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									                               BOARD OF GOVERNORS of the
                           COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM

                                   REGULAR BOARD MEETING
                                         May 2, 2007

                                      Occhiato University Center
                                          Pueblo, Colorado


The Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System; governing board of Colorado State
University-Fort Collins and Colorado State University-Pueblo, convened its regular meeting on
Wednesday, May 2, 2007, at the Occhiato University Center at CSU-Pueblo in Pueblo, Colorado.
Chairman Pat Grant called the meeting to order at 8:20 a.m.


Voting Board Members Present: Joe Blake; B. A. Cosyleon; Diane Evans (Secretary); Pat Grant (Chair);
Ed Haselden; Doug Jones (Vice Chair); Don Hamstra; Ed Haselden; Jeff Shoemaker

Board Members Absent: Diane Evans (Secretary)

Non-Voting Board Members Present: Jude DePalma (Faculty Representative, CSU-Pueblo); Jason Green
(Student Representative, CSU-Fort Collins); Samantha Milyard (Student Representative, CSU-Pueblo);
Ted Weston (Faculty Representative, CSU-Fort Collins)

Chancellor/President’s Present: Joseph Garcia (President, CSU-Pueblo); Larry Penley (President, CSU-
Fort Collins)

CSU System Staff Present: Doriane Howard (Executive Assistant); Karen Klimczak (Director of
Marketing; Alan Lamborn (Chief Academic Officer); Loretta Martinez (General Counsel); Frank Pierz
(Chief of Staff and Director of Governmental Relations); Rich Schweigert (Chief Financial Officer)

Guests Present: Joanne Ballard (Vice President for Finance and Administration, CSU-Pueblo); Hector
Carrasco (Dean, CSU-Pueblo); Tony Frank (Sr. Vice President/Provost, CSU-Fort Collins); Kathleen
Henry (President/CEO, CSURF); Russ Meyer (Interim Provost, CSU-Pueblo); Laurence Pendleton
(Associate General Counsel); Kristy Proctor (Dean, CSU-Pueblo); Judy Schmidt (Office of General
Counsel, CSU System); Lou Swanson (Vice Provost, CSU-Fort Collins) Rich Tusa


No members of the public offered comment.


A-1 CSU – Fort Collins Student Report
Mr. Green distributed his student report at the meeting and highlighted several items: the RAM Ride (get
home safe system) has reached 50,000 rides; the Associated Students of Colorado, a student lobbying group
comprised of 13 other higher education institutions, of which CSU has been an integral part of creating,
have adopted official bylaws and are moving forward with legislative issues; the Microbiology Study
Lounge, a 24 hour study area for students, recently opened; April 18 th was “I Love CSU Day”, proclaimed

Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
of May 2, 2007
                                                -110 -
by the Governor; April 27th was the High School Leadership Conference which drew 30 students from
across the state to attend leadership development workshops; and the student fee packet has been presented
before the Senate for ratification which will be ready for the June 20 th Board meeting. Mr. Green
introduced Sadie Conrad, the student vice president, and Katie Gleeson, the president-elect.

A-2 CSU-Pueblo Student Report
Ms. Milyard also provided several highlights from her written report: the student government sponsored an
end of year event, a Tiki Fest, which was a great success; Pandemic Flu awareness began; ASG has passed
a proposal that will eliminate Email SPAM; the ASG constitution and bylaws have been updated and
approved; and student fees were approved by ASG. Ms. Milyard introduced the new student body
president, Erica Contreras. Ms. Milyard informed the Board members that this was her last meeting and
thanked everyone. On behalf of Board, Mr. Grant thanked Ms. Milyard for her contributions and for being
part of the Board.

A-3 CSU – Fort Collins Faculty Report
Dr. Weston pointed out that his report covered information from the last three Faculty Council meetings –
February 6, March 6, and April 3. He noted that the budget process was underway.

A-4 CSU – Pueblo Faculty Report
Dr. DePalma reported that the Faculty Senate has been actively working on faculty handbook revisions (he
pointed out that they have eliminated the C- grade) and they have consolidated all of the academic policies
in Chapter 5 in the faculty handbook. Dr. DePalma announced that this was his last meeting and thanked
the Board members for the enjoyable two years service to the Board. Mr. Grant thanked Dr. DePalma for
his valued service representing the faculty.

Presidents Report – CSU – Fort Collins
President Penley highlighted several items from his written report: CSU excelled in the U.S. News and
World Report’s 2008 edition of “America’s Best Graduate Schools” rankings in education, engineering,
chemistry, computer science, biological science, mathematic, physics and earth sciences; he called
attention to the 100th year anniversary of veterinary medical program which was ranked as 2 nd in the
country by U.S. News and World Report; he noted that 34 undergraduate students participated in the El
Pomar Leadership Summit; and he pointed out recent national and international attention to CSU in Fort
Collins in that Dr. Penley was the keynote speaker at the Higher Learning Commission and Lou Swanson
and President Penley spoke at the Global Consortium for Higher Education and Research for Agriculture in
Costa Rica in March. He also reported that he and Dr. Frank recently visited the biocontainment laboratory
being constructed at the Foothills Campus which is scheduled to open early October.

President Report: CSU-Pueblo
In addition to the written report submitted to the Board, President Garcia noted several items: the
President’s Gala was most successful; he recognized Dr. Jude DePalma for receiving the Johnson Space
Center Inventor 2006 Award for his scholarly work in developing an advanced electrocardiograph which
was recently patented; he announced that the new dean of business will begin July 1 st ; he reported that he
was the keynote luncheon speaker at a joint event hosted by the Harvard Law School and Kennedy School
of Government where had the opportunity to discuss the importance of Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI)
and higher education; and lastly, he announced that CSU-Pueblo received a positive draft report from the
Higher Learning Commission on Accreditation and he read several comments from their report.


A motion was made by Mr. Jones and seconded by Mr. Haselden to approve the consent agenda items; the
minutes from the following meetings: January 30, 2007 – Finance Committee Meeting; February 7, 2007 –
Regular Meeting; February 15, 2007 – Real Estate Committee Meeting; March 2, 2007 – Special Board
Meeting; March 22, 2007 – Audit Committee; March 28, 2007 – Real Estate Committee Meeting; April 6,
2007 – Special Board Meeting; and agenda items C-1 through C-40. Motion passed.
Colorado State University-Fort Collins

Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
of May 2, 2007
                                                  -210 -
C-1    Promotion and Tenure Report
C-2    Emeritus Rank Designations
C-3    Nondelegable Personnel Actions
C-4    Approval of Degree Candidates
C-5    Revisions to Sabbatical Leave for 2006-2007
C-6    Drop B.S. Degree Program in Fishery Biology
C-7    B.S. Degree Program Name Change in Wildlife Biology
C-8    Academic Calendar for Fall 2012 through Summer 2014
C-9    Sabbatical Leave Summaries
Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual Revisions
C-10    Membership and Term of Office (Section B.1.1)
C-11    Comment newsletter (Section B.2.5)
C-12    Guidelines for Preparing Proposals for CIOSU Establishment (Section B.2.6.5)
C-13    Elected Members (Section C.
C-14    Electorate for Faculty Council and Election Procedures (Section C.2.1.4)
C-15    Standing Committees: Executive Committee (Section C.
C-16    Standing Committees: Membership and Function – Committee on Faculty
        Governance (Section C.
C-17    Colleges and Academic Departments (Section C.2.3.1.f)
C-18    Colleges Deans (Section C.
C-19    Operational Policies of Departments (Section C.
C-20    Definition of Administrative Professions (Section D.1.2)
C-21    Definition of Academic Faculty (Section E.1)
C-22    Basic Types of Academic Faculty Appointments (Section E.4)
C-23    Joint Academic and Administrative Professional Appointments (Section E.5.2)
C-24    General Policies Relating to Appointment and Employment of Academic Faculty
        (Section E.6)
C-25    Administrative Responsibilities in Relation to Tenure (Section E.10.3)
C-26    Policies on Conferring Tenure (Section E.10.4)
C-27    Origin and Process of Tenure Recommendations and Origin and Processing of
        Recommendations (Sections E.10.5.1 and E.13.1 respectively)
C-28    (Annual) Leave Accrual and (Sick) Leave Accrual (Sections F.3.1.1 and F.3.2.1)
C-29    Study Privileges (Section G.1)
C-30    Smoking in Campus Buildings (Section H.14)
C-31    Policies Regarding Controlled Substances, Illicit Drugs, and Alcohol
        (Section I.16)
C-32    Documentation (Section K.6)
Colorado State University-Pueblo
C-33 Promotion and Tenure Report
C-34 Approval of Degree Candidates
C-35 Emeritus Rank Designations
Colorado State University – Pueblo Faculty Handbook Revisions
C-36    Sabbatical Leave Policies (Section
C-37    Unit Criteria for Granting of Sabbatical Leaves (Section
C-38    Sabbatical Report (Section
C-39    Sabbatical Records (Section
C-40    Sabbatical and Educational Leave Programs (Section CHAIR’S AGENDA

D-1 Chair’s Comments

D-1-A Honorary Resolution
Mr. Grant recognized Rich Tusa, Director of Internal Audit, for his service and dedication while serving the
Colorado State University System for more than 28 years. Mr. Shoemaker and Mr. Hamstra also
acknowledged Mr. Tusa’s invaluable contributions to the System. Mr. Tusa addressed the Board regarding
his rewarding career in higher education and thanked all of the Board members. A motion was made by

Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
of May 2, 2007
                                                 -310 -
Mr. Cosyleon, seconded by Mr. Haselden, and passed unanimously to approve the following honorary
resolution honoring Richard P. Tusa for this service.

D-1-B Pueblo Community Forum
Mr. Grant thanked President Garcia for organizing and coordinating the community forum yesterday
afternoon, and noted it was helpful and educational to hear from the Pueblo community.

D-2 Draft Bylaws & D-5 Audit Charter
Chancellor Penley commented that the Board began to revise the board policy manual two years ago and
that General Counsel Ms. Martinez began the process of creating the bylaws presented today. Ms.
Martinez noted three items desired by the Board: a more useful resource, address the conflict between
certain areas of the policy manual and the statutes that govern the Board’s operations, and hone down the
policy to key, system policies at the Board level. Ms. Martinez mentioned the three steps to the process
which were recodification of the Board statutes, bylaws, and recommendations from the Chancellor and
General Counsel of key, system level policies that ought to remain in place. A discussion followed. Mr.
Hamstra mentioned his concerns – the elimination of the ratification of committee appointments, and the
direct reporting relationship between the auditor and the Board. Chancellor Penley referred to the section
in the audit charter document indicating that the Auditor would report directly to the Board through the
Audit Committee. Mr. Shoemaker suggested that this agenda item be tabled until such time that the Board
members have had more time to review the audit charter document. The Board members agreed.

D-3 Election of Officers
Mr. Grant announced that his term as Chair of the Board is ending and thanked the Board for the
opportunity to serve as Chair for the past two years. Mr. Shoemaker put forth the following individuals for
consideration as officers for the next term – May 2007 through May 2009. The motion was seconded by
Mr. Cosyleon and passed.

Chair:           Doug Jones
Vice Chair:      Joe Blake
Treasurer:       Diane Evans
Secretary:       Ed Haselden

Mr. Jones made a few comments as the incoming Chair. Chancellor Penley presented a gavel to Mr. Grant
as a token of appreciation while serving as Chair of the Board. Mr. Grant offered a few comments as the
outgoing Chair and thanked everyone for their support while he served as Chair.

D-4 Teaching of Excellence Award
Mr. Grant recognized Dr. Carol Loats, Associate Professor of Associate Professor of History and
Coordinator of Women’s Studies, as the recipient of the CSU-Pueblo Teaching of Excellence Award on
behalf of the Board of Governors. Mr. Grant presented Dr. Loats with a plaque and monetary award. Dr.
Loats took a few moments to address the Board and thanked everyone for this honor.COMMITTEE

E-1 Audit Committee
The audit committee report was postponed to the next meeting in the absence of the committee chair.

E-2 Finance Committee
Rich Schweigert briefly reviewed the items discussed at the finance committee meeting. Budget update –
looked at the comparison of what the Board originally requested, what legislature originally granted and
then the late revisions to the budget for the proposed budget FY08.
Q3 financial reports on income and balance sheet statements – the reported financial condition of the
System is very strong. Underwriters – the financial advisors recommended the need for bringing
underwriters in on a contractual basis for upcoming debt financing. Thirteen firms replied to the Request
for Proposals (RFP) and four firms were interview face to face. The selection committee (representatives
from both campuses and the System) recommended that those four firms be hired on a contractual basis for

Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
of May 2, 2007
                                                 -410 -
upcoming debt financing. Single enterprise designation – the committee requested that the Board readopt
this designation because notice wasn’t provided to the State Auditor’s office when it was adopted in
October. The following action items were presented from the Finance Committee to the full Board for

E-2-A Approval of a Resolution to Designate Colorado State University and Colorado State
University – Pueblo as a Single Enterprise Under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Mr. Jones moved that the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System re-designate
Colorado State University and Colorado State University–Pueblo as a single enterprise pursuant to C.R.S. §
23-5-101.7 for the purpose of TABOR effective for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2006 and subsequent
fiscal years, subject to review and certification by the Office of the State Auditor and review of the
Legislative Audit Committee, as required by C.R.S. § 23-5-101.7. Mr. Jones further moved that, by this
action, the Board of Governors does not intend to and this action shall not be construed as rescinding
existing enterprise designations for auxiliary facilities within the Colorado State University system as
identified in C.R.S. § 23-5-101.5. This motion was seconded by Mr. Blake. Discussion followed regarding
the possibility of having a separate enterprise designation at a later time and whether provisions were made
in the documents should this take place. Mr. Schweigert indicated that he would discuss this matter further
with legal counsel. The motion was approved.

E-2-B Operating Revisions for FY 2006-2007
Mr. Jones moved that the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System approve the
proposed revisions to the FY 2006-2007 operating budget for the Colorado State University and Colorado
State University – Pueblo. The motion was seconded by Mr. Shoemaker and carried.

E-2-C Approval of a Resolution to Designate Four Underwriters as those Approved for Use by Staff
in Completing any Board Approved Debt Financing for Fiscal Years 2007-2009
Mr. Jones moved that the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System approve the use of
up to four underwriters for each debt-financing project and that they include Morgan Stanley, Citigroup,
Lehman Brothers, and A.G. Edwards. He further moved that the determination of Senior or Co-manager
shall be designated by the Chancellor with advice of the Chief Financial Officer, System Financial Advisor,
Office of General Counsel, and Bond Counsel allowing designation of Senior and Co-Mangers to change
on a deal by deal basis for any financing project in Fiscal years 2007, 2008, and 2009 without having to re-
bid such services each time. The motion was seconded by Mr. Shoemaker and passed unanimously.

E-3 Real Estate Committee
Mr. Haselden provided a brief update on the actions of the Real Estate Committee noting that the
committee has defined the purpose of the committee, the working relationship with CSURF, and he briefly
described the process used to review and ultimately approve the disposition of any real estate currently held
or consideration for future purchase of real estate that might be contemplated - the real estate office gains
approval from various departments within the institution so the committee can ascertain that there is no
current or anticipated use of the property, the committee then provides input in the due diligence process.
In essence, the committee is acting in an advisory role giving Mr. Holtorf, Director of the Real Estate
Office, the suggested input that ultimately culminates in a motion that will come before the Board for
disposition of a particular asset. The following action items were brought forth from the Real Estate
Committee to the full Board for approval.

E-3-A Carry in #1: CSU Land/Program Plan: Acquisition of Banded Peak Conservation Easements
and approval of the associated program plan on behalf of the Colorado State Forest Service.
Mr. Holtorf provided details regarding the acquisition of the conversation easements which was at the
request of the Forest Service and the state in order to preserve forest land. The project involves CSU
acquiring two conservations easement; one we would purchase and the second easement is a gift being
donated by the owner. Funds would come from the U.S. Forest Service Grant money and the Great
Outdoor Colorado. CSU’s role is to maintain and manage the easement. Mr. Jones offered a motion that
the Board of Governors approve the acquisition of and program plan for two conservation easements
totaling 11,830 acres of land on the Banded Peak Ranch in Archuleta County under the Forest Legacy

Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
of May 2, 2007
                                                  -510 -
Program for the benefit of the Colorado State Forest Service. And, further moved that the President of
Colorado State University is hereby authorized to sign implementing contracts and other documents
necessary and appropriate to consummate the transaction with modifications made in consultation with
General Counsel. The motion was seconded by Mr. Cosyleon and the motion carried.

E-3-B Carry In #2: CSU Land: Lease of Land on the Foothills Campus to the Federal Government
[National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC), formerly Denver Wildlife Research Center (DWRC)].
Mr. Holtorf provided background information on this transaction and stated that Board approval is needed
to modify this 1990 ground lease between CSU and the USDA Foothills campus for their national wildlife
research center. This is the fifth phase; they have built four phases of this project and at each phase, we are
required to modify the ground lease. This is an authorization for us to approve a sublease of an initial
ground lease that was put forth back in 1990, this has already been done four previous times, it is really a
matter of authorization on our part that previous boards have already granted. Mr. Cosyleon offered a
motion that the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System hereby approve (1) the return
(deletion) of approximately 1.6 acres (the exact amount to be determined by survey) of real property on the
Colorado State University Foothills Campus (the “Property”) from the 43 acres leased by the University to
USDA-APHIS under a ground lease dated February 20, 1990 (the “USDA-APHIS Ground Lease”), for the
purpose of constructing and operating NWRC Phase V, a Wildlife Disease Research Building (WDRB) for
scientific research activities at the National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC); and (2) lease of the
Property by the University to a developer (the “Developer”) to be selected by the General Services
Administration (GSA) for a period of 30 years with no renewal options to permit construction and
subsequent sublease to the GSA of the WDRB for use by USDA-APHIS. The motion was seconded by
Mr. Jones and passed unanimously.

E-3-C Carry In #3 - CSU-Pueblo: Land: Authorization to Sell A Portion of the Real Property
known as the Walkingstick Development in Pueblo, Colorado
Mr. Haselden indicated that this is an authorization to sell a portion of the property known as
“Walkingstick” a development north of the CSU-Pueblo campus. Mr. Holtorf provided several details
about the property and a discussion followed. This is consistent with the master plan, there was a complete
teamwork approach with President Garcia and Ms. Ballard and all decisions were made consistent with
their desires and the strategic goals. Mr. Holtorf noted that the University has a seat on the Walkingstick
committee so will be involved in future developments. Several board members expressed interest and
commented on the significant importance of a policy regarding of the disposition of these proceeds which
is an important issue that the full Board ought to address in the near future. Mr. Shoemaker offered a
motion that the Board of Governors hereby delegates authority to the Chancellor of the Colorado State
University System to execute an agreement (the “Agreement”) to sell approximately 139 acres of real
property designated as “Parcel 30” on Exhibit A attached hereto (the Property), and a limited right of first
refusal on the real property designated as “Parcel 23”on terms and conditions and for such consideration as
the Chancellor shall determine, after consultation with the General Counsel as to the form of the
Agreement. And, he further moved that the President of CSU-Pueblo is hereby authorized to execute, on
behalf of the Board, all deeds, rights of way, plats, dedications, subdivision improvements agreements and
other agreements and documents contemplated by or necessary or appropriate to implement the Agreement.
This was seconded by Mr. Jones and passed unanimously.


F-1 & F-2 Legislative and Funding Updates
HB 1096 – Colorado Research Institute Bill – this funding for Water Resources Research Institute is likely
to receive $150,000 in funding for FY08.
SB 182 – Higher Education Research Authority & Funding - this bill creates a research authority for higher
education and a research fund that would increase the competitiveness of Colorado relative to other states.
It appears now that this bill will receive funding of up to $800,000 which will get the research proposal
SB 222 - Statutory Transfers to the Capital Construction Fund - this bill transfers $30 million from General
Fund revenues to the Capital Construction Fund. We are reasonably assured that we receive fund

Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
of May 2, 2007
                                                  -610 -
controlled maintenance, the HPER building completion, the Diagnostic Medicine Center, and Clark
SB 228 – Monitoring of Vendor Performance on State Contracts – this has been amended and we believe at
this stage it will not impede us in our dealing with research grants.

F-3 Security Issues
Chancellor Penley called on Chief Dexter Yarborough, Chief of Police at the Fort Collins campus, to
address the Board relative to security issues at CSU Fort Collins in light of the recent tragic incident in
West Virginia. Chief Yarborough stated that their responsibility is for the safety and security not only for
students but also faculty and staff. He assured the Board that CSU does have an emergency plan and an
emergency management team in place, and they plan to enhance this plan. She shared some of the current
systems in place: contact key individual via telephone, contact building proctors, interrupt broadcast and
satellite television, reverse 911 system. Some ideas to enhance their emergency plan are a text based
cellular phone message and siren type system for emergency broadcast. President Garcia addressed
security issues relative to the Pueblo campus. He stated the sheriff’s department has a substation on
campus, they’ve arranged for the local sheriffs to conduct a technical walk through of all buildings; they
are looking at using their existing fire alarm system to provide disaster information, as well as using the
reverse 911 system. Mr. Grant suggested that in the future there be ongoing dialogue in executive session
on specific planning at each institution.


G-1 New Degree Program: Ph.D. Degree Program in Public Communication and Technology in the
Department of Journalism and Technical Communications, College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Frank presented information on this degree program. Mr. Hamstra moved that the Board of Governors
approve the request from the Department of Journalism and Technical Communication for a new Ph.D.
Degree Program in Public Communications and Technology which will become effective Fall Semester
2008. The motion was seconded by Mr. Shoemaker and the motion carried.

G-2 CSU-Pueblo: Expansion of Athletic Programs
Mr. Grant thanked President Garcia and the Pueblo community for bringing the athletic program expansion
idea forward. Chancellor Penley provided the context within which the Board had requested additional
information, including a business plan and a consultant’s review. Mr. Schweigert reviewed the business
plan and reported that from a financial perspective, it was reasonable. He stated that key to the expansion
of the athletic program is enrollment and made several suggestion to the Board members – that they request
a quarterly enrollment report with a cut off date, determine if the practice facility to be built by donors shall
be gifted or leased, and have a clear understanding of who controls the endowment funds and how they will
be used.

President Garcia responded to Mr. Schweigert’s observations, and reported that the financial projections
were consistent with other schools, pointed out the strong donor level support, and discussed revenue from
enrollment growth. CSU- Pueblo has built in flexibility to reduce expenses if enrollment declines and will
formalize a building lease along with an endowment agreement. The proposed expansion of the athletic
program is just one of their active strategic initiatives to increase enrollment and increase competition.
Other strategic initiatives are: development of donor scholarships, graduation incentive program, Title V
first year students program. All are stretch goals tied to enrollment growth, retention growth and
graduation. A comprehensive business plan that supports the addition of football, women’s track and field,
and wrestling programs was provided. The plan demonstrates the expansion won’t drain resources from
existing academic programs, specifies start up costs will be provided by third party donors (and donors
agreed to provide financial resources to build a new practice facility), and provides information regarding
an endowment. Information was presented from an analysis regarding the expansion or elimination of
sports programs, especially football, at other universities and provided specific data on these findings. It
was noted that enrollment and diversity both increased at institutions adding football programs. President
Garcia discussed the impact of adding sports programs at CSU-Pueblo and discussed Title IX
considerations. A conservative financial model was presented - discussion on financial considerations

Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
of May 2, 2007
                                                    -710 -
including start up costs, operating costs and revenues was held. The timeline is to begin competition in all
three new programs in the fall of 2008. In closing, President Garcia stated that their plan to expand athletic
programs by adding football, wrestling, and women’s track and field offers more opportunity than risk.

Tim Prutch, a student athlete at Fort Lewis College, addressed the Board. He supported the athletic
expansion and believes it would be successful in the recruitment of student athletes as well as increasing
enrollment. Chuck Neinas of Neimas Sports Services addressed the Board members. He analyzed the
basic plan for expansion of the athletic program at CSU-Pueblo (with an emphasis on football) and noted
several objectives to be obtained: enrollment, publicity brought to the University, enhancement of student
life, community outreach, and additional opportunities for education. He also supported the expansion of
the athletic program.

A discussion followed at which time board members commented on the plan. All were supportive of the
athletic expansion program, however, Board members requested more information on several topics: the
endowment agreement, Title IX, exit strategy, development, and design and construction agreement. The
Board members stressed that they support the concept but need additional information before making a
final decision. Mr. Haselden moved that the Board endorse the concept of the athletic expansion plan
subject to subject to the provision of additional information relating to certain business and legal
considerations requested by the Board. He further stated that the Board would reconvene in the next
several weeks to review the documentation. The motion was seconded by Mr. Blake and passed

G-3 Master’s Degree Program in Education
Dr. Meyer presented information on the Master’s Degree Program in Education and stated the three special
emphasis areas are Special Education, Linguistically Diverse Education and Instruction Technology. This
program will offer course work in the evenings, on weekends, and summers and they expect to grow a large
number of educators. Mr. Hamstra moved that the Board of Governors approve the proposal for Colorado
State University – Pueblo to offer a Master’s in Education degree program beginning fall, 2007. The
motion was seconded by Mr. Jones. The motion passed.


H-1 Colorado State University System – Learning Center and Distance Education
This agenda item was postponed and will be presented at the next regular Board meeting.


At 12:05 p.m. a motion was made to convene in executive session. Open session began at 12:25

Mr. Grant recognized thanked Lawrence DePriest, the audio-sound expert from CSU-Pueblo for his
assistance at the meeting.

Carry-in #4: CSU – Revocation of Degree
Mr. Cosyleon moved that the Board of Governors approve the revocation of a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Mr.
Wei Jin. The motion was seconded by Mr. Grant and the motion carried.

Carry-in #5: CSU – Posthumous Degree Candidate
Mr. Grant offered a motion that the Board of Governors approve Mr. Michael Song to receive a Masters of
Science in Business Administration posthumously. Posthumous degree to be conferred in conjunction with
the May, 2007 commencement ceremonies. The motion was seconded by Mr. Haselden and passed

Carry-in #6: CSU – Posthumous Degree Candidate

Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
of May 2, 2007
                                                   -810 -
Mr. Cosyleon offered a motion that the Board of Governors approve Ms. Adrienne Morgan to receive a
Bachelors of Science in Psychology posthumously. Posthumous degree to be conferred in conjunction with
the May, 2007 commencement ceremonies. The motion was seconded by Mr. Haselden and passed

Carry-in #7: CSU – Posthumous Degree Candidate
Mr. Cosyleon offered a motion that the Board of Governors approve Mr. David Karspeck to receive a
Bachelors of Science in Computer Science posthumously. Posthumous degree to be conferred in
conjunction with the May, 2007 commencement ceremonies. The motion was seconded by Mr. Haselden
and passed unanimously.


The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick A. Grant
Chairman, Board of Governors

Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
of May 2, 2007
                                              -910 -

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