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									December 2009 / January 2010

                              ST. LUKE’S GOOD NEWS
                                                            St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
                                                            North Cedar & Pine Streets
                                                            Lincolnton, North Carolina
                                                            704 732 9179

                                        St. Luke’s Mission Statement
   St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is a Christian family that provides traditional Anglican worship. We are an
   inclusive Parish, dedicated to lifelong spiritual development and learning. We are called by God the Father,
   Son and Holy Spirit to worship Jesus Christ, learn and teach His word, minister in His name, share the
   blessing of His Love.

RECTOR’S CORNER: Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Luke’s:

Getting caught off guard with difficult news, whether a layoff or sickness or some deep loss, can shake
you to the core. It is not unusual to get depressed, angry, or try to find someone, anyone to blame.
Eventually though, the question becomes: how can we best live? Living in depression, anger, or blame
isn’t much living but we can do it for a very long time. Sometimes it is the best we can do for awhile but it
becomes imperative to find a way through, onto the other side, as soon as possible.

Such a time invites us to decide what is truly important: what we need to let go of and what we need to
give ourselves to more deeply. It invites us to go deeper into our questions about God and our lives. It
invites us to renewed prayer. And it invites us to find faithful companions to walk and talk with us while we
are seeking our way.

Advent calls us to a similar kind of sorting-things-out. It isn’t about shopping although shopping will
occur—it is about our spirits and the empty spaces in our hearts and what we truly long for.

                                     May all that is unforgiven in you
                                               Be released.

                                          May your fears yield
                                        Their deepest tranquilities.

                                       May all that is unlived in you
                                          Blossom into a future
                                            Graced with love.
                                                                                  --John O’Donohue (1956-2008)


Watchman, tell us of the night,
what its signs of promise are,
Traveler, o’er yon mountain’s height,
see that glory-beaming star,
Watchman, does its beauteous ray
aught of joy or hope foretell?
Traveler, yes; it brings the day,
promised day of Israel.
  - John Bowring
From ―Love Came Down- Anglican Readings for Advent and Christmas‖

    First of all, my heartfelt thanks for your gift! Mary Whisonant is an incredibly talented photographer! I
appreciate your gift and recognition on the last Sunday of my internship. The biggest gift of all is that it
was not my last Sunday with you! I am now your permanent deacon, and St. Luke’s is my home parish.
And, I love each and every one of you!
    We need your help! The children, youth and I need your help. We are almost out of Christmas cards!
Almost all of the cards were ―bought‖ Sunday! The children and youth want to help as many hungry and
homeless people as possible with the money they raise from the cards for Christian Ministry and Hesed
House. ALL children and youth are welcome to color. There are extra cards in the office. Stop by and pick
some up! The children enjoy working on the cards at home, during the week. Folks, they’ll have more
cards out Sunday, after the 10:30 service. Stop by their table. They love to talk about their work and their
    For those who are joining our pastoral care ministry – Care Teams, we will meet Sunday, Dec. 6, 9:30
a.m., in the Rectory for a brief orientation meeting. We have four so far and welcome more. Anyone who
thinks they might be called to this ministry is welcome to come. Very little time commitment is involved,
and there are no night visits. Speak with Fr. Miles or myself if you’re interested.
The Godly Play informational session was, in one word, awesome. In daily prayer, let us pray for God’s
direction and guidance as we discern as a parish, what is best for all of the children and youth of St.
Luke’s in their Christian formation. Please speak with Fr. Miles, John Veatch or myself.

        Yours in Christ,

Christmas Eve                                             Vestry Nominations and Annual Parish
Our services will be the usual times: 4pm and             Meeting
11pm (with special music preceding at                     The last day nominations can be received will be
10:30pm). Our guest organist will be Luke                 December 20. The authorized nominations for
Upchurch.                                                 three openings so far include: Harriette Gilbert,
                                                          Kathy Potts, Worth Roberts, Sherry Hamrick,
The Celebration of a New Deacon’s                         Tony Schneider, Jamye Exton, and Glen
Ministry: January 10, 10:30                               Thorpe. The election will occur at the Annual
After concluding Barbara Burns’ internship year,          Parish Meeting following the 10:30 only
and with the approval of Bishop Taylor and                Eucharist on January 17.
Archdeacon Dowdeswell, the call of Fr. Smith,
and the glad consent of Barbara, Barbara Burns            Healing Stations at Holy Eucharist
will be installed as the Deacon of St. Luke’s at          Beginning this December, a healing station will
this time. Archdeacon Dowdeswell will preach,             be available the first Sunday of the month in the
Fr. Smith will preside, and there will be a special       Bell Tower chapel during the reception of Holy
coffee hour afterwards in honor of Barbara. This          Communion at both Eucharists. Fr. Smith and
will be the only service that day.                        Dn. Burns will alternate providing there the
                                                          Laying on of Hands and Holy Unction. Holy
                                                          Unction is also available the first Wednesday
                                                          Eucharist each month.
Christian Ministry Christmas Fund                    the true interpretation of scripture in
Appeal - Needs for December: Beans,                  conversation with tradition and reason. The
Sugar, and Toilet Tissue                             unifying expression of our experience of the
Last year 718 families were served with food         Bible, tradition, and reason remains the Book of
boxes and 1,113 received toys. Christian             Common Prayer. We continue to welcome men
Ministry gives thanks for the continued support      and women, married or celibate, to be ordained
and interest in this community service. The goal     as bishops, priests, and deacons.
for this year is $50,000. You can help by
supporting the Angel Tree, donating money,           St Luke’s Receives Grant
collecting and donating non-perishable foods         St. Luke’s has been awarded a $5,000 grant by
(home-canned goods are not allowed), and             the Marion Stedman Covington Foundation of
collecting and donating toys, dolls, paper,          Greensboro, North Carolina. The grant will
pencils, crayons, etc (used toys need to be in       support the installation of period-appropriate
good condition). The distribution for food boxes     gutters and downspouts to the soffit area on all
and toys will be on December 21 .
                                  st                 four roof elevations of the church’s sanctuary to
                                                     reduce discoloration to the brick-veneered walls
Are You Looking for Employment?                      and divert rainwater away from the building
The United States Census 2010 is taking              foundation and crawlspace, and the repair of
applications now for temporary, part-time jobs       windows on the Parish House.
offering flexible hours working close to home.
For more information go to                                     December Anniversaries or call 866-861-2010.         9th    Megan & Kemp England
You may also call locally Robert Burrell at 704-     12th   Sylvia & John Wallace
560-9459. Hundreds will be hired in Lincoln          18th   Frankie & Bill Boyd
County alone.                                        20th   Kae & Mike Wright
                                                     21st   Monica & Roy Michael
Best Wishes to Sylvia Wallace                        22nd    Shirley & George Fawcett
After eleven years, Sylvia Wallace will be           22nd    Carol & Robert Poole
moving her counseling practice from the parish       30th   Pat & Don Olsen
hall office to her home. Sylvia says: ―I feel        31st   Lydia & Carl Dunn
graced by the provision supplied by the Parish
and have always been blessed by the space                       January Anniversaries
itself. I know my clients have been blessed, too.    24th Mary & Jack Lassiter
The Parish House and all the grounds and
buildings at St. Luke’s are sacred space. I
believe the Holy Spirit has empowered the            Remember Christian Ministries When
healing work that I and my clients have                            You Shop For Groceries
experienced there.‖ We wish her and her clients                           Lincoln County’s Christian
the best.                                                                 Ministries is a cooperative
                                                                          effort of local churches
Fragmentation on the Fringe                                               which serves the area’s
The press has done a lot of reporting on the                            hungry with a soup kitchen,
exodus of several dioceses and various parishes                       food bank, and home-delivered
from the Episcopal Church this past year. Just       meals. St Luke’s is an integral part of this
what does it mean in the big picture? Bishop         ministry. There are three baskets in our
Taylor recently put this into perspective by         sanctuary in which parishioners may place non-
noting that approximately 100-120 parishes           perishable food items. A list is posted in the
have left out of a total of almost 14,000 parishes   Parish Hall indicating critical needs of the food
in the Episcopal Church. The dioceses that left      bank. Please remember Christian Ministries as
are being reconstituted. This is not schism but      you grocery shop and let’s keep our baskets
fragmentation on the fringe of the church. The       overflowing with food for the hungry.
parishes that have exited have done so               Remember, hunger is all the time!
generally because their convictions were either
too protestant (i.e. the Bible as the only
authority) or too Roman (i.e. male clergy only).
The broad consensus of the Episcopal Church                  Playing to win in 2010!
remains that the Holy Spirit guides the Church in
             Your Vestry At Work                                               Suffer The Little
     Your vestry met on November 19. Some of                                   Children . . .
     the actions taken were:                                                    Are you interested in
      Heard a request by Hesed House for                                       helping the nursery for
         the temporary use of St Luke’s House                                   10:30 Holy Eucharist but
         to shelter the homeless during the                                     afraid you may become
         nighttime hours of the months of              captive for life? We are re-thinking the nursery
         January, February, and March of               and have some new ideas for a Nursery
         2010. The Vestry approved the                 Coordinator. This would be a volunteer position
         request, pending diocesan approval,           similar to the Eucharistic Visitor Coordinator.
         necessary approval by the City of             Barbara Plotts coordinates the visits—she is not
         Lincolnton, and successful lease              making all the visits. The Nursery Coordinator
         negotiation.                                  can certainly work in the nursery but would not
      Heard a report and received                     have to be in the nursery all the time. If you want
         recommendations from the Financial            to know more, talk with Fr. Smith.
         Affairs Committee.
      Approved the 2010 Budget                                     DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS
         Recommendation. Our budget for                1st    Rebecca Taylor
         the coming year is $131,322, a                4th    Mary Jane Howard
         reduction of $4,300 from the current          6th    Elayne Veatch
         year.                                         10th   Mack Bowden
Complete minutes of these meetings are                 11th   Cory Connolly
available in the church office. Vestry meetings        12th   William Reigel
are open to the public and interested                  14th   Ed House
parishioners are invited to attend. The Vestry         15th   Beth Plotts
will meet again on December 17.                        17th   Jane Dunn
                                                       18th   Johnny Woodruff
A Prayer for Stewardship in a Time of                  19th   Christine Wilson
Anxiety                                                19th   Spencer Gardner
                                                       20th   Sylvia Wallace
Almighty and ever-living God, ruler of all things      22nd   Monica Michael
in heaven and earth, hear our prayers for this         24th   Larry Hudson
parish family. In our anxiety over the financial       27th   Neetsie Suttle
health of our parish, grant us all things              29th   Linda Hoyle
necessary for our common life together.                31st   Camaryn Crump
Strengthen our vestry, arouse the faithful, and
comfort the anxious. Send us the Spirit of your                      JANUARY BIRTHDAYS
grace that in our daily lives, labor and ministries,   3rd    Emma House
we may truly and devoutly serve you, through           5th    London England
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.                           5th    Pete Baumberger
                                                       9th    Bobby Turbyfill
                                                       10th   Tina Freeland
    February 2010 Newsletter Deadline-                 11th   Mike Eaker
This issue of St Luke’s Good News covers the           13th   Howard MacKinnon
months of December and January. Our next               13th   John Wallace
newsletter will be for the month of February           14th   Roy Michael
2010. The deadline for submissions to the              15th   Kevin House
February Newsletter is Friday January 15, 2010.        15th   Leroy Warren
Please submit articles to the editor (Charles          18th   Eric Melanson
Vinson – chvinson@charter,net – 704 922-3059)          19th   Kae Wright
or the Church Office.                                  19th   Forrest Chambless
                                                       21st   Jane Goodson
Choir Practice will be held on Wed nights              22nd    Juli Reigel
Dec. 9, 16, at 7 pm and on Dec. 23 at 6:00 pm.         23rd   Dan Taylor
You don’t have to make a commitment to join            24th   Ian Smith
choir or vest up every Sunday (although, that          26th   Scott Carpenter
would be great). Just come and learn music and         27th   Kathleen Rice
agree to sing.                                         28th   Susan Dickie
                    LET’S HIT THE BULL’S              Eric Hoistad
                             EYE                      New Address Pending
                                                      Aboard Ship
                   St. Luke’s 2010 Stewardship
                 Campaign has begun. While            Law Enforcement Officers on Our Prayer List
stewardship entails much more than monetary
gifts, the focus of this campaign is on raising the   Matthew Adams
funds necessary to operate our church during          Kemp England
2010. Our budget for the coming year is $131,         Tim Plotts
322. During the period December 6 –                   Richard Taylor
December 20, stewardship letters will be sent
asking parishioners to indicate the anticipated       Shut-Ins – Remember them with a card, a prayer,
amount they will be able to donate to St Luke’s       or a visit.
during 2010. This anticipated giving should
include all expected monetary support. Our goal       Clara Eaddy
is to receive 100% response from these letters,       Brian Center Health and Retirement
with anticipated giving during 2010 which will        515 South Generals Blvd, Lincolnton, NC 28092
meet or exceed our budget. These are lofty
goals, but they can be met. Remember, it is           Joan Fredrick
difficult for God to work through doubt and fear.     Brian Center Health and Retirement
Even in these difficult financial times, we can       515 South Generals Blvd, Lincolnton, NC 28092
meet these goals. God will bless our effort.
                                                      Lib Taylor
Thank You,                                            Lincoln Nursing Center
The 2010 Stewardship Committee- Ethel                 1410 East Gaston Street, Lincolnton, NC 28092
Hoisted, Carol Poole, Howard McKennon,
Charles Vinson                                        Helen Yoder
                                                      Lincoln Nursing Center
                                                      1410 East Gaston Street, Lincolnton, NC 28092
If our mind can conceive it, and
Our heart can believe it, then                        Kathleen Rice
We can achieve it!                                    Boger City Rest Home
                                                      PO Box 755, Lincolnton, NC 28092
Men and Women in the Military                         Mary Robinson
on our Prayer List                                    102 Mockingbird Lane, Lincolnton, NC 28092
Staff Sgt. Stephen Adams                              Dr. Pete Baumberger
5174 West Peleliu Drive                               PO Box 278, Lincolnton, NC 28093
Tarawa Terrace II, NC 28543                           (1401 Greenwood Road)
Lt. Col. Sherry Hamrick
2330 Heavner Road
Lincolnton, NC 28092
                                                                         WHERE in God’s name
SPC Krista Brooke Plotts                                                 will we go this year?
P. O. Box 900                                                            WHAT in God’s name are
Fort Drum, NY 13602-0900                                                 we called to do?
Darren Poole                                                                 Playing to Win in 2010
3429 Baum Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23457

Jason Hoistad
New Address Pending
Deployed Afghanistan
                          Servers - December 6, 2009 – December 27, 2010

                     8 AM

December 6                                          December 24 - Christmas Eve - 4 PM
Altar Server: Cindy Gardner                         Chalice: John Veatch
Chalice: Pug Drinkwater                             Altar Server: Becca Poole
Lectors: Tom Smith, Roy Drinkwater                  Lectors: Becca Poole, Carol Poole
                                                    Altar Guild: J. Goodson, E. Veatch, L. Hoyle
December 13                                         Elements: Carol and Robert Poole
Altar Server: Sherry Hamrick                        Ushers: Nadine Skoglund, Tina Freeland
Lectors: Julia Williams, Pug Drinkwater             Counters: Barbara Plotts, Pug Drinkwater

December 20                                         December 24 - Christmas Eve - 11 PM
Altar Server: Spencer Gardner                                     Music begins at 10:30
Lectors: Tom Smith, Cindy Gardner                   Chalice: Pug
                                                    Altar Server: Sherry Hamrick
December 24                                         Lectors: Charles Vinson, Lydia Dunn
Christmas Eve                                       Altar Guild: J. Goodson, E. Veatch, L. Hoyle
Services at 4 and 11 PM                             Elements: Pat and Jane Goodson
See 10:30 Schedule                                  Ushers: Trey Suttle, Richard Gilbert
                                                    Counters: Barbara Plotts, Pug Drinkwater
December 27
Altar Server: Cindy Gardner                         December 27
Lectors: Julia Williams, Cindy Gardner              Chalice: Jack Lassiter
                                                    Altar Server: Pug
                                                    Lectors: Tina Freeland, Linda Hoyle
                   10:30 am                         Altar Guild: N. Suttle, N. Becker, T. Freeland
                                                    Elements: Veronica & Howard MacKinnon
December 6                                          Ushers: Howard MacKinnon, Charles Vinson
Chalice: Elayne Veatch and Nadine Skoglund          Counters: Nadine Becker, Tina Freeland
Altar Server: Becca Poole
Lectors: Mary Lassiter, Linda Hoyle
Altar Guild: Kathy Potts, Cindy Towery
Elements: Mary and Jack Lassiter
Ushers: Howard MacKinnon, Charles Vinson
Counters: Nadine Skoglund, Tina Freeland

December 13
Chalice: Linda Hoyle
Altar Server: John Veatch
Lectors: Charles Vinson, Jamye Exton
Altar Guild: Dot McCaskill
Elements: Kathy and Dean Potts
Ushers: Don Olsen, Don Crump
Counters: Kathy and Dean Potts

December 20
Chalice: John Veatch
Altar Server: Pug
Lectors: Christine Wilson, Veronica MacKinnon
Altar Guild: J. Goodson, E. Veatch, L. Hoyle
Elements: Ethel Hoistad, Carol Poole
Ushers: Dan Taylor, Glen Thorpe
Counters: Kathy and Dean Potts
                             Servers - January 3, 2010 – February 7, 2010


January 3                                             January 17 - One Service - 10:30 AM
Chalice: Cindy Gardner                                Annual Meeting follows Service
Altar Server: Spencer Gardner                         Chalice: Sherry Hamrick
Lectors: Tom Smith, Pug                               Altar Server: Becca Poole
                                                      Lectors: Mary Lassiter, Cindy Gardner
January 10                                            Altar Guild: J. Goodson, E. Veatch, L. Hoyle
One Service Only - 10:30                              Elements: The Wilson Family
Celebration of New Ministry of                        Ushers: Nadine Skoglund, T. Freeland
The Rev. Deacon Barbara O. Burns                      Counters: Barbara Plotts, Pug

January 17                                            January 24 - Morning Prayer
One Service Only - 10:30                              Lectors: Forrest Chambless, Christine Wilson
Annual Meeting Follows Service                        Altar Guild: N. Suttle, N. Skoglund, T. Freeland
                                                      Ushers: Trey Suttle, Richard Gilbert
January 24 - Morning Prayer                           Counters: Pat and Don Olsen
Lectors: Julia Williams, Cindy Gardner
                                                      January 31 - Morning Prayer
January 31 - Morning Prayer                           Lectors: Linda Hoyle, Carolyn Burgess
Lectors: Tom Smith, Roy Drinkwater                    Altar Guild: Kathy Potts, Cindy Towery
                                                      Ushers: Howard MacKinnon, Charles Vinson
February 7                                            Counters: Nadine Skoglund, Tina Freeland
Chalice: Sherry Hamrick
Altar Server: Spencer Gardner                         February 7
Lectors: Julia Williams, Cindy Gardner                Chalice: Forrest Chambless, Mary Whisonant
                                                      Altar Server: Pug
                     10:30                            Lectors: Charles Vinson, Veronica MacKinnon
                                                      Altar Guild: Dot McCaskill
January 3                                             Elements: Kathy and Dean Potts
Chalice: Jack Lassiter, Jamye Exton                   Ushers: Don Olsen, Donald Crump
Altar Server: Becca Poole                             Counters: Kathy and Dean Potts
Lectors: Carolyn Burgess, Mary Whisonant
Altar Guild: Kathy Potts, Cindy Towery
Elements: Monica and Roy Michael
Ushers: Don Olsen, Don Crump
Counters: Kathy and Dean Potts

January 10 - One Service - 10:30 AM
Celebration of New Ministry of
The Rev. Deacon Barbara O. Burns
Chalice: Elayne Veatch
Altar Server: Sherry Hamrick
Lectors: John Veatch, Harriette Gilbert
Altar Guild: Dot McCaskill
Elements: Jewell and Charles Vinson
Ushers: Dan Taylor, Glen Thorpe
Counters: Barbara Plotts, Pug
                                           General Fund Report October, 2009
                                                                                                   This       Expenses Yr
                 Receipts This Period                               Budget 2009                   Month         to Date

Period Beginning                         10/1/2009   Rector's Expenses             $85,392.00    $4,760.81        68,663.89
Period Ending                           10/31/2009   Accountant                     $2,340.00     $195.00          1,950.00
Income                                               Organist                       $4,800.00        $0.00         2,342.33
Beginning Balance General Fund           $4,915.53   Priest/Deacon/Travel           $1,750.00        $0.00   $       467.50
Income September 2009                                Telephone                      $3,500.00        $0.00         2,533.38
                                                     Electric(church/parish                                               $
    Pledge Receipts                      $4,928.00   house)                         $5,100.00     $572.80          5,109.22
    Plate offering                        $390.11    Gas (church/parish house)      $5,700.00       $44.00         3,519.68
    Offering donations                   $2,898.00   Office                         $1,200.00       $24.60         2,494.54
    Surrender House Rent                     $0.00   Postage                        $1,000.00       $88.00    $      559.47
    Parish House user's donations         $300.00    Copy Machine                   $1,000.00        $0.00    $      633.13
    Memorials, misc donations/income     $4,944.80   St. Luke's House Misc            $110.00       $11.74          *6322.91
Total Receipts This Period              $13,460.91   Property Maintenance            $11,300.00    $465.46         11,630.26
                                                     Outreach                        $10,230.00      $0.00          7,623.00
    Total General Fund                  $18,376.44   Inreach                          $2,200.00 $1,235.96           4,658.13
Minus Total Expenses                     $7,398.37   Internal Fund Transfers                                        4,255.89
                                                     Totals                         $135,622.00 $7,398.37         122,763.33
                                                     *Includes $5000 grant rec'd from Diocese and paid to to Surrender
Balance of General Fund                 $10,978.07   House
        Sun                    Mon                  Tue                  Wed                   Thu                  Fri              Sat

 December                                           1
                                                                  10am Holy Eucharist
                                                                                          7pm Godly Play
                                                                                                                    4                5
                                                                                                                                   ECW Sale
                                               Campaign Begins;   (Channing Williams)        Meeting
                                               6pm Care Team;
                                                  7pm ECW

  6    2nd Advent;
Healing Station; 9:30
                               7                    8                    9
                                                                  10am Holy Eucharist;
                                                                                             10                   11               12
SS begins, Care Team                                               6pm Choir Practice

13       3rd Advent          14
                         7pm Hesed House
                                                  15                   16
                                                                  10am Holy Eucharist;
                                                                                            7pm Vestry
                                                                                                                  18               19
                        Open Meeting (parish                       6pm Choir Practice

20       4th Advent;
                        St. Luke’s Christian
                                                  22                   23
                                                                  10am Holy Eucharist;
                                                                                         2pm Boger City BD
                                                                                                             The Nativity of Our
 Campaign Ends;             Ministry Day                           6pm Choir Practice    Party; 4 and 11pm   Lord Jesus Christ:
Vestry Nominations                                                                         Holy Eucharist      Christmas Day

     27                      28                   29                   30                    31                                    2009
  1st Sunday After                                                10am Holy Eucharist
      Christmas                                                     (Francis Gaudet)
     Sunday                  Monday           Tuesday     Wednesday               Thursday        Friday     Saturday

   January                                                                                          1             2
  2nd Sunday After
                            7pm ECW
                                               5               6
                                                           The Epiphany:
                                                                                    7               8             9
 Christmas; Healing                                         6:30pm Holy
       Station                                               Eucharist;
                                                         2pm Senior Group

   10:30 only: The
                             11               12             13
                                                        10am Holy Eucharist
                                                                                 7pm Vestry
                                                                                                  15            16
   Celebration of a                                          (Hillary)          (rescheduled)
Deacon’s New Ministry

10:30 only Eucharist;
                        Rector’s Sick Leave
                                              19             20
                                                           no Eucharist
                                                                                  21              22            23
                                                                                                           9am-4pm Godly Play
Luncheon and Annual           Begins                                                                           Workshop
   Parish Meeting

   8 and 10:30am
                             25               26             27
                                                           no Eucharist
                                                                              2pm Boger City BD
                                                                                                  29            30
   Morning Prayer                                                                  Party

      31                                                                                                     2010
   8 and 10:30am
   Morning Prayer

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