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					                                                                       Curriculum Map for WebDesign.com

Unit Name /           Benchmark                      Key Learnings (written             Activities used                    Resources used                  Assessment of
Topic (specific                                      as statement)                                                                                         learning
timeframe, if any)
Introduction to the   Learn and utilize the proper   Web Design and internet            Pop Quiz of terms and lecture on   Internet web sites (vary each   Terminology Worksheet,
Internet              web design                     terminology is needed to           terminology                        year)                           Web Project Demonstration
                      technology/internet            properly create web sites.
                      terminology.                   Knowledge of copyright laws as     Researching Business, school,      Internet web sites (vary each   Web Project Demonstration
                                                     they relate to the internet, ISD   web sites copyright policies and   year), ISD #272 Computer Use
                                                     #272 and web publishing is         comparing findings.                and Publishing Brochures
                                                     required when creating web
Graphic Design        Develop and utilize skills     Elements of good web design is   Critique of secondary and post    Internet websites (vary each year Critiquing worksheet
                      that lay the foundation for    required to create a web site    secondary student created         based upon availability)
                      producing Web-ready            sufficient for publishing        websites and business websites on
                      communications                                                  user friendliness
                                                     Optimizing and manipulating      Lecture                           Fireworks and predetermined       Optimizing pictures & Web
                                                     graphics is important to loading                                   images                            Project Demonstration
                                                     quick web pages
                                                     Storyboarding is important to    Demonstration of storyboards and Predetermined website, graphing Storyboard their first page
                                                     the development of a web site    Mapping of predetermined site     paper                             of their first web site and
                                                                                                                                                          Map the site once it is
                                                                                                                                                          completed, logo story
                                                                                                                                                          board, Web Project
                                                     Design and redesign techniques Lecture on Web Graphic Design Fireworks and predetermined             Logo, Web business Card,
                                                     are important to developing      & Creating of first images,       images, Student Feedback          Name plate, Optimized
                                                     usable web site                  Student Feedback Lecture                                            Graphics, Scanned Logo
                                                                                                                                                          Storyboard, Peer Review
                                                                                                                                                          and Web Project
                                                                                                                                                          Demonstration, Student

                                                     Web Photo Albums are               Demonstration of creation of Web Dreamweaver & predetermined       Creation of student photo
                                                     beneficial to show multiple        photo album and uses             images                            album with pictures
                                                     pictures on a web site                                                                                provided by student

                                                                                                                                                               June 12, 2006
                                                                   Curriculum Map for WebDesign.com

Unit Name /          Benchmark                   Key Learnings (written             Activities used                    Resources used                    Assessment of
Topic (specific                                  as statement)                                                                                           learning
timeframe, if any)
                                                 Copyright law knowledge as it Discussion                              Internet                          Check off on first web page
                                                 relates to the internet and web                                                                         creation.
                                                 publishing is important to know
                                                 when developing web pages.

Personal and         Develop and use effective   Gathering information from a       Lecture & information gathering    Information gathering worksheet. Web Design Team
professional         personal communication      client is important in the         with real client                   Clients                          Collaboration, Designing
communication        skills                      development of a client based                                                                          for a client, Professional
                                                 web site.                                                                                              Web Design Process
                                                 Analyzing similar web sites is     Utilize internet to view similar   Internet & Website comparison    Website Comparison
                                                 important in the development of    sites                              worksheet                        Worksheet
                                                 a client based web site
                                                 Building a basic client web site   Build the site                     Dreamweaver and Fireworks         Finished Client Website
                                                 is a processing involving many
                                                 Receiving feedback from client     Meeting with Client to receive     Developer Client Feedback form, Client Website Redesign
                                                 is important to the redesign of    feedback                           Client & Student Feedback
                                                 the client web site.

                                               Redesigning Client Web site is       Redesign of Client Web Site        Client and Student Feedback       Personal and professional
                                               important to meeting the client's                                                                         communication
Design, Redesign,    Students will apply their Evaluating and comparing web         Evaluation and comparison of       Client Web Site, Personal Web     Client Web Site, Personal
Updating Web Sites   knowledge and develop web sitesis important to the process     student work                       Site, Graphical Images, Web       Web Site, Graphical
                     sites                     of redesigning a web site and                                           Photo Album                       Images, Web Photo Album
                                               web-ready graphics
                                               Establishing the appropriate         Interview Client and organize
                                               content is important for the         content for client web site
                                               creation of a good web site
                                               Developing the look and feel the     Interview Client and Redesign      Client Web Site, Personal Web
                                               client desires is important to the   Client Web site                    Site, Graphical Images, Web
                                               development of a good client                                            Photo Album
                                               web site

                                                                                                                                                             June 12, 2006
Updating Web Sites   knowledge and develop web                                                                                                 Web Site, Graphical
                     sites                                                                                                                     Images, Web Photo Album

                                                                   Curriculum Map for WebDesign.com

Unit Name /          Benchmark                   Key Learnings (written          Activities used               Resources used                  Assessment of
Topic (specific                                  as statement)                                                                                 learning
timeframe, if any)
                                                 Developing usability and         Evaluation of current work   Client Web Site, Personal Web
                                                 consistency within a web site is                              Site, Graphical Images, Web
                                                 important to creating a good                                  Photo Album
                                                 web site

                                                                                                                                                  June 12, 2006

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