I. Colonizing America by Q4NS5m


									I. Colonizing America
 A. Countries that Colonized America
     1. England – 13 colonies east of
        Appalachian Mountains
     2. France – St. Lawrence River, Great
        Lakes, Mississippi River, and New
     3. Spain – Latin America, SE and SW
        sections of current US
     4. Russia – Pacific Northwest
     5. Netherlands – New York and New Jersey
     6. Sweden -- Delaware
B. Reasons

   1. The Three G’s
       a. Gold
       b. Glory
       c. God
C. England
   1. Gold – Virginia Company
      of London (1606) sponsored
      trips to the Virginia colony for
      various reasons
              a. Expand English trade
              b. Find wider market for
              c. Hoped to make large
2. God
     a. Dispute between Catholics
        and Anglicans in England
     b. Pilgrims – Separatist
        movement; Catholics who
        could not practice their
        religion in England; fled to
        America and settled in
        Plymouth, MA
c. Puritans – Reformers;
   did not think Church of
   England was strict
   enough; wanted to make
    the Church more pure;
    started the MA Bay
    Colony in Boston, Cape
    Cod, and Salem areas
D. Blue Laws
   1. Laws made by Puritans to
      make life “more pure”
   2. Sabbath Regulations
        a. All trade outlawed
        b. No public meetings or
           entertainment except for
        c. Two two-hour services,
           morning and afternoon
3. Family Relationships
     a. Parents could lose children if
        poorly educated
     b. A child could be put to death
        if they disrespect parents
4. Social Laws
     a. Fines for lower classes that
        wore silk and silver
5. Public Behavior
    a. No celebrations of
       Christmas or other
        holidays, including
    b. NO PDA
6. Witch Laws
E. France
   1. Gold
        a. Chance to earn a decent
           living and maybe become
        b. Profitable fur trade
        c. Search for resources not
           found in France
2. Religion
     a. Growing need to convert
        Natives to Christianity
3. Glory
     a. Fame that came with
        succeeding in the New World
F. Spain
   1. Gold
        a. Find new resources (gold,
        b. Used indentured servants to
           mine at first – definition
               1. Eventually switched to
                 African slaves
        c. Sought water routes to bring gold
           and silver back to Spain
2. God
     a. Convert Natives to
G. Representative Government
   1. Types of colonies in the New
         a. Proprietary – Owned by an
            individual (PA, Maryland,
         b. Self – governing – Owned by
            the people (MA)
         c. Royal – Owned by the king
               1. All 13 colonies would
                  eventually become royal
B. Mayflower Compact (Nov. 11,
     1. First representative
        government in America
     2. Established a civil government,
        rule of law, and a government by
     3. Only members of congregation
        could vote or hold office
C. Direct Democracy (MA)
    1. Rooted in ancient Greece
       where all eligible voters
       vote on every issue
    2. Usually done through a
       town hall meeting
    3. Most white, landowning,
       males participated

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