How to Write a Contract

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					                      TEN SIMPLE STEPS TO WRITE A CONTRACT

    1.        Same As Cash: Check box if it applies and write in the deferred payment period in
              months on the left side of the contract.
    2.        Itemization of Amount Financed: Fill-in this section to determine the exact amount
              being financed. Copy this amount to the Amount Financed shown in the dark box.
    3.        Annual Percentage Rate: Write in the APR for the program you have selected.
    4.        Payment Schedule: Calculate the Monthly Payment by multiplying the Amount
              Financed by the Payment Multiplier that matches your deal (ie. APR and Term).
    5.        Payment Schedule: Write in the # of Payments (not term) for your selected program.
    6.        Payment Schedule: Determine the Beginning Payment Date by looking at the date
              the Buyer signs the contract and adding the number of months to the first payment
              depending on their payment option. (Options: Standard and Energy Star Program use
              1 month from signing; 90 day SAC use 4 months from signing; 180 day SAC use 7
              months from signing; and 12 months SAC use 13 months from signing)
    8.        Total of Payments: Multiply the Monthly Payment by the Total # of Payments, this
              gives you the Total of Payments.
    9.        Finance Charge: Now take the Total of Payments and Subtract the Amount
              Financed to give you the Finance Charge.
    10.       Total Sale Price: Write in the total Down Payment (including cash down payment,
              trade-in allowance, and rebates) and add to the Total of Payments, this gives you the
              Total Sale Price.

                                   FRIENDLY REMINDERS

              • Remember to complete the Description of Proposed Home Improvement.
              • Buyer(s) must sign and date the contract on or before the installation date.
              • Approximate job start date and job completion date is the date you will be able to
                install the equipment in the Buyer’s home.
              • Dealer must sign the front and back of the contact before sending to Comfort
                Financial for Funding.

Form pmc90 (10/04)
                           PAYMENT MULTIPLIER CHART

APR                  Term      # of Payments   Payment Multipliers
16.90% Pfd            12            12               .091157
                      24            24               .049394
                      36            36               .035603
1 Month to            48            48               .028803
1st payment           60            60               .024799
                      90            90               .019670

APR                  Term      # of Payments   Payment Multipliers
13.90% Std            12            12               .089740
Energy Star           24            24               .047966
                      36            36               .034129
1 Month to            48            48               .027276
1st payment           60            60               .023216
                      90            90               .017950

APR                  Term      # of Payments   Payment Multipliers
19.90% - 3 Mo         12             9               .126622
No Pay/SAC            24            21               .059653
                      36            33               .041594
4 Months to           48            45               .033315
1st payment           60            57               .028636
                      90            87               .022896

APR                  Term      # of Payments   Payment Multipliers
19.90% - 6 Mo         12             6               .194776
No Pay/SAC            24            18               .071427
                      36            30               .046996
7 Months to           48            42               .036693
1st payment           60            54               .031097
                      90            84               .024443

APR                  Term      # of Payments   Payment Multipliers
19.90% - 12 Mo        12            NA                 NA
No Pay/SAC            24            12               .112788
                      36            24               .061941
13 Months to          48            36               .045210
1st payment           60            48               .037005
                      90            78               .027951

Form pmc90 (10/04)

Description: The knowledge of how to write a contract is a useful skill to have. Often when there is a transaction or agreement between two or more parties, a contract is put in place. This is so everyone knows where they stand. Both parties know exactly what the situation is if something or another occurs. You don't want there to be an altercation because there is confusion due to unforeseen circumstances. Thus when one writes a contract no matter what kind of contract it is, it is important that the contract is written with care and skill. The person who writes up the contract needs to be fair and balanced to both sides. Of course both parties have the ability to propose amendments and changes to the contract and they will be made as long as they have the consent of both parties. Even after the contract has been signed by both parties it can be changed. If people were pressured into signing a contract which is unfair to them they can claim duress and have the contract declared null and void but for the most part the legal system likes to uphold contracts because if they didn't the whole legal system would collapse. Then anyone who didn't like anything would challenge the contract they had signed.