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                              2       Stop Press
                              4       ATO Declares War on “Rogue Cogs”
                              6       Changes to NSW Road Rules
                              8       2008 Taxi Driver of the Year Awards
                              14      Team Taxi
                              16      WATS News
                              18      METER Editorial: The Solution to Drunks?
                              19      FuelWatch
                              20      Sydney International Flight Arrivals
                              22      Opportunities and Events: August and September
                              24      Events
                              26      Rank Roundup
                              30      ATIS Corner
                              32      International News
                              34      Answering Your Questions
Mr Howard Harrison            36      Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
Chief Executive Officer
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                              Post Print Approved PP255003/05122
PAL Figures                                                         Authorised Network Standards
Drivers are again encouraged to                                     Authorised Network Standards May 2008 have now been
                                                                    finalised and approved and are available on www.transport.
participate in the Police Assistance                                nsw.gov.au under “Latest Reports”. There’s also a link from
Line (PAL) which was developed by                                   These standards supersede the Interim Standards for

the NSW Police Force to capture                                     Authorised Networks that Authorised networks have been
                                                                    working under (and being held accountable for) since 1993.

critical crime information to better                                The standards are an integral part of a reliable quality taxi
                                                                    service and cover many issues from customer service levels
protect taxi drivers.                                               to taxi driver training and safety.

On 1 March 2008, PAL started accepting reports of incidents         The Standards document is 98 pages long and might be too
against drivers where there was no threat of violence or physical   big for many to download from the website.
confrontation with the offender. In particular, the police are
seeking information on instances of fare evasion.                   It is recommended however, that even just browsing through
                                                                    the document on your computer screen will help taxi owners,
So far 13 reports were received in March, 20 in April and 23        operators and drivers better appreciate the responsibilities
in May. While growing, this is a relatively slow start and that     authorised taxi networks have and the vital role they perform
is preventing police from picking trends and vulnerabilities so     in the Industry on behalf of operators and drivers.
meaningful warnings can be issued to drivers.

                                                                    Fight Fare Evasion
                                                                    Report All Incidents To:
                                                                    Phone: 131 444
                                                                    Fax: 4353 4948 or
                                                                    Email: palnet@police.nsw.gov.au

                                                                                    The only Taxi Industry publication that reaches
                                                                                    35,000 owners, operators and drivers.

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World Youth Day
A special thank you to the taxi drivers who battled major traffic
changes, an increase in the number of buses on the roads, and
an enormous rise in pedestrian numbers, to continue to offer a
CBD service to passengers.

Unfortunately, the hundreds-of-thousands of pilgrims in Sydney
did not provide much of a boost to taxi patronage, but the
patience of drivers is greatly appreciated by others on the road
and certainly showed the Taxi Industry in good light.

 Pay-Ins Rise                                                        Variation To Taxi Industry Contract Determination Contract
                                                                     Determination 1984 - Maximum Payins Effective 5 July 2008

 At a hearing on 3 July, Justice Marks awarded an increase           Shift               Maximum Pay-In                             Kilometres
 of 4.7% to maximum pay-ins and an increase of 3.5% to                                   Including GST                              (For Excess Fee)
 bailee driver entitlements for permanent drivers in the Sydney      Day Shifts
 Metropolitan Transport District who are governed by the Taxi        All Days            $151.83                                    260
 Industry (Contract Drivers) Contract Determination, 1984.
                                                                     Night Shifts
 The application was made by the NSW Taxi Industry Association       Monday              $164.73                                    300
 representing bailor taxi operators in Sydney. As has been the       Tuesday             $167.59                                    320
 case in recent years, the Transport Workers Union representing
 bailee drivers did not oppose the application.                      Wednesday           $180.71                                    320
                                                                     Thursday            $203.89                                    350
 The hearing was adjourned for a short period following an           Friday              $231.25                                    400
 attempt by someone from the Australian Taxi Drivers Association
 to intervene in the hearing. This intervention was not allowed      Saturday            $231.25                                    400
 as the organisation is not recognised as being a representative     Sunday              $179.27                                    320
 organisation by the Industrial Relations Commission. The
                                                                     Other Rates & Allowances (Exclusive of GST)
 ATDA was instructed to either work with the TWU, or apply
 for registration if it wanted to become part of future industrial   Excess fee per km                                   $0.63
 hearings.                                                           Holiday Rate                                        $726.16 per week x 5 weeks a year

 The new pay-ins and entitlements came into effect on 5 July         Sick Leave                                          $145.73 per day
 2008, and are covered in the following table.                       Down Time                                           $18.22 per hour
                                                                     Bond                                                $121.28

                                                                     Driver pays for fuel and wash.

Hundreds of Tax Investigators will be Swooping on People
Participating in the Illegal “Cash Economy”
Tax Commissioner Michael D’Ascenzo has described the cash              The Tax Office has about 470 investigators working to track down
economy as “a rogue cog in the wheel, a cog that gums up the           people dealing in the cash economy. Over the past three years
works”, and said it was a “high priority” as part of Tax Office        investigators have written to, telephoned or visited more than
investigations this year.                                              140,000 taxpayers and done close to 2000 audits, collecting
                                                                       nearly $50 million in money owed.
Mr D’Ascenzo said cash economy participants were “cheating” the
community, and warned that the Tax Office would be “drilling deeper”   Mr D’Ascenzo said some unreported cash transactions had been
into industries prone to making unreported cash transactions.          referred for prosecution.
He singled out building and construction, the taxi industry,           Over the previous two financial years, investigators had
restaurants and cafes, and some areas of retailing and transport.      established that more than $238 million was owed.
“Through unrecorded and unreported cash transactions, the cash         Mr D’Ascenzo said the tax evasion hotline, new technology and
economy introduces unfair practices that adversely impact many         the ability to match federal and state government data against its
small businesses,” Mr D’Ascenzo said in a recent public statement.     own taxpayer records had helped detect tax evasion.

He singled out building and construction, the taxi industry, restaurants and
cafes, and some areas of retailing and transport.

  Paying BASs Made Easier for Taxi Drivers
  In 2004, the Australian Taxation Office introduced an easier way
  for taxi drivers to set aside money to pay the BAS (Business
  Activity Statements).
  The Activity Statement Payment Card helps drivers make
  regular deposits from their taxi income – thereby reducing the
  amount that falls due when the paperwork is completed each
  month and quarter.
  The card can be used for deposits via BillPay or at the Post
  Office, or if you prefer the internet/phone you can use BPAY.
  For further information phone the ATO helpline on 132866 or
  visit www.ato.gov.au

There are some minor amendments to existing rules and there                2. Hook turns by bicycle riders
are also new rules which will attract fines and/or demerit points.
                                                                           When a cyclist chooses to do a hook turn at an intersection and
It is important to note that these changes will affect all road users
                                                                           a bicycle hook turn storage area is provided, they must now use
including taxi drivers.
                                                                           that area.
The main changes are as follows:
                                                                           Cyclists should keep to the left when riding across the intersection
1. New bicycle storage areas at intersections                              to enter the bicycle hook turn storage area, turn right and wait in the
                                                                           storage area until the traffic light shows green (if you are at traffic
Some intersections that have traffic lights may now contain bicycle
                                                                           lights) or if there are no lights, until it is safe to cross.
storage areas. These are painted areas on the road in front of the
stop line that allow cyclists to wait at the traffic lights in safety.     PENALTY: $54 fine.
There are a number of new rules relating to driver and cyclist             3. Entering blocked crossings
responsibilities at bicycle storage areas. For example, when
                                                                           You cannot drive your vehicle on to a children’s crossing, marked
traffic lights or arrows are red, drivers must not allow any part of
                                                                           foot crossing or pedestrian crossing if you cannot drive through
their vehicle to enter the bicycle storage area.
                                                                           the crossing because the road beyond the crossing is blocked.
PENALTY: Three demerit points (four in a school zone) and a
                                                                           PENALTY: Two demerit points (three in a school zone) and a
$324 fine ($405 in a school zone).
                                                                           $189 fine ($243 in a school zone).

                              New bicycle storage areas at intersections                                               Hook turns by bicycle riders

                                                                             On 1 July, a number of changes
                                                                             occurred to the road rules in
                                                                             NSW as the State adopted the
                                                                             Australian Road Rules.

4. Turning left at a slip lane
Slip lanes are used to improve safety and traffic flow for vehicles
turning left. You must now use a slip lane where one is provided
when turning left.
PENALTY: Two demerit points and a $189 fine.
Unless there are signs to indicate parking, you must not stop in a
slip lane.
PENALTY: $135 fine.
5. Driving on or across a continuous white edge line
You may now only drive on, across or outside edge lines for up
to a maximum of 100 metres in certain situations, including when
turning at an intersection, entering or leaving the road, or stopping
at the side of the road.
PENALTY: Two demerit points and a $189 fine for a light vehicle.
Two demerit points and a $189 fine for a heavy vehicle. Four demerit
points and a $972 fine for heavy vehicle in a Safe-T-Cam zone.
6. Keeping off a painted island
You can now only drive on a painted island for up to 50 metres if
you are entering or leaving the road, or entering a turning lane that
begins immediately after the painted island. You still must not drive
on a section of painted road that is surrounded by double lines.
PENALTY: Two demerit points and a $189 fine. $54 fine for
                                                                                                                       Turning left at a slip lane
It is now illegal to park on a painted island.
PENALTY: $135 fine.                                                     8. Driver to have proper control of a vehicle
7. Mobility impaired drivers                                            A driver must not drive with a person or animal in the driver’s lap.
Mobility Parking Permit holders are now allowed to stop for up          The rider of a motorbike must not ride with an animal on the fuel
to five minutes (previously two minutes) to pick up or set down         tank. This does not apply to a person who travels less than 500
passengers in a no parking zone. All other drivers can remain for       metres for the purposes of farming.
two minutes only.                                                       It is also worth remembering that it is illegal for a driver to drive a
PENALTY: $81 fine. Two demerit points and a $135 fine if within a       motor vehicle unless they have a clear view of the road and traffic
school zone.                                                            ahead, behind and to each side of the driver. This means you
                                                                        must not have anything obstructing your view.
                                                                        PENALTY: Three demerit points (four in a school zone) and a
                                                                        $324 fine ($405 in a school zone).
                                                                        * Information provided by the RTA.

      Applications Now Open
      Don’t miss your chance to win fantastic prizes of up to

      It’s easy.
      Nomination forms are available from your taxi operator or taxi network.
      Just encourage your passengers to fill them out and send them in for
      your chance to win.

      For terms and conditions see                     www.nswtaxi.org.au


f the NSW Taxi Council’s
of the Year Awards

       Accessible Transit Specialists
         Australia’s best access vehicle conversions

               Australia Pty. Ltd

     Congratulations To Our June Winners…
     They’ve won $1,500 worth of prizes thanks to UNIGAS and SYDWAY, and of course
       will go into the pool for the big award as the 2008 Taxi Driver of the Year which
        includes $10,000 worth of prizes.
              Hassan Arf,
            Premier Cabs

           1st Runner Up
           George Daoud,
             Legion Cabs

         2nd Runner Up
        Charlie Muscat,                                      Sydway 1-4 Page Ad          16/3/07      10:20 AM          Page 1

     South Western Cabs                                      Sydway 1-4 Page Ad          16/3/07      10:20 AM          Page 1

                                             Hassan Arf                  George Daoud                                     Charlie Muscat

                                                                    Sydway 1-4 Page Ad    16/3/07   10:20 AM   Page 1

                                                                           Proud Sponsor
                                                                           Proud Sponsor

                                                                                of the

  Accessible Transit Specialists                                                of the
                                                                                of Council’s
                                                                          NSW Taxi the
     Australia’s best access vehicle conversions

                                                                   NSW Taxi Council’s
         Proud Sponsor of the                                          2007 Taxi Council’s
                                                                   NSW Taxi Driver
     NSW Taxi Driver of the Year Award
                                                                     of the Taxi Driver
                                                                    2007Year Awards
    02 9773 02 9780 6000
Ph:Phone: 8755                                                             8
                                                                    2007 Taxi Driver
   Email:    dick.jones@accessibletransit.com
Email: darren.jones@accessibletransit.com
   Address: Cnr Marigold Street and Milperra Road,
Address: 2 Ashford Avenue Milperra NSW 2214 Australia               Sydney’s Year Awards
                                                                   of the most comprehensive
            Revesby NSW 2212
                                                                   of the Year Awards
                                                                         Street Directories

                                                                  Sydney’s most comprehensive
               BRONZE SPONSOR                                     Sydney’s most comprehensive
                                                                       Street Directories
                                                                       Street Directories
               2007 NSW Taxi Council                                    www.ausway.com

               Taxi Driver of the Year Awards                           www.ausway.com
  Diary Note
  The Gala Awards Dinner will be held on 29 October at the Four Season’s Hotel in George Street.
  Don’t forget to book your seat early – contact the NSW Taxi Council on 9332 1266.
                                                                                                                                                     cil Lt
                                                                                                                           xi Co
                                                                                                               The NS
                                                                                                                      W Ta
                                                                                                                               F THE
                                                                                                                       ER O Form
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             NSW Taxi Coun
                                                                                                           TAXI omination
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Taxi Driver             cil
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of the Year Awa
                                                                                                                N                                                                                                                                     Nominati ons
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    01 June 2008 must be received

 Completing the Nomination Form
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – 26 Septemb
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Is your taxi                                                             er 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              driver a con
                                                                                                                                                                                                    1. Driver know                                           tender for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ledge and                                           the Taxi Driv
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Is able to locate            skills                                              er of the Yea
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     , has
                                                                                                                                                                               ible                2. Cour
                                                                                                                                                                                               tesy and help                      local knowledge             good
                                                                                                                                                                        t poss      e Is courteous              fulness                              and takes the
                                                                                                                                                                 even ter magazin                      and helpful,                                                shortest route
                                                                                                                                                         g this        Me           3. Driver and                   and provides
                                                                                                                                                    makin Taxi Council9332 1266
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 willing assis
                                                                                                                                                                                                       vehicle pres
                                                                                                                                             rs for                                    Is in full unifor                                       tance
                                                                                                                                                       W          02                                                  enta                                 tion
                                                                                                                                  onso in the NSgazine ring                                                                           m and driver
                                                                                                                            our sp blished                                                       4. Safe                                             and vehicle
                                                                                                                                              Ma                                                            ty and Com                             are clean and
                                                                                                                    ank all
                                                                                                                                  rs is pu to Me                                                      Obeys all road       fort                                   tidy
                                                                                                           We thlist of sponsosubscription                                                                            rules and drives
                                                                                                                  l             e                                                                 5. Overall                              in a safe and
                                                                                                           The ful For your fre                                                                                 Customer                                 courteous mann
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  es an overa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Service                                      er
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ll attitude and

 • Ask your network or operator for entry forms.
                                                                                                                                  iver                                                           If your driver                                             ing of excel
                                                                                                                            ur dr
                                                                                                                                                                                                                gets a                                                   lence in Custo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            for all five categ                                            mer Service
                                                                                                              ate yo
                                                                                                                                                                                                less, why you
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 believe your                  ories
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               taxi driver shoul above, please write
                                                                                                         Nomin .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  d be Taxi Drive          in twenty five

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          words or
                                                                                                             ..                                                                                                                                                   r of the Year.
                                                                                                         now       n one
                                                                                                                  uld wi                                                                                                                     only

 • Fill out the details as shown opposite - this will make it easier and quicker for your
                                                                                                          you co
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 of prizes

                                                                                                           FOU s 80 GB

   passengers to nominate you!
                                                                                                                      ERS                                                    e of thi
                                                                                                                 PLAY                                           e sid
                                                                                                            MP3                                          revers                                                        This informati
                                                                                                                                                on the                                                                                    on must be
                                                                                                                                        details r                                          Please Print                                                completed
                                                                                                                             lete the your drive                                                            : Taxi Drive
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           r ID Card Num
                                                                                                                    e comp           to
                                                                                                              Pleas d return it               uncil
                                                                                                                                                                 1300                                                                           ber:
                                                                                                                    an               Taxi Corlinghurst

 • Encourage your passengers to participate - remember they can also win great prizes.
                                                                                                              form          NSW                                             nation
                                                                                                                                                                                          Taxi Cab Num
                                                                                                                                                                                                               ber ………
                                                                                                                      nd to           49   Da                         nomi back                                             ………..
                                                                                                               Or se PO Box 12                                  your         ed          Date and time                                         Taxi Network…
                                                                                                                Post: 02 9360 16
                                                                                                                                        75              d give stomer Fe
                                                                                                                                                  8 an rt Cu                                                   of Journey                                     ………………
                                                                                                                 Fax:                      648 47       po                               Start Subu                                     /      / 08                            …….......
                                                                                                                                 ll 1800 try of Trans                                                   rb ……………                                           ….…………
                                                                                                                         ply ca         nis                                                                               …………….                                         am / pm
                                                                                                                  Or sim to the Mi                                                      Your Name
                                                                                                                                                                                                         ……………                             End Suburb
                                                                                                                  directly                                        ppor
                                                                                                                                                                        t                                   title Award
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ……..……………                        ………………
                                                                                                                         tor                                ur su                                             ar                                                                       .
                                                                                                                   opera                            for yo                             Your Telep Ye
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            given name
                                                                                                                                             k you                                             r of thehone:…………                                                        …………….
                                                                                                                                      Than                                          xi Drive
                                                                                                                                                                                 Ta Plus                 -                 ………………
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            family name              ...
                                                                                                                                                                                               in now
 * Nominations are limited to one nomination per taxi journey. Only bona fide non-family customers may
                                                                                                                                                                        NSW                 eyour Email: ……… on      wed                    or your Fax:
                                                                                                                                                              ting the            r to tun                    be vie     ………………                          ..……………
                                                                                                                                                                       ur drive
                                                                                                                                                                                                       s can                             ….………………
                                                                                                                                                                                               r Aw e return                                                                        ..
                                                                                                                                            Proudly         -  Ask yo           ver of
                                                                                                                                                                                       the Yea
                                                                                                                                                                                                                the form to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             your drive
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .. (optional)
                                                                                                                                                                       Taxi Dri                                                           r or see

   nominate a driver. Customers may nominate more than one taxi driver.
                                                                                                                                                                                       u                         s or        telephone               overleaf for
                                                                                                                                                                            W         i.org.a                                          your nomi
                                                                                                                                                                      the NS w.nswtax       Nomin ations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                nation direc      mailing or
                                                                                                                                                             ons of        ww
                                                                                                                                                                                                         are limited
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     to one nomina                           t on 1800       faxing
                                                                                                                                                    conditi                                                                             tion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            driver. Custom per taxi journey. Only                           648 478
                                                                                                                                         ails and                                                                                                                 bona fide non
                                                                                                                                 Full det
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ers may nomina
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          te more than          family
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       one taxi driver customers may nomina
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       .                   te a

  The Winners So Far…

 JUNE                                                                                  JULY
                                 Winner, Hassan Arf
                                 1st Runner Up, George Daoud
                                 2nd Runner Up, Charlie Muscat

Freedom Motors
Freedom Motors
 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
     Freedom Motors is very proud to
    Freedom Motors is very proud to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     BRONZE

  again be a part of the yearly awards
  again be a part of the yearly awards                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SPONSOR

     to reward Taxi Operators/Drivers
     to reward
                        helping persons
   for their efforts in helping persons
    for their
                         way to travel
      disabled in some way to travel
          anywhere in Australia.

      2007 NSW Taxi Council
     2007 NSW Taxi Council
      Taxi Driver of the Year Awards
     Taxi Driver of the Year Awards
                                                      Australia Pty. Ltd
                                                      Australia Pty. Ltd

 Ph: (02) 9673 4033 Fax: (02) 9673 4264 email: sales@freedommotorsaustralia.com.au
Ph: (02) 9673 4033 Fax: (02) 9673 4264 email: sales@freedommotorsaustralia.com.au

     4. Safety and Comfort
       Obeys all road rules and drives in a safe and courteous manner
     5. Overall Customer Service
       Demonstrates an overall attitude and understanding of excellence in Customer Service

     If your driver gets a   for all five categories above, please write in twenty five words or
     less, why you believe your taxi driver should be Taxi Driver of the Year.

                                     This information must be completed

       Please Print: Taxi Driver ID Card Number:
                                                                         X 0 4 6 7 5                                         ID number

       Taxi Cab Number ………………..      T0000                                 XYZ Cabs
                                                               Taxi Network……………………….......                                  Cab Number
       Date and time of Journey                           /     / 08
                                                                  07              ….…………am / pm                              and
                                                                                                                             Taxi Network
       Start Suburb …………………………. End Suburb ……………………………….
       Your Name ………………………………..…………………………………………....
                            title            given name                               family name

       Your Telephone:…………………………or your Fax: ..………………………......
       Plus your Email: ………………………….………………………...…….. (optional)
              Please return the form to your driver or see overleaf for mailing or faxing
                 instructions or telephone your nomination direct on 1800 648 478
        Nominations are limited to one nomination per taxi journey. Only bona fide non family customers may nominate a
                                   driver. Customers may nominate more than one taxi driver .

Project3     23/3/07                2:13 PM       Page 1

     AUGUST                                                                                                              SEPTEMBER



                  Taxi Driver of the Year Awards are Proudly Supported by
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                               Sydney Metropolitan Area
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                      Legion Cabs................................ 13 14 51                      St George Elite Fleet......................... 13 21 77
                 St George Cabs............................... 13 21 66                         True Blue Cabs..................................      13 39 88
               RSL Cabs............................................ 9581 1111                   TCS Maxi Taxis..................................      13 19 24
               Manly Cabs......................................... 9972 5600                    Premier Maxi Cabs............................ 8868 4555
               South Western Cabs.........................              13 27 88                Legion Maxis......................................    13 14 51
               ABC Cabs...........................................      13 25 22                Wollongong Radio Cabs................... 4229 9311
               Com Cabs........................................... 13 34 22                     NewcastleTaxis..................................      131 008
               Yellow Cabs........................................ 13 19 24                     Central Coast Taxis............................ 131 008

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                                      Keep your meter
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                                       We’ve built a strong reputation within the taxi industry
                                       due to our experience, service and reliability.
        Reliable                       We’ve built a strong reputation within the taxi industry
                                       That’s why experience, servicelargest and most trusted
                                       due to our we are Australia’s and reliability.
        Reliable                       taxi insurer and a proud sponsor of the ‘NSW Taxi
                                       Council’s 2007 Taxi Driver of largest Awards’.
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                                       available and can be obtained from your local authorised TransGuard Broker or by
                                       calling us on 132 687. The PDS should be considered before deciding whether to
                                       purchase this insurance. KCAL-000319-2007 ZU08534


WIN WITH TEAM TAXI                                                                                                                                     ®

If you know the location, send us a description including the
nearest intersection via email at teamtaxi@nswtaxi.org.au.
For easy identification, the subject of the email should be “take me
here please driver”, and please include the following details:
•    Your Name
•    Driver’s Authority number
•    Your address – so we know where to post a winning voucher!!
•    Contact telephone number                                                                      Congratulations
The fourth valid correct email entry will                                                          Congratulations to driver Yulius Maesa who correctly
receive $100 in Cabcharge vouchers.                                                                identified the site published in the last edition
                                                                                                   of METER – the photo was of the intersection of
Terms and Conditions                                                                               Elizabeth and Liverpool Streets in the Sydney CBD.
 “Take me here please driver” entries are open to all Team Taxi ® members who drive a taxi
belonging to a NSW Taxi Council member network. The judges’ decision is final and no               As the seventh valid entry, he has received $100 worth
correspondence will be entered into. The correct answer and the winner’s name will be published    of Cabcharge vouchers.
in the next edition of METER.

                                                                                                  TAKE ME HERE
                                                                                                  PLEASE DRIVER...
              14                                                                                                                             14


Record Your Private Work
The Ministry of Transport is now asking Zero 200 to provide
                                                                        WATS Incentive Continues…
evidence of the private work undertaken by the fleet’s WATS
                                                                        The Ministry of Transport has announced the extension of the
vehicles before they renew the operator’s annual licence. At the
                                                                        WATS Incentive Fee trial for a further six months.
end of every week, drivers should fax their private work records
to Zero 200 on 02 9020 2872 and we will ensure it is properly           The NSW Taxi Council has been working with Cabcharge
recorded. If you do not do this, you might be placing your licence      Australia and the Ministry of Transport to improve the
in jeopardy. Do not expect the Ministry to take your word for it that   payments system for the incentive and a number of
you have met your licence conditions by undertaking WATS work.          improvements will be made in the near future. It is important
                                                                        to remember though that any paper-based system will always
WATS Judiciary Reports ‘All Is Quiet’                                   have its limitations. The Taxi Council continues to ask the
                                                                        Ministry to introduce an electronic payment system for TTSS.
The Judiciary has not met for several months because there              In order to minimise problems with payments under the
have been no reports of drivers allegedly breaching their licence       current system, it is important that networks, operators and
conditions. This is great news – keep up the good work.                 drivers understand the following:
                                                                        1. Payments cannot be made unless the correct taxi

  Condolences                                                              registration number is written clearly on the TTSS docket
                                                                           and this number will be verified by the MoT. Payments
  The Taxi Industry sends its condolences to the family and friends        will not be made if a network radio number is used, or if
  of Vicki Campbell, who died when the WATS vehicle she was                the docket contains no taxi number, or if the taxi number
  travelling in was hit by a small truck at Caringbah in July.             is not on the MoT database of WATs.

  Luckily the driver was not injured, but was trapped with the other    2. The journey date must be clearly written on the TTSS
  passengers in the vehicle for some time after the accident.              Docket (and must be dated on or after 1/12/2007). If no
  The incident is a timely reminder that the Industry is charged           date is entered, the payment cannot be made.
  with the safety of our passengers – take care on the roads.           3. M40 dockets (i.e. ones that do not start with the numbers
                                                                           “08”) that are presented by passengers who travel in their
                                                                           wheelchair in a WAT must be sent in a separate batch
Community Transport                                                        for processing. You must also notify the MoT about the
                                                                           customers who present these dockets so they can send
Premier Cabs has signed a formal agreement with South West                 these customers the correct dockets for future use.
Community Transport to provide community transport to eligible
                                                                        4. All information on dockets must be written clearly so it is
people in Bankstown, South Western Sydney, Southern Highlands
                                                                           easily readable.
and the Walomi community. Eligible passengers have been
given eTICKETS to use taxis to meet their community transport           Your assistance in ensuring that the above details are
requirements. So if a passenger, usually someone who is frail,          complete before sending in dockets will go a long way toward
aged or with a disability, presents an eTICKET with a $5 value for      ensuring payments are processed smoothly.
their journey, process it as you usually would and the passenger
will pay the remainder of the fare.
This is a major victory for the Taxi Industry which has long been
seeking an opportunity to provide community transport in a
manner much more efficient and cost effective than many of the
current efforts by local communities.

                                                                                                                     “The NSW Taxi Industry has a proud history
                                                                                                                     of being the first public transport provider
                                                                                                                     to offer services for people with disabilities.
                                                                                                                     Today 15,000 bookings are made for our
                                                                                                                     wheelchair fleet each week. On average
                                                                                                                     more than 2,000 bookings are made
                                                                                                                     through Zero200 for our wheelchair fleet
                                                                                                                     each week”
                                                                                                                            Mr Howard Harrison, CEO of the NSW Taxi Council on the
                                                                                                                                            Industry’s role in World Youth Day 2008.

        How to Collect the WATS Incentive
        Step 1: Which wheelchair jobs are eligible

                                              For M50 passengers                                                                                                                  Incentive payment is
                                                                                                                                                                 Complete this section of the docket as
                                             travelling in a WAT only                                           You must write                                                     NOT PAID unless a
                                                                                                                “WAT $8.47”               WAT $8.47
                                                                                                                                                                                   WAT vehicle is used
                                                                                                                                                      Customer only pays this amount
                                                                      Complete this section of the docket as
                                                                                                                          + $7.70 (+ GST) = $8.47
You must write                                                                        usual               This number must start with “08”
“WAT $8.47” (+ GST) = $8.47WAT $8.47
       + $7.70                                                                 + $7.70 (+ GST) = $8.47                           Does not apply

                                                     Customer only pays this amount
        Step 2: Completing the TTSS docket
number must start with “08”
                                                                                                                            Date and Taxi Number
                                                                    Complete this section of the docket as                  must be clear and correct
                You must write                                                      usual
                “WAT $8.47”                  WAT $8.47

                                                         Customer only pays this amount

          This number must start with “08”
                                                                                                                                       Not “08”       04

        Step 3: What happens if my wheelchair passenger’s docket starts with numbers that are not “08”?

                                                                                                                                                                              WAT $8.47

                                                                                                                    WAT $8.47

                                                                                                                                                       Keep separate
                                                                                                                       08                                                                 04

                                 Not “08”            04
                                        Not “08”         04
        1. Complete the hiring                                                                               3. Keep all dockets that start with any number other than “08’ in a separate pile
        2. Complete the docket as you would a docket that starts with “08”                                   4. Pay in all dockets as usual adding a the total of all $8.47 as a separate total
                                                                                                             5. Network to submit in writing, Docket number / Customer name / Account
                                                                                                                number of all dockets that do not start with “08” to Ministry of Transport
                                                                                 WAT $8.47                   6. Ministry of Transport issues new 08 dockets to customer where applicable
                                                                                          WAT $8.47
                    WAT $8.47

    WAT $8.47                                             Keep separate
                       08                                                                    04
                          08                             Keep separate
       08                                                                                             04
          08                                                                                                                                                                                   17
“City licensees say all-night trains and more taxis are among the solutions to central Melbourne’s
drunken violence.” Herald Sun Newspaper, 3 June 2008
It might be true that increasingly the Taxi Industry is the solution to   It is not a transport problem, nor is it a problem with the time the
moving large numbers of drunks home when the pubs close…but               pub closes, but rather the amount of alcohol some people choose
isn’t it time we looked at the problem rather than how to deal with it?   to consume.
                                                                          In the last five years in Sydney, almost every major incident
                                                                          involving a passenger and taxi driver results from the passenger
                                                                          having had too much to drink.
                                                                          It is little wonder that the NSW Taxi Council is now focusing on
                                                                          “outside vehicle” initiatives to protect drivers. Initiatives such as
                                                                          Secure Ranks and the ID/Voucher Scheme, now in more than 200
                                                                          venues across the State, are proving to be successful.
                                                                          The NSW Taxi Council also battled hard for the Taxi Industry to
                                                                          be included in the Liquor Accord negotiations taking place across
                                                                          the State. However, the attitude to pubs and clubs is exactly as
                                                                          articulated in the quote above – while the Taxi Industry is willing to
                                                                          make a contribution it is unreasonable to say we are the problem
                                                                          or to continue to deny that the real problem lies with the service of

                                                                          Just who is being responsible?

 It was pleasing to note in the recent survey by The Sydney
 Morning Herald, taxi drivers are becoming more trusted by the
 Australian community.
                                                                            Most Trusted Professions
 In recent years we have come in the bottom two or three                    1.   Ambulance officers        9. Members of the armed forces
 professions, but this year we are eight up from the bottom…or              2.   Firefighters              10. Police officers
 put more positively, number 32 on the list.                                3.   Pilots                    31. Lawyers
                                                                            4.   Nurses                    32. Taxi drivers
 More significantly, those who criticise us the most – the                  5.   Pharmacists               33. CEOs
 media and politicians are actually ranked less trustworthy by              6.   Doctors                   34. Psychics/astrologers
 Australians. It’s definitely a case of getting their own house in          7.   Veterinarians             35. Journalists
 order before they criticise the Taxi Industry.                             8.   Farmers

“Owners of the country’s 650,000-strong
LPG vehicle fleet can rest easy - they
will receive the same tax breaks under
emissions trading as those who drive petrol
and diesel-powered vehicles.”
   The Sydney Morning Herald, 18 July 2008 on the impact of
        the Federal Government’s Emissions Announcement.
                                                                             FUEL WATCH
Fare Rise Allows For Fuel Increases                                     Toyota
When the Ministry of Transport announced the 2008 fare rise             The Rudd Government has given Toyota $35 million to produce
effective from 1 July, they included an allowance for future            hybrid Camry vehicles at its Altona plant in Melbourne. Toyota
adjustments based on fluctuations in LPG prices.                        expects to be manufacturing the first hybrid four cylinder Camry
                                                                        in early 2010 – the ideal family vehicle.
The fare rise granted a 3.8% increase in urban areas and a 3.3%
increase in country areas – solid recognition of the changes in costs   Experts expect the grant will trigger a green technology race by
that drivers and operators have borne for the previous 12 months.       other car makers.

It is important to note that a number of elements of this year’s
IPART review caught public attention – and the outcome of those
is as follows:

•	The abolition of the charge for handling luggage.
•	The	retention	of	the	return	toll	for	a	Harbour	
  crossing over the Bridge or through the
  Harbour Tunnel.
•	No	introduction	of	charges	for	carrying	child	
As part of the review, IPART looked at the average LPG price over
the 14 months prior to May 2008, finding that prices increased by
14.3% in Sydney and 9.1% in regional areas.
As a consequence of these fluctuations, there will now be a six
monthly review of the average LPG price, and there is provision
for a fare rise if the movement is by more than 10%. Should there
be a mid-year fare adjustment because of LPG price changes,             Motorists Turn To Taxis
provision will be made for the operator to recoup the cost of the       The Australian Financial Review reports that motorists and
meter update.                                                           businesses are cutting back on their mileage.
In the coming months the Ministry will also consider the introduction   The official Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that
of a Premium Service booking fee of up to $11 and a rise in the         people are thinking twice about taking the car for a short trip to
current $30 cap for Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme passengers.           the shops, and businesses are making sure that loads are full
The NSW Taxi Council plays an instrumental role during each             before they put a vehicle on the road.
annual review of taxi fares for the benefit of everyone in the          This is good news for taxis and should result in increasing
Industry. The full IPART report and recommendations as well             patronage – it’s the short journeys that produce solid cashflow
as the NSW Taxi Council submissions to the fare review, can be          as they maximise the time during which the meter is running.
viewed at www.ipart.nsw.gov.au

  MONDAY                                                                                   TUESDAY
  510    QF        6      Frankfurt          830    NZ    101    Auckland                  510    QF     6       Frankfurt           830    NZ     781    Christchurch
  515    BA        15     Heathrow           930    MU    561    SHanoighai                515    BA     15      Heathrow            930    MU     565    Shanghai
  530    QF        2      Heathrow           940    NF    10     Vanuatu                   605    BA     9       Heathrow            945    QF     60     Narita
  555    SQ        221    Singapore          945    QF    60     Narita                    605    QF     7624    Auckland            1000   GA     728    Bali
  605    BA        9      Heathrow           955    SQ    231    Singapore                 605    EK     412     Dubai               1000   UN     967    Moscow
  605    QF        12     Los Angeles        1000   GA    728    Dempasar                  605    QF     2       Heathrow            1005   BI     193    Brunei
  605    EK        412    Dubai              1000   CA    177    Bejing                    605    QF     12      Los Angeles         1005   CI     51     Taipei
  610    JQ        66     Kuala Lumpur       1005   CI    51     Taipei                    610    CA     173     Bejing              1015   ZG     9501   Macau
  610    UA        839    Los Angeles        1020   QF    164    Auckland                  610    UA     839     Los Angeles         1020   QF     164    Auckland
  615    CX        111    Hong Kong          1030   JQ    18     Kansai                    615    CX     111     Hong Kong           1020   JQ     28     Phuket
  615    EY        450    Abu Dhabi          1030   NZ    703    Auckland                  615    EY     450     Abu Dhabi           1030   JQ     18     Kansai
  615    KE        121    Seoul              1100   CX    101    Hong Kong                 615    KE     121     Seoul               1030   NZ     703    Auckland
  615    TG        993    Bangkok            1140   FJ    911    Nadi                      615    TG     993     Bangkok             1100   CX     101    Hong Kong
  620    QF        74     San Francisco      1200   TG    995    Bangkok                   620    QF     74      San Francisco       1140   FJ     911    Nadi
  625    UA        863    San Francisco      1220   QF    124    Mumbai                    820    NZ     741     Wellington          1200   TG     995    Bangkok
  635    QF        42     Jakarta            1355   QF    64     Johannesburg              625    UA     863     San Francisco       1230   QF     192    Bejing
  635    VS        200    Heathrow           1445   DJ    182    Tonga                     635    QF     42      Jakarta             1320   SB     140    New Caledonia
  640    JO        771    Narita             1450   QF    92     New Caledonia             635    VS     200     Heathrow            1355   QF     64     Johannesburg
  655    JQ        38     Dempasar           1450   QF    190    Auckland                  640    QF     20      Manila              1450   QF     190    Auckland
  705    LA        801    Santiago           1555   QF    46     Christchurch              640    JO     771     Narita              1550   JQ     4      Honolulu
  705    QF        136    Narita             1620   SQ    233    Singapore                 655    JQ     38      Bali                1555   QF     46     Christchurch
  720    QF        22     Narita             1645   NZ    831    Queenstown                705    LA     801     Santiago            1620   SQ     233    Singapore
  720    QF        40     Auckland           1700   NZ    967    Dunedin                   720    QF     22      Narita              1710   NZ     783    Christchurch
  725    GA        714    Dempasar           1710   NZ    783    Christchurch              720    QF     40      Auckland            1715   EK     419    Auckland
  725    QF        108    New York           1715   EK    419    Auckland                  725    QF     108     New York            1715   NZ     831    Queenstown
  730    OZ        601    Seoul              1730   QF    4      Honolulu                  725    DJ     71      Christchurch        1730   QF     48     Wellington
  740    QF        118    Wellington         1730   QF    48     Wellington                730    QF     150     Los Angeles         1730   NZ     105    Auckland
  745    EK        418    Dubai              1730   NZ    105    Auckland                  730    OZ     601     Seoul               1800   DJ     154    Nadi
  755    QF        128    Hong Kong          1850   QF    32     Heathrow                  740    QF     118     Wellington          1850   QF     32     Heathrow
  755    AC        33     Vancouver          1855   SQ    219    Singapore                 745    EK     418     Dubai               1855   SQ     219    Singapore
  800    JQ        140    Christchurch       1900   NZ    707    Auckland                  755    AC     33      Vancouver           1900   NZ     707    Auckland
  800    CA        175    Bejing             1925   EK    413    Christchurch              755    QF     128     Hong Kong           1910   PR     211    Manila
  800    MH        123    Kuala Lumpur       1930   QF    44     Auckland                  800    AR     1182    Buenos Aires        1925   EK     413    Christchurch
  800    NZ        995    Hamilton, NZ       1950   MH    141    Kuala Lumpur              800    JQ     140     Christchurch        1930   QF     44     Auckland
  805    QF        130    Shanghai           2000   TG    991    Bangkok                   800    MH     123     Kuala Lumpur        1950   MH     141    Kuala Lumpur
  815    VN        783    Hanoi              2010   CX    139    Hong Kong                 815    CX     161     Hong Kong           2000   TG     991    Bangkok
  820    NZ        741    Wellington         2025   QF    188    Hong Kong                 830    CZ     325     Guangzhou           2010   CX     139    Hong Kong
                                                                                           830    NZ     101     Auckland            2025   QF     188    Hong Kong

 SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT ARRIVALS                                                             Flight data is provided and checked by Sydney Airport Corporation
                                                                                                  as an average weekday representation not a specific week.

  FRIDAY                                                                                   SATURDAY
  510    QF        6      Frankfurt          930    MU    565    SHanoighai                510    QF     6      Frankfurt            1100   CX     101    Hong Kong
  515    BA        15     London             945    QF    60     Narita                    515    BA     15     London               1130   JQ     18     Kansai
  605    BA        9      London             1005   BI    193    Brunei                    530    QF     2      London               1130   QF     192    Beijing
  605    QF        2      London             1015   QF    82     Singapore                 605    BA     9      London               1200   TG     995    Bangkok
  605    QF        12     Los Angeles        1015   ZG    9501   Macau                     605    QF     12     Los Angeles          1220   QF     124    Mumbai
  605    QF        7624   Auckland           1020   QF    164    Auckland                  605    EK     412    Dubai                1240   FJ     911    Nadi
  605    EK        412    Dubai              1025   SB    144    New Caledonia             610    CA     173    Beijing              1355   QF     64     Johannesburg
  610    JQ        66     Kuala Lumpur       1030   JQ    18     Kansai                    610    UA     839    Los Angeles          1415   NZ     119    Auckland
  610    QF        152    Los Angeles        1030   NZ    703    Auckland                  615    CX     111    Hong Kong            1450   QF     92     New Caledonia
  610    UA        839    Los Angeles        1040   NF    10     Vanuatu                   615    EY     450    Abu Dhabi            1450   QF     190    Auckland
  615    CX        111    Hong Kong          1100   CX    101    Hong Kong                 615    KE     121    Seoul                1535   QF     122    Queenstown
  615    EY        450    Abu Dhabi          1100   GA    728    Bali                      615    TG     993    Bangkok              1540   O7     332    Norfolk Island
  615    KE        121    Seoul              1140   FJ    911    Nadi                      625    UA     863    San Francisco        1550   JQ     4      Honolulu
  615    TG        993    Bangkok            1150   JQ    30     Bangkok                   635    QF     42     Jakarta              1555   QF     46     Christchurch
  620    QF        74     San Francisco      1200   TG    995    Bangkok                   635    VS     200    London               1620   SQ     233    Singapore
  625    UA        863    San Francisco      1355   QF    64     Johannesburg              640    JO     771    Narita               1710   NZ     783    Christchurch
  635    QF        20     Manilla            1415   NZ    119    Auckland                  655    JQ     38     Bali                 1715   EK     419    Auckland
  635    VS        200    London             1450   QF    190    Auckland                  655    SQ     221    Singapore            1715   NZ     831    Queenstown
  640    JO        771    Narita             1510   DJ    90     Samoa                     705    LA     801    Santiago             1730   QF     4      Honolulu
  655    SQ        221    Singapore          1550   JQ    4      Honolulu                  725    GA     714    Bali                 1730   QF     48     Wellington
  705    LA        801    Santiago           1555   QF    46     Christchurch              725    QF     108    New York             1730   NZ     183    Christchurch
  705    TN        3      New York           1620   SQ    233    Singapore                 725    DJ     71     Christchurch         1740   NF     10     Vanuatu
  720    QF        22     Narita             1630   JQ    150    Christchurch              730    OZ     601    Seoul                1800   DJ     154    Nadi
  720    QF        40     Auckland           1650   NZ    967    Dunedin                   740    QF     118    Wellington           1850   QF     32     London
  725    QF        108    New York           1710   NZ    783    Christchurch              745    EK     418    Dubai                1855   SQ     219    Singapore
  725    DJ        71     Christchurch       1715   EK    419    Auckland                  755    QF     128    Hong Kong            1925   EK     413    Christchurch
  730    OZ        601    Seoul              1715   NZ    831    Queenstown                755    AC     33     Vancouver            1930   QF     44     Auckland
  740    QF        118    Wellington         1720   NZ    743    Wellington                800    JQ     140    Christchurch         1950   MH     141    Kuala Lumpur
  745    EK        418    Dubai              1730   QF    48     Wellington                800    MH     123    Kuala Lumpur         2000   TG     991    Bangkok
  755    QF        128    Hong Kong          1730   NZ    105    Auckland                  805    QF     40     Auckland             2010   CX     139    Hong Kong
  755    AC        33     Vancouver          1800   DJ    154    Nadi                      820    QF     22     Narita               2155   FJ     915    Nadi
  800    AR        1182   Buenos Aires       1850   QF    32     London                    820    NZ     741    Wellington
  800    JQ        140    Christchurch       1855   HA    451    Honolulu                  830    CZ     325    Guangzhou
  800    CA        175    Beijing            1900   NZ    707    Auckland                  830    NZ     101    Auckland
  800    MH        123    Kuala Lumpur       1925   EK    413    Christchurch              830    NZ     781    Christchurch
  800    NZ        995    Hamilton           1930   QF    44     Auckland                  900    JQ     64     Nagoya
  805    QF        130    Shanghai           1950   MH    141    Kuala Lumpur              930    MU     561    SHanoighai
  815    CX        161    Hong Kong          1955   SQ    219    Singapore                 935    PR     209    Manilla
  815    VN        783    Hanoi              2000   TG    991    Bangkok                   945    QF     60     Narita
  820    NZ        741    Wellington         2010   CX    139    Hong Kong                 955    SQ     231    Singapore
  830    CZ        325    Guangzhou          2025   PX    5      Papua New Guinea          1000   CA     177    Beijing
  830    NZ        101    Auckland           2025   QF    188    Hong Kong                 1005   CI     51     Taiwan
  830    NZ        781    Christchurch       2030   QF    8      Los Angeles               1005   BI     193    Brunei
  920    O7        338    Norfolk Island     2125   FJ    915    Nadi                      1020   QF     164    Auckland
  925    JQ        8      Ho Chi Minh City                                                 1030   NZ     703    Auckland

AR Aerolineas Argentinas AC Air Canada CA Air China MK Air Mauritius NZ Air New Zealand PX Air Niugini FJ Air Pacific AD Air Paradise AP Air Phuket NF Air Vanuatu SB Air Calin
EY Etihad Airways BR EVA Air SJ Freedom Air GA Garuda Indonesia GF Gulf Air HA Hawaiian Airlines JO JALways JL Japan Airlines JQ JetStar KE Korean Air MH Malaysia Airlines
SQ Singapore Airlines TN Air Tahiti Nui TG Thai Airways UA United Airlines 5X UPS VN Vietnam Airlines VS Virgin Atlantic

   WEDNESDAY                                                                                 THURSDAY
  510     QF     6      Frankfurt            830    NZ     101    Auckland                   510    QF     6      Frankfurt            945     QF    60      Narita
  515     BA     15     Heathrow             930    MU     561    SHanoighai                 515    BA     15     London               955     SQ    231     Singapore
  530     QF     2      Heathrow             940    NF     10     Vanuatu                    530    QF     2      London               1000    CA    177     Beijing
  555     SQ     221    Singapore            945    QF     60     Narita                     555    SQ     221    Singapore            1005    CI    51      Taiwan
  605     BA     9      Heathrow             955    SQ     231    Singapore                  605    BA     9      London               1020    QF    164     Auckland
  605     QF     12     Los Angeles          1000   GA     728    Dempasar                   605    QF     12     Los Angeles          1030    JQ    18      Kansai
  605     EK     412    Dubai                1000   CA     177    Bejing                     605    QF     7624   Auckland             1030    NZ    703     Auckland
  610     JQ     66     Kuala Lumpur         1005   CI     51     Taipei                     610    CA     173    Beijing              1055    SB    140     New Caledonia
  610     UA     839    Los Angeles          1020   QF     164    Auckland                   610    UA     839    Los Angeles          1100    CX    101     Hong Kong
  615     CX     111    Hong Kong            1030   JQ     18     Kansai                     615    CX     111    Hong Kong            1130    QF    192     Beijing
  615     EY     450    Abu Dhabi            1030   NZ     703    Auckland                   615    EY     450    Abu Dhabi            1140    FJ    911     Nadi
  615     KE     121    Seoul                1100   CX     101    Hong Kong                  615    KE     121    Seoul                1200    TG    995     Bangkok
  615     TG     993    Bangkok              1140   FJ     911    Nadi                       615    TG     993    Bangkok              1220    QF    124     Mumbai
  620     QF     74     San Francisco        1200   TG     995    Bangkok                    625    UA     863    San Francisco        1355    QF    64      Johannesburg
  625     UA     863    San Francisco        1220   QF     124    Mumbai                     635    QF     42     Jakarta              1430    NF    10      Vanuatu
  635     QF     42     Jakarta              1355   QF     64     Johannesburg               635    VS     200    London               1430    NZ    719     Auckland
  635     VS     200    Heathrow             1445   DJ     182    Tonga                      640    JO     771    Narita               1450    QF    190     Auckland
  640     JO     771    Narita               1450   QF     92     New Caledonia              655    JQ     38     Bali                 1555    QF    46      Christchurch
  655     JQ     38     Dempasar             1450   QF     190    Auckland                   705    LA     801    Santiago             1620    SQ    233     Singapore
  705     LA     801    Santiago             1555   QF     46     Christchurch               720    QF     22     Narita               1710    NZ    783     Christchurch
  705     QF     136    Narita               1620   SQ     233    Singapore                  720    QF     40     Auckland             1715    EK    419     Auckland
  720     QF     22     Narita               1645   NZ     831    Queenstown                 725    GA     714    Bali                 1720    NZ    743     Wellington
  720     QF     40     Auckland             1700   NZ     967    Dunedin                    725    QF     108    New York             1730    QF    4       Honolulu
  725     GA     714    Dempasar             1710   NZ     783    Christchurch               725    DJ     71     Christchurch         1730    QF    48      Wellington
  725     QF     108    New York             1715   EK     419    Auckland                   730    OZ     601    Seoul                1730    NZ    105     Auckland
  730     OZ     601    Seoul                1730   QF     4      Honolulu                   740    QF     118    Wellington           1800    DJ    154     Nadi
  740     QF     118    Wellington           1730   QF     48     Wellington                 745    EK     418    Dubai                1850    QF    32      London
  745     EK     418    Dubai                1730   NZ     105    Auckland                   755    QF     128    Hong Kong            1900    NZ    707     Auckland
  755     QF     128    Hong Kong            1850   QF     32     Heathrow                   755    AC     33     Vancouver            1910    PR    211     Manilla
  755     AC     33     Vancouver            1855   SQ     219    Singapore                  800    AR     1182   Buenos Aires         1930    QF    44      Auckland
  800     JQ     140    Christchurch         1900   NZ     707    Auckland                   800    JQ     140    Christchurch         1950    MH    141     Kuala Lumpur
  800     CA     175    Bejing               1925   EK     413    Christchurch               800    MH     123    Kuala Lumpur         2000    TG    991     Bangkok
  800     MH     123    Kuala Lumpur         1930   QF     44     Auckland                   805    QF     130    SHanoighai           2010    CX    139     Hong Kong
  800     NZ     995    Hamilton, NZ         1950   MH     141    Kuala Lumpur               820    NZ     741    Wellington           2025    QF    188     Hong Kong
  805     QF     130    Shanghai             2000   TG     991    Bangkok                    830    NZ     101    Auckland             2025    EK    413     Christchurch
  815     VN     783    Hanoi                2010   CX     139    Hong Kong                  830    NZ     781    Christchurch         2145    NZ    709     Auckland
  820     NZ     741    Wellington           2025   QF     188    Hong Kong                  930    MU     565    SHanoighai

   SUNDAY                                                                                     To check a flight is arriving on time, call the following hotlines:

                                                                  Macau                                Qantas                            13 12 23
  605     BA    9       London               1020   QF     164    Auckland
  605     QF    2       London               1030
                                                                                                       United Airlines                   13 17 77
  605     QF    12      Los Angeles
  605     EK    412     Dubai                1100   CX     101    Hong Kong
  610     UA    839     Los Angeles          1140   FJ     911    Nadi                                 Singapore Airlines                13 10 11
  615     CX    111     Hong Kong            1200   TG     995    Bangkok
                        Abu Dhabi
                                                                  New Caledonia
                                                                                                       British Airways                   8904 8800
  615     TG    993     Bangkok              1450   QF     190    Auckland
  620     QF    74      San Francisco        1510   DJ     90     Samoa                                Cathay Pacific                    13 17 47
  625     UA    863     San Francisco        1550   JQ     4      Honolulu
                                             1555   QF     46     Christchurch
                        London               1615   QF     184    Queenstown                           Canadian Airlines                 1300 655 767
  640     JO    771     Narita               1620   SQ     233    Singapore
                        New York
                                                                                                       Malaysian Airlines                13 26 27
  720     QF    40      Auckland             1715   EK     419    Auckland
  725     GA    714     Bali                 1720   NZ     743    Wellington
  725     QF    108     New York             1730   QF     4      Honolulu
  725     DJ    71      Christchurch         1730   QF     48     Wellington
  730     QF    150     Los Angeles          1730   NZ     705    Auckland
  730     OZ    601     Seoul                1800   DJ     154    Nadi                                                                                 Sydney Airport Heliport
  740     QF    118     Wellington           1815   NF     10     Vanuatu
  745     EK    418     Dubai                1850   QF     32     London
                                             1855   HA     451    Honolulu
                                                                                                                                                       The heliport is located
  755     QF    128     Hong Kong
  755     AC    33      Vancouver            1900   NZ     707    Auckland                                                                             in Ross Smith Avenue
  800     AR    1182    Buenos Aires         1925   EK     413    Christchurch                                                                         only 5 minutes from the
  800     JQ    140     Christchurch         1930   QF     44     Auckland                                                                             domestic terminal.
  800     CA    175     Beijing              1950   MH     141    Kuala Lumpur
  800     MH    123     Kuala Lumpur         1955   SQ     219    Singapore
  805     QF    130     SHanoighai           2000   TG     991    Bangkok
  815     CX    161     Hong Kong            2010   CX     139    Hong Kong
  815     VN    783     Hanoi                2025   PX     5      Papua New Guinea
  830     CZ    325     Guangzhou            2025   QF     188    Hong Kong
  830     NZ    101     Auckland             2125   FJ     915    Nadi
  830     NZ    781     Christchurch
  920     O7    338     Norfolk Island
  930     JQ    8       Ho Chi Minh City
  930     MU    565     Shanghai
  935     PR    209     Manilla
  945     QF    60      Narita
  955     SQ    231     Singapore
  1000    GA    728     Bali

HJ Asian Express OZ Asiana AO Australian Airlines VI Austrian Airlines BA British Airways CX Cathay Pacific CI China Airlines MU China Eastern CZ China Southern EK Emirates
MP Martinair ON Air Nauru VBI Pacific Blue DJ Pacific/Polynesia Blue PR Philippine Airlines PO Polar Air Cargo PH Polynesian Airlines QF QANTAS BI Royal Brunei

August Events and Location                      Time
                                                                                                                  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Sydney Opera House
My Fair Lady                                    1st at 7:30pm. 3rd at 2pm.

Don Giovani                                     7th, 9th, 15th, 21st, 26th and 29th at 7:30pm. 23rd at 1pm.

Otello                                          3rd, 8th and 13th at 7:30pm. 16th at 1pm.

                                                2nd, 9th and 30th at 1pm. 5th, 12th, 16th, 19th, 22nd and
Lucia di Lammermoor                             27th at 7:30pm.

Highlights of Opera                             17th at 7pm.

Orlando                                         18th, 20th, 23rd, 28th and 30th at 7pm.
Sydney International Piano Competition          1st and 2nd at 8pm. 2nd at 2:30pm.
Stravinsky’s Firebird                           6th, 7th and 8th at 8pm.
Intense: Australian Chamber Orchestra           10th at 2:30pm.
The Colour Of Time                              22nd at 8pm.
Broad                                           23rd at 8pm.
Homelands: Sydney Symphony                      27th and 28th at 6:30pm. 29th at 11am.
Ode to Joy                                      29th and 30th at 8pm.
Sydney Entertainment Centre
Chris Rock                                      9th at 8pm.
Timbaland                                       15th at 8pm.
Horden Pavillion/Royal Hall of Industries
Devo                                            1st from 7pm to 11pm.
Sigur Ros                                       2nd from 7pm to 11pm.
Pnau                                            8th from 7pm to 11pm.
Freedom Festival                                From 23rd at 9pm to 24th at 6am.
Enmore Theatre
Cold War Kids                                   4th at 8pm.

The Wombats                                     5th at 8pm.

From Lebanon with Love Part 2                   15th and 16th at 8pm. 17th at 6pm.

Death Cab for Cutie                             18th at 8pm.

Sneaky Sound System                             17th and 30th at 7:45pm.

The Metro
The Breeders                                    2nd at 8pm.

Vampire Weekend                                 4th at 8pm.

The Fratellis                                   6th at 8pm.

MSTRKRFT                                        9th at 10pm.

The Kooks                                       27th and 28th at 8pm.

Brian Jonestown Massacre                        29th at 8pm.

The Entertainment Quarter
                                                1st, 2nd, 6th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th and
                                                30th at 4pm and 8pm. 5th, 7th,13th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 27th,
Dralion                                         and 28th at 8pm. 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st at 1pm
                                                and 5pm.

Sydney Cricket Ground
AFL: Swans v Fremantle, Swans v Lions           9th and 30th at 7:10pm.

Sydney Football Stadium
Soccer: Sydney v Melbourne, Sydney v Perth      16th at 7pm. 31st at 3pm.

NRL: Roosters v Eels, Roosters v Rabbitohs      8th and 29th TBC.

ANZ Stadium
NRL: Rabbitohs v Warriors, Tigers v Bulldogs,
                                                2nd at 7:30pm. 3rd at 2pm. 17th at 3pm.
Rabbitohs V Sea Eagles

AFL: Swans v Geelong                            16th at 7:10pm.
Acer Arena
Eutopia                                         From 9th at 7pm to 10th at 6am.

Panic at the Disco                              22nd at 7pm.

Andrea Bocelli                                  24th at 8pm.
Horse Racing
@ Rosehill Gardens                              2nd, 9th, 16th, and 30th from 11am to 5pm.
City Recital Hall
Mozart in Italy: Sydney Symphony                14th at 7pm.

                                                                                                                  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
Event and Location                              Time

                                                                                      EVENTS AND OPPORTUNITIES IN SEPTEMBER
September Events and Locations              Time
                                                                                                        1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Sydney Opera House
Don Giovani                                 3rd, 5th and 10th at 7:30pm.

Orlando                                     2nd and 11th at 7pm. 6th at 12:30pm.
                                            4th, 6th, 9th, 13th, 17th, 20th, 23rd and 25th at 7:30pm.
The Pearlfishers                            27th at 1pm.

Billy Budd                                  24th, 27th and 30th at 7:30pm.

Grieg’s Piano Concerto                      3rd, 5th and 6th at 8pm.

Vivacious: Australian Chamber Orchestra     7th at 2:30pm.
Crime Time: Sydney Symphony                 11th, 12th and 13th at 8pm.
Shreya Ghoshal                              14th at 5pm.
Gelmetti’s Farewell                         19th and 20th at 8pm.
Sabores - Sara Baras Ballet Flamenco        25th, 26th and 27th at 8pm. 28th at 3pm.
Sydney Entertainment Centre
Rock Eisteddford Challenge                  4th and 5th at 7pm.

                                            19th from 1:30pm-12pm. 20th from 9am-10:30pm.
Anthony Robbins                             21st from 9am-12pm. 22nd from 10am-5pm.

Horden Pavillion/Royal Hall of Industries
Disturbed                                   3rd from 7pm to 11pm.
Enmore Theatre
Newton Faulkner                             8th at 8:30pm.
Pete Murray                                 12th and 13th at 8pm.
Faker                                       20th at 8pm.
The Living End                              27th at 8pm.
The Metro
Ash Grunwald                                6th at 8pm.

Josh Pyke                                   11th at 8pm.

Birds of Tokyo                              13th at 8pm.

Toni Childs                                 20th at 7:30pm.

Ladytron                                    29th at 8pm.

The Entertainment Quarter
                                            5th, 6th, 12th and 13th at 4pm and 8pm. 3rd, 4th, 10th
Dralion                                     and 11th at 8pm. 7th and 14th at 1pm and 5pm.

Big Top - Luna Park
Opeth                                       6th at 7pm.

CFC Mixed Martial Arts - Fight Night V      12th at 6:30pm.

Sydney Football Stadium
NRL: Roosters v Dragons                     5th TBC.

Soccer: Sydney v Adelaide                   20th at 5pm.

Acer Arena
Jump Mania: Monster Trucks                  6th at 6pm.

Judas Priest                                12th at 7pm.

Horse Racing
@ Royal Randwick                            6th and 27th TBC.
@ Rosehill Gardens                          13th and 20th from 11am to 5pm.
City Recital Hall
Handel’s Fire and Water                     5th, 6th, 10th, 12th and 13th at 7pm. 7th at 3pm.

                                                                                                        1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Event and Location                          Time

Chart Key
                                                   STC Spring Racing Carnival: Key Dates
               Sporting Event
                                                   The STC’s Spring Carnival involves three major race days on Saturday 30 August, Saturday 13
               Performance                         September and Saturday 20 September. Taxis can drop passengers at Rose Hill Racecourse
                                                   entrances for the start of the races. After the race meeting the taxi rank will again be located in
               Concert                             Oak Street, with taxi patrons departing Rose Hill accessing the rank via the Horse Bridge. There
                                                   will be no access to the Racecourse from 3pm.
               Horse Racing

               Community Event

                                                                        COLLEGE ST
                                              HYDE PARK

                               ELIZABETH ST
                                                                                     ST MARY’S
                                                (north)         CATHEDRAL
                                                         BAYOK AN         DOUBLE
      PARK ST                                              CO                                                                            BAY
START                                                                         WILLIAM

                                                                 COLLEGE ST
                ELIZABETH ST



  EVENTS                                                                                                  DOVER

  City To Surf: 10 August 2008 RUSHCUTTERS
                                                                                                                                                                                                      HYDE PARK
                                                                                ROSE                                                                                                                  BARRACKS
                                    BAY     DOUBLE                               BAY
  Road closures                       between the Sydney CBD and
                               will be implemented
   START                                                                                                                                                                    ST JAMES
  Bondi for the Sun Herald City to Surf between 6am and 4pm.
  Motorists should expect extensive delays in the eastern CBD,
  Darlinghurst, Kings Cross, Edgecliff, Bellevue Hill, Rose Bay,
  Vaucluse and Bondi areas. Motorists are advised to allow

                                                                                                                                                                                                COLLEGE ST
  additional travel time or delay their journey where possible.                                                                                                         HYDE PARK
                                                                                                                                                       ELIZABETH ST

                                                                                                 FINISH                                                                                                      ST MARY’S

  For travel to Bondi during the closures use Penkivil St and Old                                                                                                         (north)                            CATHEDRAL

  South Head Road as alternatives. There will be no access to Bondi
                                                                                                                              PARK ST

  Beach during the closures.                                                                                                                                                                      COOK AN

                                                                                                                                                                                                          PAR     K




                                                                                                                                                                                         COLLEGE ST

                       ET L
                     ME EL
                         I                    NG

                                                                   N                                                                                                                     STANLEY
                                                              ILIO                                                                                                                               ST
            CA ELL P

                                                                                                                                        ELIZABETH ST

                                                                                                               BONDI BEACH

                                                          BONDI BEACH                                                                                            MUSEUM
                                                                                                                         Roads will be progressively re-opened by Police
                                                                                                                         and RTA after cleaning – for more information
              BUSES TO BONDI JUNCTION                                                                                    visit www.rta.nsw.gov.au
              AND CITY
  Sydney Cruise Ship Timetable                                                                                                                                                                                                    DOVER

   Ship                                 Arrival                                         Departure                            Terminal
   Pacific Dawn                         02-Aug-2008 07:00 (Sat)                         02-Aug-2008 16:00 (Sat)              Wharf 8 - Darling Harbour
   Pacific Dawn         BUSES TO BONDI JUNCTION 16:00 (Sun)
                                              FIRST AID
                          10-Aug-2008 07:00 (Sun) 10-Aug-2008
                                                                                     REPLACEMENT BIBS               MERCHANDISE
                                                                                                                             Wharf 8 - Darling Harbour
                                                                                                                                                                      BAY      DOUBLE
   Pacific Dawn
                        AND CITY
                          19-Aug-2008 07:00 (Tue) 19-Aug-2008 16:00 (Tue)
                                              DRINK STATION                          BAG DROP                               Wharf
                                                                                                                                    8 - Darling Harbour BAY
   Doulos                               21-Aug-2008 07:00 (Thu)                         08-Sep-2008 15:00 (Mon)              Wharf 8 - Darling Harbour
   YELLOW START                               RED START                              GREEN START                    BLUE START
   Pacific Dawn                         29-Aug-2008 07:00 (Fri)                         29-Aug-2008 16:00 (Fri)              Overseas Passenger Terminal
   Pacific Dawn                         07-Sep-2008 07:00 (Sun)                         07-Sep-2008 16:00 (Sun)              Overseas Passenger Terminal
   Pacific Dawn                         23-Sep-2008 07:00 (Tue)                         23-Sep-2008 16:00 (Tue)              Wharf 8 - Darling Harbour                                                                         BONDI
   Sun Princess                         27-Sep-2008 07:00 (Sat)                         27-Sep-2008 16:00 (Sat)              Wharf 8 - Darling Harbour                                                                FINISH
                                                                                                                                                                                            Information courtesy of
   Pacific Dawn                         03-Oct-2008 07:00 (Fri)                         03-Oct-2008 16:00 (Fri)              Wharf 8 - Darling Harbour                                      www.sydneyports.com.au

 Fred Bahrami…He’s Our Olympian…                                  Beijing Olympic Facts
 In years gone by, he was Secretary-General of Iran’s Kayak       Opening Ceremony: 8 August
 and Canoe Federation. This year, he’s one of very few
                                                                  Closing Ceremony: 24 August
 Australian citizens to be invited by the IOC to judge the 2008
 Olympic competition.                                             Sports/events: 28 / 302
 With expertise in flat water kayaking, Fred is not only an       Athletes: 10,708
 official judge for the events, but he also has the honors of
 doing the “aliner” – making sure he’s satisfied that all the     Volunteers: 70,000
 boats are correctly lined up prior to the start of every race.   Media: 20,000
 In his last 12 years in Australia, Fred has been driving cabs    Beijing Comp Venues: 31
 for CCN. Until a month ago, he was with TCS and now he’s
 with 13LIMO. Taxi driving is one of the only jobs to support     Outside Comp Venues: 6
 his judging commitments – all of which are undertaken on a       Logo: ‘Dancing Beijing’ is a Chinese seal
 volunteer basis.
                                                                  Slogan: ‘One World One Dream’
 CCN is also a proud sponsor of Mr Bahrami’s and is
 contributing to the cost of his time as an Olympic judge.        Mascots: Beibei (blue Fish)
                                                                           Jingjing (black Panda)
                                                                           Huanhuan (red Flame)
                                                                           Yingying (yellow Antelope)
                                                                           Nini (green Swallow).
                                                                  There five names together – Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni – say
                                                                  ‘Welcome to Beijing’.

                                                                                            picture courtesy of en.beijing2008.cn
                                                                                                The Beijing Olympics’ official site.

In the taxi business, time is money
       using the Westlink M7
         can save you both.

         Keep your meter ticking over and minimise your
               use of fuel by avoiding traffic lights.

         Maximise your returns by using the Westlink M7.

For more information visit
www.westlinkm7.com.au or call 13 TOLL (13 8655).
Taxi ID Voucher Scheme Meets Secure Ranks                                                               Station Street
                                                                                               Fri/Sat Late Night Taxi Rank
Both the Taxi ID Voucher Scheme and Secure Ranks have been very effective in helping
drivers and passengers combine for effective late night transport solutions.                  Due to a number of complaints
                                                                                              regarding queues for taxis and
However, lately in the Penrith area, passengers on the late night rank near the Embassy       passenger safety, if you catch a taxi
Hotel and Bloc Nite Club have become violent – some brawls involving up to 100 people.        from the late night rank on Station
                                                                                              Street, you must:-
Rather than shut the rank for security reasons, or give up on the area as other modes
of public transport have, Premier Cabs and The Penritih Liquor accord came up with a
solution to bring the Taxi ID Voucher Scheme to the rank.                                     See
                                                                                               the security guard on
                                                                                                duty for a Taxi Voucher
This means that any passenger wishing to catch a taxi from the late night rank on Station     Present photo
Street must:
1. See the security guard on duty for a Taxi Voucher.                                         Keep
                                                                                               the Taxi Voucher
2. Present photo identification.                                                              Wait
                                                                                               for your number to be
3. Keep the taxi voucher and hand it to the designated driver when their number is
                                                                                              Present your voucher to
                                                                                                 the taxi driver
Passengers are being given an information card when they first approach the rank.
                                                                                               This system is being trialled for
The system seems to be working well, and is certainly being monitored by Penrith City         the benefit of all passengers and
Council and local police.                                                                      taxi drivers to get patrons home
                                                                                                       quickly and safely.
If it works, it is expected the solution will be
introduced more broadly at late night ranks                                                    Thankyou for your cooperation.

across the city.                                                                                The Embassy Hotel, Bloc Niteclub, Penrith City
                                                                                               Council, Premier Cabs and Penrith Police working

Sutherland Secure Rank                                              Park Street Rank
                                                                    Drivers should be aware that the taxi rank on the southern side of
After a review of the Sutherland Secure ranks, it has been          Park Street (in the westbound direction) has been removed, and
decided that security guards will operate at the following          the Police are enforcing the Bus Zone restrictions which have now
locations and times:                                                been installed at this location. The night-time secure rank now
•   Flora Street rank from 11:00pm to 1:30am.                       operates from the taxi rank on the northern side of Park Street
•   Boyle Street rank from 1:30am to 5:30am.                        between Pitt Street and Castlereagh Street. Unfortunately, as
                                                                    previously advised, taxis are not allowed to turn left from George
                                                                    Street (also being enforced by the Police) to access the rank, so
                                                                    can only approach the rank from Pitt Street. The NSW Taxi Council
                                                                    is trying to get it fixed urgently.

Kingsgrove to Revesby Rail                                        Sydney Opera House
Quadruplication Project                                           The City of Sydney is considering a number of changes to taxi and
                                                                  other vehicle facilities around the Opera House entrance in order
Traffic changes in August 2008                                    to alleviate traffic delays.

Road Closures: temporary road closures will be in place at        The increased security operations now in place at the Opera
Broad Arrow Road rail bridge, Narwee - up to 5 nights during      House has virtually forced all general taxi, bus and coach
August between 10pm and 5am. The road will be reopened            operations onto Macquarie Street – which is proving a problem.
at 5am each day to allow traffic to proceed as normal.            As a result the changes being considered include the reallocation
Lane closures: the kerbside lane will be temporarily closed       of kerbspace on the eastern side of Macquarie Street for better
at King Georges Road (at the intersection with Tooronga           use by taxis and buses – this will include a 30 meter space north
Terrace) - up to 10 days during August between 10am and           of Albert Street which will be a “Bus Zone 7am-8pm” and “Taxi
2pm. The lane will be reopened at 2pm to allow traffic to         Zone Other Times”.
proceed as normal.
Prior to the works above commencing:                              Kent Street
Notifications featuring more details about these road and lane
closures, including specific dates and locations will be placed   Meriton Apartments has told the NSW Taxi Council that it is
on the TIDC website                                               pleased with the taxi rank outside its apartment building in Kent
                                                                  Street and it is proving very popular with both passengers and taxi
(www.tidc.nsw.gov.au) and distributed to residents and            drivers.
businesses adjacent to the work area.
                                                                  The rank is located on the Eastern side of Kent Street about 50
Electronic message boards and signs will be placed along          metres North of Liverpool Street.
roads to advise pedestrians and motorists of the specific
dates of the closures and of the detour routes in place.          The NSW Taxi Council is now talking with Meriton about the
                                                                  possibility of creating a new taxi rank to serve the Crown Park
                                                                  development in Waterloo.

No Stopping - Taxis Excepted 1 Minute Limit
As part of its efforts to unlock the CBD for taxi drivers, the    A long section of No Stopping has been identified on the
NSW Taxi Council has been working with the City of Sydney         eastern side of Castlereagh Street between Park Street and
to identify new opportunities for the new, and very successful,   Bathurst Street which will soon be converted to the new signs to
signage.                                                          allow use by taxis.

                  S   ON
                                                                     YOU ARE HERE
                                                                                                                  Warning – Don’t Break the Law
           D   ER
      AN                                                                                                          Following an increasing number of complaints, the City
                                                                                                                  of Sydney Rangers are paying increased attention to the

                                                                                                           VI     enforcement of No Stopping restrictions in George Street

                                                                                                                  between Jamison and Bridge Streets.


                                                                                                                  Taxis have historically queued illegally on George Street outside

                                                                                                                  the National Australia Bank – blocking a full lane of traffic in

                 NEW TAXI RANK

                                                                                                                  peak periods.



                                                                                                                  A taxi rank has been provided in Jamison Street near the


                                                                                  Orchard                         intersection with George Street so we need to encourage


                                                                                                                  drivers and passengers to use this rank instead of ranking and

                                                                                                                  stopping illegally in George Street.

of                                                  ORCHARD ROAD
                                                                                                                  As you are aware, City of Sydney Rangers can simply take
                                                                                                                  registration details and post the penalty notice – so you might
                                                         D                    BUS INTERCHANGE                     think you got away with it only to be surprised with a penalty
                                                                                                                  notice in the mail.
                                                                                        C             A
                                                                                                                  The City Council has contacted the adjacent building owners
                                  HE L P ST

                                                                                                                  asking them to advise tenants of the legal taxi rank location.
           KEY                                          Chatswood
                   Pedestrian Route
                                                                                                                  Consideration is being given to signage pointing to the rank,
                   Taxi Rank
                                                                    Chatswood Central
                                                                       Foodcourt                                  but in the meantime, the cooperation of taxi drivers would be
                   Kiss & Ride                                                                                    greatly appreciated by the Council and other motorists.
                   Bus Services
                                                              R A I LW AY                        STREET
                   Lifts/Disabled Access

                                                                                                                Hornsby Station
      Chatswood Transport Interchange                                                                           There has been another delay in moving the Station Street Taxi
                                                                                                                rank in Hornsby back to its original location on the Southern side of
      With the recent opening of the new Transport Interchange in                                               the street. Whilst the bus interchange work has been completed,
      Chatswood, the temporary rank in Anderson Street has been                                                 the Council is undertaking restoration work on the Cenotaph which
      moved and the taxi rank in Endeavour Street restored opposite                                             means the slip lane from Station Street is inaccessible. Hornsby
      its old location near Orchard Road.                                                                       City Council has told us that the work should be completed soon
                                                                                                                and that the rank will be restored immediately the work is finished.
                                                                                                                Following receipt of a letter from taxi driver James Nash and a
     King Street Wharf                                                                                          history of security problems in the area, an application has been
                                                                                                                made to the Ministry of Transport for the establishment of a secure
     Due to limited demand, the taxi rank in Lime Street has been                                               rank at Hornsby. The application has been supported by the
     changed to become a part time rank from 3:00pm each day                                                    police, the local liquor accord and Hornsby Council provided it
     onwards.                                                                                                   does not cost them anything.

A number of ATIS Examiners have requested                              Repairs to Seats

information on vehicle condition. Clearly, the                         Taxi seats must be clean and undamaged. A taxi seat can incur a
                                                                       cigarette burn or tear thanks to a careless passenger and repairs
ATIS Examiner conducting the inspection is the                         to seats are acceptable. However, the seat repair must look
                                                                       professional and be as inconspicuous as possible.
person to decide if the vehicle complies, not
                                                                       Again, the colour match is most important. The repair does not
someone sitting in an office. ATIS Examiners                           have to be ‘invisible’ but must blend in.
have the final call and must use their knowledge                       The repair shown in the picture would be acceptable repair if a seat
                                                                       cover was fitted. Nonetheless, covers should ‘fit’ the seats and
and experience when issuing NCNs.                                      be clean and undamaged. All seat cover ties should not be in a
                                                                       position where a passenger could get caught and trip.
However the taxi should be presented for inspection, clean inside
and out and painted in the relevant network livery.                    Note: ATIS Examiners should record on the Taxi Inspection Report
                                                                       that ‘seat covers were fitted’ at the time of Inspection.
Below is a guide for both ATIS Examiners and Taxi-cab Operators
as to acceptable panel and seat repairs.

Repairs to Panels/Paintwork
The repaired panel and/or paintwork should be difficult for the
ATIS Examiner to detect. That is the panel and/or paintwork is
professionally finished and colour matched.
Repaired panels would be the same shape as an original panel,
and painted to match the vehicle. For example there are many
shades of ‘white’ and the paintwork on a ‘white’ vehicle would not
only have to be ‘white’, but also the actual ‘white’ the rest of the
vehicle is finished in.
New paintwork should be blended with the existing (paint) finish.
Brush marks, obvious body filler or over-spray do not constitute a
professional finish.

                                                                                                                  unacceptable seat repair

                                                                                                      Don’t Assume All
                                                                                                      Taxi Insurance
                                                                                                      is the Same

                                                                                                     ACN: 080 990 978 ABN: 96 080 990 978
                                                                                                                         AFS Licence: 238155
                                                                                                  9-13 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria NSW 2015
                                                                                                 Locked Bag 8000, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
                                                                                                     Phone: 02 9020 2525 Fax: 02 9020 2550
Always refer to the Product Disclosure Statement before making any financial decisions                      Email: cabsure@ccnetwork.com.au

CCN Supporting & Strengthening Our Fleets
               Cabsure Insurance                                                         Taxi Training Australia
               Stratacom - Service & Installation                                        The CCN Shop - Uniforms & Accessories
               Smash Repairs                                                             Plate Sales & Leases
               Regulation & Compliance                                                   Wheelchair Taxi Packages
               Leading Customer Contact Centre                                           Marketing & Promotions

9-13 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria NSW 2015
Locked Bag 8000, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
Phone: 02 9020 2000 Fax: 02 9020 2111
Web: www.ccnetwork.com.au

TTIA Joins Fracas with Airport Cabs
                                                                          Beijing Smokers Face Bans so
and Limos                                                                 Athletes can Catch their Breath
                                                                          The Australian, 18 June 2008
Documents have been filed with the courts requesting Intervenor
status for the Toronto Taxi Industry in the case where taxi and           Beijing is imposing an unprecedented smoking ban during the
limousine operators with operating permits from the Greater               Olympics in a bid to help rid the city of its legendary pollution.
Toronto Airports Authority are attempting to keep their right to pick
                                                                          All 37 Olympic sites, schools, hospitals, government buildings
up fares in the city of Toronto.
                                                                          and Beijing’s 66,000 taxis will all be no-smoking zones.
Taxis and Limousines operating from Lester B Pearson
                                                                          The smoking ban follows previously announced moves to
International Airport with permits issued by the GTAA have been
                                                                          close heavy industry in and around Beijing and to keep half
allowed to pick up fares in Toronto for about 30 years, despite not
                                                                          the city’s cars off the grid-locked roads during the Games.
having licenses issued by Toronto.

They have been operating under an exemption continued in
the old Municipal Act that has been replaced by the new City of
Toronto Act. The exemption is not contained in the COTA, and
earlier this year the City removed identical wording in its own
by-laws. The airport cabs and limousines are attempting to have
the courts quash this deletion from city by-laws in this case. In
February the airport won an injunction preventing the city from
enforcing its point of pickup legislation.

Until the issue has been settled in court, these out of town vehicles
with no City of Toronto licences are allowed to operate as usual.

  Ministry to Trial Ban on Taxi Vouchers
  The Daily Yomiuri, Japan, 14 June 2008                                The trial marks the first time a central government ministry or
                                                                        agency has taken such a measure.
  All 4,000 employees of the Construction and Transport Ministry
  will be prohibited from using taxi coupons for a trial two-month      In the event that an employee has worked overtime late into
  period starting later this month.                                     the night and must use a taxi to get home, the employee will
                                                                        be asked to pay the taxi fare out of his or her own pocket and
  Transport Minister Tetsuzo Fuyushiba announced the move in            make an expenses claim for the money.
  the wake of the so-called izakaya (pub) taxi scandal, in which
  central government officials received gifts such as beer and          According to the ministry, about 200 coupons are used by
  cash from drivers of taxis they use to return home late at night      employees at its headquarters every day.
  at public expense.
                                                                        A total of 1.24 billion Yen was spent on coupons in fiscal 2006.

Taxi Firm Fined After Discriminating                                  Manila Offers Loans to Convert Bus
Against Disabled Customer                                             and Taxi Engines
Bedford Today, UK, 9 July 2008                                        Reuters, 17 June 2008

A taxi firm has been prosecuted after one of its staff refused to     The Philippine government said it would lend up to 1 billion pesos
take the assistance dog of a blind customer in their cab.             ($24 million) to owners of taxis and buses to convert their diesel
                                                                      engines and cut their reliance on costly imported fuel.
A representative of Crown Cars pleaded guilty at Bedford
Magistrates Court on Thursday, June 26, to the offence of refusing    Concerned about the political fallout from soaring inflation,
to accept a booking for a taxi because the disabled person, a         President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is trying to alleviate the impact
blind man, would be accompanied by his assistance dog. The            on poor Filipinos from rising prices of fuel, food and other basic
incident was reported in March 2008 to the Licensing Authority at     commodities.
Bedford Borough Council. The court heard that the firm, based in
The Broadway, Bedford, refused to send a car to pick up the blind     “They can use to finance the engine conversion from diesel
man from outside the offices of Sight Concern after insisting its     to liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas and other
actions were not discriminating against the disabled.                 alternative fuels,” Arroyo said at a launch for more environmentally
                                                                      friendly public vehicles.
Crown Cars controller Jawaid Akhtar entered a not guilty plea
to the same charge and the hearing to his summons has been
adjourned until August 22. Keith Simmons, service manager of
registration and administration for Bedford Borough Council said:
                                                                      Taxi Fares Climb with Fuel Costs
“Licensing officers were very concerned that any of its licensed
                                                                      Nanaimo Daily News, Canada, 14 June 2008
drivers could refuse to accept a hiring from a visually-impaired
person simply because they were accompanied by a guide dog.           With the ever-increasing costs of gas, taxi driver Steven Atkins
This is unacceptable and I hope that this prosecution will send out   said a new 3.5% fuel surcharge on taxi and limousine fares in the
this message to all licensed drivers.”                                province is a necessary evil.

Cape	Town	Taxi	Body	Office	                                           Atkins, a driver with Nanaimo’s AC Taxi, said with gas now closing in
                                                                      on $CAD1.50 per litre, the industry has no choice but to implement the

Remains Closed                                                        surcharge (to take effect July 12) to make ends meet.

                                                                      “It definitely impacts our livelihood and our customers know this
Cape Argus, South Africa, 10 June 2008                                because I’ve been asked repeatedly when our fares will go up
                                                                      to keep up with the gas prices,” he said while waiting for a fare
The office of the Western Cape Taxi Council remain closed, more       downtown on Friday.
than a month after it was forced to shut by protesting members
of two taxi rivals, the Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association (Cata)      I think we’ll start to see more hybrid cars in the taxi industry.
and the Congress of Democratic Taxi Association (Codeta).             While they’re smaller, they save on fuel and they appeal to people
                                                                      because they see them as good for the environment.”
The Taxi Industry in the province has since called for an urgent
conference to reshuffle the executive of the Western Cape Taxi        The Passenger Transportation Board announced the temporary
Council, following the firing of its leader, Junaid Peters, by both   fuel surcharge on Wednesday. It will remain in place until either gas
provincial and national structures.                                   prices decline or the board approves another general rate increase.

Using Disabled Parking Spaces                                           GPS – A Help Or Hinderance?
Q: My cab is not a WATS vehicle, but I do give regular rides to         Q: I read a recent report in the media that police were urging
   some elderly people who do suffer mobility issues – am I                motorists to steer clear of GPS systems – are you aware
   able to let them off in the Disabled Parking Spaces at the              of the reasons why and whether they apply to the Taxi
   local shopping centre?                                                  Industry?
A: The right to park in a Disabled Parking Spot rests with the          A: The report to which you refer appeared on www.news.com.au
   vehicle not the taxi driver or the passenger – which means              in late May or early June. It was about a number of incidents
   if your vehicle qualifies as a WATS vehicle you can obtain a            which had occurred in Victoria – where tourists followed GPS
   sticker to signal that authoristation. If your cab does not have        instructions and found themselves stuck on 4WD tracks or on
   a sticker, you can not park in such a spot.                             steep wet slopes that their vehicle could not climb.
   The NSW Taxi Council would like to see a special exemption              At the time police in Victoria said that the incidents were taking
   for all taxis for the sole purpose of using the space to drop           up a lot of police time and resources, and motorists should
   off or pick up a passenger with special needs. This is part of          remember that the GPS does not take into account the type of
   the Council’s belief that we need to find more creative ways            vehicle being driven, road conditions, or even terrain.
   to share limited curb space particularly in Sydney’s business
                                                                           This has limited applicability for the Taxi Industry where drivers
   districts. However, at the current time it remains illegal to stop
                                                                           are travel on familiar routes and roads rather than undertaking
   in a disabled parking sport unless you have an appropriate
                                                                           long-distance travel.

 U-Turning Over Road Lines                                                 2008 Fare Increase
 Q: Can you please tell me what the rule is with U-Turns?                  Q: Why has there been such a big jump in the booking
    I recently made one across an unbroken white line                         fee for urban taxis as part of the 2008 fare increase?
    and was booked by the police – I never knew this was                   A: The booking fee was increased by 25% to $2.00 to
    an offence.                                                               increase the incentive offered to drivers for accepting
 A: According to the RTA’s Road Users Handbook, in NSW a                      bookings, in particular bookings for short jobs. The
    U-Turn is not legal when:                                                 booking fee is designed to compensate drivers for the
                                                                              cost of driving to the pick-up point. The NSW Taxi
     • There is a no U-Turn sign.                                             Council argued that increasing the fee will assist improve
     • Across any single unbroken line or double centre                       service for customers. It was a matter of balancing the
       lines whether or not the lines are broken.                             customer’s acceptance of an increase with the need to
     • At traffic lights – unless you see a U-Turn Permitted sign.            increase the amount to offset drivers’ costs.
     • On motorways.

                                                                         Send Us Your Questions

Workers Compensation Insurance
Q: I have heard that employers who pay wages of less than
   $7,500 per year will now be exempt from having to have a
   Workers Compensation Insurance Policy. Does this mean
   that taxi operators will also become exempt?
A: The answer is no. As taxi operators do not pay wages to
   bailee drivers, the premiums for Workers Compensation
   Insurance to cover bailee drivers are based on a rate per-
   plate, not a percentage of wages. There are already pro-rata
   rates for operators who bail their taxi for fewer shifts. The new
   threshold does not affect the requirement for taxi operators
   who bail their taxis to have workers compensation insurance

Immigration Checks
Q: One of my drivers was recently nabbed by the Department
   of Immigration for not having a current visa – there’s
   some suggestion that I should be checking these things.
   Is that right?
A: The Department of Immigration has advised that taxi
   operators should check the visa status of their taxi drivers
   before bailing them the taxi. Of particular interest to the
   Department are those people who are on restricted working
   visas, such as students, who can only work limited hours.
   DIMIA has indicated that penalties can apply to a taxi operator
   who engages a driver for more than the allowable hours. To
   find out how you can check work rights go to www.dimia.gov.
   au then click on the section Managing Australia’s Borders/
                                                                                                                Phone 1800 336 911
   Compliance/Information for Australian Employers.

  Taxation Compliance
  Q: When am I required to give a Tax Invoice?                           is most practical if you issue a Tax Invoice at the conclusion
                                                                         of the journey for which it is required. Drivers should also
  A: You are only legally required to give a passenger a Tax
                                                                         remember that the regulations state that taxi drivers must
     Invoice if you are requested to do so and the fare exceeds
                                                                         comply with reasonable requests from passengers. As it could
     $82.50 (inc GST). The GST Act allows you 28 days to
                                                                         be argued that a request for a Tax Invoice is reasonable, failing
     supply a Tax Invoice if it is requested. In the Taxi Industry, it
                                                                         to provide one might be considered in breach of the regulations.

Some drivers associate Spring Fever with the increase in passenger journeys to Randwick Race Course,
but for many others, it’s a time of sniffling and rubbing your nose.
Hay fever, as a medical condition, is the common name for allergic         Skin Prick Test
rhinitis, rhino meaning of the nose and it is meaning inflammatory.
                                                                           Skin prick testing is usually performed on the forearm. The skin is
According to the Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and             first cleaned with alcohol, then a drop of commercially-produced
Allergy, hay fever affects 40% of people in Australia and New              allergen extract is placed onto a marked area of skin. A small
Zealand.                                                                   prick is then made through the drop, allowing a small amount of
                                                                           allergen to enter the skin. If you are allergic, a small lump will
Not everyone with hay fever will produce the same symptoms.                appear at the site of testing.
However, there are some readily recognisable symptoms that
would suggest the person is suffering from hay fever such as               RAST Blood Test
constant sniffling, twitching and rubbing the nose, or breathing
through the mouth which can lead to a sore throat, snoring,                RAST blood testing measures the amount of IgE directed against
disturbed sleep and fatigue. Many sufferers also develop dark              specific allergens every individual has different IgE antibodies,
circles and bags under the eyes (often known as allergic shiners).         and each allergic substance stimulates production of its own
                                                                           specific IgE. In general, RAST results take longer to process and
While hay fever is often considered a trivial illness, if left untreated   are more expensive than skin testing.
it can escalate into sleeplessness and fatigue which will have a
significant impact on mood, learning and work performance.                 Although medications do not cure allergies, there are a number
                                                                           of over-the-counter and prescription medications available that
Substances called allergens trigger symptoms in people with hay            help relieve hay fever symptoms. They include pills, liquids, nasal
fever. Peak times for these allergens are in spring and summer             sprays and eyedrops. Many people get the best relief from a
when pollen from grasses, weeds and trees is more prevalent in             combination of allergy medications. You may need to try several
the air. The highest pollen counts occur on calm, hot, sunny days          medications to identify what works best for you.
in late October, November and December. However, hay fever
can be triggered year round from dust mites, pet dander, or mould          There is also a Hay Fever Vaccine available. The vaccine has
spores. In Australia, cockroaches can also be the source.                  been engineered to reduce the effects of hay fever including
                                                                           sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose by training the immune
Although hay fever can begin at any age, you’re most likely to             system to tolerate pollen. The Pollinex Quattro vaccine offers
develop it during childhood or early adulthood. It’s common for            hope to millions who suffer from hay fever requiring only four
the severity of hay fever reactions to change over the years. For          injections. Attempts to make a vaccine for hay fever have proved
most people, symptoms tend ease as they age.                               to be difficult because injecting pollen can trigger serious allergic
                                                                           reactions in patients. Each injection carries extracts from thirteen
If they don’t, then go to your doctor. The doctor will conduct two         different grass pollens which account for 95% of hay fever cases,
basic tests to determine the cause of your Hay Fever:                      but have been chemically modified as to not trigger the body’s
                                                                           immune system allowing larger amounts to be injected. On
                                                                           average Pollinex Quattro improved patient’s symptoms by 13%.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
                                                    Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Quiz
                                                    1. Where are the two Hay Lanes in Sydney?
                                                    2. Where is Watchful Harry’s Square?
                                                    3. Hay Street in Haymarket goes runs from
                                                       Harbour Street to which street?
                                                    4. In what Sydney surburb are the only streets
                                                       called Flower? Hint: one is Flower Street
                                                       and the other is Flower Lane.
                                                    Answers on Page 36

                                                    Signs of A Hay Fever Sufferer:
                                                    •   Runny nose and nasal congestion
                                                    •   Watery or itchy eyes
                                                    •   Sneezing
                                                    •   Cough
                                                    •   Itchy nose, roof of mouth or throat
                                                    •   Sinus pressure and facial pain
                                                    •   Swollen, blue-coloured skin under the eyes (allergic shiners)
                                                    •   Decreased sense of smell or taste
                                                    •   Irritability

                                                    Useful Tips to Avoid Allergens
                                                    1. Keep windows and doors closed
                                                    2. Wear wrap-around sunglasses to prevent pollen from
                                                       reaching your eyes
                                                    3. Keep away from smoky or polluted areas
                                                    4. Dry clothes and bedding indoors to avoid them picking up
                                                    5. Remember your passengers can not “give” you Hay Fever –
                                                       it’s their reaction to allergens and is not a virus you can catch.

If you are suffering from hay fever, prevention and treatment options are available to decrease your
discomfort and inconvenience. See your doctor or pharmacist who can advise you on the best medications
and treatments to relieve your symptoms.

1         2         3          4         5         6         7        8         9          10         11

12                                       13                                     14

     15                                                 16                                 17

18                                                 19

20        21                        22                                     23

                               24                                     25

26                             27        28                           29                   30

31                       32                             33                           34               35

                    36                             37                           38

39                                       40                                     41

42        43                        44                       45            46

                               47                                     48

49                  50                                  51                                 52

                                                   53                                                 54

55                             56                                     57

58                                       59                                     60

Across                              39 OPEC countries have many       6 Small memo (4)                     39 Unintentional failure to
1 Beachside birds: Sea ----- (5)       off these (7)                  7 Popular condiments (13)               notice something (9)
4 Walks with a springy gait         40 Hair arch above the eye (7)    8 Comicstrip crime fighter:          43 Relaxation time (7)
   (Horse) (7)                      41 Bumpkin: Local ----- (5)          ------ and Robin (6)              45 Adult male chicken (7)
8 Important bathroom item (7)       42 Oblong cream puff (6)          9 Reprimanding (10)                  47 Hold in high esteem (6)
12 Product of voltage and           44 Landed gentry (7)              10 Czar’s wife or widow (7)          48 Two-wheeled horse drawn
   current (7)                      46 Powerful (6)                   11 Extort money through threat          carriage (6)
13 One of three (7)                 49 Glide across snow (3)             to expose (9)                     52 Wierd (5)
14 Sth American Alpaca              50 Make lovable (6)               18 Elude capture (6)                 53 Stylish elegance (4)
   relative (5)                     51 Popular mixer used with        19 Small medicine bottle (5)         54 Overt (4)
15 Kept down unjustly by one           Scotch Whisky (9)              21 Polite (7)
   in authority (9)                 55 Make a groove in (5)           24 Freezing (7)
16 Fatty sausage (6)                56 Writing fluid stain (7)        25 Before the sun rises (7)
17 Writing fluid (3)                57 Cowboy’s footrest (7)          28 Market where there are
20 Holy (6)                         58 Movie house (7)                   more buyers than sellers
22 Leather (7)                      59 Display bad temper (7)            (13)
23 Large American lizard (6)        60 Remove dust and grime (5)      30 Leg iron (7)
26 Be in accord with (5)                                              35 Become wider (eye) (6)
27 Series of small waterfalls (7)   Down                              36 Act of improving something
29 Act of refusing (7)              1 Look stupidly at (4)               (10)
31 Way out (4)                      2 Ease (off) (5)                  37 Present in public for the first
32 Tell off angrily (5)             3 Unrealistic optimism (10)          time (5)
33 Digging tool (5)                 4 Give pleasure to (6)            38 Person obsessed with
34 Magician’s prop: Magic           5 Style of design in the 1920’s      lighting fires (10)
   ---- (4)                            and 30’s (7)

                                                                                                                     See page 36 for solutions
                                                            Crossword Solution
                                                            Crossword on page 35

                                                            G U L L S          P R A N C E S                B A T H T U B
                                                            A   E   T          L   R   H   A                A   E   S   L
                                                            W A T T A        G E   T R I P L              E T   L L A M A
                                                            K   U   R          A   D   T   T                M   L   R   C
                                                              O P P R        E S S E D   S A              L A M I   I N K
                                                            E       Y          E   C   P   N                N   N   N   M
                                                            S A C R E        D   C O W H I D              E   I G U A N A
                                                            C   O   Y          I       I   P                P   O       I

                                                            A G R E E          C A S C A D E                R E F U S A L
                                                            P   D   D          E   E   L   P                E   F   H
                                                            E X I T          S C O L D   S P              A D E   W A N D

                                                                A   R          O   L   D   E                A   P   C   I
                                                            O I L W E        L L   E Y E B R              O W   Y O K E L
                                                            V       F          D   R   B                    N   R   L   A
                                                            E C L A I        R   E S Q U I R              E   P O T E N T
                                                            R   E   N          A   M   T   O                H   M       E
August 2008                                                 S K I   E        N D E A R   S O              D A W A T E R
                                                            I   S   M          M   R   E   S                N   N   E   O
1     Fast in honor of Holy Mother - Orthodox Christian     G O U G E          I N K B L O T                S T I R R U P
                                                            H   R   N          R   E   A   E                O   A   I   E
6     Transfiguration of Our Lord - Orthodox Christian
                                                            T H E A T        R E   T A N T R              U M   C L E A N
10 Tisha B’Av - Jewish
15 Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary - Catholic Christian
15 Dormition of the Theotokos - Orthodox Christian
16 Raksha Bandhan - Hindu
                                                             Subscription Winners
18 Lailat al Bara’ah - Islam                                 Congratulations to the following who will receive a free
24 Krishna Janmashtami - Hindu                               free 2008 SYDWAY directors after subscribing to METER:
29 Beheading of John the Baptist - Christian                 •   Afonso Caxala                        Burwood
                                                             •   Karar Taslim                         Carlton
September 2008                                               •   Abdul Kalam Sum Suddin               Lakemba
                                                             •   Van Thi Nguyen                       Bankstown
1     Church year begins - Orthodox Christian                •   Satish Rehal                         Leumeah
                                                             •   Komurella Reddy Anugu,               Hurstville
2     Ramadan begins - Islam
                                                             •   Suresh Chand                         Wiley Park
3     Ganesa Chaturthi - Hindu                               •   AKM Parvez Ahmed                     Dulwich Hill
8     Nativity of Mary - Christian                           •   Sanjeev Bajaj                        Granville
14 Holy Cross Day - Christian                                •   Hunter Yu                            Dundas
15 Moon Cake Festival - Chinese Taoist tradition             Winners need to pick up their prize from the NSW Taxi Council office at
28 Laylat al Kadar - Islam                                   152 Riley Street, East Sydney. If you are not already a subscriber to
                                                             METER, see page 3 of this edition for your chance to sign up and win.
29 Michael and All Angels - Christian

    Healthy, Wealthy and Wise                                Feedback Corner
    Answers                                                  The Ministry of Transport has passed on a letter of thanks and
                                                             we would like to congratulate driver Ying Wang – who acted
    Quiz on Page 33                                          as a tour guide during a Canadian couple’s recent visit to
                                                             Australia, then posted back the camera they left on the back
    1. Caringbah and Randwick.                               seat of the taxi.

    2. Zetland.                                              “He certainly was instrumental in leaving us with a good and
                                                             positive memory of Australia and its people. It is not often
    3. Elizabeth Street.                                     one finds a young person with such integrity, good manners
                                                             and evident love for his job who will go out of his way to make
    4. Maroubra.                                             a stranger feel welcome and valued.“
                                                                                          Passengers: Harry and Anne Pohl.

O’Brien Solicitors                                                                    Accountants & Tax Agents
O’Brien Solicitors specialise in NSW traffic law and road                             We specialise in individual, late and multiple year Income Tax
related offences. Your licence is your livelihood and we’ll do                        Returns and Small Business Activity Statements. Online tax
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Mention this advertisement, and you’ll receive a free no
obligation consultation with one of our lawyers.                                                                           Southside Accounting
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Phone 9262 1715.                                                                                                           Sutherland NSW 2232
                                                                                                                           T- 9521 2066

Lease Your Taxi Plates
Combined Communications Network (CCN), the operator of                                Get Noticed in METER
Sydney’s largest Taxi Network, Taxis Combined Services,
wishes to lease taxi plates in Sydney.                                                Australia’s most widely read taxi
                                                                                      magazine - reach over 35,000
For total security, payments made monthly in advance by                               drivers, owners and operators in
direct bank credit and the knowledge that CCN will never                              just a few lines.
cancel. This is an opportunity to forget about the worries of
managing your own taxi plate.                                                         Only $220 for 50 words (inc GST)*.
                                                                                      Apply today at info@nswtaxi.org.au
To discuss rates and terms please contact CCN administration                          or fax 9360 1675.
9020 2222. 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

                                                          TAXI QUIZ                      SYDNEY NETWORK CONTACTS
1.   What are the only two nations to have competed in every
                                                                                             Taxis Combined Services                13 33 00
     Olympic Games of the modern era?                                                        www.taxiscombined.com.au

2.   What is the total number of Olympic medals that Australia                               Premier Cabs                           13 10 17
     has won in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games –
                                                                                             Legion Cabs                            13 14 51
     is it 405, 875 or 1343?                                                                 www.legioncabs.com.au

3.   Which Australians have won the most Olympic medals?                                     St George Cabs                         13 21 66
4.   In which Games did Australia win its most ever Gold medals?                             ABC Cabs
                                                                                                                                    13 25 22
5.   Who was Australia’s first ever Gold medalist?
6.   Who is Australia’s youngest ever Gold medal winner?                                     RSL Cabs                               9581 1111
7.   Who is Australia’s oldest ever Gold medal winner?                                       Manly Warringah Cabs                   9972 5600
8.   Who are the mascots of the Beijing Olympics?
                                                                                             South Western Cabs                     13 27 88
9.   How many different sporting competitions are there at the                               www.southwesterncabs.com.au
     Beijing Olympics?                                                                       True Blue Cabs                         13 39 88
10. What is the symbol used for the Beijing Olympic Games?
                                                                                             Peninsular Premier                     8868 4141
                                                                                             ComCabs                                13 34 22
                                                                                             Yellow Cabs                            13 19 24
traditional Chinese society with athletic features.
a calligraphic word for “jing”, the nation’s capital. It also weaves in elements of          Silver Service                         13 31 00
302 events. 10. The Dancing Beijing as it is known, comprises a red seal with                www.silverservice.com.au

                                                                                             Premier Prestige                       8868 4545
together – Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni – say ‘Welcome to Beijing’. 9. 28 sports in
Flame), Yingying (yellow Antelope) and Nini (green Swallow). There five names
and 26 days. 8. Beibei (blue Fish), Jingjing (black Panda), Huanhuan (red
                                                                                             St George Diamond                      13 21 88
won a Gold in the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo for yachting – he was 59 years
4x100m freestyle relay – she was 14 years and 6 months old. 7. Bill Northam                  St George Cabs Elite Fleet             13 21 77
6. Sandra Morgan who won a Gold in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics for the
Gold medals at the 1896 Athens Olympics for the 800m and 1500m athletics.                    TCS Maxi Taxis                         13 19 24
record set at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. 5. It was Edwin Flack who won 2
Australia won 17 Gold medals at the Olympics – one more than the previous                    Premier Maxi Cabs                      8868 4555
                                                                                             Legion Maxis                           13 14 51
Petria Thomas also won 8 medals (3 Gold, 4 Silver and a Bronze). 4. In 2004,
Silver and 1 Bronze), Dawn Fraser won 8 medals (4 Gold and 4 Silver), and
and 155 Bronze. 3. Ian Thorpe has won 9 medals for swimming (5 Gold, 3
                                                                                             Zero200                                8332 0200
                                                                                             Wheelchair Accessible Taxis
1. Australia and Greece. 2. 405 – which comprises 124 Gold, 126 Silver

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