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Directions: Try to solve each problem on your own. Show your work using numbers, words, pictures, or symbols.
2. 1. Mother Teresa helped feed the poor. There are 25 people who need to be fed. Mother Teresa had 6 boxes with 6 sandwiches in each of them. How many were left over? Mother Teresa bought some bags of fruit to feed the poor. She bought a bag of apples for $18.80, a box of oranges for $35.50, and a box of bananas for $22.35. She paid with a $100 bill, how much change did she get back?



3. Mother Teresa fed 20 people on Monday, twice as many on Tuesday, and three times as many on Wednesday. How many people did she feed in all?


Mother Teresa fed 10 people on Monday, 100 people on Tuesday, and 1,000 people on Wednesday. If this pattern continued, how many did she feed on Friday?

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Homeschool Math Challenge

August 27,2009

Description: Mother Teresa themed word problems to solve 4-8th grade.