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110912-Kelvin 100th Anniversary Meeting Minutes


									                            Kelvin High 100th Anniversary Committee Meeting

September 12, 2011

Call to order 7:29 pm

Attendance: Jim Pappas, Richard Bracken, John and Judith Perrin, Marsha Birnie, Chris Young, Paul Lee,
Sam Graham, Jim Brown, Myles Burdeniuk, Allison Cooney, Al Weibe, Lena Morrow, Anne Mackay,
Maryanne Medland (for Margot Christie), Susan Bolton, Elsa Alho, Grant Mitchell.

Budget Review – Jim Pappas

Jim presented a preliminary budget based on an attendance of 3000 people and each paying $200 for
the entire package. This would generate $600 000, the estimated costs including a contingency amount
are $492 200, leaving a profit of $107 800. The memory books, included in the above budget, should
cost around $25 each to produce.

A concern was raised that $200 for the entire weekend is not accessible to everyone and not fair for
people to pay for wine if they do not drink. Wine averaged into the cost is approximately $7 per person.
Current students are asking if there will be student volunteer discounts, we will continue to discuss this.

A motion was moved by Grant and seconded by Al that we pass the proposed budget. The motion was

A full description of the weekend including the activities, costs and on-line registration needs to be
prepared to go out by October 10th and be posted on the website.

Registration – Marsha Birnie

The registration committee needs to create a form that can be submitted to a mailbox in the office, this
mailbox needs to be secure.

Internet – Allison Cooney

There have been many replies for singers.

Allison needs help with programming because she is overwhelmed with work. The person would need
to know web design. Jim Pappas will try and recruit his son and will take over emailing the committee
the meeting dates. Allison will send him the committee email list.

In School Events – Anne Mackay

The committee conducted a loose survey over the summer to gather ideas for the weekend. A
suggestion that came of the survey was that on Sunday people would prefer intimate in home
gatherings following the Friday and Saturday night festivities. Further, if the school were open for the
weekend the committee would need to pay custodial staff. It would be nice to keep the school open on
the Sunday so that people could come by and see it, especially for those who cannot afford the $200
ticket for the weekend’s events.

       Any kind of a sports event would be a good idea, maybe for Saturday.
       Jim Pappas suggested an antique car display. This could probably fill the parking lot with cars
        from each decade.
       John Perrin suggested a Salisbury Pancake Breakfast. A tent could be set up in the parking lot.
        He will look into whether they will sponsor the event and/or what the cost would be.

Volunteers – Grant Mitchell

The other committees need to determine how many volunteers they need and report these numbers
back to Grant including an outline that describes the roles and expectations of them. It was estimated
that we would need 35-40 volunteers all together.

Grant suggested that senior students, including his 3 kids and their friends, could be responsible to take
tickets at the door.

PR – Susan Bolton

There has been no response yet pertaining to the article in the Free Press regarding the Memorial Book.

Twenty years ago the reunion was advertised by putting small ads in community newspapers across the
country. Allison inquired about putting articles in the University newspapers.

The committee is in the process of pricing out costs for ads and is negotiating sponsorship for this. John
Perrin would appreciate being kept current on this process so that he does not make duplicate
sponsorship requests from companies.

Memory Book – Chris Young

Chris proposes that Thursday May 24th be a day for teachers and students of Kelvin to teach the history
of Kelvin so they can have the 100th experience without going to the $200 weekend.

He will get students to help with the memory book project. Chris wants it to be a student project with
help from staff. He has already spoken with the social studies department and they are on board. Chris
will go to the archives himself to look up community newspapers for historical Kelvin information.
Students can scan pictures and do some research such as political and sports history. Pictures are
coming in and Rhonda has more, once the students are involved the process should move quickly.

Chris will also try to put together a Hall of Fame for the weekend.

Former Teachers – Al Wiebe

Al would like to have a picture and blurb put in the memory book for every teacher that has ever taught
at Kelvin.
Alumni want to see staff! A meet and greet area at the Convention Centre before the festivities get
going would be ideal. Staff and former staff may also need a separate area such as a “staff lounge” they
can go to in order to have a break from the paparazzi.

Sponsorship – John Perrin

John has several quotes and availabilities from the Convention Centre area hotels. Should we approach
one to be the official hotel? He will look into blocking between 300 – 500 rooms, many visitors will stay
with family and friends.

The committee met and came up with many sponsor ideas and determined that there should be
different levels of sponsorship. For example, how many ads will be posted, how big they will be, where
they will be posted, ect. Can a general call for sponsors be advertised in the Free Press? The committee
will come up with a brochure so that companies can pick what they are sponsoring, such as
transportation, accommodation, class photos, a beverage, ect.

Will tax receipts be issued for monetary donations? Can this be done through the Children’s Heritage
Fund? Another option is to apply for charitable tax status for the foundation. It takes about 2 months
to complete this process. John will contact St. John’s High School to find out if and how they handed out
tax receipts.

The reunion needs to have greetings from Elected Officials and the Governor General.

John stresses that if anyone comes into contact with an organization and asks for something for the
reunion to please let him know.

Friday Reception – Jim Pappas

There will be a nice variety of food stations around the room including a mini pizza station, a sushi
station and a dessert station, just to name a few. There will be sofas, tables and chairs, cocktail tables
and standalone chairs scattered about. Four or 5 bars will be operating.

Next Meeting: Monday October 17th, 7:30 pm

Meeting adjourned at 8:39 pm.

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