ARLINGTON, TEXAS                                                                                                                            November 2, 2003

                St. Maria Goretti Church                                      form in the collection basket or drop it off at the Church Office.
                                                                              Again, WELCOME!
                Mother Parish of Arlington                                    Mass Schedule – Mass Intentions
                Franciscan Friars, T.O.R.                                     Saturday, November 1 – ALL SAINTS
                                                                              Readings:   Refer to Sunday’s Readings
Fr. James Gigliotti, T.O.R., Pastor                                           8:00AM        Marguerite Funai by Doris Short
Fr. Michael Ciski, T.O.R., Associate Pastor                                                 Robert Diedrich by Roger & Mary Beth Wicks
Deacon Michael Krempp                                                         5:30PM        Hoffman & Eller family by family
Parish Office: 1200 South Davis Drive, Arlington, TX 76013                                  John & Philomenia Zihlman by family
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 12:00noon; 1:00PM - 4:30PM
St. Maria Goretti School: 817.275.5081; Church Office: 817.274.0643           Sunday, November 2 – The Commemoration of
Fax Number: 817.277.4193                                                      all the Faithful Departed (All Souls)
St. Maria Goretti Website:                                  Readings:   Wis 3:1-9 Ps 23:1-6 Rom 5:5-11
Fr. Jim’s e-mail:                                   7:30AM      Ernest Sonny Cruz by family
Fr. Mike’s e-mail:                                                   James Lengen Jr. by Fred & Marty Bondurant
Deacon Mike Krempp's e-mail:                           9:00AM       SMG Women’s Guild Deceased Members
Sunday Mass Schedule:                                                                       Gary Burton by Mary
Saturday Evening Vigil 5:30PM,                                                11:00AM       Anthony Yablonsky by Barbara
Sunday 7:30AM, 9:00AM, 11:00AM and 1:00PM                                                   Julien Thuy by Thong Nguyen family
Liturgy of the Hours, Morning Prayer Time 7:45AM;                              1:00PM       Edgar & Bertha Eaves by Allen & Berta Lou Eaves
Daily Mass 8:00AM Monday - Friday                                                           Parishioners of St. Maria Goretti Church
Holy Days: Vigil (evening before) 6:30PM
Holy Day: 8:00AM; 6:30PM
Confession: Saturday 4:30PM - 5:30PM or see a Friar                           Monday, November 3 – Martin de Porres,
Adoration: Every day in the Oratory 6:00AM - 10:00PM                          religious
First Friday: Sacrament - Anointing of the Sick (during Mass)                 Readings:    Rom 11:29-36 Ps 69:30-31,33-34 Lk 14:12-14
Friday: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: 8:30AM - 12:00noon                 8:00AM       Jim & Nancy Summers by Carol Smith
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament: 12:00noon (Church)                                    Stanley Cremeans by Bill & JoAnne McCraw
                                                                              Tuesday, November 4 – Charles Borromeo,
Who to Call…                                                                  bishop
Staff Members (817.274.0643)                                                  Readings:     Rom 12:5-16a Ps 131:1-3 Lk 14:15-24
       Ext                                                                      8:00AM      In Thanksgiving by the Menezes family
                                                                                            Robert Patrick Byrd by Mickey & Helen Devito
Cindy Alford               Secretary (Friars)                    223          Wednesday, November 5 – Weekday
                           e-mail -                     Readings:     Rom 13:8-10 Ps 112:1-2m4-5,9 Lk 14:25-33
Toni Bradford              Bookkeeper                            224            8:00AM      Ralph Castano by Joe Castano family
                           e-mail -                                 Viola Hauser by Rosalie Scottino
Janet Divin                Youth Minister                                     Thursday, November 6 – Weekday
                           Jr./ Sr. Religious Education Director 256          Readings:     Rom 14:7-12 Ps 27:1,4,13-14 Lk 15:1-10
                           e-mail -                        8:00AM      Jack McDonaugh by Toni Burke
Mary Ellen Doskocil        SMG School Principal                  301                        Anthony Scottino by school
                           e-mail –                  Friday, November 7 – Weekday
Cynthia Gomez              Director of Peace/Justice 817.274.5407             Readings:     Rom 15:14-21 Ps 98:1-4 Lk 16:1-8
                           e-mail –                        8:00AM      All those who Lift up the Poorest of the Poor by members
Brenda Hawley              Religious Education Secretary         227                        Matthew Egger by family
                           e-mail -
Sherry Lewis               Secretary/Receptionist                221
                           e-mail-                       Saturday, November 8 – Weekday
Freda Middleton            Director of Music/Liturgy             234          Readings:   Refer to Sunday’s Readings
                           e-mail -                   8:00AM       Ronald Samrau by Bison family
Lucas Pollice              RCIA/RCIC/Religious Education Director                           Edward G. Huber by Frances Huber
                           e-mail -       226          Sunday, November 9 – THE DEDICATION OF
David Smith                Maintenance Supervisor                310          THE LATERAN BASILICA IN ROME
                           e-mail -                      Readings:   Ez 47:1-2,8-9, 1 Cor 3:9c-11,16-17 Jn 2:13-22
Don Wagner                 Business Manager                      222           7:30AM       Steve & Virginia Gira by Evelyn Collins
                           e-mail -                                   Mr. & Mrs. John Lindholm by Nancy & Gene LaChance
                                                                               9:00AM       Joseph Jackowski by Theresa Jackowski
Are you a new member of St. Maria Goretti Church? We are pleased                            Edward Jackowski by Theresa Jackowski
to have you as a part of our community. Welcome! Please remember to           11:00AM       Parishioners of St. Maria Goretti Church
fill out a registration form. If you have not completed one yet, please ask                 Lieu-Luong-Thuy-My by Lien Bao family
an usher for help in locating the forms. You may place your completed          1:00PM       Victor Bustamonte by Ruth Parker
                                                                                            Shannon Murphy by Jennifer Heunermund

                                                                             The Lord has called us to love God and our neighbor. Are
Vocational Thought…                                                          you called to love by becoming a priest, brother or sister?

From the Desk of Fr. James Gigliotti, T.O.R., Pastor                                 Thanks for your generous support of the Peace and
                                                                                     Justice Ministry here too. Cynthia Gomez, our new
                                                                                     Director, will be reporting to us all the outreach to
Dear Parishioners:                                                                   our poor as she and her volunteers are weekly
                                                                                     ministering. Good things God does here, through us
I hope October was kind to you? It seemed to fly by! October saw us busy             and because of your good hearts.
about many things: the Kountry Karnival, the Blessing of Animals, our                Thanks for your displays of love. Thanks for your
beautiful dedication of the Knights of Columbus Rosary Garden by our Sacred          kindnesses last week on National Priest Appreciation
Heart Oratory, and the Italian Supper. All had big numbers in attendance, which      Sunday. Fr. Mike and I were quite overwhelmed by
shows your love and appropriate stewardship of this parish. Many, many thanks        kind words, beautiful cards, gifts and hugs. This is
to all of you who help sustain our excellent grade school and these consecrated      truly a wonderful place to be! You make us proud. I
grounds of St. Maria's. The Italian Night last week had the largest attendance       can only inadequately imagine how pleased the good
we've ever had at this annual event. Special thanks to Bob Rudman and                Lord must be with you! Remember you've all been
committee who chaired and managed this festive event. We made a profit of            prayed for during our Holy Spirit Novena, which
$1,551.05!                                                                           ended this Saturday, November 1. May the Gifts of
                                                                                     the Holy Spirit continue to be poured out in you and
Keeping in mind our buildings and the need to cultivate their integrity along        for the world through you, too.
with their heavy use, this money will go into the Holy Family Life Kitchen,
which needs a new sink, a larger dishwasher, etc. When that "Life" Center was        Peace and Love,
dedicated a few years ago, we only had enough funds to put the basic appliances      Fr. Jim
and plumbing into the kitchen. Nothing in there is "industrial" strength. The

kitchen has been deluged with good use, but, it shows and we've certainly had
our money's worth out of what we put into the kitchen originally. Now it's time,
as we've seen how it’s used and what we really need, to get serious about a                   For Everlasting Life
serious kitchen...a MUSCLE kitchen!!! This effort in the Holy Family Life
Center's kitchen is joined with plans to renovate and update the Msgr. Reilly        The reverend feast of All Souls lifts up prayer for the
Center. Now THERE'S a utilized building to the max! Something simply has to          deceased. They and we are one living family united
be done to bring it up to better sustain the crowds and organizations demanding      by faith. We express thanks for their lives. We
that space. Once upon a time, it was built to be storage, exclusively. Then, the     pledge them our continuing love. We voice our desire
youth group had use of some of its storage space for meetings. Then a cinder         to be reunited with them. We speak to God of our
block addition for needed expansion...again for storage. We've replaced the          hopes for their eternal future. We ask that the power
flooring twice in six years, replaced acoustical ceiling tiles and painted walls.    of Jesus’ resurrection be fully realized in their lives.
The kitchen there is the most heavily used on the entire campus. Again, we've
got to seriously remodel that building and very soon. The latest update was the      Tender God of Mercy,
installation of a new heating/air-conditioning system, which has been a              You so loved us that You sent Your only Son, Jesus,
Godsend! The Diocese is giving us the needed permissions to pursue plans and         to be our Redeemer. In Him we have come to know
speculate with bidders to take what we have in the Msgr. Reilly Center and           You and love You. As we draw closer to You, we seek
bring it up to the 21st century! Please know I am in an education process of my      to share the Good News of Your powerful life-giving
own in acquiring some informed vision for that building. The Finance                 love.
Committee is working with me on this, and some other parishioners I'm about to
add to a group of liaisons St. Maria-based. The Msgr. Reilly building is             In this month of the Holy Souls, we pray for all the
showing wear and tear, crumbling in some places at its base. PLEASE: nobody          faithful departed, and especially for the relatives and
panic at a scary thought of losing use of the Center for your use, group, and        friends who brightened our lives. Make room for
organization. This is how rumors get started! Take deep breaths. It will be          them in the embrace of Your love and in Your
fine, even better. Trust me. My job is to get and then dispense information to       enormous Heart. (Pause to mention those you wish to
you with advise from the Parish Council and Finance Council. Also, to be open        remember)
to any and all good insightfulness our parishioners may have. This is going to
cost some money, but not millions!! That older complex has not been neglected        Through the intercession of Mary, the Mother of
of late, but one can only dress-up an ageing body for so long. Believe me, I         God, I commend them to Your Divine Mercy. May
know! Place needs more than pizzazz, or a nip and a tuck. The Diocese uses a         they welcome them into Your heavenly garden.
redesign/build company, which specializes in taking older buildings and up-
dating them economically. They have been very successful with some buildings         Tender God of Mercy,
at St. Philips in Lewisville, just to name one, and the priests of the Diocese who   May these souls all sleep in Christ, and all who seek
have used this Beck Company highly recommend a look/see. Please keep these           You with a sincere heart, find in your presence light,
projects in your prayers and where you are able, financially plan to give towards    happiness, and peace. Lead them to the fullness of
these efforts.                                                                       the resurrection and gladden them with the light of
                                                                                     Your face. Amen
ARLINGTON, TEXAS                                                                                                            November 2, 2003
                                                                                       Keeping Our Children Safe Classes. This four-
                                                                                       hour class is required for all volunteers who have
The Book of Remembrance – We remember the faithful departed of our parish              regular contact with children and youth. This
family and your loved ones with the Book of Remembrance located in front of            includes volunteers in religious education, Liturgy of
St. Joseph in the Church. Take a moment to record names of those who have              the Word, music programs, youth ministry and
died as we take the month of November to offer prayers for the deceased in our         schools. Upcoming classes that you can attend are:
parish.                                                                                November 8, Most Blessed Sacrament, Arlington,

Diocese of Fort Worth Bishop’s                                                         9:00AM to 1:00PM; and St. Joseph in Arlington,
                                                                                       9:00AM to 1:00PM; and December 13 at St. Joseph
                                                                                       in Arlington, 9:00AM to 1:00PM. You can contact
Office                                                                                 the respective parish to attend.
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
                                                                                       Pre-Baptismal Instruction Classes - Classes are held
I am pleased to announce that the safe environment program, Keeping Children,          monthly in the Holy Family Life Center St. Clare/St.
Youth and Vulnerable Adults Safe will be offered in all the parishes and schools       Francis Meeting Rooms from 3:00PM - 4:00PM.
of our Diocese this fall. Please note that participation in one of these sessions is   Registration will begin at 2:45PM. The next class
required for all volunteers who work regularly with children and youth. This           will be held on Sunday, November 16.
includes volunteers who provide:

         Religious education programs of all kinds including sacramental
          preparation and Liturgy of the Word for children                             Congratulations to the parents of the following
         Training of all Altar Servers                                                child who was baptized on Sunday, October 19,
         Training for Choir and lead music                                            2003: Olivia Ann Murray.
         Child care and babysitting
         Youth ministry events and activities
         Activities and staff events in the school
                                                                                       Votive Lights for the week of November 2 will burn
In 2002, the Bishops of the United States adopted the Charter for the Protection       for the following intentions:
of Children and Young People. The Charter demands that each diocese develop
a safe environment program. The elements of the diocesan program for                   In Loving Memory of Francis Corsaro, by his family;
volunteers who work regularly with children and youth include the following:           In Loving Memory of Alice Breault, by her husband
Provisions:                                                                            George;
                                                                                       In Loving Memory of Carmen Emrich, by her parents;
         Participation in a safe environment session                                  In Loving Memory of Ken & Ed Hoffman, Leon Eller,
         Sign off on The Code of Conduct Behavior Standards for Ministers             and John & Philomena Ziehlman, by the family;
         Background evaluation                                                        In Thanksgiving to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
         Two adults (or one adult and an older teen) with every group of
          children or youth at any event sponsored by the Church. Other                For more information on votive candles, contact
          regulations apply to supervision in Catholic School classrooms               Marge Cuff at 817.460.5646.

More than two hundred people have been prepared by Monica Applewhite,                  Flowers for the Altar were donated by Ron Barzyk
Ph.D. of Praesidium, Inc. to present this program in the diocese and multiple          in honor of Mary Barzyk.
session are being offered throughout the fall in the parishes and schools. This is
your opportunity to be a part of this great effort that is designed to provide
safety for the children and youth of the Diocese of Fort Worth.                        Visionary Ivan Dragicevic
In November of 1992 I promised the people of the church of Fort Worth that I           of Medjugorje
would do everything in my power to provide a safe environment for all of the
people of the diocese, especially children, youth and vulnerable adults. I am          Ivan Dragicevic of Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina
counting on you to assist me in keeping this promise so that everyone, especially      will share his experiences of 22 years with Our Lady
those who are vulnerable, will encounter the love and compassion for the Lord          Queen of Peace. Ivan has traveled internationally
Jesus in all our parishes and schools.                                                 speaking on youth and families. He will explain how
                                                                                       peace in the world will come through prayers of our
Sincerely in Christ                                                                    youth and daily family prayer. The evening events
                                                                                       will include confession, Rosary, Holy Mass and talk
Bishop Joseph P. Delaney                                                               – at St. Mary of the Assumption in Fort Worth on
                                                                                       Monday, November 10, St. Monica Church, in
                                                                                       Dallas, on Tuesday, November 11 at 6:00PM, St.
                                                                                       Elizabeth of Hungary in Dallas, on Saturday,

November 14 at 6:00PM, St. Maria Goretti Church on Saturday, November 15          talk). Come and enjoy this evening of Sacraments
and St. Joseph in Cleburne on Sunday, November 16. Confession will be             and devotions and hear Our Lady’s messages of
available at 5:00PM; Rosary starts at 6:00PM followed by Mass and talk (except    peace, prayer, and conversion.       For additional
at St. Maria Goretti, which starts with Mass at 5:30PM followed by Rosary and     information, call 817.244.7733 or 817.558.9805.
FINANCIAL SUMMARY                                                         personnel field and/or management experience along with
                                                                          working knowledge of federal and state employment law.
This Financial Summary shows the general financial progress of our        Applicant must be Catholic. Contact Charmaine Williams at
parish through September. Our fiscal year began July. Our Sunday          817.560.2452 for an application.
collections are slightly ahead of budget. Operating expenses continue       PARISH NEWS
to be within budget.
                                                                            Bulletin Deadline: The deadline for notices in the parish
                                Actual        Budget       Variance         bulletin for Sunday, November 16, is Friday, November 7.
                                                                            Please submit any notices to Fr. Jim.
 Sunday Collections             299,050        280,000        19,050
 Total: All Revenues            340,250        326,800        13,450        Free Health Fair – St. Maria Goretti’s Cafetorium, Saturday,
 Total: All Expenses            311,575        332,500       (20,925)       November 15 from 10:00AM until 3:00PM. Free services
                                                                            including: blood pressure, body fat, glucose, glaucoma, bone
From the Diocese of Fort Worth: A check in the amount of $7,221.14          scan, dental, chiropractic and audio screenings. Flu shots will
was sent to Father Raj of the Diocese of Kumbakonam. The collections        be available for $12. Numerous other medical information
came from the following parishes: St. Maria Goretti Church, $3,781.14;      booths will be available. The Fair is open to the public.
Holy Redeemer, $1,160.00; and St. Mary the Virgin, $2,280.00. Also,
the Society of Charity, a check in the amount of $4,274.25.                 Diocesan Disability Month “Today, many people with
  Stewardship is what I do after I say "I Believe.”                         disabilities are unintentionally excluded from worship – by
                                                                            invisible barriers such as attitudes and language, and visible
   Collection Report- Sunday, October 26, 2003                              barriers such as stairs and small print missals and hymnals.
                                                                            This exclusive atmosphere can result in the diminishment of
Envelope Contents                             $13,574
                                                                            identity as Catholic Christians and a compromising of our
Loose Collection                               $4,358
                                                                            witness. Our heart, our minds, our doors must be open
Credit Card Contributions                       $640
                                                                            because our God’s love excludes no one. God is a power of
Total Collection                              $18,572
                                                                            inclusion. Including in Churches means offering people with
                                                                            disabilities the same respect and opportunities, such as serving
The proper method for naming SMG Parish in your Will or Trust:
                                                                            in Liturgy and church life, as to all people. Adults and
To observe the best methods of naming the St. Maria Goretti Parish in
                                                                            children with disabilities and their families all benefit from
your Will or Trust, please ask your attorney to use the following
                                                                            being warmly embraced and affirmed by the Church.
terminology: I give devise and bequeath (amount, article, stock, etc.) to
                                                                            Inclusion allows their gifts to be affirmed in community and
Joseph P. Delaney, as Bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth, and his
                                                                            received by us all”
successors in office for the use of St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church,
1200 S. Davis Drive, Arlington, TX 76013. For information, call the
                                                                            Married Couples Married Couples Group - Do you need a
parish office at 817.274.0643.
                                                                            date night? Join the Married Couples Group. Once a month
                                                                            we go to fun places that you choose. All couples of all ages
From Fr. Jim’s Desk while he was away… (Postcard from Poland
                                                                            are invited to join. On November 22 we will be giving out
to us)
                                                                            Thanksgiving Baskets. We meet in the Cafetorium at 8:00AM
“Best Greeting from Poland for the whole SMG Parish Sends Wodek
                                                                            so we can sign in and start to put together food baskets to be
family – We move a lot from city to city, state to state, country to
                                                                            handed out in the Holy Family Life Center. December 6 th is
country but we have never seen priests and parishioners as active as at
                                                                            our Christmas party in the Reilly Center at 7:00PM. Please
SMG. Thank you so much for all the great moments when we have
                                                                            bring a dish to share and be prepared for an evening of games
prayed together and all the wonderful sermons we could (really) listen
                                                                                     and laughter. This year we will donate gifts to
to. Thank you for coffee and donuts together too. It is only a pity we
                                                                                     Gabriel’s Angels. For more details, please contact
did not participate enough in the parish’s life. God bless you and your
                                                                                     Michelle or Gerald Santiago at 817.801.6768 or
thoughtful activities! We will remember about you in our prayers.”
                                                                                     email us at
                                                            The Wodeks
                                                                                     Did you know the story of Pinocchio was written
                                                                                     by an author from Florence?
Employment Opportunity
Diocese of Fort Worth – The Diocese of Fort Worth is seeking
                                                                            Join Fr. Mike and Parishioners as we visit Venice and pray in
qualified applicants for the position of Director of Personnel.
                                                                            Padua; then follow us to Florence as we enjoy our experience
Responsibilities include employee relations and day-to-day
                                                                            under the Tuscan sun. Take in the beauty of the Italian
administration of policies and procedures. Applicants must have a B.A.
                                                                            countryside that made St. Francis give praise to God for all of
or PHR/SPHR, be committed to the mission of the Catholic Church,
                                                                            creation. Travel with us and be delighted in the foundations
possess good organizational skills and have the ability to communicate
effectively with people in difficult situations. Recent experience in the
ARLINGTON, TEXAS                                                                                                          November 2, 2003
of our faith as we explore Rome and be mesmerized by the peace that          excursion. We will leave on November 1 and return on
Assisi offers.                                                               November 11, 2004. If you say you’re not at least a little
                                                                             interested, remember what happened to Pinocchio’s nose.
         I’m anxiously anticipating the arrival of the brochures from
Peter’s Way that will include the details of this ALL INCLUSIVE
Winter Basketball in the Gym. Gym space for organizations that are
not directly affiliated with St. Maria Goretti parish or school, such as
for YMCA and Optimist basketball teams, will be extremely limited                                 Thank you!
due to our parish priorities. You can still submit your requests this year   Vote November 4! Your Opinion is sought! Our city needs
but please know that you may not be able to get in or get the time that      your opinion on the Bond Election Tuesday, November 4! It
you want. You can contact the parish office for more information.            is for city improvements and is not a tax issue.

         SMG Church Activities Calendar                                      ADULT FORMATION
                                                                             Pizza and Apologetics: The next Pizza and Apologetics class
            Monday, November 3 - Sunday, November 9                          will be on Friday, November 14 at 6:30PM in the
                                                                             Cafetorium. The topic this month will be Medical Research
Monday, November 3                                                           Advancements: Health or Harm? This session will explain the
 9:30AM - Leisure Club - Reilly Center                                       Church’s moral teachings on crucial issues such as in-vetro
 7:30PM - Boy Scouts - Reilly Center                                         fertilization, stem-cell research, and other areas of modern
Tuesday, November 4                                                          medical research. Pizza and soft drinks will be available at
 9:00AM - Catholic Scripture Study - St. Francis Room                        $3.50 for adults and $2 for youth under 18. If you are
 7:00PM - Leisure Club Board Meeting - Hope Room                             planning on attending and having pizza, please RSVP to
 7:00PM - Parish Pastoral Council - Padua Room                               Lucas Pollice at 817.274.0643 ext. 226 or at
 7:30PM - Contemporary Choir - Church                               Childcare is also available and must
Wednesday, November 5                                                        also be reserved at the information above.
 5:30PM - Angelus Choir - Music Room/Church
 7:30PM - Bible Study - St. Francis/St. Clare/Hope Rooms
 7:00PM - Youth Ministry - Cafetorium                                        Natural Family Planning Classes at SMG NFP - It's NOT
 7:00PM - Wednesday Night Volleyball - Great Hall                            the rhythm method any more! Did you know that the divorce
Thursday, November 6                                                         rate between couples that use contraceptives is 60%, but
10:00AM - Morning Joys - St. Francis/St. Clare Rooms                         between couples that use NFP is only .5%! For more
 5:30PM - St. Cecilia Singers - Music Room                                   information about NFP, call to reserve your spot at one of our
 7:00PM - RCIA - St. Francis/St. Clare Rooms                                 free monthly Creighton Model Introductory Sessions. The
 7:00PM - RCIC - SMG School                                                  next Introductory Session will be Tuesday, November 11.
 7:30PM - Adult Choir - Music Room                                           Contact Tammy at 817.581.4086.
Friday, November 7
 6:30PM - Young Adult Group - Cafetorium                                     New! Young Adult Group – Are you between at the ages of
 7:30PM - Four Seasons Choir - Music Room                                    21 and 35? Do you want to be more active in your faith? The
Saturday, November 8                                                         SMG Young Adult Group is in the stages of formation. Our
 5:00PM - Angelus Choir - Music Room                                         focus will be on answering God’s call to rebuild the Church.
Sunday, November 9                                                           Join us for a night of fellowship and discussion. Bring your
 8:30AM - Adult Choir - Music Room                                           calendars and your goodies (A-L main dish; M-Z side dish/
 9:30AM - Religious Education - SMG School                                   dessert) Friday, November 7 in the Cafetorium 6:30PM
10:30AM - St. Cecilia Singers - Music Room                                   Potluck Dinner; 7:30PM talk on our mission and discussion of
12:30PM - Contemporary Choir - Music Room                                    our future. Contact Lucas Pollice at 817.274.0643 ext. 226 if
 6:30PM - Youth Ministry - Church/Reilly Center                              you have any questions.
 7:00PM - Men’s 30+ Basketball - Great Hall
                                                                             YOUTH MINISTRY
                                                                             Get Right Night—Our last one for the year! November 8
                                                                             $5 for movie and pizza. We will be meeting at Aaron and
                   Sponsor of the Week                                       Mason Gomez’s house. They have a foosball table and a
                                                                             ping-pong table! Don’t miss out on the fun. We sit together
                                                                             at the 5:30PM Mass in the reserved pews and then meet at
                                                                             their house after Mass until 10:00PM. Want more
                                                                             information? Call Janet at 817.274.0643 ext. 256.
                              Alamo Title
                                                                             Life Group: 9th-12th Grade Sunday Nights!

Reilly Center, 6:30PM-8:30PM. Bring your own drink; $2 for pizza.
Don’t forget your Rosary!
Youth Group: 7th-8th Grade Wednesday
November 5: Holy Family Life Center, 7:00PM-8:30PM. Bring a

Want more information about our Youth Ministries here at SMG?
Call our Youth Hotline: 817.414.5037. Leave your number for call
back. Janet Divin:

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