Math 7 Homework by 67thco


									                                 Math 7 Homework
January 11th through January 15th

     Monday - Adding angles. p256 1-27 (skip 17)

January 4th through January 8th

     Monday - Snow Day!!
     Tuesday - Chapter 4 test results, start chapter 5 p242-243 4-5,14,16-29 in class. No homework today.
     Wednesday - Covered the Property of Opposites (how to negatives make a positive). Worksheet 5-2A
      assigned. Homework is p246-247 19-26,37-38
     Thursday - Absolute value in the Promethean lab
     Friday - Quiz #1 over sections 5-1 through 5-3. Also, did 5-3 in the book

December 14th through December 18th

     Monday - Probability and solving 1-step equations. p216-217 2-9, 11-15; p222 26-31
     Tuesday - Review for Test p232 1-20, 22-23, 25-26, 28, 31-32. Homework is the chapter review (p233-
      235 2 problems per objective, but the problems MUST be even since odd problems have answers in the
      back of the book. If there is only one even problem in that objective, then you only need to do one
      problem in that objective). Skip objective K and L. Time was given in class to make up missing
      assignments (about 20 minutes).
     Wednesday - Chapter 4 Test
     Thursday - Frog Olympics in the Promethean Lab. Homework = Improve your frog designs!!
     Friday - Frog Olympics and Christmas send-off. Happy holidays!!!

December 7th through December 11th

     Monday - Worksheet on turning sequences into word descriptions
     Tuesday - Worksheet on a word problem into an algebraic phrase. Homework if worksheet is not
     Wednesday - p185-186 1,4-7,12-19,20. This work is based on turning algebra into instances and also
      turning instances back into algebra
     Thursday - Promethean Lab. Probability games
     Friday - Quiz. Probability games

December 1st through December 4th

     Tuesday - We went over section 4-1 in the book (p171 4,5-13,15-16,18, 32-35). Homework is
      worksheet 4-1B. We talked about the Order of Operations in calculations
     Wednesday - Today we worked on worksheet 4-5B and 4-6B involving order of operations and
      parentheses. We continued our talk about the Order of Operations in calculations
     Thursday - We went to the interactive whiteboard room and talked about order of operations. We
      continued our talk about the Order of Operations in calculations. Homework is worksheet 4-4B. Only
      replace the variables with numbers. Numerical answers are extra credit.
     Friday - Quiz. We also talked more about substitution and formulas and how to substitute numbers into
      them. p.210, 1-8, 11, 13-18, 21-24. If they were not done by the end of class, this was assigned as

November 30th

     Monday - We went over the Chapter 3 test in class and then started Chapter 4 by talking about what
      Algebra is.

November 23rd through November 25th

     Monday - Chapter 3 review. Do pages 171-173 all problems except 13-18,21,33,45-49,60-63. What
      isn't completed in class is homework (due Tuesday)
     Tuesday - Chapter 3 Test
     Wednesday - Puzzle Day (½ day. No 6th hour)
     Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving!!!
     Friday - No School

November 16th through November 20th

     Monday - Worksheets 3-1A through 3-2A
     Tuesday - Worksheets 3-2B through 3-3B. Homework p151 24-32
     Wednesday - Worksheets 3-4A through 3-5A
     Thursday - Worksheets 3-5B through 3-6B. Homework p157 27-37
     Friday - Worksheets 3-7A through 3-7B (Finish worksheet packet for the week)

November 9th through November 13th

     Monday - p132-134 1-32 (skip 24 & 25)
     Tuesday - p137-138 1-30 (Homework is 31-41 on p139)
     Wednesday - p142-143 1-24
     Thursday - Promethean lab - Measurement sorting, filling puzzle and angle estimation. Homework
      p143-144 25-33
     Friday - p149 1-23

November 2nd through November 6th

     Monday - p122-124 1-34. What isn't finished in class is homework
     Tuesday - We went over the test results, and gave homework p128 21-28. 29 is extra credit.
     Wednesday - We went over the lengths of the customary/imperial measurement system. p127-128 1-20
     Thursday - We went to the Promethean room and talked about the different customary/imperial
      measurements that exist for weight and capacity and had some videos to give examples. No homework
      except for a contest. Solve any level 3-6 in the decanting puzzle for a prize on Monday
     Friday - No School
October 26th through 30th

     Monday - Today we did p96-96 1-20
     Tuesday - Today we did p101-102 1-29. Homework due Wednesday is p103 30-39
     Wednesday - p106-107 1-16. We also spent time in class getting students started on their notes sheet.
      The sheet of notes will be worth a grade on the test!
     Thursday - Review game in the Promethean Lab. Homework p113-115 2 problems per objective
     Friday - Chapter 2 test

October 19th through 23rd

     Monday - We learned how to find a percentage increase or decrease of a number. p86-87 in the book
      problems 5-22
     Tuesday - MEAP Test (Math). After the MEAP, classes talked about the logic behind tic-tac-toe,
      reverse tic-tac-toe (whatever you do, DON'T win), and an ancient game called Nim. No homework
     Wednesday - Today we went over chapter 2-6 today. p91-92 5-21
     Thursday - MEAP Test (Writing). Logic games day including 3-D tic-tac-toe to get students thinking
      about the strategy and logic behind games and how they relate to Mathematics. Homework was to
      prepare notes for Friday's quiz and to study.
     Friday - Quiz. We also did some target practice in order to generate statistics to make a pie chart.

October 12th through 15th

     Monday - An assembly broke into two Math classes, so instead we talked about how to play Sudoku,
      and gave prizes for correct answers.
     Tuesday - The MEAP test was today. No homework given in class. Today we did a worksheet on
      Scientific Notation and did some puzzles. This week and next week the pace will be a little bit slower
      than usual.
     Wednesday - We did section 2-4 in the book. p81-82 1-10,14-22,39-41. Parent teacher conferences
      tonight! Extra Credit points will be given for students who show up with their parents.
     Thursday - Monthly Puzzle Contest Deadline No homework today due to MEAP.
     Friday - No School

October 5th through 9th

     Monday - We handed back the tests in class and went over them. Students ranked how well they
      understood each question with a smiley face :-), :-|, :-( to show how well they understand the question
      now. Finally, we introduced chapter 2 by doing p66, problems 2-23 (section 2-1 in the book).
     Tuesday - Questions were given about a population chart, and how to write numbers like "5.5 billion"
      Students then did p66 27-33. Finally, we introduced what a power was, how to calculate them using the
      calculator, and then did p70 1-8. Homework was assigned as p72 29-39.
     Wednesday - We did p70-71 problems 9-22. This was about multiplying by powers of ten
     Thursday - In the interactive whiteboard room we talked about scientific notation and how to put
      numbers into scientific notation form. We will continue this for several days. Homework today is p76 4-
      11, and is due on Friday
     Friday - Puzzle Friday. Quiz over section 2-1 through 2-3, fill out names and information on MEAP
      test answer booklet in preparation for next week.
October 1st through 2nd

     Thursday - We reviewed for Friday's test by playing Jeopardy in the IWB Room. No homework was
      assigned today other than to study for the test. Students can use a sheet of notes (8.5" x 11" sheet of
      paper, front and back) on the test. This sheet must be made before the test is given.
     Friday - Chapter 1 Test given in class.

September 28th through 30th

     Monday - Today we worked on simplest form and finding more equal fractions. In the book, pages 53-
      54 problem numbers 5-14,16-18
     Tuesday - Today we did a group task of arranging fractions into groups of equal fractions. We then
      talked about the inequality symbols: >, <, ≥, ≤, ≠, and = and what they mean. Then we did problems in
      the book: p48-49 problems 1-8,17-20, 23-30. Homework today is p54 problems 24-31,33
     Wednesday - Today we reviewed for the test this Friday. The work we did is on pages 69-61 in the text
      book. We did the even problems in groups. Also, we talked about how to take notes, and the piece of
      paper full of notes that can be used on the exam.

September 21st through 25th

     Monday - We went over changing fractions to decimals and back again on p34, questions 1,4-5,7-
      10,13-15,16-21,36 in the book
     Tuesday - We went over changing mixed numbers to decimals, and did work out of the book. p38-39
      problems 1, 3, 4-11, 13, 15, 17. Homework was handed out (section 1-6A) which is due Wednesday.
      Questions 18-19 are extra credit.
     Wednesday - We did a sorting activity by sorting decimal and fraction cards in order and then started
      section 1-8, and did problems 3, 5, 7, 13-21 in class.
     Thursday - We did more activities with negative numbers and sorted negative fractions and decimals on
      the IWB. Homework was assigned as p45 problems 28-33
     Friday - Today we had a quiz over the past two weeks' material, talked a little about equivalent fractions
      (p53 1,2,4,15,19), and then had a matchstick puzzle competition among groups.

September 14th through 18th

     Monday - We handed out textbooks, and went over sections 1-1, and 1-2 in class. We did problems 7-9,
      19-23 in section 1-1 (pgs 7-9), and 4-9 in section 1-2 (pg 14). Today was all about Place values.
     Tuesday - A Homework worksheet was handed out (worksheet 1-1A and 1-2A). This is due on
      Wednesday at the beginning of class. In class we worked on ordering decimals (section 1-2), and did a
      group activity.
     Wednesday - We went over what estimation is, and how Rounding can help you estimate answers to
      things. We talked also about the homework assigned yesterday, and it was handed in.
     Thursday - Interactive White Board Day. We talked about rounding decimals, and homework was
      given. [Click here to download a copy]
     Friday - Quiz over chapters 1-1 through 1-5 will be given at the end of class. Today we handed out
      scientific calculators, worked out how to use them, and did some problems out of the textbook with
      them. Parent forms were sent home with information about the class to be returned on Monday 21st of
      September, 2009.
September 8th through 11th

Welcome to class on the 8th, rules on the 9th, interactive whiteboard introduction day on the 10th. We finished
off the week with a self-assessment quiz / pre-test, and did some group puzzles to determine this week's
winning teams.

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