto-redirect and forwarding services, virus
    filtering and patented spam protection at the server level. Two (2) email addresses are included at no extra
    charge; all others are $2/month. Please let us know which email addresses you'd like us to set up for you:

              Email address #1: ______________________ #2 ______________________________

              Add'l addresses: _________________________________________________________


16.    Buffer Period!
      Our estimated cost includes a “buffer” period of 72 hours. We will upload the developed web site in
      the layout approved ... with all of the content and images given to us ... onto our development server
      for review. This will give you an opportunity to ensure the new site includes all of the information
      and images we were given (or you asked us to select) in the correct areas of the site.

      During this time, minor text updates (less than 1 paragraph of text per page), any corrections to typos
      or grammar we did not catch, and up to three image changes or additions will be made at no charge

      Since the layout of the site has been approved before site development begins, major changes, such as
      preparing and adding more than 3 new images to the layout, changing the navigation, rearranging the
      content, adding new pages, etc. will be billed at our hourly rate.

17. Phases of the Web Design Project:
    Each web site project is completed in Phases.

      Phase I – Information Gathering/Setup
      This phase includes review of Questionnaire, gathering of materials, determining site architecture, saving
      existing site, setting up email addresses, and securing/transferring domain name. At this time, 50% of the
      total is due.

    Phase II – Design
    This phase includes the design concept and layout mockups for your approval. This will be based on photos
    selected and site navigation decided upon as well as the answers to this Questionnaire. One additional proof
    with requested changes is included.

    Phase III – Site Development
    Now that the design concept has been finalized and approved, site development begins. This includes
    coding each web page noted in the Site Navigation using HTML and CSS, along with placement of images,
    layout of pages, and search engine optimization. All content provided and images selected are placed
    within the site at this time. Simultaneously, programming functionality and web application development
    takes place.

    Phase IV – Site Review/Buffer Period
    Once the site is nearly complete, it will be placed online on our development server for your review. At this
    time, any corrections to content can be made, and any questions we have about image placement or layout
    can be answered. (see Buffer Period above) The remaining 50% is now due.

    Phase V – Site Live with Domain Name
    Launch is recommended at beginning of week – this will allow us to walk you through any training needed
    or help you set up your email addresses if a transfer is taking place at this time.

    Phase VI – Additional SEO/Marketing
    Link building, submission to search engines, and any additional marketing will now take place.

NOTE: Phases must progress in the order above. Any changes requiring that we go back to the previous phase
will incur additional charges at our hourly rate.

For example, once the design concept is approved and development of the web site pages is begun (Web
Development Phase), changes requiring us to return to the Design Phase will incur hourly charges. Once the
developed site (including the content and imagery provided) is live on the development server during the
Review Phase, major changes to the content, navigation, or images selected requiring us to return to the Web
Site Development Phase incur additional hourly charges. Our hourly rates are: $85/updates, $110/design, and
$135 for programming.

                              The person who will approve the final design is:


                        E mail address receiving the contact form or group leads is:

               Form: _____________________Email Address: _______________________

               Form: _____________________Email Address: _______________________

               Form: _____________________Email Address: _______________________

We pride ourselves on delivering projects in a timely manner. Because of the complexity and many variables involved in
Web Site design, Compucast should receive this completed questionnaire with all text and graphic content prior to
beginning the web site building process. This will ensure we reach our target date of completion, and help you avoid any
additional charges for changes once the site is viewable online.

Design Questionnaire Agreement:
On behalf of my company, I authorize that this worksheet represents my desires for my web site, and that the
information it contains will be used to prepare a web design quote and contract for services with Compucast.





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