First Six Weeks Test Review by huanghengdong


									                                       First Six Weeks Test Review

And Then There Were None Section

   1. Who is Justice Wargrave?
   2. Who is Vera Claythorne?
   3. Who is Captain Philip Lombard:
   4. Who is Miss Emily Brent?
   5. Who is General Macarthur?
   6. Who is Dr. Armstrong?
   7. Who is Tony Marston?
   8. Who is Mr. Blore?
   9. Who is Mr. Rogers?
   10. Who is Mrs. Rogers?
   11. Who was the first character to die?
   12. How did he die?
   13. Who was the second person to die?
   14. How did she die?
   15. What are all the guests on the island accused of?
   16. What accusation does “The Voice” make for each character?
         a. Justice Wargrave:
         b. Vera Claythorne:
         c. Captain Philip Lombard:
         d. Miss Emily Brent:
         e. General Macarthur:
         f. Dr. Armstrong:
         g. Tony Marston:
         h. Mr. Blore:
         i. Mr. Rogers:
         j. Mrs. Rogers:

   17. Which two characters openly admit to their crime and show no remorse?
   18. Why can’t the guests simply leave the island?
   19. In a mystery novel, what is a red herring?
   20. What are clues?
   21. In a mystery novel, the plot usually includes what?
   22. What are the three types of characters in a mystery novel?
   23. Who wrote And Then There Were None?
   24. How many guests are on the island?
   25. How many Indian figurines are on the table?
   26. Why is the nursery rhyme Ten Little Indians important?
   27. Essay: Discuss the clues presented so far. What pattern is developing? What do you think is going to
       happen on the island? Why? Provide textual evidence to support your answer.

Texas Traits of Writing Section

   28. Strong writing presents a clear focus. It contains specific, connected ideas that support the thesis and
       does not include unrelated information. Which trait of writing does this describe?

   29. Effective writing creates a meaningful whole—with a clear beginning, middle, and end. The writing
       flows smoothly from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph. Which trait of writing does
       this describe?

   30. Good writing contains thoroughly developed ideas that are clearly supported with appropriate details.
       Which trait of writing does this describe?

   31. Writing should reflect the writer’s personality. It is engaging and appropriate for the topic and
       audience. Which trait of writing does this describe?

   32. Strong writing follows the rules for grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, and
       spelling. Which trait of writing does this describe?

Parts of Speech Section

   33. What is a noun?
   34. What is a pronoun?
   35. What is a verb?
   36. What is an adjective?
   37. What is an adverb?
   38. What is a subject?
   39. What is a predicate?

Writing Process Section

   40. What is the first step of the writing process?
   41. What is the second step of the writing process?
   42. What is the third step of the writing process?
   43. What is the fourth step of the writing process?
   44. What is the fifth step of the writing process?
   45. What is the difference between revising and editing?

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