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									Format of Custom Research Paper
If you are a college or University student, you will have to face the challenging job of performing research and writing research papers. But you may not know how to write a good research paper. Custom writing service companies work efficiently to bring out best quality custom research paper in required format in order to fetch you the best grade in your course of study. Format is very important to write a good research paper. There are many research paper writing formats. Each research paper format follows different structure and formatting rules. You will be asked to follow a certain format for writing your research paper. You have to know how to format research paper and how to cite the sources used for writing the paper. The formatting and citation guide helps you to write your research paper in required format. All custom research papers are mostly done in Microsoft Word format that is friendly to almost all computers. The custom research papers done by most of the custom writing services are in either doc or rtf file format. The custom research papers usually follows the format of 12pt Arial or Courier Font, Margin of one inch on each side, double-spaced, Minimum Page Length of 250- 275 words/page and left Text Alignment with no double spacing between paragraphs. The in-text and reference list Citation Style used in custom research paper will be the one that exactly corresponds to the style selected by customer. The different citation styles are Harvard, APA, Turabian, MLA, Chicago, etc. You can order your custom research paper in MS word format or any other you required. The major parts that have to be included in a research paper are title page, table of contents, abstract, introduction, main body of the research paper, conclusion, and reference list. The writing format of the research paper must be considered seriously. The title page includes the topic, student’s name, course, instructor’s name and submission date. The abstract includes an overview of complete research paper. The introduction includes the general information about the topic of the research paper. The main body of the research paper includes the topic discussion of the research paper. Every thought stated in the introduction and the supporting ideas must be discussed in detail in the main body. Each paragraph of the research paper concentrates on separate idea related to the next one. The whole research paper is written in accordance with the format required by your college or university instructor or professor. The reference list or bibliography in the end of paper must correspond to the required citation style. The team of professional writers and editors in the custom writing service companies are always ready to help you write your academic research paper in the format required by your college or university. You will have to just order for a research paper and give the specifications, instructions and format requirements of your paper to the custom writing service company. They will deliver your research paper of best quality in the requested format within the agreed time. Forget your worries about writing good research paper by choosing a good custom writing Service Company and be free from

the hassle of completing your research paper according to the required format, length and academic style. Source:

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