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Photo by Vince Scheidt

                         MITIGATION BANKS GROWING IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY | by sheryll givens

                         In the past 40 years, there has been              U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s Carlsbad                   in this issue
                         a significant growth of political                 office, signed into effect San Diego
                         and regulatory interests focused on               County’s largest privately-initiated                     Mitigation Banks
                         protecting our natural environment.               conservation bank in recent years.                   1   Growing in San Diego
                                                                                                                                    by Sheryll Givens
                         Since the early 1990’s, mitigation banks          Red Mountain is a 566-acre property
                         have proliferated across the country.             with 537.66 acres of credit now                          Message from the Board
                         The Environmental Protection Agency               available for purchase. This bank places                 by Monica Kling

                         estimates that mitigation banking has             a permanent conservation easement
                                                                                                                                    Meet a Member:
                         grown from 45 banks in 1992, to 219               on the land to aid in conserving the                 4   Joe O’Bannon
                         banks by the end of 2001 to an estimate           federally-threatened coastal California
                         of more than 450 in 2005. According               gnatcatcher as well as its coastal sage                  LEED Isn’t Just for
                         to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ data             scrub, chaparral, native and non-native              5   Buildings Anymore
                                                                                                                                    by Mark Thompson
                         as of 2000, there were between 370 and            grassland, oak woodland and riparian
                         400 mitigation banks nationwide, in               habitats.                                                President of Calbo to
                         more than 35 states.                                                                                   6   Speak About Calgreen
                                                                           The goal of a bank is to restore, create,
                         In the County of San Diego, there are             enhance or preserve a wetland, stream                    Legislative Update
                                                                                                                                7   by Betty Dehoney
                         currently 13 formal banks recognized              or habitat conservation area to offset
                         by the County that contain over 11,000            expected adverse impacts to similar                      Keep Up with SD AEP
                                                                                                                                    Social Networking
                         acres of land. Banks are usually located          nearby natural resources. In exchange
                         in areas where the habitat and values are         for permanently protecting the land,
                                                                                                                                8   March Announcements
                         very high.                                        the bank owner is allowed to sell habitat
                                                                           credits to developers who need to satisfy                March Employment
                         The latest addition to San Diego County’s         legal requirements for compensating                 11   Opportunities
                         mitigation banks is the Red Mountain              environmental impacts of development
                                                                                                                                    Photo of the Month
                         Conservation Bank (Red Mountain),                 projects. Credits are the units of exchange
                         located in the unincorporated area                and are defined as the ecological value
                                                                                                                               12   Campus Connection
                         of Fallbrook. On January 18th, TRS                associated with 1 acre of an ecosystem
                         Consultants, in collaboration with the            within the service area of the bank.

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                                                                                  march 2011


 Not only do conservation banks                       keep large parcels intact, and, in        • It can take advantage of
 preserve valuable environmental                      some instances, reduce taxes for          economies of scale that are often
 resources, but they also provide many                conserving their land.                    not available to individualized
                                                                                                mitigation projects.
                                                      • By having the regulatory
 The goal of a bank is to                             certainty of pre-approved                 • They allow a developer to
 restore, create, enhance or                          compensation lands, a developer           maximize the use of their site.
                                                      who has a project with adverse            Because mitigation bank credits
 preserve a wetland, stream                           environmental impacts can save            are created prior to impacts, a
 or habitat conservation                              time and money.                           developer who purchases credits
                                                                                                from a mitigation bank will
 area to offset expected                              • The environment benefits                decrease the permit processing
 adverse impacts to similar                           because conservation banks can            time.
 nearby natural resources.                            protect large, intact blocks of
                                                      habitat that can retain ecosystem         • The public benefits from a
                                                      functions, foster biodiversity, and       healthier environment and from
 functional business advantages.                      provide for wildlife corridors and        stretching limited public funds as a
 Because the conservation bank                        linkages, all of which aid in the         result of this type of public-private
 credits already exist, developers                    recovery of listed species. Per acre,     partnership.
 who purchase offsite mitigation                      a larger reserve area is less costly
 credits to offset adverse impacts to                 to manage.
 their project, in turn, can decrease
 their project’s permit processing                    • It’s more efficient and cost
 time. Conservation banks are a win-                  effective to manage a bank instead
 win for the landowner, developer,                    of small, isolated properties.
 environment and public.
                                                      • It simplifies the regulatory
 Other benefits include:                              compliance process while
                                                      achieving greater conservation                                    Photo by Vince Scheidt

 • Landowners benefit from selling                    goals.
 habitat or species credits to a                                                                 Sheryll Givens is Senior Planner
 conservation bank in return for                      • It provides for the conservation         at TRS Consultants and a member
 managing land for listed and                         of important habitats and/or               of the San Diego AEP Chapter
 at-risk species and their habitat.                   habitat linkages.                          Newsletter Committee.
 Landowners can generate income,

       Congratulations Long Beach for making the
   Top 25 list of bicycle friendly cities.

  To find out more go to: or call (619) 683-2933

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                                                                 a ssociat ion of envir onmental pr of e s sional s
                                                                 san diego ch ap t er
                                                                 march 2011

MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD | by monica kling, vice president of programs
                                      banquet admission. This year is             planning the programs calendar for
                                      again being slated to provide a             this year, so if you have any thoughts
                                      variety of programs at reduced              on what you would like to see for a
                                      rates, which include luncheons              luncheon, the member appreciation
                                      with current environmental topics,          event, or the new “give back to the
                                      the member appreciation event,              members” event, we would love to
                                      and the holiday party.                      hear it!

                                      Two years ago, the San Diego                Save the Date
                                      Chapter started a new program               Mark your calendar for upcoming
                                      aimed at giving back to students            events sponsored by San Diego AEP:
Get Your Program Here!                through the Speed Networking
As a member of the San Diego          event. At this 2 hour event,                March 17, 11:45 A.M.-1:00 P.M.
Chapter of AEP you are entitled       students are paired-up with                 San Diego AEP luncheon with
to quite a few member benefits.       professionals and for 8 minutes             Dan Pavao, President of California
Many of those benefits are provided   they are able to engage in                  Building Officials at the Doubletree
through the variety of programs       conversation with the professional.         Club Hotel San Diego, 1515 Hotel
offered throughout year, most         After the 8 minutes are up they             Circle South, San Diego
are at a reduced rate, and some,      switch to another professional.             April 20, 5:30 P.M.-7:30 P.M.
for members only of course,           This event is complimentary for             Speed Networking at California
are absolutely free! For the long     both the professionals and the              Center for Sustainable Energy at
time members, you have been           students. To further give back to           8690 Balboa Avenue, Suite 100, San
accustomed to the reduced rate for    the community, this year the San            Diego
luncheons, the very inexpensive       Diego Chapter is offering a resume
                                                                                  April 21, 11:45 A.M.-1:00 P.M.
holiday party, and the free member    writing workshop for college
                                                                                  San Diego AEP luncheon with
appreciation event.                   students.
                                                                                  Michael Hendrix on a sustainability
                                                                                  project in Haiti (location to be
Over the past few years the San       A big change in the programs
Diego Chapter has been looking        calendar this year is in addition to
increase the benefits for the         the member appreciation event,
                                                                                    Monica Kling is an environmental
members. Some of the new benefits     the San Diego Chapter will be
                                                                                    analyst at RBF Consulting. She
that have been implemented include    providing another “give back to
a further reduction in the cost of    the members” program that will be             is currently the Vice President of
the luncheons for members and a       free to the members. The San Diego            Programs for the San Diego Chapter
reduction in the cost of the awards   Chapter Board is in the process of            of AEP.

                                                               GIS Services and Solutions
                                                               Environmental Planning
                                                                                                           Tel: 619.218.6463
                                                               Natural Resources Assessment
                                                               ESRI Authorized ArcGIS Training
                                                               Spatial Analyses and Database Design
                                                               Hydrological and Ecological Studies

                                                                       A HUBZone, DBE, Woman Owned Business
                                                                                    CPUC-Certified WBE

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                                                                                                  san diego ch ap t er
                                                                                                  march 2011

                         MEET A MEMBER | joe o’bannon, aep san diego chapter ucsd liaison
                                                                 field for some time, thanks to the                  Where have your travels taken you?
                                                                 incorporation of climate change                     Probably my most memorable trip
                                                                 and greenhouse gases. I love to                     was a two week 10th anniversary
                                                                 be the person to find the win/win                   trip around the Island of Puerto
                                                                 solutions by thinking outside the                   Rico. We stayed at the government
                                                                 box.                                                sponsored vacation spots which
                                                                                                                     were located specifically in places
Photo by Chamber Group

                                                                 What are some of your favorite                      that highlighted the various beauties
                                                                 San Diego activities?                               of the island. It was magical.
                                                                 The day I found out I was moving
                                                                 to San Diego from Sacramento, it
                                                                 was 106 °F in Sacramento and I                       Call for Advertising
                         Joe O’Bannon is the current UCSD        saw the weather in San Diego was                     Business Card: $200/year
                         liaison and has been a member           79 °F. I knew I was moving in the                    Quarter Page: $350/year or $75/issue
                         of AEP here in San Diego since          right direction. Being that I had
                         coming to Chambers Group in July        never been so close to the ocean,                    Half Page: $600/year or $100/year
                         of 2009. He was a member of the         the favorite pastime for my wife                     Contact Lisa Lind for advertising at:
                         Superior Chapter of AEP while in        and I is to sit, relax, walk by, and       
                         previous employment since 2006.         otherwise enjoy the beach.                           or (619) 308-9333
                         Joe currently works for Chambers
                                                                                                                      THANK YOU TO OUR NEW
                         Group as the Director of Air Quality,   What are some of your interests                      NEWLETTER ADVERTISERS
                         Climate Change, and Noise.              and hobbies?
                                                                                                                      Thank you Linscott, Law & Greenspan,
                                                                 I am an avid photographer, love                      Engineers and HELIX Environmental
                         How did you become                an    to hike and explore, and have a                      Planning, Inc. for supporting The
                         environmental professional?             passion for tennis.                                  Environmentor and the San Diego
                         Even though I received a biology                                                             Chapter of AEP!
                         degree from college, my first jobs
                         out of college were digging ditches
                         and appliance delivery. Needing
                         more gainful employment prior to
                         getting married, I took a job with
                         the Air Pollution Control District in
                         Kern County. I had no idea I would
                         still be in the field over 30 years
                         later. During my 20 years with the
                         Air District, I worked in emission
                         inventory, planning, monitoring,
                         public relations, and CEQA, among
                         other things.

                         What do you value most about
                         I love to be a part of the future,
                         to finally be able to incorporate
                         the holistic approach that I had
                         been preaching in the air quality        | |

                                            • The •

                                                                                                                                a ssociat ion of envir onmental pr of e s sional s
                                                                                                                                san diego ch ap t er
                                                                                                                                march 2011

                                        LEED ISN’T JUST FOR BUILDINGS ANYMORE | by mark thompson
Image Source: Heller Manus Architects

                                                                               Emeryville Marketplace, Emeryville, CA - 1st master plan design in the nation to be registered in the LEED-ND Platnium program

                                        You’ve probably been in a building           program that integrates the                                    Process, and Regional Priority.
                                        somewhere that has been given                principles of smart growth, new                                Within each you can get points for
                                        a Leadership in Energy and                   urbanism, and green building                                   project components which achieve
                                        Environmental Design (LEED)                  into the first national program for                            LEED principles, like preserving
                                        rating. Maybe the water faucets              neighborhood design” that was                                  wetlands, using Brownfields, or
                                        are motion-activated, landscaping            developed in partnership with the                              designing     an     energy-efficient
                                        is drought-tolerant, or the walls            Congress for the New Urbanism                                  building. As an example, the Smart
                                        have recycled content. LEED is               and the Natural Resources Defense                              Location and Linkage category
                                        the popular program for awarding             Council.                                                       addresses Site Design for Habitat or
                                        buildings ratings when they comply                                                                          Wetlands. For sites with Significant
                                        with energy savings and efficiency           Which means what, exactly? It                                  Habitat, the applicant works with
                                        goals.                                       gets down to details. Initially, a                             the appropriate state agencies to
                                                                                     project is submitted to USGBC to                               identify significant habitat on-site
                                        It’s great in these days of                  ensure it is eligible for the LEED-                            and applies a design to protect
                                        global warming, sprawl, and                  ND. The rating system is designed                              habitat and buffers in perpetuity,
                                        overflowing landfills. However, for          for projects of at least 2 buildings                           with on-going management and
                                        environmental planners LEED was              and up to 320 acres. The program                               funding.
                                        always something architects and              requires that the project area has
                                        construction engineers did. After            contiguous parcels and includes at                             Applications are submitted to
                                        all, we’re involved in looking at            least one certified green building.                            USGBC for verification and
                                        projects that go way beyond a single         In designing a site, you can’t, for                            depending on the points earned
                                        building.                                    example, impact imperiled species                              in each category, the project can
                                                                                     or use up prime agricultural land.                             move forward with the distinction
                                        That changed as of late last year                                                                           of LEED, LEED Silver, Gold, or
                                        when LEED began offering                     As a next step, you determine the                              Platinum.
                                        certifications in Neighborhood               extent to which your project meets
                                        Development Rating System or                 the requirements in categories such                            One thing you notice as you go
                                        LEED-ND. The U.S. Green Building             as Smart Location and Linkage,                                 through the point requirements,
                                        Council (USGBC), which umbrellas             Neighborhood       Pattern      and                            we are already doing a lot of
                                        the LEED program, describes it as            Design, Green Infrastructure and                               this in California. Pro-active
                                        “a green neighborhood certification          Buildings, Innovation and Design                               environmental action policy was

    • The •

                                                                     a ssociat ion of envir onmental pr of e s sional s
                                                                     san diego ch ap t er
                                                                     march 2011

set in motion by AB 32 and the new       building and leasing. There are           to the typical development project,
CALGreen Building Codes that             studies out there that show people        another tool that can help nudge
took effect January 1 of this year       in LEED buildings have lower              planning in a positive direction. For
continue this trend.                     rates of absenteeism and higher           more information about the LEED-
                                         rates of productivity. The cost of        ND and other LEED programs,
The payoff? For all of us in the         living or working in the building         LEED San Diego has a very active
long term, it’s pretty clear: lower      is lower because it’s more efficient.     chapter. For more information, visit
GHG emissions, less waste, and           And green building materials are
nice convenient places to live. But      commercially competitive with
there are short term benefits as well.   standard materials.
                                                                                     Mark Thompson is an Acting Principal
The LEED “brand” has proven to
                                                                                     of TRS Consultants.
be an effective marketing tool in        LEED-ND adds a new dimension


With the 2010 California Green           the California Building Official’s
Building        Standards       Code     Fire Advisory Committee. He                 Dan Pavao will be speaking to AEP on
(CALGreen) in effect, we plan to see     also teaches at Southwestern                March 17 from 11:45 A.M.-1:00 P.M.
more residential and commercial          Community College and is an                 Please join us at the San Doubletree
projects incorporating features and      active consultant for the Division          Club Hotel San Diego, 1515 Hotel
techniques to achieve greater energy     of the State Architect for school           Circle South, San Diego. The RSVP
efficiency, water conservation, and      projects. Dan Pavao is a certified          form is available at www.sandiegoaep.
waste reduction. The new standards       Building Official, Plans Examiner,          org.
will assist state and local efforts to   Building Inspector, Electrical
reduce greenhouse gas emissions.         Inspector, Mechanical Inspector,
We are excited to bring Dan Pavao,       and Plumbing Inspector.
President of California Building
Officials (Calbo), a professional
organization of building officials
to help understand the recently
implemented CalGreen codes
and how the changes might affect
AEP members as environmental
professionals. He will be providing
an overview of the Green Building
Code and significant regulations.
Please bring questions as we will
provide time for Q&A. Dan Pavao
is the Building Official and Fire
Marshal for the City of El Cajon
and past President of the San Diego
Area Chapter of the International
Code Council (ICC). He has
served on various committees and
commissions; including the Calbo
Training Institute, San Diego ICC
Green Building Committee, and
    • The •

                                                                         a ssociat ion of envir onmental pr of e s sional s
                                                                         san diego ch ap t er
                                                                         march 2011

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE |by betty dehoney, legistative committee
The deadline for introducing new         One notable bill that the legislative         regulations.       The         House
bills in the State was February 18, so   committee is tracking so far is               Transportation and Infrastructure
the update for this year’s proposed      SB 241. SB 241 would effectively              Committee       subcommittee         is
legislation will be provided in next     immunize from judicial review                 exploring ways to reduce red tape in
month’s newsletter. For the AEP          the certified CEQA documents                  project delivery, which may include
membership, it is probably going         for 125 projects (25 projects per             streamlining or reducing some
to be an interesting year to watch       year for five years), selected by             environmental reviews. According
for changes in the legislature. One      the Business, Transportation and              to a recent press release Chairman
item to watch will be the AEP/           Housing Agency. For those of                  John Mica (R-Fla.) stated on being
APA Enhanced CEQA Action                 you who monitored proposed                    chosen chairman in November
Team (ECAT) committee activities.        legislation last year, SB 241 is very         “Cutting red tape to complete stalled
Terry Rivasplata, co-chair of the        similar, but not identical to SB              projects and better utilization of the
ECAT committee, briefed the              1010. AEP opposed SB 1010 last                federal government’s assets are top
Legislative committee recently and       year and will likely be drafting an           priorities”.
indicated that CEQA legislation is       oppose letter again this year.
likely to focus on litigation, infill
development, defending NDs and           It is not only the state that is trying to
MNDs, tiering and cumulative             streamline infrastructure projects
impacts.                                 via “modifying” environmental

The San Diego Chapter has group          For those of you who are active               Sophia Habl Mitchell, will be happy
pages on two social networking sites     on either LinkedIn or Facebook,               to walk you through the steps to set
to help our members connect with         we hope you will get connected                up either a LinkedIn or Facebook
each other and learn about events        with us. For those who may need               account over the phone. You can
and news in the environmental            some help getting started, our                contact Sophia at: sophia.mitchell@
community. Member participation          Social Networking Chairperson,       or 858‐712‐8328.
makes these sites valuable and
interesting tools for the entire
membership. You can find the
San Diego Chapter’s sites on both
LinkedIn and Facebook. Just search
for Association of Environmental
Professionals – San Diego Chapter
on either site to find us. These sites
offer venues for candid discussions              • CEQA and NEPA Compliance
and the exchange of ideas that go                • Biological Resources
beyond what we can provide in the                • Landscape Architecture
newsletter.                                      • Native Habitat Installation and Maintenance
                                                 • Geographic Information Systems
The LinkedIn Group includes
                                                 • Acoustics and Noise Control
a discussion board, job posting                                                                      7578 El Cajon Boulevard
section, and announcements. The                  • Air Quality Compliance                            La Mesa, CA 91942
                                                                                                     619.462.1515 tel
Facebook page includes a discussion              • Natural Resources Management
board, events feature and we will                • Regulatory Permitting                   
post photos from our local AEP                   • Mitigation Monitoring
events, workshops, and luncheons.
    • The •

                                                                      a ssociat ion of envir onmental pr of e s sional s
                                                                      san diego ch ap t er
                                                                      march 2011

MARCH ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                          in this issue
                                                                                          San Diego Chapter
event committee volunteers needed                                                             2011 Board
The Annual Awards Event Committee is kicking into gear again and we are
issuing a call for new and old volunteers a like! If you have any experience
with event planning/coordination, fund-raising, or material lay out/design, or                       Julie Wang
you want to get to know a group of fellow AEP members and have generally                             CH2M HILL
good time, please contact Corinne Lytle Bonine. Time commitment will be             
an average of 1 to 2 hours a week and committee meetings will be held every                Vice President of Programs
other week for the majority of the planning process, with ramped commitment                   Monica Kling, LEED AP
expected within a month or so of the event. Please contact Corinne Lytle                              RBF
Bonine at (858) 812-8259 or to help.
                                                                                          Vice President of Membership
membership survey coming soon                                                                      Mindy Fogg
                                                                                               County of San Diego
Building on the momentum of the state membership survey, the San Diego           
Chapter of AEP will be initiating a survey for our members. The survey will
be available starting mid-March through the end of April. Be on the lookout
                                                                                                    Cara Leone
for the email with a link to the survey. The main focus of this year’s survey is       Linscott, Law & Greenspan, Engineers
on program topics and member appreciation event ideas. Thank you for your          
participation in the San Diego Chapter of AEP!                                                     Secretary
                                                                                             Seth Torma, AICP, PTP
input requested for aep advanced ceqa spring workshop                                           KOA Corporation
AEP is soliciting input from CEQA practitioners for the next workshop series!
The Directors-at-Large would like to hear from you as to what topics you                        Newsletter Editor
would like discussed at the Practicum workshops scheduled for early June.                           Lisa Lind
                                                                                               RECON Environmental
Contact Steve Noack at or Kelly Koldus at kkoldus@        
                                                                                         Student Membership/Outreach
wildlife enthusiasts needed for animal tracking: march 19th                                       Emily Hart
The San Diego Tracking Team has been collecting data around San Diego                                Dudek
County since the early 1990s. Their data has been used to help protect open
space in many areas. Wildlife enthusiasts are needed to expand the efforts. Join                  Chapter Director
tracking expert Barry Martin on March 19th, from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. at                        Marilyn Ponseggi
                                                                                                  City of Chula Vista
the Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve for a tracking hike and informational               
meeting. To RSVP and for more information, please contact Cathy Chadwick
at or (619) 277-3605.                                                          Visit us at:
attention bicycle enthusiasts
On Saturday, March 19, a Grand Opening event will be held on the SR 52 in
Santee to celebrate the completion of the freeway from SR 125 to SR 67. As                Board    Meetings   are   typically
part of the event – which will be held on the freeway near Cuyamaca Street                held on the 1st Wednesday of
– there will be a three-mile fun bike ride, run, and walk on the new freeway              each month. All members are
(which will open to traffic later in the month). There will also be a community           invited to attend. If you would
fair, live music, free T-shirts, free food etc., courtesy of our event sponsors.          like to attend, please contact the
Everyone is invited. Please visit The San Diego Association of Governments at             Chapter Secretary, Seth Torma,                  for more information. Minutes

or call (619) 699-6939 for more information.                                              from each meeting are posted on
                                                                                          the Chapter website.

                                • The •

                                                                                                 a ssociat ion of envir onmental pr of e s sional s
                                                                                                 san diego ch ap t er
                                                                                                 march 2011

                            MARCH ANNOUNCEMENTS
                            upcoming c3 breakfast to discuss balboa park and the plaza de panama
Photo by Vincent Martinez

                                                                                                                                  Balboa Park Plaza de Panama

                            C3 has long advocated for increased pedestrian-use of the Central Mesa of Balboa Park with the concomitant goal of
                            de-emphasizing automobile use in the park. Under the sponsorship of Dr. Irwin Jacobs and with the support of Mayor
                            Jerry Sanders, the Balboa Park Plaza de Panama, Circulation and Parking Structure master plan amendment has been
                            initiated for the central area of Balboa Park with the National Historic Landmark. If approved, the project is proposed
                            to be completed by 2015 in time for the Centennial anniversary of Balboa Park. The proposed “bypass bridge” off
                            the eastern portion of the Cabrillo Bridge, as a solution to eliminating all vehicles from the Plaza and adjacent areas,
                            has ignited a storm of opposition from historic preservationists and others. Is the bypass bridge the best alternative
                            to accomplish the end result? Are there alternatives to be considered that could possibly “bridge the gap” and enable
                            the project to proceed with greater support? C3’s upcoming Breakfast Dialogue program is scheduled for Thursday,
                            March 31, 2011 from 7:30 A.M. - 9:15 A.M. at the Holiday Inn at the Bay. For more information and to RSVP, visit:

                            county of san diego volunteer opportunities
                            The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation offers many wonderful volunteer opportunities.
                            Opportunities include Volunteer Park Patrol, Docent/Naturalist, Volunteers in History, and Youth Volunteer
                            Opportunities among others. The Volunteer Program allows the Department to increase services to visitors, provides
                            on-the-job experience, and raises the public’s awareness of how we operate to protect and preserve the natural and
                            historic resources. More information can be found by visiting the volunteer opportunities page at:

                            free guided nature walks
                            The San Diego Natural History Museum’s Canyoneers offer free guided nature walks in over 60 places around San Diego
                            County. The Calendar of Events includes Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve on Saturday and the Santa Rosa Plateau
                            on March 26th and Kitchen Creek Falls and Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve on April 2nd. For more information
                            on upcoming events and meeting times and locations, please visit:

                            free guided nature walks
                            The San Diego Natural History Museum’s Canyoneers offer free guided nature walks in over 60 places around San Diego
                            County. The Calendar of Events includes Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve on Saturday and the Santa Rosa Plateau
                            on March 26th and Kitchen Creek Falls and Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve on April 2nd. For more information
                            on upcoming events and meeting times and locations, please visit:

    • The •

                                                                    a ssociat ion of envir onmental pr of e s sional s
                                                                    san diego ch ap t er
                                                                    march 2011


native plant propagation: march 17, 2011, 9 A.M. - 2 P.M.
Help propagate plants for native landscaping around the facilities at Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve, a California
Department of Fish and Game property that also houses offices for US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau
of Land Management. CDFG wants to replace the non-native ornamental landscaping plants with natives that can
eventually serve as a demonstration garden. Be part to the propagation team that will work under the direction of
CDFG biologist John Ekhoff. Join us for all or part of the day. Bring your lunch if you plan to stay all day. To RSVP,
for directions or more information, contact Cathy Chadwick at or 619-277-3605.

early bird hike: march 19, 2011, 7 a.m. - 9 a.m.
Which bird plants thousands of oak trees? Which bird can run up to 15 miles per hour? Which bird ‘changes its
tune’ when nesting? Join bird expert and San Diego National Wildlife Refuge biologist John Martin to answer these
questions and many more that you may think of while seeing and hearing some of our fascinating native birds. All
levels of bird watchers are welcome to explore the bird life at the Las Montañas area in the refuge. To RSVP, for
directions or more information, contact Cathy Chadwick at or 619-277-3605.

scholarship applications available
The San Diego Chapter of AEP supports students who are actively engaged in the pursuit of a career in a field with
an environmental emphasis. Applications are available for the 2011 scholarships. Undergraduate or graduate students
with an environmental emphasis attending any of the major universities in San Diego County are eligible for monetary
awards up to $2,000 per scholarship recipient. The award can be used for any educational pursuit including tuition,
books, housing, research, etc. The scholarship(s) will be awarded at the 2011 San Diego Chapter Annual Awards
and Scholarship Benefit held in the fall. Application forms are available on the San Diego Chapter website: www. For any questions on the application process, please contact Emily Hart at (760) 479-
4232 or Deadline to submit: July 31, 2011 (postmarked no later than July 31st).

thanks to our new and returning members

Marie Barrett                  Kimberly Jones
Adrianne Beazley               Greg Kazmer
Marion Borg                    Ralph Kingery
Alison Buckley                 Robert MacAller
Charles Bull                   Dennis R. Marcin
Michael Burnett                Chris Moore
Tina Christiansen              Peggy Murphy
Carey Cooper                   Julia Norris
Mona DeLeon                    Catherine Presmyk
Jessica Fernandes              Erin Sheehy
Elyssa Figari                  Anthony Shute
Mindy Fogg                     Mark Tegio
Kelley Gage                    Travis Whitney
Jonathan Goodmacher            Valarie Yruretagoyena
Brian Grover                   Kimberly Zuppiger
Philip L. Hinshaw

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                                                                     a ssociat ion of envir onmental pr of e s sional s
                                                                     san diego ch ap t er
                                                                     march 2011

san diego canyonlands seeking a programs manager
San Diego Canyonlands (SDCL) is seeking a Programs Manager to develop, manage, administer, and oversee operations,
financial administration, activities and SDCL programs. The Programs Manager conducts community organizing
activities to develop, grow and further organizational goals as well as program objectives and goals. Additionally
the Programs Manager assists with administering grants. The Programs Manager serves as community liaison and
ensures high levels of customer satisfaction and service in all areas of program delivery. Full time salaried, exempt,
with flexibility to work variable hours and on weekends. Salary is commensurate with skills and experience. San Diego
Canyonlands, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse workforce. For more information about
SDCL and a full description of responsibilities and preferred knowledge and skills, please visit http://sdcanyonlands.
org/news/programs-manager-wanted.html. Send resume via e-mail in Word or PDF format to Eric Bowlby at Call (619) 284-9399 with any questions.

ice seeking an environmental planner/project manager
ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI) partners with government and commercial clients to deliver professional services
and technology solutions in the energy and climate change; environment and infrastructure; health, human services,
and social programs; and homeland security and defense markets. The firm combines passion for its work with
industry expertise and innovative analytics to produce compelling results throughout the entire program life cycle,
from research and analysis through implementation and improvement. ICF is currently seeking an Environmental
Planner/Project Manager to be based in our San Diego, CA office. As an Environmental Planner/ Project Manager, you
will be responsible for the environmental compliance of utility linear projects. Working with diverse teams, you will
develop project descriptions, coordinate field review and data collection, prepare project schedules, prepare CEQA/
NEPA documents, develop mitigation tools, communicate requirements, coordinate environmental compliance
during construction, resolve project issues, work with local/ state/federal agencies, acquire and implement permits,
and complete post- project requirements. To apply for this position, please visit:


A hummingbird feeds her babies in
the Bay Park area of Clairemont.

By Lori Spar, RECON

  The editors of The Environmentor
  are now accepting environmental
  photographs for publication. Please
  send in your own photo — landscape
  scene, plant or animal species, or other
  environmentally related photograph.
  Please send your photographs to
  Lisa Lind, Newsletter Editor:

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                                                                          a ssociat ion of envir onmental pr of e s sional s
                                                                          san diego ch ap t er
                                                                          march 2011

CAMPUS CONNECTION                                                                                  in this issue
inaugural resume workshop a success | by kristen holbrook
                                                                                               SDSU STUDENT CHAPTER
                                                                                                   Shannon Frattone

                                                                                                     Faculty Advisor
                                                                                                     Diana Richardson
                                                                                                 Geography Department

                                                                                                    Student Leader
                                                                                                   Azucena Navarrete
                                             AEP Resume Workshop - Photos by Julie Wang

                                                                                               UCSD STUDENT CHAPTER
On March 1st, AEP welcomed local        Emily Hart, Dudek; Student                                      Liaison
college students to its inaugural       Membership       &       Outreach                            Joe O’Bannon
Resume Workshop at the University       Director; Vanessa Brice, Helix                              Chambers Group
of San Diego. The workshop              Environmental and USD Student
included industry-specific resume       Chapter Liaison; Bobbi Herdes,                               Faculty Advisor
and interview advice from AEP’s         RECON; Joe Monaco, Dudek;                                Professor Jane Teranes
                                                                                                Physical Sciences Division
Student Membership & Outreach           Ryan Binns, AMEC; Lori Spar,                     
Director, Emily Hart, and a panel       RECON; Julie Wang, CH2M HILL
of nine professional volunteers         and Chapter President; Melissa                      Student Chapter Faculty Advisor
                                                                                                     Valorie Bruce
from Dudek, Helix Environmental,        Whittemore, Helix Environmental;                         Student Affairs Advisor
AMEC, CH2M HILL, RECON and              Michael D’Alessandro, David                      
David Evans & Associates.               Evans & Associates and SDSU
                                                                                                    Student Leader
                                        Student Chapter Liaison.                                    Position Available
The workshop began with a
                                                                                                USD STUDENT CHAPTER
presentation on how to build a
professional and well-organized                                                                       Vanessa Brice
resume by Emily Hart. She gave                                                                 Helix Environmental Planning
step-by-step advice on how to craft                                                    

a resume from getting started, to                                                                   Faculty Advisor
identifying and organizing relevant                                                               Professor Sarah Gray
                                                                                                     Marine Science
information,      to    proofreading
                                                                                                 & Environmental Studies
and customizing your resume to                                                          
tailor it to the environmental field.
                                                                                                     Student Leader
The presentation concluded with         The students took home some                                  David Landeros
interview and job hunting advice        tangible lessons and constructive            
followed by a question and answer       advice from our professional
                                                                                               PLNU STUDENT CHAPTER
session with the panel. Afterwards,     members, including advice from
the students broke into small groups    Emily Hart to “Dress and speak                             Position Available
with the professional volunteers        like you are running for office.”
                                                                                                     Faculty Advisor
to work one-on-one on personal          The presentation from the Resume
                                                                                                Professor Dave Cummings
resumes. Special thanks to all of the   Workshop is available for you                              Biology Department
professional volunteers who helped      to download at: http://www.                   
make this event a success.                                  Student Leader
                                                                                                    Position Available


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