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					Thursday, March 17, 2011

Budget promises
                                                       opinions                                                                                                                                                      5

don’t match reality

            Shawn Shinneman
     We were told this was a collaborative
effort. We were told that even though these
                                                           Cheap Insurance
budgetary concerns were going to cause sig-
ni�icant changes, we’d get a say in what those
                                                                            Call now!!
changes were.
     We were told by President Troy Paino, just a
little more than a month ago, that our opinions
were not only going to be heard, but that they
would be essential to the process of trimming
the budget.
     “Truth should be the foundation of every-
thing we do,” Paino said at the All-University
                                                          Advertising encroaches on
meeting on Feb. 11. He was paraphrasing an
idea from a book he had recently read, tying it
into Truman’s budget issues.
     “If you know the truth and you can trust me
that I am giving you at least everything that I
                                                           personal space, privacy                            of Mirrus, the company that manufactures             glow. I don’t care. If I really wanted to see
know about the situation, then I can then call                                                                the mirrors, allows either still image ads or        advertisements, I could have just turned on
upon you to work with me to solve the prob-                                                                   videos to appear on the mirror above a sink          the TV or the radio, but I chose to wash my
lems,” he said.                                                                                               until someone steps up to wash their hands.          hands instead.
     That sounded great. As a student, I wanted                                                               At that point, the image grows smaller and               The worst part of these new forms of
to know that my concerns would be consid-                                                                     moves to the corner of the mirror allowing           advertising is that they are completely
ered, and that I would be used as a resource for                                                              a person to see their re�lection and the ad at       unavoidable. You can’t go to the rest room
Truman’s budget team. If only those words had                                                                 the same time.                                       without washing your hands, and if you can,
been succeeded by action.                                                                                         Is nothing sacred? You would think the           you have other things to worry about. And
     Two weeks later, eight days before Midterm                                                               one place to get away from everything and            you certainly can’t board a plane without
break, school administrators announced the                                                                    just be alone would be a rest room, but no.          �irst going through airport security and
men’s golf team would cease to exist after the                                                                You can’t even wash your hands without               separating your belongings into the bins.
spring season. After Paino preached collabora-                                                                seeing how much money you could save                 This isn’t like TV or the radio where you
tion, the golf team was blind sided with news                                                                 with Geico.                                          can change the station when a commercial
                                                                       Molly Skyles
they would no longer get to compete just an                 They are everywhere — in movie the-                   Bathroom mirrors aren’t the only                 comes on. Instead, you are stuck looking at
hour before the story went public.                      atres, on the side of the road, even in rest          things that have turned into an advertising          the Axe body spray model until you rinse all
     This, to me, seems the exact opposite of what      rooms. They are unwelcome and demand                  space either. The bins used in the airport-          the soap off your hands.
we were told would happen. Paino’s remarks              all of your attention and your money. And             security line are now being lined with ads                 So what’s next? Will Coca-Cola �ind a
last month tended to lull us into a sense that we       sometimes there is just no way to avoid               thanks to Joe Ambrefe, an airport traveler           way project their logo on the moon? Then,
were safe from ruthless cuts without warning.           them: advertisements.                                 who came up with this brilliant idea. Great,         companies will be �ighting for ad space
     Why wasn’t the golf team given a chance                Billboards, commercials and �liers adver-         when I’m stressed and anxious because I              in the night’s sky. It’s just too much. Com-
to hear from administration and help come               tising the latest brand of toothpaste that in-        need to get my shoes and belt off and put            panies need to �ind less intrusive ways to
up with ways to trim the program’s budget —             stantly whitens your smile or an insurance            my quart- sized bag �illed with 3.4 ounce            market their products.
which, Budget Director Dave Rector told the             company saving you hundreds of dollars are            bottles of liquid into a plastic bin in rapid              We’ve become a country so obsessed
Index, was approximately $25,000 — without              not new things. We have been bombarded                speed I get to see the smiling face of the           with consumerism that it has taken over all
completely cutting it? I have talked to multiple        with some subtle and other not-so-subtle              Double Mint twins staring back at me. I’m            aspects of society. Americans view around
golfers who say they would have been open to            advertisements for decades. However, a                sure that will make my airport experience            5,000 advertisements per day, according
this, and that anything would have been better          couple of innovative businessmen have                 go so much better.                                   to a 2007 article in The New York Times.
than simply cutting the team altogether.                done the unthinkable — make advertise-                    Advertisements have gone too far. I un-          Imagine how much that number has grown
     Look, I get it. We have far too small an           ments even more annoying and intrusive.               derstand they are vital to the advancement           in the last four years, especially now with
athletic budget to support 21 sports. Certainly,            When a traveler walks into an airport             of the marketplace. I get that the economy is        the mirror and security bin ads.
our golf team is not producing much revenue.            bathroom, instead of seeing the tired face            not looking so hot, and increased spending
And along with the golf team being cut, it was          of someone who just spent eight hours on a            is one of the only ways to �ix that. But you
announced that within four years, men’s tennis,         plane in the mirror, they will see an adver-          know what, I don’t care. I just want to be left
swimming, wrestling and baseball will no longer         tisement. This new technology, develop-               alone. I want to go to the bathroom without
                                                                                                                                                                                        Molly Skyles is a junior

receive scholarships. There is speculation that at      ment by Brian Reid, president and founder             seeing how Dove soap will make my skin
                                                                                                                                                                                         communication major
least some of these programs are being phased
                                                                                                                                                                                           from St. Louis, Mo.
out completely. Maybe these are necessary steps
for Truman to maintain its successful sports and
improve upon its, um, not-so-dominant sports.
     The sadness of a canceled program starts

                                                          What do you hope survives the budget cuts?
with its players and coaches. Junior Nik Bentz-                                                  around the Quad
inger, a 2009-10 All-MIAA selection, was poised
to be a top competitor in the conference as Tru-
man’s No. 1 golfer next year. He will no longer
get that shot. Underclassmen who might other-
wise transfer to play elsewhere are now staring
at housing contracts that will surely keep them
here for another year.
     But this is an issue stretching beyond the golf
team and beyond athletics. It undermines what
we’ve been told.
     It’s easy to believe the things the administra-
tion tells us. We want to believe our administra-
tors are different from others, and that they
really want to hear from us. At the end of the
day, people want to believe they’re being heard.
     But here is a sports program being canceled
out of the blue that, frankly, is not granted
enough money to cause much of a ripple in the
budget whether it stays or goes.
     Something about that doesn’t quite match               “I’m the president of mock           “I used to be on men’s golf.              “I hope they don’t cut              “I’m a member of WRC
the “collaborative effort” jargon we were fed one
                                                           trial. I’d appreciate it if they        I was hoping they didn’t                 anymore sports. It’s               and that was a big fear.
month ago.
                                                             stop cutting educational                       cut it.”                     important to stay physical.”        Organizations that provide
                                                                        clubs.”                                                                                              resources that may not be
                                                                                                                                                                                available elsewhere.”
                 Shawn Shinneman is a senior                     Carolyn Saville                             Joe Stock                          Katie Baylie                     Jennifer Pearlstein
                       communication major                           senior                                    junior                            freshman                              junior
                        from St. Joseph, Mo.

Midwest must improve earthquake preparedness
                                                       in some areas — the tsunami waves began                the destruction would be. Homes and communi-         should that earthquake hit.
                                                       to �lood in, leaving a wake of destruction and         ties all along the Mississippi would be leveled to       There is no “silver lining” to natural disasters
                                                       heartbreak in their path. Again, entire towns          the ground, our economy could suffer billions        like the one we are watching unfold in Japan
                                                       have been wiped off the map. At least 10,000           in damages and many people in Memphis, Cape          — the situation is grave, and it might continue
                                                       people are believed dead. The infrastructure           Girardeau and St. Louis would likely lose their      to get worse. Still, as people living on or near a
                                                       of northern Japan is left in shambles — and            lives. That’s what is destined to happen if we       major fault, we have the opportunity to learn
                                                       two nuclear power plants are on the verge of           don’t take measures to prepare for the earth-        from this disaster and make sure that some-
                                                       meltdowns.                                             quake that is inevitable.                            thing similar doesn’t happen again — at least
                                                           Not only is this the worst earthquake to ever          Japan knew they were situated on the Ring        not in our own backyard. As college students
                                                       hit Japan, but now the premier calls it the worst      of Fire, so they prepared for the expected: an       — some of whom might have career plans in
                                                       national crisis since World War II.                    earthquake. In fact, many seismology experts         engineering, community planning or politics
                                                           Clearly there is no comparison between             consider Japan to be a model for earthquake          — we have an even greater responsibility to
                                                       the damage incurred to a few hundred Mis-              preparedness. But Japan was not ready for the        take preventative action.
                                                       souri Territory residents 200 years ago and the        unexpected: a tsunami. The Japanese relied on            This is not meant to be a doomsday
                 Zach Vicars
    On Dec. 16, 1811, an earthquake estimated          widespread catastrophe we see in Japan today.          sea walls that were too short, and even built        prediction or a scare tactic. It’s meant to be
at 8.0 on the Richter Scale rocked the small river     However, if Missourians — and other citizens of        nuclear power plants in the tidal wave’s path,       a word of caution. Whether we’re ready for
town of New Madrid, Missouri. Houses crum-             the Midwest — don’t learn from what happened           according to an article from the March 14 edi-       it or not, another earthquake is on its way.
pled in St. Louis, shockwaves rang churchbells         in 1811 in the U.S. and what’s happening right         tion of The New York Times. There is, however,       Science isn’t sure how long we have. It could
in Boston, Mass., and — according to legend            now in Japan, we could be in the news next.            a certain arrogance in looking backwards. Six        be 5, 50 or even 500 years from now. But no
— one farmer found that his citizenship shifted            That’s right, we’re almost certain to see an       days later and 10,000 miles away, I am in no         matter how far away it might be, we need
from Missouri to Illinois overnight.                   earthquake hit similar to that of 1811 — except        position to say whether Japan was prepared.          to be prepared — and in light of just how
    And that was just the beginning. In all, four      this time it will be much worse.                           But what I can say is that here in Missouri,     devastating the unexpected can be, we need
earthquakes of equal strength affected an area             In 2008, the U.S. Federal Emergency Manage-        we also are prepared for the expected. We know       to start preparing now.
of 50,000 square miles in what became the most         ment Agency reported that an earthquake in the         we’re in Tornado Alley and we know that it
destructive earthquake ever recorded in the            New Madrid fault line could result in “the high-       �loods here nearly every spring. For that reason,
eastern United States.                                 est economic losses due to a natural disaster in       we have storm shelters and sand bags at the
    On March 11, 2011, an earthquake estimated         the United States.”                                    ready. But we are grossly underprepared for the
                                                                                                                                                                                         Zach Vicars is a junior
at 8.9 on the Richter Scale rocked the nation of           Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee and Alabama          unexpected: another earthquake. Our roads,
                                                                                                                                                                                        philosophy/religion and
Japan. At �irst, skyscrapers swayed and houses         would all be greatly affected by the disaster.         buildings, homes, and infrastructure — like wa-
                                                                                                                                                                                               linguistics major
crumpled, but then — in as little as 15 minutes            It’s not dif�icult to imagine just how dreadful    ter supply — are in grave danger of destruction,                            from St. Charles, Mo.

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