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Seeing Through Auto Warranty Lies
                                   strong>When purchasing an auto warranty, some people have the notion that they are purchasing a “special
                                   shield” of protection against anything and everything that can happen to their vehicle. However, I’d say the
                                   majority of people actually understand that there are going to be restrictions and limitations. As long as you know
                                   what those are by reading the contract, there shouldn’t be any problems. But here are a few auto warranty “lies”
                                   to look out for anyway:

                                   “It’s safer to buy an auto warranty from the dealer” – Lie. Though it’s convenient, the prices are almost
                                   always two to three times higher than buying from a third party. And their contracts tend to have more limitations
                                   and fewer services.

                                   “The warranty can’t be refunded.” – Lie. All auto warranties are refundable within 30 days as long as no claims
                                   have been made. So don’t hesitate to get your money back if you were pressured into buying a warranty from the
                                   dealer that you didn’t want.

                                   “A good warranty company will pinpoint the flaws of their competition” – Lie. While it’s helpful to know
                                   what one auto warrant company offers compared to another, you should look for a company that can point out
                                   their own strong points without hesitation. It’s always better to choose a company with excellent and ethical

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