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									                          AvoGreen® Eyesight Test Requirements

It is a requirement of the Avocado Industry Council Ltd that all Monitors involved in
AvoGreen® pest monitoring have adequate eyesight defined as:

   •    The ability to perceive colour differences and discern fruit markings – the standard
        test is the Ishihara colour vision test; and
   •    The ability to sustain focusing over an extended period with clarity of vision; and
   •    The ability to see fine details at near distances.

The following record is provided to enable the recording of the above requirements.

                                    EYESIGHT TEST RECORD

Issued to: ___________________________________PPIN: __________________________

The following areas must be satisfied to meet the requirement of “adequate eyesight”.

   1. Ishihara colour vision test         □ Pass               □ Fail
   2. Standard stereo acuity test         ______ seconds of arc

   3. Met a standard of acuity equal to or better than N5 at 40cm with one or both eyes
      either with or without correction glasses or lenses

        □ Pass with glasses         □ Pass without glasses □ Fail
I confirm that the above named person’s eyes have been tested to the standards described
above and that the requirements have been met.

Name of Optometrist carrying out the test: _______________________________________
Address or stamp:                           _______________________________________
Signature:                                  _______________________________________
Date:                                       ______________________________________

                                       Please return to:
                    Avocado Industry Council, P O Box 13267, Tauranga. 3141

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