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					                         Marvin Ridge Academic Booster Club Minutes
                                      October 13, 2010
                                       CTO 7:06 p.m.

Attendance: Laura Misenheimer, Annette Rouse, Ann Yochem, Petra Ratcliff, Lee-Anne Black,
Liza Kravis, Marie Brickman, Jeanne Ann Lewis and Sonia Rai Bhave

Welcome: Laura

Minutes: Amended Sept. 2010 minutes to reflect that the Mini-Grant submission deadline
      was extended to the end of September (not October as stated in the original form).
      Minutes of Sept. 2010 approved with amendment.

Treasurer’s Report: Liza
      Started month with approximately $1700. An additional $230 in income since that time.
      Approximate balance as of start of this meeting is $1930.
      Reimbursement checks need to be written to Sonia and Laura.
      Laura and Jeanne Ann expressed interest in completing Matching Gift Forms.
      Determined that Liza will get forms to Laura who will work on them while travelling.

Website: Liza
      All updates completed.
      Meeting dates have been added.
      Up to date meeting minutes have been added.
      New membership form added.

Student Club: Lee-Anne
      There was a Sept. meeting. Approximately 9-10 students were present.
      Club decided to have members participate in 2 MRHS ABC activities per year.
      At the Open House the members hosted a donation only bake sale and took in
             approximately $100 which will go into their student account.
      The club charges a $5 membership fee unless they have a family membership
             in our organization.
      The students thought that they and their parents might be interested in an
             AP/IB meeting
             Sophomore/Junior College Planning Night
             SAT testing information
      Discussed holding a “fair” to talk about some of these things and to ensure that there
             would be time to talk to the actual teachers involved.

Membership Drive: Laura and Jeanne Ann
     Membership campaign kicked off on October 11 and will run through November 5.
     Each week there will be a dedicated email sent out to the e-news distribution list.
     The information will also be included in the weekly e-news.
     Membership form has been updated. Website updated to include new form.
     The new membership form allows someone to pay an extra $5 to receive an agenda
            with their membership.
     We will have an information table set out for the AP/IB Information Night on
            Oct. 18. Liza and Jeanne Ann will work that event.
Mini Grant: Lee-Anne
      Lee-Anne prepared a document of grant proposals submitted to date.
      Two other proposals not on the sheet were also reviewed.
      We discussed the dollar amount to be awarded based on our By-Laws.
      Determined that $500 per semester for school year 2010-11 was appropriate.
      Open discussion on grant proposals.
      Unanimously decided to award grants to the Language Department for 40 personal
             white board slates and markers for $154, $300 for the QUIA program for
             Beginning Teachers and Mentors and $57.92 to purchase 2 DVDs for
             all biology classes.
      Total money granted = $511.92
      Discussed publicizing what had been awarded. Lee-Anne will email those who did
             not receive their grant and ask them if they would like us to carry it forward
             for consideration in the Spring semester. Lee-Anne will also write up an article
             for the e-news to publicize our actions.

Fundraising: Laura
      Will try to sell remaining agendas through current membership drive.
      After the membership drive is over we will determine how many to donate to the school.

Academic Programs/ Recognition: Laura
     Academic Awards for 2nd semester 2009-10
            Recipients named.
            Poster created and hung.
            Letters completed but lost at some point on way to Laura. Will need to be re-done
                    and will include an invitation to an award breakfast.
            It was suggested that these recipients be recognized at a breakfast because they
                    are not currently recognized at the Bars and Letters ceremony. We have
                    agreed to try it one time and then to evaluate whether we would be able
                    to continue to do this.
            Approximately 93 letters will go out. Determined that the media center might be
                    a good place to hold the breakfast as long as it did not conflict with other
                    events already scheduled for that location.
            Possible dates are November 16 or November 17.
            At the breakfast the students will be recognized and will see their name on
                    the Wall of Fame.
            Sonia will check on a Bojangles contribution, Laura will check on a donut
                    connection, Petra will check on a bagel connection and Lee-Anne
                    is in charge of water and orange juice.
     Academic Awards for 1st semester 2010-11
            The request for the Master List of classes has been made to Ms. Hamilton and
                    will go to Ms. Yochem by Nov. 18. Teachers will have until Dec. 3 to
                    return their recipient names.
     Academic Athletic Awards
            Fall Awards Ceremony is scheduled for December 13.
IB/AP Night
      It is a parent information night scheduled for Oct. 18th @ 7 pm for 8th, 9th and 10th
               graders and their parents.
      Liza and Jeanne Ann scheduled to staff our table that evening with membership
               information and agendas.

Programs for 2010-11
      Discussed sponsoring a Fair in the evening.
             Might have info on Honors and AP classes, IB, SAT testing, and how to
             plan for college. Should check with Guidance for possible dates. If we decide to
             include any admissions counselors, Mr. Miller might be able to help us with
             phone contact/calls.
      Davidson, Duke, Wake Forest and Chapel Hill are having an information event on
             Dec. 15. Discussed possibly sponsoring a bus for students to that event.
      Laura and Petra will draft a proposal for a Fair to occur sometime around the second
             week of December. The event could stand in the place of our Dec. 9 meeting.

New Business:
     IB registration will begin on Nov. 30.

Meeting: November 18, 2010 @ 7 pm

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