This Weeks Virtue is: What is ENTHUSIASM by kOk3xc8


									                                                                                       Important Dates to Remember

                                                                                Mar 5         Partners in Print
                                                                                Mar 7         Photographs P/2 10am
                           THE WINDALE WORD                                     Mar 10
                                                                                Mar 13
                                                                                              P&C Meeting 12.20pm Alcazar
                                                                                              Selective High Schools Test
                                      March 4th 2008                            Mar 17        Young Leaders Day, Homebush
                                                                                Mar 20        Easter Hat Parade 1pm
    Windale Public School                                                       Mar 28        Cross Country
    Kilfera Street
    WINDALE                                                                     April 11      Proposed Show Day
    E-mail:                                                   Last day Term 1
    Principal: Julie Lai

School Security Number: 1300 880 021: Call this number to report unauthorised visitors to the School after hours and on weekends

This Weeks Virtue is: Responsibility. Responsibility means that others can depend on you and that you keep your
agreements and your promises. Using responsibility shows that you are growing up.

From the Principal’s Desk:
                                                     Clean Up Success                             News from Mr HSLO
           Priority Schools Program         Coinciding with Clean Up Australia Day        Just a reminder that notes need to be given
                 (PSP) Survey                we held our very own Clean Up WPS last        to the School to explain absences within 7
                                             week. Students enthusiastically made a        school days. This also relates to the first and
            (Monday 3rd March)               difference to our School environment.         last day of school terms. Schools that use a
The Priority Schools Program provides        The challenge for us all is to keep it that   computer program to record absences will
us with additional annual funding of         way.                                          now automatically change an absence to
around $32 000 and additional staffing       Well done everyone who played a part!         unexplained if a note has not been handed
(equivalent to an extra teacher for 2                                                      in. As I have previously outlined, this can be
days every week).                                                                          reflected on school reports and may have an
All families of Kinder to Year 3 students       NO SMOKING                                impact on government agencies payments
will have now received their PSP survey.     Parents and visitors to our School are        to families
All surveys need to be completed and         kindly reminded that the School is a NO
returned by this Friday 7 March.             SMOKING site.                                 Till next time:
Vickie and Roselea will be available on      Your cooperation in this matter is            Bruce Donaldson HSLO
Thursday to help anyone fill in the          appreciated.
survey or to answer any queries.
                                                                                                   Healthy Habits
All returned surveys will go into a draw        Valuables                                 The Australian Government has recently
to win one of four $50 vouchers to be
                                             Students are asked not to bring valuable      developed            Physical           Activity
spent at Lake Fair.
                                             toys, mobiles, iPods or such possessions      Recommendations for Children and Young
                                             to School. Staff are not responsible for
            Stranger Danger                 their theft, loss or damage. Keeping
                                                                                              Children and young people should
Further reports have been made over          valuables safely at home prevents upset           participate in at least 60 minutes (and
the last week of a person/or people          in the event of such loss.                        up to several hours) of moderate - to
trying to entice young children into cars.
                                                                                               vigorous intensity physical activity every
I encourage all students to walk directly
to and from School with a friend/s or
                                               Partners in Print                              day
parent. Please report any suspicious         (Wednesday 5th March)                            Children and young people should not
                                             Kinder parents/carers/friends are invited         spend more than two hours a day using
incidents to the police immediately.
                                             along at 1.30pm this Wednesday to be              electronic media for entertainment (e.g.
                                             entertained in the School Hall by our             computer      games,      Internet,     TV)
       Thank You                            youngest students! Afterwards students            particularly during daylight hours.
A small but dedicated team of parents        will be sharing their skills and strategies
and community people have been hard
at work tidying gardens, raking leaves
                                             for making meaning of print (ie. reading)           Easter Hat Parade
                                             with their family.
and generally making a huge difference                                                         (Thursday 20th March)
                                             All welcome.                                                                   th
to our School grounds.                                                                     Our Parade is set down for 20 March and
Their effort is truly appreciated by staff                                                 everyone is invited to come along and join in
and students here at “Wonderful                      artcart                              the fun.
Windale!”                                    The Newcastle Region Art Gallery is           Donations of eggs are being called for and
         THANK YOU AGAIN!!                   delighted to announce the launch of the       can be handed to class teachers as there is
                                             artcart.                                      also a prize for the class who brings in the
                                             The artcart is a free event for children      largest number of eggs.
                                             from 3 years of age that provides fun                       Good collecting!
                                             activities every Saturday and Sunday at
                                             the Newcastle Region Art Gallery from
                                             10.30am to 12.30pm
        Don't risk injuring a child                Alcazar News                                   Zone Swimming
The 40km/h speed limit in school zones      PLANT – gardeners unite! It is finally         Last Tuesday we participated in day two of
operates between 8.00-9.30am and            happening, our volunteer numbers are           the Zone Swimming carnival. We were in
2.30-4.00pm on school days - be aware       growing! People are using their skills to      the age races and relays. The children
of the time or you could get fined.         work in the garden beds, the school            tried their best and didn’t give up.
Children can be unpredictable and hard      gardens      and    keeping    the    school   Participants, with placing in brackets,
to see. It's important that parents and     playgrounds clean and tidy. We have Phil       were:-
carers observe local school safety          Costello, Chris and Mel Southern, Peter        Olivia Stewart (98) Moeisha Conners (6)
initiatives when dropping off and           Field, Barbie Slomka and now a retired         Christiopher Owens (8) Jade Scheibel (8)
collecting children.                        granddad, Denise Roberts, who has              Tiana Cools (6)         Jarrod Horgan (6)
Penalties are high, new fines and           offered to help on a regular basis. These      Brandon Stokes (8) Brielle Lovekin (8)
demerit point increases include:            people are a valuable asset to our school,      rene Grant (7) Teigyn Kedwell (7)
     Speeding - minimum fine of $128       thank you! Next meeting 12 March at             Jordan Nelson (7) Daniel Horgan (7)
      and four demerit points               10am.                                          Joel Banfield (7) Sharney Horgan (7)
     Approach children's crossing too      Sport For Our Neighbourhood – please            Chloe Smith (7) Calem Foster (8)
      quickly to stop safely - $384 fine    return the completed forms for PCYC.            Taylah Ham (8).
      and four demerit points               These forms do not mean you have to            The junior girls relay team (Jade, Tiana,
     Double parking - $231 fine and two    allow your child to go more frequently then    Olivia and Moeisha) were 5 with Jade
      demerit points                        they currently attend. The forms are to        doubling up to join Jarrod, Brandon and
     Stopping on or near a children’s      meet PCYC insurance guidelines.                Christopher in the boys junior coming in
      crossing - $308 and two demerit       Playgroup – every Tuesday morning 9-             th
                                                                                           4 . The senior girls with Sharney, Brielle,
      points                                11am. Nicole has some fun Easter crafts        Rene and Teigyn were 6 and the boy’s
     Illegal use of mobile phone in        for the children and their parents on 4 and    team of Calem, Jordan Daniel and Taylah
      school zone - $308 fine and four      11 March. Nicole has also organised for        came in 7 . Thanks to all the parents who
      demerit points.                       her husband Todd, who plays the guitar, to     helped with transport. Our next event will
                                            come along on Tuesday 18 March to have         be the first attempt at the school cross
The worst penalty is knowing you've         a music jam with the children. We have         country on Friday 28 March. (Week 9).
caused an injury to a child.                musical instruments for everyone to
                                            Traditional        Indigenous        Games               Windale on the Web
                                            Workshop – 13 March 9-12pm. For adults
        The Pre School Patch               wanting to learn more skills and gain
                                                                                           Lost your excursion note! Need to explain
We have had two exciting visits to                                                         your childs’ absence! Need to know whats
                                            cultural knowledge around traditional          happening! Log on to the School website
Preschool in the last week. On Monday,      Indigenous Games this is a great
Nada, from Windale Public Library,                                                         and download the information you need.
                                            opportunity to participate with Gerald
began her monthly story time visits         Bradshaw       from    NSW      Sport   and
which the children thoroughly enjoyed.      Recreation. Contact Alcazar for more
She also left a large supply of books for   information
us to read. Public libraries are a          Vickie Robson 49487786                                   Canteen News
wonderful, free resource and I would                                                       Unfortunately, due to inflation and rising
encourage all families to join and take                                                    costs, we are being forced to raise our
advantage of all that the library offers.                                                  prices. The new prices will apply from
On Thursday, we all enjoyed the                                                            Monday 10        March. A new price is
“Buddies” performance in the hall. It was                                                  attached to this newsletter.
a fun filled show, with an important                                                       Thank you for your co operation
message about how to be a good friend.                                                     Jamie
This week, we will be making a start on                                                    (Canteen Supervisor)
our Easter hats for the parade, which
will happen on March 20 .                                                                           P&C Fundraising
Regards,                                                                                   We are pleased to say that the Family
Mrs Stokes.                                                                                Portraits will be going ahead on 29

                                                                                           March 2008. So final payment must be
                                                                                           made by 27 March, There will be a
                                                                                           booking advice flyer going home this week.
                                                                                           Please fill it out and return it to Kerrie in the
                                                                                           Canteen as soon as possible.
                                                                                           Thank you
  QUALITY KIDS                                                                       1/2K
                                                              Dejay Schultz – For showing a more mature manner
                                                                               towards his work
                                                                    Ben Apps – For always giving his best
 Kali Green – Trying hard to stay focussed in Reading
 Sean Laird – Improved effort in the Learning Centre                                 3/4T
                                                            Nicholas Field – For writing an excellent description of a
     CLASSROOM ACHIEVEMENTS                                                      silver salmon
                                                                     Dean Kelly – For wonderful artwork
Jack Gillett-Faulkner – Listening well and being a great                             4/5S
                        helper                                Brady Rye – Making a good start with Narrative
  Deborah Miller – A great classroom helper, always        Cody Kedwell – For being a supportive and kind friend in
                  ready to work hard                                               4/5S

                         KH                                                          5/6L
 Montana Pritchard – For consistent effort in all Key      Rene’ Grant – Wonderful worker, wonderful attitude and all
             Learning Areas this week                                          round champion
 Lachlan Saunders – For showing enthusiasm during           Clintion Griffen – God save the King! Withstanding the
                  maths groups                                        Pretty Vacant Anarchy in the WPS

                        K/1M                                                         5/6R
 Jasmin Evans – For excellent work in Jolly Phonics         Kai Eichinger – For always being a quiet diligent worker
Chloe Naismith – For always giving her very best effort     Lachlan Morgan – Fantastic ideas in Newspaper groups
                      in class

                        1/2C                                                    Outstanding
Tristan O’Donnell-Alcorn – For giving 100% at all times                   Class Attendance Award
    Nikita Arnold – For an improved effort in spelling                          Week 5 Term 1

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