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									                     Ordering Your Laptop - Use Product

            E6400 Model                          3-Year Complete Care
                            w/Computrace/LAN Cable = $999.00
           {free 'regular delivery' shipping}     4-Year Complete Care
                          w/Computrace/LAN Cable = $1,069.00
            E6500 Model                          3-Year Complete Care
                          w/Computrace/LAN Cable = $1,299.00
            {free 'regular delivery' shipping}   4-Year Complete Care
                          w/Computrace/LAN Cable = $1,349.00

  Students/Faculty/Staff Click this         logo to order! or Phone:
                  Use Product #US22824375 to Order
                   E6400                       E6500
Base Unit:          Latitude, Intel Core 2 Duo P8400, 2.26GHz, 1066MHz 3M L2
                                         Cache, Dual Core
Monitor:          14.1 inch Wide        15.4 inch Wide Screen WXGA AntiGlare
                  WXGA Antiglare                        Screen
Memory:                         2.0GB, DDR2-800 SDRAM, 2 DIMM
Keyboard:                           Internal English Keyboard
Video Card:                NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M, 256MB With Express Card
Hard Drive:                     80GB Hard Drive 9.5MM, 5400RPM
Camera/Mic:      Integrated 0.3MP VGA webcam w/ microphone for WXGA+ LCD
Fingerprint             None               Internal Fingerprint Reader
Disk Drive:                         No Floppy/Diskette Drive
OS:                                  Windows Vista Business
TBU:                  90W 3-Pin, AC Adapter, US - 3-FT, 3-Pin Flat Power Cord
CD/DVD            24X CD-RW/DVD       8X DVD+/-RW with Cyberlink 8.0 & Roxio 9.0
Drive:           with Cyberlink 8.0                       software
Network:          Intel 5300 WLAN        Intel WiFi Link 5100 (802.11 a/g/n 1x2)
                 (802.11a/g/n 3x3)                       MiniCard
Software                     Resource DVD w/ Diagnostics and Drivers
Battery:                         6-Cell/54 WHr Primary Battery
Service:        Complete Care Accidental Damage Service for duration of
                warranty purchased (3 or 4 year)
                Dell Hardware Warranty, Extended Year(s)
                Type 3 Contract-Next Business Day Parts/Labor On-Site, Initial
                US System Documentation Power Cord, Latitude D630
                1-Year Battery warranty
Installation:   All Hardware and software support is available at the WSC IT
                HelpDesk/Laptop Repair Depot -
                CompuTrace (LoJack) preinstalled
                LAN Cable, for wired access,CAT5, 25 Feet, Blue
                WSC Software Image (see list below)
                WSC Student Technology Information Guide, CompuTrace-
                Student-In Guide
Additional      Add Fingerprint Reader          +29.00 (included in E6500)
available       add 2.4ghz Processor            +$39.00
                add 2.53ghz Processor           +$84.50
                add 160gb [5400rpm] HDD         +$30.00
                add 160GB [7200rpm] HDD         +$80.00 (Features the Free Fall Sensor)
                add 250GB [7200rpm] HDD         +$130.00 (Features the Free Fall Sensor)
                add 2 GB 1 DIMM                +$22.30
                add 4GB 2 DIMM                 +$126.48
                add 8x DVD+/-RW                +$27.00
                add USB 1gb flash drive         +$8.00 (Part #A0631862)
                add USB 2gb flash drive         +$12.00 (Part #A0701414)
                add USB 4gb flash drive         +$24.00 (Part#A1749809)
                add 9cell battery              +$99.00
                add Battery Refresh 3 year       +$89.00 (extends warranty from 1yr to 3 years)
                add WSC design DecoSkin   +$29.99 [WSC designed a protective DecoSkin as an offering
                for our students]
WSC          MSVista Business Edition + basic software
Software:    Open Office
(included)   SPSS (Must be on campus domain/VPN to utilize)
             MSOffice 2007 Professional Enterprise Edition (Service Pack 1)
             .PDF Add-on for MSOffice 2007
             FoxIt Reader (current version-Replaces Acrobat Reader)
             Printers on WSCPrint3 (Will appear when joined to domain)
             SOPHOS (Antivirus)
             Computrace {Once registered, Computrace Professional offers a
             monetary guarantee up to $1,000 if a stolen computer is
             reported but not recovered-For more info see
             VPN (allows remote access to on-campus resources)
             Internet Explorer (current)
             Audacity with Lame .dll
             iTunes (link on desktop to download site only)
             Flash Player (free version)
             Shockwave (free version)
             Mozilla Firefox (link on desktop to download site only)
             IT Website (Labeled link on desktop)
             WSC Community System (Labeled link on desktop)
             Join WSC Domain (Labeled link on desktop)
             Java (current version)
             Easy CD Creator
             Fee-Based Backup Data Storage Solutions (Folder on desktop that includes
             links to the following)

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